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  1. In all honesty the main focus on Armas happened after coders / designers leaving for whatever reasons. I'm pretty sure they actually tried to EU, just couldn't pull it off in the end. (That is, G1, not LO)
  2. Lol Remember how 50/50 districts ran fine for literally years? Whatever change messed that up... "hey, 40/40!" and everyone else was like "whoa let's do that!"
  3. Shotty range feels off just saying. Why even care about their range that much? Reminds of the true ogre range nerf, which is still funny. To wonder who ever complained about the range on that thing makes me giggle.
  4. Oh man the stuff they would have made-up as new mods... you'd almost want to see the madness.
  5. Yeah why would any game care about regional servers?
  6. Wouldn't mind if something like Epidemic would eventually become the new RIOT
  7. That Russian server had good deals . A filter for non-English characters would be nice for people who cannot read those, getting merged with non-English characters is kinda weird but maybe it was easier to "merge" the accounts like this.
  8. To be honest I'd expected LO to have fully removed threat by now, sure at beta and launch the original threat system somewhat made sense and was somewhat-something to grind for but even then people had their own fun with it. With all the tweaks and updates and hidden values today it doesn't do much but segregate the people that are left, a fully random MM would already be better at this point and bring back the leader-boards for the try-hards. Pre-mades can have fun in a separate district. Don't play random if you don't want to. Actually this train of thought isn't that far from what is suggested currently but it seems the EU is needed so we can complicate things xd Don't be too hard on de-threaters today many of them are just trying to play lol. But yeah it's not what you want.
  9. Still no pink osmaw with a special tagger? Hollande has been in those shadows for way too long,
  10. Noticed this as well, but I do not have thát many... lol. First noticed them after a cumulative Windows 10 update, but that could be total coincidence. Gotta catch them all?
  11. If you get a back bit too soon you only have to wiggle your car back and forward for it to register when ready... It's not much of a tip but hey it helped me haha : ) edit: that was looooooooong ago though... i dunno
  12. Always liked the idea of a car mod that could release stuff on a countdown... like mist /fog, oil or spikes... that kind of stuff. Just adding it : )
  13. I think it looks nice enough tbh plus one perk might be that system requirements won't change too much. Wasn't a big portion of the upgrade meant to give the devs better options with the game? Maybe they can even add something like a HD(?) client down the road, who knows.
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