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  1. Tried to create Emma Watson, looks kinda close
  2. @Roxl the first and the fourth ones doesn't even look like apb, did you took those screenshots on new engine when it was available?
  3. A lot of people put huge effort into character clothes customization but there are people as well who are committed to creating a perfect face for their character. Throughout the years I saw a lot of Hollywood stars' replicas, famous people or simply really detailed and beautiful face customization. Feel free to share yours! Here's mine
  4. i bought key to the world bundle specifically just for those glasses
  5. They're only checking tickets that were sent a month ago.. Damn I'll have to wait
  6. Hello, I've purchased G1C and spent them and I received PSR sniper rifle promo code from loyalty rewards which was already expired. How can I get the item or the code to redeem it?
  7. Ruler


    I'm constantly getting kicked out of the server and I get disconnected messages. My network is fine. I use configs, MSI afterburner along with RTSS. I haven't had any connection issues before the battleye. Could the RTSS be causing it? It has overlays for system monitoring, could it give false positives or something? Tried reinstalling apb to resolve my issue and all I got was 3 days trade ban after doing so.
  8. I wonder how cheap legendary items will get. Better sell them now.
  9. I got invite link. Topic can be closed.
  10. I have my apb discord server and i want to add this https://github.com/Spvvd/apbdb-discord bot to my discord. It's all in github with codes and stuff and i have no idea how can i add this bot to my discord, i don't see any invite links. Can anyone help?
  11. Please bring back this masterpiece to the main starting screen. It's only present in character creation.
  12. Go play world of warcraft if you want raids.
  13. I seem to have tried that , could you please help me on discord? mine is Entusk#2410 Merged. I don't know how but it works now. Thanks guys! Alright, how to get past 123 fps limit?
  14. I increased smooth frame rate limit from 63fps as a default to 120fps in BaseEngine.ini. Opening it on launcher sets it to default, opening it through program doesn't increase the FPS cap.
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