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  1. Every well thought out and informative changes i really appreciate the effort that you went through with this post. NTEC - Bloom recovery decrease might be doable but a large amount already don't use NTEC in it's current state. COBRA - Good change. LCR - Probably needs more input and refinement. Carbine - Disagree completely this gun just isn't as good as it should be largely that being with it's RNG mechanics. Bullshark - Probably needs more input and refinement. JG/CSG - Not to entirely sure about the 3 STK on a shotgun would work in today's APB i'm for the 2 shot just a slower ROF to increase the TTK. NFAS - This just makes NFAS a 4 STK from a 3 and will have a very good CQC ttk in comparison to current shotguns. Strife - I feel this is a good median between all the input received i'm leaving as is. Curse - TTK can be decreased with a ROF increase. HVR - Completely disagree this is just as much of a nerf as it is a buff. ISSR B - Considered. ISSR A - Considered. Scout - Don't even think it would matter much even if you increased the damage to 600. ACT 44 - Seems reasonable to have the ACT more "close range" oriented over the RSA. RFP - Seems reasonable. Showstopper - Used both variants they are completely dominate if you can aim. PIG - Completely disagree this gun is probably the most powerful in the right hands. PERC - Seems reasonable. YOLO - Probably needs more input and refinement. Stun OPGL - Probably needs more input and refinement.
  2. You have to understand what these stat changes do. Increasing the fire interval results in a slower ROF.
  3. Even if you made the NFAS a 4 STK it's still completly viable due to it's high ROF. The only other possible change is the ROF which would still result in a slower TTK. Thank you for the Harbinger buff adding that.
  4. Can't be constructive without offering what weapon in specific your talking about.
  5. Good point but you have to remember the Oblivion exists with a 90m range and slower ROF. So i probably need to add that to the list and rework it also. :^l
  6. Ntec - Jump shooting nerf already hit live servers i miss it but it doesn't effect much at all. TTK can be raised with a slightly slower fire-rate. Mag size was based on the FAR as a baseline for 6 shot AR's. Star - I disagree keeping it the mag size at 32 you can literally hip-fire while running at an enemy for a full 5 seconds makes no sense nor will it change the star at all. Ursus - Health damage can be decreased to 205 but even if you lower the damage drop-off to 45m i believe it will still 5 hit at 50m without IR3. Fire interval can be increased slightly to achieve the .75 TTK. ATAC - More recoil would be nice Misery - Need more work and input. COBR-A - Most people seem to value this gun as a carbine alternative at this point it just needs to be moved to the marksman category. Reworking this gun to fit as a carbine alternative. LCR - I agree with this change in the reworks. Carbine - I agree with this change in the reworks FFA " Bullshark" - Needs more work and input. Obir - Definitely needs a damage nerf not to sure on the marksman speed benefit. Shredder - Interesting change. JG - I do think the fire-rate needs to be decreased slightly CSG/TAS - Making it like the lethal version of the NL9 would be amazing NFAS - Pretty close to what was aimed for basically a flamethrower. PMG - Needs more work and input but i like the crouch bonus removal. OCA 'Whisper' - I like it. HVR - Damage is still being consulted. N-ISSR-B - Seems fair. ISSR-A - XD Scout - This was addressed in a previous post damage is now 580 run modifier was reverted. Euryale - This an incredibly hard one to manage stat wise but i like the slower zoom. Act44 - I agree needs a fire-rate decrease. RSA - Agree. RFP - 15 round mag is doable. 25m range is something we need more input on. Slight base accuracy can be decreased. OCSP - I recommend re trying this weapon as it's nearly twice as accurate as the FBW. ACES SMG/RIFLE - Adding those to the list. Scoped NTEC - Considered. ALIG - I agree with the accuracy part while under marksman benefits not so much the lower TTK.
