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  1. Even if you accomplish 30% of that roadmap it will be the best year for apb
  2. idk but now im hyped (prolly for no reason?)
  4. why dont you shut yo mouth and care about your own life? let them do their stuff it shouldnt concern you sigh, cya.
  5. WaIeed007


    thats why i use opera. sometimes
  6. WaIeed007


    post something that you think is funny, i'll start Merged.
  7. Can yall make the hohohoopgls and snowballs useable in normal districts?????????
  8. i wanna use the hohohopgl :c maybe add a hohorpg and a hohopistol and hohosniper too and make them usable in normal districts itll be so fun. Also make the normal districts a lil snowy. But probably none of this is gonna happen : (
  9. Yeah i stopped playing for 7 months and now im addicted again and having the same or even more amount of fun. This game just hits different.
  10. What happened to the joker store event doe?
  11. Made a simple yet super stylish joker outfit.
  12. Best looking...probably anubis, and volcano Best sound. For me the greatest sound is PSR Kite Osprey.. the sileced psr sniper. Second might be joker cr 5. worst looking: any of the vas like everybody is sayin. worst sound...well i dunno.
  13. Yeah..i got it too. Fps drops to 30-25 mid fight and it feels like bs but whatever i'ii still play.
  14. Name: Arthur (or Matt's choice) Backstory: Arthur was born in 22/10/1928 in Mexico. He was the brightest student of his time. At the age of 10, Arthur was fluent in other three languages: French, English, Urdu and was learning Japanese.His mother later on caught an unknown lung disease that she told no one about On 1939, his mother gave birth to his younger sister, Lucy. Arthur was extremely caring and protective of his little sister. But it was later revealed that his mother was sick with an unknown disease and that his sister inherited that unknown lung disease from her mother And He then became genius doctor who wanted nothing more in the world than to save his mother and younger sister from that unknown disease, but he was later betrayed by his business partner Karl who told him that he was the one who infected his mother with that lung disease and Arthur turned into a cold-hearted assassin to assassinate his partner Karl, and he succeeded in 1945. After that he remained a assassin for the rest of his life and earned millions by killing. My English is bad and my brain is now exhausted. Probably hardly even a 0.001% chance of winning though lol, but i love my outfits especially the first one no matter what yall think.
  15. Oh same, and after that my launcher is not working anymore. My weapon trial is being wasted...feelsbad.
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