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Found 18 results

  1. I've been thinking since i saw how the veo got the coywolf treatment, maybe we could do the same for other less common cars? like the varzuga for example, since it also resembles a rally car style (ford fiesta/focus) it could get decent customization, bodykits/soundkits etc. plus the varzuga has decent potential as a standalone car, decent acceleration forward and back and top speed middle of the mikro and high end cars, plus the trunk being able to fit the mobile supply unit while still having space for 1 heavy item, i think that this car has very good potential when it comes to customization and styles, what do you guys think?
  2. Revolted

    Hair Customization

    Hello I was thinking it would be really cool to dye one side of the hair a colour and another side a different colour and having like dreads a bit longer not too long but a bit longer like covering the forehead would be awesome hopefully you will listen to this suggestion!
  3. randomguy343


    I may have missed something, but why does katana now remove impact vest/impact armpads and machinegunner chest rig? This compeletly destroys my deathstroke outfit that i had for years... Just why? This pisses me off. Completely*
  4. Introduction The main reason I and many others play APB is the games heavy customization. It really allows for the creative people to stand out, and a huge part of that is the symbols we can make. However, there's another function I wish could be implemented to the clothing itself. What if we had the ability to choose how certain clothing fits? Take a regular long sleeve shirt, there's a lot you can do with it using symbols. Make it look like one sleeve is pulled up while the other has tears. Add a decal going around the waist with the same color as the skin to make it appear shorter. But why should it be necessary to use symbols only? Suggestions for features Adjustable lengths on certain parts of clothing. How worn out a piece of clothing is: scratch marks and tears. More options for multiple layers of different clothing. One knee pad instead of the default two on both legs. I understand that we already some of these features. This submission isn't completed, I will update it after I give it some more thought, I would also really appreciate to hear some ideas and would love a discussion about this.
  5. As I've been getting back into this game, I've started to pick up on things that maybe could have been executed better in terms of visual and gameplay customization. I've done my best to try and organize my thoughts. Outfit Customization Organize the Outfit Designer screen by Clothing type. I don't know why this wasn't done from the beginning but it was a pain to find the items I wanted. Its more of a user interface change and categorizing items based on what slot they fill. I believe it shows up this way when you try to buy items but not with items you own. Replace items that are pre-designed with a skin selection option for the item it actually is. Having 3 or 4 different variants of the same item show up when trying to select an item is kind of annoying. These can still be unlocked the same way. Vehicle Customization Add more body kits for the Ravan, Cosenza, Broadwing,Sentinel, Han Veo, Calabria, and other vehicles with minimal customization options. Remove pre-modded cars. This is one part of the same suggestion I'll make later on in this post. I don't think they're necessary, and having all of the pre modded copies of vehicles that can be built by players with open slots seems to me to be a waste of menu space. Just have the skins available as liveries. Add Universal Wheel Sets. I'm not sure how hard this actually is currently, but It would be nice to have some better options for wheels across the board, especially on the vehicles I mentioned earlier. Weapons Again, remove the premodded weapons, but replace them with the current ARMAS weapons in the contacts. I understand that you can get them with Joker tickets, but thats like a grind on top of a grind, especially for someone who is midway through the contact ladder. And choosing between two weapon types gets boring. I honestly wouldn't even care if it was a "DLC package" to compensate for the lost money. I do, however, think that ARMAS should be the only place you can buy the Permanent, Fully unlocked weapons. These could have the Gold Icon like Armas weapons do now Create A New customization category :"Setups". Basically, a visual variant of a weapon that has the same performance, but looks slightly different. Think the stock and Stockless version of the NTEC. Realistically, would change the performance of the weapon, but doesn't. So basically you could have a STAR C (G36-C) that doesn't change performance, but looks bad patootie and is more stuff to put on the Armas market to make the game money. (I tried to think of these things). It would still look like the weapon. Let me know what Y'all think!
  6. APB has the best customization I could think about. But I really hope that in the future it's possible to add new features and more ways to customize things. Here are some suggestions and wishes about vehicles I'd like for APB. - More Lightbars: Sometimes I design a car but I'm not totally happy with it because I miss the right lightbar or the car has the right lightbar but with the wrong color. To give people more customization freedom it should be possible to select between more different lightbars and color pattern. I want to give a short example with the vegas: The upper picture shoes the Raptor Boomer II. There are more version of this lightbar but for reason which I don't know, you can only put the Raptor Boomer II on the vegas. The Raptor Boomer III (from Bishada) is literally the same lightbar, just with different colors, but you cannot put it on your vegas because there is no option for that. Same for the Raptor Boomer from ARMAS. The Boomer Swingbar is a littlebit different but still in the same size of the Boomer Raptor. That means It makes sense if people could choose them on every car that has atleast one of the lightbars! About the color pattern: The Windbolt Avenger for example comes in a blue version. But it would be also nice to have it in a different color version like blue and red. - Neon Lights: Enforcers have lightbars, so it would be fair if criminals get neon lights for their cars. There could be different Layouts like: Front - Back - Sides - Front and Sides - Back and Sides - Back and Front - Front, Back and Sides. And another selection for the color like: Blue, Red, Green... - Lights in Editor: It would be nice if you able to see your vehicles lights in the editor. Basically the same way as horn, lightbar and engine testing. Why? Because why not?