  7. Oh my..... what a wonderful read lets break it down! Strife - This probably the best fix I've ever seen for the strife so far it makes a lot of sense on so many levels 850 damage is a wonderful number and only 2 shots i love it! Ntec/STAR - Mag rework was offered on the table due to prolonged firing at an enemy, you shouldn't be firing at a target for over 5 seconds cause your mag is huge and sustaining long range fights for infinity i honestly don't think it will effect much. Ursus - This change is based on the PMG and Misery mag size being that of 20. ATAC - A lot of disliked feedback with the atac removing any changes to it completely. JG - 700 seems fine to change to. PMG - The fire-rate is slowed not increased so it's a double stat nerf. ISSR-B - The nerf is HARD DAMAGE not Health Damage (Hard damage is damage done to vehicles) Scout - The community seems on edge with this change most likely going to remove the change. Volcano - Basically what those stats are explaining is.... the the wind-up time for the Volcano is 1.25s and the fire interval is 1.0s i just wanted to match the wind-up time and the fire interval so its just....1.25 > first rocket > 1.25 > second rocket. This gives volcano a little bit of a dodging chance. Merged. Nfas - Can definitely extent the reload time. HVR - I agree with the equip time reverting to original. Scout - 100% on the health damage increase can't believe that was overlooked damage is now 580 instead of 550. PIG - Considering raising the overall Stamina Damage. SHAW/ALIG - That's an interesting one needs further input. Volcano - Blast Radius is something i think should be addressed to.
  8. I agree the Misery needs a change for sure Problem with strife is it's damage in general sure it's a lot but think of team situations you literally get hit once with basically any gun and then a strife will just 1 hit you. Also the over damage with pellets that influence range abuse, essentially you can 2 pump with strife 12m+ quite easily. Scout one was thrown in their to see what people would think but it is still VERY mobile with that slight speed decrease (equivalent to the Euryale and NSSW) Based on used the ACT-44/RSA it's a very well balanced gun but it just misses oblivious shot for no reason which is limited to just the bloom. Changing the modifier just allows hit to hit more consistently while keeping the TTK the exact same. OCSP is a legendary which has a ton of potential but overhauling every secondary to be "less of a primary" is a lot of work but i actually really agree with you on that one, but for now i think i'm going to reduce the fire-rate since it's substantially more accurate than the FBW. I appreciate your input AxeTurboAgresor. Merged. Incredibly well thought out i like the idea very much i believe this discussion can be a thread of it's own and don't have the ability to say if it would need another shot to kill while trading for great accuracy. For the time being i'm going to reduce the overall extent of the values i adjusted for the carbine.
  9. I understand completely hence why i made this public and open for discussion. I'm glad we came to an agreement on the PMG. What change would you say for the carbine leaving it as it is now (live servers) or implementing the change i have within the document and reducing the fire-rate like you mentioned before when you said "SLOWER TTK" ?
  10. I think the honorable Ntec can handle the wall bashing it's getting even with that change i would still main it.
  11. Yeah but with the current change that hit live servers yesterday it's essentially the same just added the mag adjustment.
  12. Modified the document to further specify what is intended. Also the radius was decreased as well as multiple damage values were nerfed, i believe it was an over complicated nerf. Offer some feedback it's all open for discussion. Merged. Spill the details!
  13. PMG within the document is nerfed, range and firerate wise. The carbine is an amazing weapon with an average TTK but maining it is pain due to the poor accuracy of the gun hence why it referred to as an "RNG Cannon" which isn't a term that should be used to describe a gun. Based on what is this is trying to accomplish is a sense of balance sure sub-classes will have around the same TTK but what more can be done with balance even if TTK is similar different guns have different mechanics.
  14. Offer some feedback it's all open for discussion.
  15. COBR-A's change was to bring it into the light as an assault rifle to further variation not make it another marksman rifle. ISSR-A needs work don't know many that own it for a good reason. Strife is an incredibly powerful gun that is just underused due to the fact that it is behind a pack instead of individually sold. I see no justification for having a shotgun do 931 damage while having more range than needed 775 is a perfect balance if you take into account the other shotgun damage values. All about coming to a conclusion, everyone is going to have different views this is directed towards just having equal balance within apb. Would appreciate your input on some weapons that you think would need changes, would love to have a fellow streamer and veteran offer some advice.
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