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  1. looking forward to the stockholm server thanks matt
  2. Are we getting the Razer Kraken 7.1 in APB or what
  3. Get a 3 slot OCA or a 3 slot PMG. The OCA is going to be way worse after the nerf that is currently on the test district. Not being able to put a CJ3 on it is going to be a huge disadvantage.
  4. You'd have to be braindead to not be able to establish that he is cheating.
  5. It's someone who allegedly owns a sports car, knows 6 different languages and has over 9k "followers" on Twitch. It's not about detecting when the dude is lasering people down ON STREAM. Anyone with a properly functioning brain should be able to tell something is wrong when his mouse doesn't move upwards.
  6. Yeah man I am sure they will ban him if I report him a 3rd time (not counting the times my friends reported him) thanks dude I will go and do this right now! Thnaks! can u give me formatt plz?=
  7. I have reported the same guy twice with video evidence of him using a no recoil macro on stream. Once 6 months ago and once 3 weeks ago. I have gotten replies from support both times but the guy is still playing/streaming to this day. Just wondering if it's allowed now? Might be time to order an A4Tech mouse.
  8. Kinda weird to do the name wipe before the merge tbh. I imagine a lot more names are going to be conflicted with the merge if names are wiped on both servers before merging.
  9. 1. The video tells me nothing and is not even remotely relevant to the discussion. Almost everyone has a gaming mouse but not all people can aim. TrueMove3 Sensor =/= skill. You can give shroud a $5 wireless mouse and he will most likely be able to do better than your average gamer using a mouse with a TrueMove3 sensor. 2. Do you even know what a triggerbot is? Most people with a functioning brain can clearly tell when someone is triggerbotting and when they are not. 3. What? The fact that you think AHK is a mouse software just goes to show how fucking clueless you are.
  10. How can you even mistake a triggerbot for a "gaming mouse"?
  11. A gaming mouse? Do you even know what you are talking about?
  12. Okay? So why can't the "ban wave" catch 3 people who have cheated on stream for months? LO are being force-fed with video evidence from the cheaters' POV but refuse to ban them. It doesn't really paint a good picture.
  13. Would really want cheaters to get banned to start with. Just learned that a french person who shall not be mentioned by name is still not banned despite blatantly triggerbotting on stream for months. The gamer-glove wielding ape disappeared a few months ago but he didn't get banned apparently (at least not a permanent ban). The sad part is that he's not the only one. You get harsher punishments for being toxic than for cheating and at this point it almost feels as if Little Orbit want their game to die. It's pathetic.
  14. Yeah, why not give the entire community a pocket OBIR? Really good idea you changed my mind completely. Wow. 
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