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  1. Forget to write thank you, I was always there with the tentation to get it and give a try, then I met these last days other 2 players and confirm it's pretty "inconsistent". Watch out from it, they tested it with me for a pair of mission and they didnt go excatly well
  2. I smiff something worse incoming after what I see these last days... Anyway Lo keep it on, I guess everybody know you work hard but some doubts are legit, if you may want to show us some prove about the report system is really working, nobody will have any objections
  3. I guess we have already tried it... and it have made happy neither casual players nor competitive players. At the end what mainly make the difference between each players are just two: 1) Experience/ Game hours (in pvp servers not in Marina, hrs count's time there shall be disabled or make one aside in future.. ) 2) connection/ ping, Fiber vs Cable/dsl players ... better connections= faster react and perform better overall ( of course I dont count "someone" with self vpn/ auto-lag their connection ) The second one is kinda almost out of LO's management and the first one may be "bypassed" creating new accounts, but normally the detrathers are people with weak connections or pc, or both. Your way will not resolve the problem, LO shall find a way to keep new players out from older ones until they have reached a certain game hrs and rank (at around 200 hrs u start to understand the game mechanics, around 400/ 500 hrs you have got how to make or defend from "some exploit and maps tricks" ) and the same time, make casual and competitive players play in different servers Of course APb shall enchant a little bit more its competitive servers and players with better faster rewards than casual (it may be a 10/ 20 % more jk tickets, money or some few things unique like a random free trial weapons of 3 days?, clan wars ? etc). I guess LO with JK introduction has already made a experiment and preparative in this direction for keeping its player base and gain more players in future, but need more contenents and especially in regular time.
  4. For weird things like this one, I have still suspect if the reporting system has ever worked or not... Ah better u dont insist about this speech, here, I got a kinda of reclaim about it XD
  5. I have seen in Joker ticket store there was one with RS, someone has tried it, I am kinda curious XD + https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_SMG_VAS-C2_PR1_Joker Agreed... I have to add, The person/ people team responsible for the weapon balancing with LO during all this time I have to tell is too shallow or shallow when balancing weapon, of consequence resulting with a INCOMPETENCE work and to re-work again in future ( The only thing I can appreciate totally is the HVR nerf/changes, nerfed yes, but the weapon it's still useful) Ex Nobody asked for a reworking for shotgun and pre-LO were fine and one of weapon sector more solid of the game, but they insist to make more of 2 general changes here, without count that ones just weapon per weapon, taking to trash tier weapon such as showstopper, Thunder etc Around 90% of the weapons in Armas/ Game are trash, the meta/ good ones I may barely count with 2 hands.
  6. U have to move a little right/ left and meanwhile tracking your bullets spread... What mainly make good the oscar it's not its time to kill, fire speed etc.... it's his mobility
  7. I am not into anime or similar, My gf sent me this when she was recovering during her last days in hospital for corona months ago but really the only thing I may probabily share with others it's her music taste... thank you god and all good souls for give me her and the strenght to us and my dearest for going forward
  8. Dont waste time to improve with guns arent competitive also when mastered, because they will be always at best 1 or 2 step below them. I suggest CSG, it's a gun need a good tracking and time because it has a tigheter spread , but when mastered it's a pain for everybody will meet you and give a lot satisfaction. Mod: must Oscar too and it's similar in a certain way... but if you dont have a really good latency, give in, my weak opinion eh, for example I can't use well as before with the connection I have because I feel I am too slow to tracking and sending the burst bullets fast enough Mod to use: must + or or Oscar doesnt need Reflex sight 3
  9. I crashed trying to use armas in game
  10. Join the club and wait for the golden OPGL..... "If you say what u have already in your locker, it may be helpful for a better choice" Buy me this
  11. Ursus has the ""matter"" is you arent quick enough, u may need to add 2 more shots for killing one cause of Clotting agent 3, little worse performance in CQC than Ntec for a slower fire speed, 1 less slot mod, but 1 less bullet for killing than ntec... so depends from person I feel it better in mid/long range after spending some time. They are fair, at best ntec is a little step above.. O_o
  12. half time didnt give any discount.. so rest in peace : |
  13. Above.. and that's nothing. Happened I changed 2 new cars and 1 semi-new car, and that's all in less of 2 months for then regetting the previous two and give as present to my fiancee and bro. I dont regreat nothing :3
  14. (I know but) I am not, because I have done excatly what u told in your previous post XD
  15. Then u come at the consideration of wasting your money, it is a sad but satisfaction routine.... XD Weird but someone think like that ahahhahahh (me too sadly.. )
  16. I confirm having one too... any laptop under ~1700 are bullspit for design programs
  17. About bloody mary, I am the only one think it's recovery bloom is kinda... meh? If u use like a shotgun it's kinda ok, u may use it at corner/ angle in difensive matchs, u may have time/ momentum for recovering the bloom. Using like that the Bloody mary work quite well. Othewise In open field... sincerly I found it a junk RNG weapon at all way in other situation that need all the mag for make a kill. kill in 12 shots, at max in your mag per kill remain 1/3 bullets (tapfiring of course) if u are lucky, for giving a idea of the precision of this weapon... There are a lot better options for CQC. Fbw, Fr0g, .45 etc >>>> bloody * , , * Then the need of tapfiring for a weapon CQC has no exactly a lot of conceptual/ pratical sense. Jersey is a good finisher weapon.
