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  1. I know it's an 3rd Person Shooter but its actually ridiculous that you can't have an normal fight anymore without getting killed by an corner camping shotgun tryharder or an smg sprayer. It has absolutely nothing to do with skill based or something it's just pure camping. Why does this game do not have an 1st Person Mode or an hardcore Option. The gunfights would be so much more better and more enjoyable.
  2. So i was thinking about an extended Mod System idk how i can call this. The thing is i really would like to see that all the Preset Mods on some Weapons like all the Silencer Stuff and all the other Special Mods like Curved Magazine or Drum Magazine being able to buy from the Joker Store or Armas Marketplace (lol). In my Opinion this would give an more Dynamic Gameplay to the Game.... imagine having an silencer on your ntec or piercing bullets on your Sniper to kill enemys easier behind some thin cover.
  3. TheWalke

    Weapon Colors

    Actually the Armas Store has some really good weapons imo.,,,,, beside all of the reskins of course.
  4. because this game has many russian hackers ? you must admit that ............
  5. I don´t want it like the other Weapon Mods where you can unlock them at an lower rank like 30, 40 , or 20 basically just for free.....in my Opinion it should be lvl 85 or something like this but yeah it´s really though to lvl up to R195. Why using Google Translator ?
  6. Having any ideas what i should put in the 2nd Mod Slot for the Euryale ? is Mag Pull good ?
  7. You´re alright ??? Im using IR3 right now.... but it seems that MB would give me an better option to control the recoil
  8. you can´t git gud when they´re having little programs running in the background that makes them godlike. Actually i really just want my Muzzle Brake but the grinding is just pure nightmare to lvl 195.
  9. Is the little Russian Kiddo triggered ??? Go and learn some German then we can resume this type of conversation.
  10. Seriously why,,,,,,,,, just want an Muzzle Brake for my Boi Euryale. It´s hard to Lvl up in this game when it´s full of russians D;
  11. you can have it when Half Life 3 releases
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