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  1. Can you just revert the game to 2012 already, and no I don't care if you bought a newer item with real cash cry me a river, the game will DIE anyway and you will have NO apb. So would you rather A get a better version of the game and lose some items you paid for OR B the game dies completely and the items you paid for are ALSO gone. Wipe everyones accounts and names and re-release the game in its 2012 state OR keep the current game and release a 2012 patch server alongside it. Little orbit/g1 clearly didnt know what they were doing so lets just give this the good ole classic wow treatment. If you want to attract NEW players maybe you should have made a decent battle royale instead of "riot mode".
  2. there are too many guns dude, i dont know where u get off changing the minutiae of values each gun has without being able to test it like a real dev, like seriously what are u guys thinking u cant just change these values without a test bed or something at least like wtf? guns should be unique and excel in their own domain, homogenization is bad for the game just look at world of warcraft and what the homogenization of classes did to the game, the game is garbage just revert the game to late 2012 and early 2013 and call it a day, please
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