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  1. Woahh..... i didn´t know that this post got so much attention. I think im enlightened now with Macro or not Macro. But i really was just wondering why people who uses the NTEC are always shooting faster as me with literally not loosing any accuracy at this point. I may try out the Tap Tactic and the Burst one.
  2. Why TF won´t you ban people who uses Macros like serious...... i see so many guys who play for example the ntec and they´re shooting fast af without loosing accuracy or having any mods like cooling jacket or other stuff. I tried the Ntec too but having way more less fire rate even equiped with CJ3.... and loosing accuracy as hell after like 3-4 Shots. So why are you allowing Macros ? And you can´t tell me that they´re just good.... cuz you can see macros very easy in this Game.
  3. So Thursday last week i buyed 5 Joker Boxes the Yukon one...... I thought if you wait a bit they will transfer it because of the Update. But no nothing, so what can i do about this ?
  4. So they didn´t nerfed the pmg or the cr762 or the ntec 5........ there are so many weapons that needs an nerf. But hey let´s delete the RF9 like completeley from the game gg LO
  5. So i just cant login...
  6. what about the ntec versions.......like every version of the ntec 5 is OP af and i dont get it that Little Orbit didn´t want to nerf these shit guns.... the damage is way to high.... the Range of that Gun is ridiculous. idk just nerf this guns really.....
  7. BMW M3 E46 GTR love this Car (especially the MW version)
  8. So the JG is fcking op, the Ntec 5 is fcking op, the nfas is fcking op there are even more weapons that doesn´t require skill...... The Whole Weapons should be rebalanced seriously just do it.... if not i can tell you that this Game wont last till the end of the year with player the count. I mean it´s an dead game right now too..... but dont make it worse as it is in it´s currently state. Love this Game but it´s not playable due to the OP Guns
  9. This Bug still exists...... rtx 2080 here...... my old 1060 works fine without any crashes
  10. Hey, I want to trade my new Glory for Ursus or Ogre or some other Weapons. Im on Citadel btw. If you want you can PM me
  11. So idk why but my ABP crashes after 40 min of playtime or maybe less than 40..... before the Patch my Game was not crashing at all...... so anyone has an solution ? RTX 2080 i9 9900k 16gb RAM installed on SSD
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