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  1. Distributing players into the correct districts was and is to this day the major flaw in the system, (ppssst That's matchmaking) how about 2 per hour?
  2. Fully agree with OP. Let's add that the current system is lousy in more ways than worth posting about.
  3. I love it, still the old version showed very few new people joined because of it and existing people will always find a way to abuse it, even with a 'random' assignment. There aren't enough new players, even less of those that stay. A RAF system would be nice.. but first and foremost finding a way to attract new recruits en masse would be great.
  4. The subject / issue always held the game back more than anything else. Not many people will remember the few days APB was completely hacker free. Never seen so many happy silvers and terrible playing re-rolls. GM got fired though, lol. After that things went back to normal, APB normal. Oh well. Just APB things.
  5. Having seen the difference in developing with v3 and v4 of the engine ... an update from an even older version to 3.5 must be quite something. (never seen exactly that) I do remember the notice about v4 in the roadmap (second team). https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2018/06/apb-roadmap.html I'm super curious about that as well. Anyway we'll hear whenever. Which is fine. Keeping track of development and writing detailed update news (actual interesting info) would be a workload in itself.
  6. no happy news! patch now! no but seriously this is a nice find : )
  7. Jazeker


    'A few people with a big amount of cheater accounts.' Sad. Pile them up, hammer them harrrd.
  8. At least there is some momentum now. Fighting cheaters is no fun for fair players (the whole point of cheating online). But yeah, taking months to remove some of the most idiotic cheaters after (intense, I assume, lol) discussions with BattlEye ... that's not nearly fast enough. But.... at least there is some momentum now. So a thank you is in order here,. So thanks for that. When they are done with the update a bit more active approach towards the most idiotic cheaters would be nice. Alternatively Matt could have added optional auto-aim / trigger bots for everyone, might be a faster fix. Adding it to the pile, stupid trolls and their cheater buddies.
  9. It's good. "Let it be known that I'm a Leaf Blaster, buddy" Personally, that would have made it A+ perfect xD
  10. Still have an older alienware lappy ... people can still be jelly / hating when it's pulled out. That thing was faster than most desktops back in the day.
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