  18. Well... I am impressed too, but there is still a matter (aside from not OPGL v,v). Now make 95% of the legendaries pass from utter garbage side to meta/ competitive weapons... freaking PLEASE
  19. - Add mobile and personal data registration for playing in APB, make finally people TRACEABLE. it's shall checked by message/app around 3/10 days after registration and then after 2/3 months. then every 6 months masking it with some free game info, temporanaly armas, etc - People are using hacks shall pay a fee , the first ten get busted AS EXAMPLE pay +20/ 30k euro, others from 2k to above second the gravity. - LO gain money from busting hackers/ cheaters, it's not a matter of just blocking crybaby that after get banned for then remaking account and then cheating again after 5 min. More resources, more money, less headche, Fear it's a factor that shall not to be underestimated if used in the right way. - Cheaters/ Hackers disappeared (almost)
  20. I have nothing against LO, adjust things perfecty or so close, it's not a easy task, for making an analogy also "God has needed for making the earth 7 days", beatiful things yes, but not perfect :3 Just I guess everybody would like to know it's a realease date, for then really start to add contenets... 2 years for arriving to the beta, one may arrive to think it will need other 2 years for the update and start to add contenents we were waiting since the old G1 ( such as balancing weapon, New contacts, Clan wars ... new maps.. etc etc ) I mean... Sometimes I like to see a cake at the shop window, but I would like to know when I may entry in for eating it XD... (also very approximately)
  21. I forgot to vote.. If your a good connection, aim/tapfiring (not my case v.v), OSCAR is very good all-aN around weapon
  22. The misery remind me sort of old Obeya but with less range and higher ttk I dont know... but I have like the impression need at least a less shot for becoming at least meta, misery is still a misery XD
  23. old RFP was quite gamebreaking, because mainly it breaked the balance between primary and secondary and it was quite good both in cqc (as finisher weapon ) and long range. LO maybe nerfed it too much, I was ok for a nerf, but not making almost unasable at all. I am ok for 4 shots , but with a better accuracy in markmanship and ttk, and for balance all just increase more possibile the BLOOM/accuracy while running/moving in cqc (for explain me more clear the same behaviour for weapons such as Ntec or other long range weapons while not in markmanship mode) PDW for a cqc secondary is trash, agree for it, pratically all the automatic weapons SECONDARY are TRASH or bad concept in apb. (maybe except NFA9, it's quite good CQC gun)
  24. Not really, both them are totally different weapon , FAR is mainly just a STAR with the TTK of a N-TEC. The recoil recovery of the NTEC make it still better than FAR in medium ranges, and from my tests without red mods (such as IR3, CJ3 etc) FAR seem perform better. Mid range is a mess word, except the old Ntec that was a really JACK-of-all-trades for his versatility, performed well from CQC to medium/ long ranges ("basically".. u didnt may need to switch to your secondary XD). All other weapons such as Obeya, FAR, N-SSW, ATAC, NTEC, "OSCAR" are all good guns and work well in medium range, but some have better degree performance in closer ranges and others in longer ranges. The choice, It's just a matter of your playstyle, map/location and secondary
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