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    merge Jericho to Citadel. or go **** yourselves.

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  1. Ofc they do, otherwise why would they buy and work on this garbage as$ ultra trashy broken dumb piece of sh13£"4t game?
  2. the i7 4790k was released in f**kin 2014 how did you build it in 2010? oof stop.
  3. i get 140-200 in citadel..which is WAY better than 400.
  4. or atleast let us transfer our items.. yall merged my character to jerchio from Han i get 400 ping there... Ive spent 2500 hours and gained alot of legendaries and stuff.. but i cant play there with 400 ping.. Can you let me f£kin transfer my items if not character to citadel?
  5. Well can yall stfu? this was a good patch.
  6. just merge jerchio to fkin citadel ;-;
  7. I think he meant because of people like Yood
  8. IN MY OPINION. Match start time should be 15 seconds. There should be only ONE respawn. There should be NO teams or groups of 2,3,4 Everyone should be solo. There should be atleast a 15 JT reward for ending every match doesnt matter if you die on the start. They should ban macro users. Trust me this will make RIOT a masterpiece.
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