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  1. Noticed this as well, but I do not have thát many... lol. First noticed them after a cumulative Windows 10 update, but that could be total coincidence. Gotta catch them all?
  2. If you get a back bit too soon you only have to wiggle your car back and forward for it to register when ready... It's not much of a tip but hey it helped me haha : ) edit: that was looooooooong ago though... i dunno
  3. Always liked the idea of a car mod that could release stuff on a countdown... like mist /fog, oil or spikes... that kind of stuff. Just adding it : )
  4. I think it looks nice enough tbh plus one perk might be that system requirements won't change too much. Wasn't a big portion of the upgrade meant to give the devs better options with the game? Maybe they can even add something like a HD(?) client down the road, who knows.
  5. 8? Mmmh... organize a riot lan(-ish) party at home?! Bribe 7 forum members? Or if nobody wants to help atm, 7 VM machine's? Uhm no don't do that last one
  6. Aah ok. Now that you mention it, I think I've read the post... but I forgot.
  7. We did? My old brain haha. Anyway yeah I think it could be fun. (As some sort of alternative server or hey yeah, maybe just a district?! mmh)
  8. Maybe the engine upgrade got priority? I dunno about their teams and all, anyway, just saying but it's the same on Citadel with the current Riot version (people leave it after maxing the contact?). New riot in the engine upgrade?!
  9. How about trying crazy idea's? Can we do crazy idea's? I have one! Let's add one server where everyone is allowed to do whatever they want. No checks. no bans, no gm's. Big warning when you create a character.
  10. Anyone checked the latency? (Like, what Matt posted?) This could be interesting, as in, people did lag and crash other game-servers before without the need of using any sort of ddos. Most of the time it's to exploit stuff as well. Anyway, interesting update. Could just still be a giant ddos ofc.
  11. It's never going back OP. What's more, they will only find new ways to milk you. Let me say here that I will never touch an EA game ever again while I loved playing those on console when I was just a kid. I got gifted around 100 of those 20 dollar mounts back in my WoW days. And I'm old. Can you imagine that? That's only mounts. My husband once spend hundreds of dollars on giftboxes in an EA game at once, and dominated for the next weeks, playing 100% legit. It's all silly if you think about it, you buy a game, and today, you usually pay a subscription on top of that, for the privilege of being able to spend even more if you want to, much more if you can. But it is what it is today. If you still find a game that doesn't cash on p2w or vanity after you bought it and pay a subscription for it... try to love it . Expansions and content is fine. I'd say even an engine update . Day one DLC is the same silliness.
  12. Jazeker


    Asger is way worse Or at least way more dirty
  13. People who want easier fights are the real problem in any current online multiplayer game. Any of them; - Tools / script downloaders. - Tools / scripts creators. - External game file changers. - Ingame mechanic exploiters. - The odd silly creditcard pullers to buy scjeeeeats. Sure they are having fun. Many of them spend on the game as well. But they want easier fights which makes them the problem. Denying scjeeeeats in APB is like denying water is wet. It is still funny though, even after 10 years! Dum dums! No wonder you like scjeeeeats so much haha. Make the fights balanced. If they have a weirdo, give our team one as well, if they have two, we need two, or do not start the fight.
  14. To end my own little rant with a positive suggestion; I still believe matchmaking has a lot more power over the situation than what is used today. I believe that's also the reason why partly skill-based matchmaking gets hate from a certain part of any community. We'll see where this all goes I guess.
