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  1. https://discord.gg/vb4rYEg You're welcome.
  2. Swibby

    [PC] Patch 1.19.7 (1023) discussion

    >Improved the reliability of Mobile Radar Tower. Can someone explain this to me
  3. helLo man big hacker back with another tutorial try to mess with ur values in BaseEngine.ini: (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\Engine\Config) I'd recommend you to start off with these lines: TimeBetweenPurgingPendingKillObjects=120 GarbageCollectionMemoryCeilingGb=16 TimeBetweenPurgingPendingKillObjects = the time it takes on how long to start cleaning some memory. 60 is default, don't make it to big or it will crash or stutter for 1 long minute. GarbageCollectionMemoryCeilingGb = How much memory APB can use, match this with your system memory. 4GB System ram = 2, 8GB System ram = 4, 16GB System ram = 8, 32GB System ram = 16,  Let me know if it solves your issue f thank edit: Also, there's a tutorial on how to turn off cache in my discord. Try that as well.
  4. I personally agree with you. You should make a thread about it and include reference images of what type of beards you'd like to see in-game!
  5. Yes debundle the harness pls kthx
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    Buy my clothes

    Im an idіot and apb is like heroin. I came back when LO took over though, so I've been gone for a while.
  7. Have you tried to take a look at your mailbox?
  8. I've been using glass2k for quite some time now and haven't had any issues with BE.
  9. Swibby

    Weapon roles

  10. There's some type of trenchcoat in-game already that was never released to players. I've seen civilians using it, if you give me am hour or so I can post a screenshot *boop* ok so I drove around for 15 minutes and couldn't find it.. I'm not sure if it's super rare or if they got rid of the civilian completely. ANYWAY I found a picture of it on google