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  1. How so? I stopped using it ever since it felt off.. Especially if you count the amount of stutters that i have on a high end pc (high end enough to run the game even tho my pc is more of mid tier.. But still way more than enough to run it properly). It does little to no damage even when it shoots really fast. I had more success with other shotguns such as colby/JG. I don't ask for it to be broken or something, just a small update or perhaps a slight tweak here or there. It was just a small suggestion after all.. If players don't want that than fine..
  2. Can we get a buff on true ogre? Currently it feels just underwhelming, losing fights at close range from any colby shotgun or even jg ones.
  3. I have played plenty of beta/alpha tests and they weren't perfect but atleast i could play them to a certain extent instead of looking at a disconnect loop for over 2 hours.
  4. 'All of this just works' - Todd Howard.
  5. At this point just remove the beta... If something just doesn't work than what's the point of trying to make it work. All this beta has caused is frustration so far.. 5 minutes looking in social at the new nice graphics/lightning is not really what i would've expect from a beta and yes i totally understand that APB is old as shit, which is why it causes so many problems.. At this point i'm up for a APB 2 with a better developed engine and being able to transfer your account to that game. All in all, a disappointing beta night.
  6. And now i'm getting error code 10007..
  7. Wait, you got in? how....
  8. I doubt that the issue is servers being full, otherwise we would've seen a post about that... They just messed up somewhere sadly.. And yes, the beta should've been a thing for atleast a entire day, not 3-4 hours total..
  9. Nobody has been able to play almost 2 hours after the beta should've been open.. At first the server wasn't up for like 17-20 minutes, few minutes in social after that.. About 5-8 minutes after being able to get in social, the game went down for maintenance and nobody hasn't been able to login ever since that... Nearly 2 hours gone for a beta that was supposed to last for like 3-4 hours.. What a let down.
  10. I'm starting to get tired of this infinite loop of disconnecting after/during the character selection screen.. I was only in social for about a few minutes and it looked great from what i've seen, what a let down for the first day of a open beta for the engine update that i've waited for for over years... I'll be keeping an eye to the forums incase we might get a update that we can actually play the beta.. Otherwise i'm not going to bother trying to log in because trying to login 100 times just to get disconnected every damn time is to much..
  11. That growl design does look neat tho.
  12. Nobody is able to play anyway.. And with knowing how few hours everyone was supposed to play the beta, people will be able to play for maybe 15 minutes total.
  13. I'm starting to give up either, my fingers are hurting from the numerous amounts of login attempts... Rip engine beta.
  14. Can i use overtone to instead of vivox voice for ingame mic? Since i can't really find vivox voice anywhere and overtone is pretty much from vivox itself.
  15. https://tenor.com/view/let-me-in-eric-andre-wanna-come-in-gif-13730108
  16. Error code 8 now, getting booted as soon as i get past login screen xD
  17. And now i can't get in again xD
  18. Server should've been up like 17 minutes ago tho.
  19. I can't login either, it keeps saying that my login information is incorrect or something while giving error code 11004
  20. Can't login to the beta, it keeps saying that something is wrong when i type my exact login information.
  21. The thing on why it pisses me off so much, is that there's literally no mention of this change in ANY of the patch notes since those items released... I couldn't find anything that stated that these changes were going to be made... Either i indeed haven't seen it being mentioned anywhere or i'm completely blind.. Idk..
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