  7. Ah yes, I guess i'll make an own thread for this: A more customizable version of the preset is close to the theme Tobii made - but: You can do "atrocious" things like this to make your eyes bleed: Or pretty + aesthetic things like this! Download: https://userstyles.org/styles/160572/apb-forum-minimal-customizable (You need Stylish, which is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Android (and various other Chromium and Mozilla based browsers)) Some things might look weird with some colors because of the layout of the forums. I did not add pickers all different things (I bet), if you encounter issues, let me know and I'll get on them right away. I did not remove all shadows yet but made some improvements for consistency though (e.g. edit/quotebuttons). I'll remove some borders, shadows and add some more things to customized if people are interested. DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage you might do to your eyes. Customization is done here, after pressing the encircled button: Finally you can have something that fits the best Discord theme!
  8. SPARKING CUSTOMS IS BACK ON BUSINESS! Since i've returned to San Paro (for real this time, maybe), i decided to start selling some of the clothing items that i make, for both males and females. All the pieces on this topic are for sale! I used to sell them at $100k but since Jericho is kinda dead i'm putting everything for half the price! At the moment I'm not taking single orders, but as soon as i get premium again, i'll start making unique stuff for whoever wants it and it's willing to pay a reasonable price for it. If you're interested search for NegaoEmChamas or CaioSparkz for male clothing and LexySparks for females.
  9. Hi fellas! Back in the days there was a time when Jericho asked us to submit screenshots to use in the official APB Facebook page which was great as it allowed us to have some of our best screenshots of San Paro featured in their page for a week. Later when Tiggs announced they'd be working on a new media campaign she stepped this to the next level and requested us to submit screenshots too but as some sort of contest where the selected screenies would be rewarded with certain amount of G1c, besides having a picture featured in any official site of the game is already a greater reward than anything I could personally expect. This is why I have like, literally thousands of screenshots to share so I'm bringing here a small selection of these. Also lot of people submitted screenshots for both of these events and I'd like to invite everyone else to share these and any other screenshots of the game you have for everyone else to enjoy. However, we could apply similar rules: I ask you please to post only screenshots without the HUD (you press F12 to turn off the HUD) and trying to be the most representative images of San Paro and its actors, such as scenes of action, gun fights, car stunts, characters, social events, etc. Clan pictures and symbols are also ok although there's a specific thread for symbol showcasing. Let's get into it and hope you guys enjoy the eye-candy! (Warning, massive images on spoilers!) The people of San Paro:
  10. Hey everyone, Just wanted to post my character customization ! Tell me what you think about it please ! Made it few years ago. Bonus : White Maul + Gay Maul (yes it's useless)
  11. Hi guys. Tell me why it was removed, the reactor of the weapons of APB and if not whether the information that the editor will return ?
  12. As the Title says, I want the Layer-Limit for Customization to be removed. For me, one big part of this game is the ability to fully customize my Character and my Car! And I find it extremly unfair to hide this part of the game behind a montly pay-wall. So unfair that i even stopped playing the game at all, and I'm sure there are more like me out there. I mean there has to be another way around this. For Example : Remove the Layer-Limit for anybody, BUT make it so that you cannot trade or sell custom made Items with a certain complexity level unless you are Premium. Or : Remove the Layer-Limit for anybody, BUT make it so that you can only store a limited amout of complex creations, give Premium Players a big discount on buying complex Items off the Marketplace. I think you got the idea here. If you read this, little Orbit, please consider it.
  13. I had some ideas for new kits or revamps for the current kits. Some of the kits are horribly dated and haven't aged well, like most of the bishada kits. I was thinking more stuff based off of irl tuner parts and cars, maybe like a trd-esque kit for the rapier or maybe more porsche oriented kits for it. Or maybe for the growl there could be some stuff based off of callaways like the aerowagen with sc757 package which has the supercharger sticking through the bonnet or the callaway gt3-r. Most of you are probably gonna disagree with me or are gonna say that they're not gonna do it, but I really hope they do cause this game's customization needs an overhaul. And they don't even have to be anything close to what i suggested but just more modern stuff and stuff that fits the cars.
  14. BaronSaturday

