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  1. I agree APB needs different things tailored and the real OG's that are still here do know what they are talking about and yes, G1 did some strange things to the game. My rant: Toxicity has always been part of APB; for crying out loud it actually fits the lore. However that's between players, let's try not to burn L.O. to the ground for trying stuff in 2019 and not getting it up to expectations at patch day? Apb:r isn't the easiest proje... ah screw that you all know the details. I suggest to stay positive towards the newest host, a little (orbit) longer. Not trying to kiss their patootie, I just got back I got nothing going on with them. I'm posting something positive because I still can. Yikes.
  2. This has been THE issue with Apb since Rtw days. Different things have been tried, nothing made it better. Partly it is the community as well, but hey, if the game allows stuff you should be able to do stuff, right? I dunno, personally I don't agree with that mindset but hey, that's like my opinion, man. Too bad it's still a waiting game for a new try, the game really needs it. What has been said for 3.5 still sounds promising to me.
  3. Let's give him full control for one week and see what happens. (Make a backup first!)
  4. Yikes! The thread to come back to it seems. I've been playing other games on new accounts since I lost logins for multiple games and what not after a botched SSD update () ... and really they all have cheaters. It seems that fairplay in 2019 is what you make of it. Maybe something totally new has to be discovered to finally fix it, I dunno anymore. If you don't have to play them 24/7 you can still have fun, but it's everywhere now, really. Soooo hey, EAC. Well then!
  5. BREAKING: I found my APB:R login after a botched SSD update! (OMG my picture collection... still crying). In other news I'm going to get a ZEN2 platform in a couple of weeks so I can break the FPS counter Awesome rally, wasn't it?
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