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  1. why dont you shut yo mouth and care about your own life? let them do their stuff it shouldnt concern you sigh, cya.
  2. thats why i use opera.
  3. post something that you think is funny, i'll start Merged.
  4. Can yall make the hohohoopgls and snowballs useable in normal districts?????????
  5. i wanna use the hohohopgl :c maybe add a hohorpg and a hohopistol and hohosniper too and make them usable in normal districts itll be so fun. Also make the normal districts a lil snowy. But probably none of this is gonna happen : (
  6. Yeah i stopped playing for 7 months and now im addicted again and having the same or even more amount of fun. This game just hits different.
  7. What happened to the joker store event doe?
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