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  1. I wonder how cheap legendary items will get. Better sell them now.
  2. I got invite link. Topic can be closed.
  3. I have my apb discord server and i want to add this https://github.com/Spvvd/apbdb-discord bot to my discord. It's all in github with codes and stuff and i have no idea how can i add this bot to my discord, i don't see any invite links. Can anyone help?
  4. Please bring back this masterpiece to the main starting screen. It's only present in character creation.
  5. Go play world of warcraft if you want raids.
  6. I seem to have tried that , could you please help me on discord? mine is Entusk#2410
  7. I increased smooth frame rate limit from 63fps as a default to 120fps in BaseEngine.ini. Opening it on launcher sets it to default, opening it through program doesn't increase the FPS cap.
  8. Reduced mouse input latency, increased performance if the monitor response rate is good. reduced tear line offset. I will try with that .ini file.
  9. Well, I mean it can run other games such AC Odyssey, Shadow of the Tomb Raider or Witcher 3 at reasonably high frame rates some on high, some on ultra settings so I'm expecting a 10 years old game with a shitload of configs and potato graphics to pull at least 120fps. Don't understand what could be wrong with CPU.
  10. I've seen people with 60Hz monitor getting past 101fps limit. I've tried using CRU by adding 75/77/120Hz following various guides and methods and there were no increase in fps limit. Perhaps I did something wrong. I use various configs which theoretically would allow me to get 120fps, however because i have fps lim i cannot reach that and all i'm getting is 101fps. Please suggest anything. You can also contact me in game - Nepazistamoji; discord - Entusk#2410. Microsoft Windows 10 Home LENOVO_MT_80YY_BU_idea_FM_Y520-15IKBM (laptop) x64-based PC RAM 8GB Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2501 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with Max-Q Design 6GB Tested in Baylan Shipping: minimal @1024x768 - 95-101fps maximum @1024x768 - 80-101fps minimal @1920x1080- 85-101fps maximum @1920x1080 - 75-85fps No configs/shaders/overlays/ENBs were used. Lowest fps scores - running and moving mouse; highest - standing still without mouse movements.
  11. As the new engine update is coming soon it is expected to have a rise in player base / popularity of the game. My suggestion would be adding more selections in music and symbol customization and do some rework. Symbol: New basic symbols with different curves. More symbols especially for hair are needed. Also increase the amount of symbols for premium accounts. I understand that APB has a function of "complexity' and it cannot have infinite amount of symbols placed in one picture but this can be achieved by installing some new features which could merge dozens of symbols into one. By that I mean increasing maximum amount of symbols and automatically utilizing the whole work after finishing to fit into the frames of so called 'complexity'. Music: increase all kill-themes duration to 10 seconds. Most themes are based on real songs and in order to fit a piece into 5 seconds duration people have to either increase the tempo or cut out some parts. There could be really good works after this is implemented. Also add some more sound kits to music studio or make their customization more complex. In summary I'd like to suggest to increase the complexity and utilization of music studio and image creating along with adding more features and stuff.
  12. Ruler

    Abnormal Lag

    I have 60-90FPS, my latency is 40-300 (150 average) and sometimes I'm getting extreme lag. It feels like I'm teleporting, when I'm driving my car seems to drive straights down the road then it teleports and hits the wall, cooking nades is delayed af, sometimes im having ghost shots, sometimes it shows that my bullet hits both the wall and the target, usually shooting directly at target doesn't even land a hit. I'd assume it's my own latency issue but I've played on far worse latency on my old pc and it wasn't that bad, plus high latency would only mean delayed response time and not teleporting or stuttering. I have no idea what's wrong, my laptop specs are good and it's definitely not the problem that causes all this lag. Any suggestions?
  13. Since the problem is now solved I'm trying to download additional configs that may increase my fps. Hope I'll get 120 Thanks for your help! Topic can be closed. Problem fixed.
  14. I have no idea what the problem was, but I installed windows updates, restarted my PC and it helped. I believe it may had something to do with the drivers. So far I'm having 90-100fps on minimum graphics and about 60fps on maximum. Should I still be concerned considering my PC specs and also considering that this is an old game?
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