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  1. im a silver player , i love playing apb its my favorite game but , with no threat districts its becoming hell , the problem is not only hard facing those golds trying hard , its also having gold mates , they keep talking bad to us , get angry and make the game waaaaaaay much less fun , they dont want us ( silvers ) in their teams , so why did u remove the threats then ? to increase the pop , it wont increase its actually getting lower , before this we had 2 bronze full districts and 2 half full silver districts , now they r only 2 districts filled and thats it , u pushed most silvers and bronzes away ffrom the game i log on from time to time trying to play a bit and i get trashed by enemy and by mates , i cant spend 30 mintues all togther in this atmosphere , give us back our threat districts Little orbit you made a big wrong decision u should fix it please here is an example from a team mate and after this talk he started trashing me cause i couldnt handle 2 golds enemies one of them was a cheater , he himself was a gold and he couldnt kill him 1 vs 1 ! i miss playing this game but i cant play it any more its too much stress and no fun at all
  2. This will make more players quit the game , no threat districts are hell for silvers and bronzes
  3. Hi , The game is suddenly full of cheaters , its like they are giving away free cheats and nothing can stop them , can't u guys do something about it ? the game is unplayable !
  4. Hi why dont you make an elf ears seperated from the hat
  5. I hope they find a way to ban macro users . they are filling the game lately .
  6. Arianna

    Star LCR

    Bring back the Star LCR pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. Arianna

    Can't join Riot

    Every time i try to join Riot districts the game crash any tips ?
  8. 1 Hour Left for Friday to end here guys ^.^ when the premium is gonna begin
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