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  1. Only the heavy HVR was nerfed.
  2. I fully agree on this. I used to be a shotgun main and I don't think the buff was necessary at all, now they're rather broken than balanced.
  3. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/3068-end-of-july-2018-update-1196-on-otw/
  4. Swibby


    hello there fellow gamer, no event?? 2018?! o_o
  5. It's only available in character lifetime and can be used by criminals only. Edit: thx for correcting me ghost :- )
  6. Added your requests, sorry for being so slow with updating the list! Also @Lixil.. It feels rude to ask but do you think you could pin this thread? Would be more appreciated than you think.
  7. It's still there for me.
  8. Swibby

    APB Names Unavailable

    They're working on it.
  9. Swibby

    what is the best thing i can do with 20$

    Premium KTTC N-Tec 3 slot N-HVR 762 3 slot
  10. Swibby


    Unless you're using a third party software you should be good to go.
  11. Will configs still be allowed?
  12. Added some of your requests, thanks everyone!
  13. Swibby

    JAQL's slop shop.

    Why are you selling your stuff for so cheap?
  14. Reposting this here because I think it's cute. *boop*