  15. When the day comes this all ends with a 404 I'll be one of those who'll consider it a sad day. No matter how much I play APB or not at that point, no matter what happened. Unfair people? From the very first token exploiters to the last silly closet streamers... it won't matter. From heroic and canned GM's to unfair condoning GM's. It won't matter. I'll still be sad. You know why? I always liked APB. Not only that, when it was booming I met some great people, some of which I still don't know their IRL names and probably never will at this point, but my gosh, some people make a game you like simply awesome. And it had all the problems it has today back then as well. Nothing really changed. Now I don't want to lecture anyone but if you want to take something from me, try this on for size; with any multiplayer game out there, any online multiplayer game, the forums are about fair play versus unfair play, no exceptions. Anywhere you go out there, you'll find fair players versus unfair players arguing, trolling, beating their own drumsticks. At some point things end, and wherever you might go next, you'll find this battle again and again, and again. Gaming companies themselves are very clever with statements on unfair play, they have to be. Unfair play is just everywhere and it is only getting more obvious. It never became less. On forums the people who are talking about it are the ones the most knowledgeable on it, the only difference in their posts is them being on the fair or unfair side. Trolling or not. The ones who really are full of themselves, are the anti-cheat companies, the companies which gaming companies rely on. From just laughable protection up to complete rootkits, from false bans to exposing most of a server cheating, from simple kicking removal to full hardware bans... it really never has been of any real help. People who claim otherwise have an agenda, because, if people want to, they will play unfair, in exactly the same way that people who want to play fair do play fair. Let's not even get into corruption of staffs, volunteers, profit margins and what have you. The point here is that all this crap didn't get games anywhere near what those companies advertise to us. Games need something new in that aspect. The only time online multiplayer games had near-perfect fair-play, was when hosting your own server was a thing. Basically this meant that you could kick anyone you didn't like playing with you. It's a can of worms in itself, but as far as this fantasy of fair play online goes that historically was the best available option. Of course you could host an unfair server as well. All up to you. Enjoy the game, do not get caught up in the yes versus no nonsense. It is a big waste of your time. Understandable that people want to be heard. And yes, people know, but honestly, getting into it, is exactly what people who play unfair online want from you. The more you understand unfair play the more seducing it might become. Enjoy what you do, or take a break from it and do something else. That's the real power you have. Anything else you can think of, are just fantasy band-aids. A GM in game? Even hidden GM's are detected. Anti cheat? Laughable. At this day and age, no place out there is going to give you a full fair game, not a single game out there, unless you can host your own and decide for yourself who can play with you. No forum is going to fully side with you, whatever your stance is. Actually, trolling you is what many forumrites are waiting for. Maybe you need a certain age to see all this, but it's just what it is in 2019. [/ok mom]
  16. Different: I remember, long ago, someone was yelling in social for days to buy an Ursus low and at some point I actually sold him one. Now the very next day my hubby played and got a PM to 'please buy the bad gun back'... he asked how much and thought it was cheap so he bought it back. Still think that was a funny random encounter. And Ursus is not thááát bad
  17. lol The usual starter suggestion: Reboot your pc, try again (Apb_Catcherprogram might be lingering from a failed launch). You can delete the whole '/Apb_Catcherprogram' folder after a reboot as well, do a repair / verify on the game from the launcher / steam launcer and it will get re-created.
  18. All I'm saying is that making the best with what you got isn't a meme it's real life.
  19. I agree APB needs different things tailored and the real OG's that are still here do know what they are talking about and yes, G1 did some strange things to the game. My rant: Toxicity has always been part of APB; for crying out loud it actually fits the lore. However that's between players, let's try not to burn L.O. to the ground for trying stuff in 2019 and not getting it up to expectations at patch day? Apb:r isn't the easiest proje... ah screw that you all know the details. I suggest to stay positive towards the newest host, a little (orbit) longer. Not trying to kiss their patootie, I just got back I got nothing going on with them. I'm posting something positive because I still can. Yikes.
  20. This has been THE issue with Apb since Rtw days. Different things have been tried, nothing made it better. Partly it is the community as well, but hey, if the game allows stuff you should be able to do stuff, right? I dunno, personally I don't agree with that mindset but hey, that's like my opinion, man. Too bad it's still a waiting game for a new try, the game really needs it. What has been said for 3.5 still sounds promising to me.
  21. Let's give him full control for one week and see what happens. (Make a backup first!)
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