    After the EU.

    So. After the EU I think it would be good to add a new district as "end game" content. This district would be accessible only after you complet 10 ranks with a brand new level 1 contact. So about an hour or so worth of game play if you're brand new and set this contact. It would be a New York/Chicago type area called Old Town. It would add two new factions with 50 ranks (immediately and then an additional 206 over time) and some new items, weapons and cars. For the Criminals the faction would be a Mafia type group. For the Enforcers it would be an FBI type group. For weapons, the first rank unlocks a zero slot short barreled Chicage Typewriter with a wider bloom radius but lower recoil than the one that exists now for both factions. At rank ten we'll unlock both a single slot version and a new red mod called Chrome Barrel 1 that slows bloom over time. We'll also unlock a new Zoot Suit jacket that is pre pin striped for criminals and a new slim suit jacket for enforcers. At rank 15 we'll unlock a Zoot Zuit bottom and new slacks. Also some new decals would be good here. At rank 20 we'll unlock a new vehicle. It would be an old school 4 door ford type vehicle that will also unlock a few hot rod mods for it with a new vehicle mod called Bullet Proof Doors that decreases acceleration rate significantly but adds health significantly. For the Enforcers they'd get the same mod but also unlock a SWAT van. Also also we'd get a 2 slot version of the new Typewriter and Chrome barrel 2. At Rank 25 we unlock a few more decals and some more mafia/FBI themed clothing. At Rank 30 we unlock the 3 slot variant of the new gun, and a single slot version of the new vehicles. At 35 we unlock some more decals and clothes and the 2 slot varient of the new vehicle. At 40 we unlock a 3 slot varient of the new vehicle, the new faction variant of the Typewriter with Chrome Barrel 3, Mobility Sling 3 and Hunting sight 3 At 45 we get more clothes and decals and things. At Rank 50 we unlock the 4 slot variant of the vehicles and a faction varient with ammo, nitros, bulletproof doors and ramming plate. We also unlock a title. Mafioso and Agent. The final clothing pieces are in this rank. Story and Lore intigration for this area. As tensions mount in the major Financial and Waterfront areas of San Paro, the factions struggle to stem the losses. Record deaths on both sides of this conflict have lead Arlon Benjamin and Michael Simeone to convene in private. Michael Simeone reached out to mafIa contacts half a world away to provide much needed gusto and wealth. The Di'Pietro family now join the G-Kings and Bloodroses on the streets of San Paro. But they want favors in return. Criminals all over San Paro now fly to Old Town on the East Coast to handle business Old Style. But the criminal organizations are not alone in their pursuit to turn the tide. Justin Teng has called in reinforcements from the East. The Federal government has agreed to get involved. The Federal Investigation Unit (FIU) have arrived to give much needed support to the city of San Paro. In exchange they need CSA Enforcers to fly East to help bring down the Di'Pietro family. You thought crime was a hard fought war in San Paro? You haven't seen anything yet. To those tested in battle, it's time to answer the call. New District. Old Town. Welcome to the East. New Contacts. Mario Di'Pietro and David Anthony. New Weapons and Mod. Old Town Typewriter. Chrome Barrel I, II and III. New Vehicles. Patriot Model 1. Dolton Rover. New Clothes. Zoot Suit. Agent Suit.  Fight hard. Fight long. Fight Old Style.
  15. As the new engine update is coming soon it is expected to have a rise in player base / popularity of the game. My suggestion would be adding more selections in music and symbol customization and do some rework. Symbol: New basic symbols with different curves. More symbols especially for hair are needed. Also increase the amount of symbols for premium accounts. I understand that APB has a function of "complexity' and it cannot have infinite amount of symbols placed in one picture but this can be achieved by installing some new features which could merge dozens of symbols into one. By that I mean increasing maximum amount of symbols and automatically utilizing the whole work after finishing to fit into the frames of so called 'complexity'. Music: increase all kill-themes duration to 10 seconds. Most themes are based on real songs and in order to fit a piece into 5 seconds duration people have to either increase the tempo or cut out some parts. There could be really good works after this is implemented. Also add some more sound kits to music studio or make their customization more complex. In summary I'd like to suggest to increase the complexity and utilization of music studio and image creating along with adding more features and stuff.
  16. I am sure this has been reported numerous times. But it is probably the most annoying bug in the game. You cannot do advanced vehicle customizations because when you try and save or delete a symbol or something like that, you crash. I would really like to be able to customize my vehicle. But it is physically impossible to do so. Does anyone know IF THERE IS A WAY TO DO SO WITHOUT CRASHING? Because I don't like my vehicle looking like everyone elses.
  17. Battle Royal - simple version - Battle royal in districts (finan. & waterf.) with matchmaking off - groups of 4 team deathmatch (the option to see where are the rest of players ; skill based battle royal) - 80 players auto grouping (20 groups) when enter district (also after every battle) - only groups of 4 already made can join district - when player dies gets out of the battle and can wait till ends (cant make damage or whatever) - time limit for each battle: 15 min (will ends even faster) - all weapons,cars and mods players have are allowed - reward for the winners: similar to easter,halloween events Additional explanation: cant be solo,no wall closing,no event boxes to open,no restricted weapons,cars,mods etc because many reasons i thought about it Matchmaking Removing threat and threat mission districts.Only open conflict to stay because matchmaking is not working anyway.So basically open conflict with matchmaking off (ranks to be visible,current solution only ofc not long term) and another finan. & waterf. districts called battle royal Customization and weapon roles - increase number of clothing decals for free players from 3 to 7,vehicle decals from 7 to 10 - remove weapon roles rank 16 (players can unlock chrome skin and 3 slot weapons on rank 15 completed) small changes like this i think your players gonna appreciate P.S. I add alternative to the battle royal check my last comment
  18. I was on APB and I customized my character in full white outfit, but the hair was really ugly. So I wanted to know if it was possible to do 2 different hair color of hair or a skunk hair style.
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