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  1. In case you guys are going to add new clothing anytime soon you should probably check out my thread! Other than that I personally love the hoodies, turtleneck & high top boots.
  2. Swibbiz, Citadel. I love everyone elses submissions so far, good luck everyone!
  3. https://apbdb.com/items/Clothing_F_Underwear_Bodysuit_Tank
  4. None of my symbols are currently for sale, I'll let you know if I change my mind in the future.
  5. You will have to be more specific about the whole costume thing since clowns can wear pretty much anything. And you got a nose ball from the Christmas event last year and well, an afro is probably the most original thing you can use if you want to look like a clown.
  6. Imgur released a stupid update so I have to re-do everything & I'm not in mood to do that right now since I've pretty much quit.
  7. wa that's strange What's your Discord? I'll try to add you instead.
  8. Well just add me then, my Discord is Swibby#1337.
  9. I'm invisible on Discord 24/7, just type to me and I'll reply pretty quickly.
  10. It's not bannable and it's very easy to change. Go to your APB Reloaded folder (For me its: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\APBGame\Localization\INT) Open up "HUDCombatMessages.INT" with notepad. Find "HUDCombatMessages_Score_Combat_KillEnemy_Line2=Enemy Killed" (should be on line 10) Replace "Enemy Killed" with whatever you want. *boop* You're done!
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