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  1. Hi This game need something more of only pvp... this is boring after long time, i have good idea, Raids/instances... u must have 8 friends to raid group and go to big building of drugs factory, you have to solve puzzles and avoid traps and eliminate factory guards, move each floor, level by level, at the very top there is a boss who defeats dropping an expensive item. (Joker box, weapons, mods, ect) for criminals these are family's businesses and we get a commission for this boss for enforcers it is a criminal group that needs to be neutralized.
  2. @TheMessiah Thats sad true... but we can try maybe developers go to work because this game have not enough content and advertisement.
  3. Thats right, this game need more content i think about pve missions raids/bosses system and daily find missions (u can everyday find and collect 10 diamonds like nfs world and have reward for days)
  4. Driver don't need do get damage while he is on bike... we dont need realism, we play on apb not farming simulator
  5. Hello APB needs a home system where you can decorate and invite friends to our home to admire our furniture that could be obtained at npc and in missions, you could edit furniture like cars / clothes, it would add a role play element to the game and new items for the auctions. - Houses for rent on Financian and Waterfront if this is inposible can be social or new disctrict - Furnitures common and rare from missions/npc - If you have 5 wanted level you can`t enter to your home - Pets like tarantula in terrarium fishes in aquarium dog, cat ect pets must have food do they are rare u must feed pets minimum 1 on week, pets by only in home, you can breed different breeds of pets - Plants u must water plants minimum 1 on week
  6. Its not bad idea... i say more, next step can add pve missions raid and bosses, pvp can by boring for longer time.
  7. Good idea but 3 lvl tournament should be entry for jokers to.
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