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  1. Any ETA on when the stuff will be on ARMAS?
  2. I still think you guys need to do something about the IR3. The CSG variants without IR3 felt completely useless on the test districts compared to the IR3 variants.
  3. Please add pantyhose, thank you.
  4. Finally some properly formatted posts. Thank you so much.
  5. Hello Mrs. Lixil I survived the Nutcracker event. Can I message you with proof and receive my rewards? I really do not feel like doing it all over again. Thank you.
  6. 1. Roles/Achievements are bugged 2. The Nutcracker event is extremely unbalanced. How are you supposed to survive for 8 minutes while being chased down by 39 people? You should definitely make changes to the timer. 3. Sometimes the "elf event" pops up and there's nothing you can do. There's no timer and all players are untargetable. 4. Please bring back the 12 Deaths of Christmas event instead of the original snowball event. I don't know anyone who preferred the snowball event over the gun game.
  7. You do realize that awarding everyone with premium automatically makes everything 20% off, right? You gave everyone premium which gives 20% off and now you are having a sale which gives 20% off but you gave everyone premium. This sale doesn't do shit.
  8. Thank you for structuring and formatting your posts well. Not going to mention any names but the person who usually posts patch notes does not do this.
  9. @MattScott @Lixil Any word on this? Are we going to be able to purchase the free items such as the Webbed Bra on ARMAS as promised on your social media?
  10. You better give us the option to just buy everything account bound as a bundle on armas. Easy money for you and less grind for the people who want it on 12 characters.
  11. Are these clothing items going to be available on armas? I am very confused.
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