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  1. how about you make the fight clubs same as other districts? bronze - silver - gold ..so golds will play in silver without any problems and bronzes and silvers will play in Bronze fightclub..sorry if this sounds stupid im smart. WAIT WUT I MEANT TO WRITE the R word im retar*****... ok im out this shit sucks
  2. READ THIS: thx for reading jk im not funny ik cringe
  3. its almost friday tbh
  4. he said not battle royale Fortnite Team death match mode.
  5. maybe they should change the clip size from 20 to 23/24/25 :V idk tho.
  6. I couldn't play a single match the timings were not right for me, But i want the skin ;-;
  7. because there is nothing to play for , no challenges , no new content , nothing.I don't even know why I wasted 4 years playing this..maybe it was fun before ;-; Also they merged my char to Jericho now I get 300+ ping so fk it, but that's not that real reason why I stopped playing tho :V
  8. The event is almost over and i haven't been able to play a single match the timings are so amazing ty.
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