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  1. IN MY OPINION. Match start time should be 15 seconds. There should be only ONE respawn. There should be NO teams or groups of 2,3,4 Everyone should be solo. There should be atleast a 15 JT reward for ending every match doesnt matter if you die on the start. They should ban macro users. Trust me this will make RIOT a masterpiece.
  2. Ok first of all my game just crashed so i'm here (not to complain) But to tell you my opinion. RIOT could be a great game mode but.. - The spawning system is bad and annoying (and many times it spawns you 10000M in the gas with no way of making it out alive) - The hazmat suits are good but has a big cooldown due to which we can only use it one time and doesnt matter if you have 10+...you still die. Ok and -Everything else is good. -The cash collecting system, the colours , the guns and the new boundaries and places are good. -You can make it better if you fix some issues with the spawning system and the hazmat suit cooldown. -I had fun and im still launching apb and gonna play it. -when you die and can't respawn. you can just spectate whoever's left or just press Y to join a new session and it actually works. thats pretty cool lol The loading screen is nice too. : ) Im kinda sad that after playing so so long i havent found the new N-Tec new glory in this game mode tho but its alright. But cmon yall shouldve put that in too -_- next time dont forget. oh and sorry for my English ;-;
  3. Its not bad and not VERRRRY good. Its just decent-good need some little fixes though
  4. ok sorry this is my last reply, PLEASE MATT just release the update we will play with no anti cheat you can launch the anti cheat after some hours ITS OK NO ONE REALLY CARES RIGHT NOW maybe some do but probably 80% wont. Please or atleast dont say "next week" Release the update tomorrow or day after tomorrow ;-;
  5. Why next week? Just launch the update when you fix the problem you can launch the update on thursday or friday too or even sunday. It doesnt have to be wednesday
  6. not even the update has started yet so how tf will the servers come back online?
  7. its been over 6 hours, ..where is the update? dont tell me its delayed pls
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