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  1. How so? I stopped using it ever since it felt off.. Especially if you count the amount of stutters that i have on a high end pc (high end enough to run the game even tho my pc is more of mid tier.. But still way more than enough to run it properly). It does little to no damage even when it shoots really fast. I had more success with other shotguns such as colby/JG. I don't ask for it to be broken or something, just a small update or perhaps a slight tweak here or there. It was just a small suggestion after all.. If players don't want that than fine..
  2. Can we get a buff on true ogre? Currently it feels just underwhelming, losing fights at close range from any colby shotgun or even jg ones.
  3. Can i use overtone to instead of vivox voice for ingame mic? Since i can't really find vivox voice anywhere and overtone is pretty much from vivox itself.
  4. The thing on why it pisses me off so much, is that there's literally no mention of this change in ANY of the patch notes since those items released... I couldn't find anything that stated that these changes were going to be made... Either i indeed haven't seen it being mentioned anywhere or i'm completely blind.. Idk..
  5. This is what i've been wearing ever since for years.... Went into wardrobe booth today for this and apparently, my katana removes pretty much all my impact and heavygunner stuff for no apparent reason.. Maybe it's from a update i'm unaware about this idk.. But not being able to equip my katana with my impact set completely destroys the immersion of my outfit... Pls change that back since i'm beyond pissed off now..
  6. They removed it that my katana no longer goes hand in hand with impact stuff and machinegunner chest rig, why?
  7. randomguy343


    I may have missed something, but why does katana now remove impact vest/impact armpads and machinegunner chest rig? This compeletly destroys my deathstroke outfit that i had for years... Just why? This pisses me off. Completely*
  8. Just anything that can be done to increase how much we can customize would be fine.
  9. randomguy343


    Hello, Something i've always would love to see is that the limitations on customization was removed.. Get rid of the maximum 'space' that a symbol takes up and get rid of the maximum amount of layers that you can add to for example cars.. The customization system is what always brought me back throughout the years, but even then... The maximum amount of layers and maximum amount of space that symbols take up is just a huge handicap... A option to also put symbols on wheels or on the inside of your car would be nice. Stay safe all.
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