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  1. its been like that since..forever i guess so just wait for the engine upgrade and hope for the best.
  2. WAIT A SECOND, IS THERE GONNA BE A F£KING asian server or i read the whole sh"£$!T wrong? welp
  3. Omg! Tysm for this! i live in Literally the middle of asia so i get bad ping (200+) in every server (except han which is gone) So..yay.
  4. Ofc they do, otherwise why would they buy and work on this garbage as$ ultra trashy broken dumb piece of sh13£"4t game?
  5. the i7 4790k was released in f**kin 2014 how did you build it in 2010? oof stop.
  6. i get 140-200 in citadel..which is WAY better than 400.
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