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  1. Yeah, why not give the entire community a pocket OBIR? Really good idea you changed my mind completely. Wow. 
  2. Yea nice but why not limit them to the test district? The game is flooded with fangs now. Good idea giving the single best secondary in the game to everyone
  3. The game must be hell for the people that actually play it now. I can imagine 90% of the population is running the Fang.
  4. The deployable ammo box currently renders the field supplier completely useless. There's currently no downside to using something like a spotter or a blowtorch when you can resupply and change weapons in the yellow ammo box. Yellow mods should just get removed tbh
  5. Yeah you would think the least they can do is ban cheaters. Despite several players sending video evidence of multiple players cheating on stream, they don't ban them. We are quite literally doing the work for them but they don't even bother banning. This company really has no clue how to manage their game and it shows.
  6. Please make an option to filter out any cyrillic posted in the chat.
  7. So the CM can't post patch notes because the community is toxic?
  8. Hops onto the forums every now and then to announce a patch but doesn't even bother posting patch notes, it seems.
  9. If lvl 10 contacts are Tier 3 contacts and lvl 20 contacts are Tier 4 contacts then what tier are the lvl 15 contacts? Please re-evaluate making the contacts have 20 levels. It makes so much more sense and is less confusing than having to start over at 10 again.
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