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  1. I want to make a little reflection not only for little orbit but for your community, yesterday my account was banned I would like to say that it was to use some macro, script or hack but the truth is that no, my right has been taken away to use my account for the simple fact of sharing it with a friend he helped me get a joker ticket because I have been carrying surgical procedures in my hand for about 6 months and it is very difficult for me to play, what I want is for them to tell me it seems correct this? that most of the top level players use the advanced launcher to modify the game at will, use scripts to eliminate the recoil of weapons or hacks to see enemies through the walls and that these foul actions that avoid the progress of the game and not be banned? Not to mention the toxicity of the infuencers who reject all the ideas of normal players in a negative way, I am not famous but I hope you can read this post, today I am retiring from APB was my favorite game since 2015 and I will always take it in my my heart, I hope that one day things will change and when that happens with pleasure I will return until then goodbye.
  2. people who receive this type of ideas with rejection are the reason why this game does not progress
  3. I do not have problems with the bug that the vehicle has, I love it and I would like to be able to modify it and apart I am willing to pay more for what a seiyo or a pioneer is worth
  4. there should be more variety for those of us who want to enjoy the game and we don't settle for the weapons or vehicles that always win
  5. I do not understand the administration of the APB article store because there are many very simple things that if they add they will obtain excellent profits for example if they add a "vegas ultra pack" that would be a permanent vegas 4x4 for the account lifetime with all the kits available for a 10,000 G1C value would be many people who would buy it including me, then they could also put Halloween / Christmas packs etc ... with date and create object kits and set a value according to the elements, many people are willing to pay for those objects that he could not get for free at the Christmas event. I believe that little orbit needs more creativity and not only will get more players, it will get a lot of economic benefits
  6. I mean to say if they have the store full of items and they don't spend it removing items, they have a larger number of people buying G1C If you tell me that they are "fleeting offers" of unique items, I can understand you, but those of us who have been playing since 2011 do not receive any news, they could keep the entire weapons store with a great variety so that new players have access to these objects
  7. can you explain to me the reason why they eliminate the "Old Glory LCR" as well as several clothing items is very silly of you because if you leave all the items people will buy more G1C
  8. I can understand that the only way for the police to make extra money is to arrest and for the criminals stealing, the difference is that the special weapons of the police are stupidly broken without recoil and can be used even in fight club, what I propose is that they eliminate the option of stealing for criminals and in turn they implement an inventory of special weapons for criminals for example: PIG = PIG reskin short shotgun with the same stun property and being stunned by a criminal this will propice a beating the police at the same time it would take a police officer to arrest a criminal the beating animation may be the same as that used in a robbery of a civilian, the shape of the shotgun cut out of the object of clothing can be used simply create a different sound and the exact same properties
  9. When will we have criminals special weapons such as enforcer weapons? I'm 5 years waiting for them to put them haha
  10. Farmiga

    Weapon Colors

    The new players who think the game is p2w just need play a few days to undersand, the armas weapons are p2l (pay to loose) xD like a COBRA haha but i buy just to estetic so thats why i want see dog ear with gold icon
  11. Farmiga

    Weapon Colors

    Maybe it is not very important but it is possible that im is not the only one who thinks the same thing and is that the symbol of the weapon "Dog Ear" has a purple color that I do not like haha I think it would look very beautiful in gold but it is my opinion :D =
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