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  1. neophobia

    Flintlock pistol

    ^this also "replace it" why would you have to remove one for the other
  2. satchel chargeeeees this^^^ + there is a cd on spawning in cars + ideally they should also only be available at a certain distance from the objective (it's probably bugged or at least badly tweaked though) that the normal spawns are often hot garbage and car spawners are practically needed in some locations is a different story
  3. yeah, unless he's talking about 720p it's both. he's probably just using the integrated graphics of his cpu - and probably it's a notebook too with a turbo clock of 3.6ghz - normally running at something like 1.6ghz - that throttles down to this after a couple seconds of workload too due to cooling that wasn't intended for gaming you're doing something wrong then. it should run fine except for the occasional garbagecollection-stutter or particle effect related one (which you can limit in advanced launcher)... (32gb ddr3 are still just 3gb ddr3 to apb, so it's barely worth mentioning, op is fine with 8gb) it is definitely badly optimized - but it ran perfectly fine on a i7 3770 + gtx 660 (even max but only 60fps then). mind you, i'm still getting the occasional stutter on i7 8770k @ 5.0 + gtx 1080 ti - which can bd attributed to the two aforementioned reasons wait, are you using the gtx 780 as a physx card? xd
  4. diffuse means like spreading something... e.g. like how a perfume smell "expands" over a room - diffusing a bomb would seem odd (although an explosion does that... kind of) defuse would be disarming the bomb xd i guess. quoting only things important to your post just makes posts/threads more legible and if you were responding to a certain point, it'd make that clearer.(and one wouldn't have to read the whole post again) it's just mildly annoying having to scroll down the whole post again on phone too, just to see a one sentence answer underneath. (especially when it's the op that doesn't really need quoting to begin with, especially if you don't address a certain point in it) i guess i could just tap on the quote to hide it too. to be fair. i didn't think of this. whoops, lul.
  5. oh yeah? which weapons did they nerf so the prices decreased? right, only the hroken yukon (and overbuffed dow + ogre to some degree... that were quite cheap before that buff too) whoever invested in a yukon, expecting that it would stay like this is at fault themselves. it was a broken weapon, g1 admitted it, and whoever exploited it and used it as a crutch only deserves to lose that bit of value. also the most important factor in balance is how much they cost on social mp. sure. diffusing a bomb is a strange idea. it gets diffused by exploding though... uh... (defusing has a quite different meaning xd) please stop the fullquotes of big posts... but yeah, that was their saying it was reasonable - leaving the shotguns where they are rn feels still a bit off though...
  6. i wholeheartedly agree with most statements in your post - but only partially with this one. while i always felt that shotguns were well balanced, the constant complaints about bad hitreg on shotguns were somewhat justified (albeit annoying - and i do think some "hitreg" issues were actually aiming issues lul) - and this has done away with it. it was a quite reasonable idea and good fix/buff too - obviously too strong though - and some weapons got nerfed too hard after. instead of reverting, i'd rather see it being fixed - and i feel like it only requires some tweaking.
  7. yeah, the missing medal is the worst thing about it. not that you carry it way faster than normally intended. sure. albeit glitchy, i wouldn't call this an exploit either as much as bhopping or runboosting isn't one in CS. it uses ingame mechanics - and if they were seen as an issue, they wouldn't be hard to fix. they don't seem like an issue though.
  8. i've edited my post (an hour ago, just before you posted - again now because it was still a bit vage), haven't read properly before (i've stopepd after new api tbh xd) and thought this was just about steams new platform-wide trustfactor measures actually seems very good! only point that still stands is that steam tends to go down at times too - but it's definitely better than than constantly laggy servers due to ddos https://twitter.com/SteamStatus has a good backlog
  9. except when it goes down for 4h every other week... guess not as dreadful as constantly ddosed servers but still edit: nvm was... wrong, the actual things they promise sound pretty good. i was under the impression that there'd still be an issue since steam still exposes the servers ip (that would be hosted externally either way and thus probably vulnerable) - which lead to ddoses of dota gameservers in the past - but... apparently not. seems great!
  10. i feel like an alien when trying to comprehend what he's saying, so arguably he's alienating me x^d but no, i'm arguably not even alienating him, arguably he is - by not even trying to mildly improve after people told him what's wrong enough already (i guess writing gibberish doesn't really breach any rules though so whatever) of course you could just ignore that - i chose to ignore it completely. (still read his posts (and regret doing so)) i haven't even blocked hexerin, todesklinge or ray back then (only todesklinge for a short amount when everything had to be about kevlar buffs) and the amounts of "wtf is going on here" reduced a lot since i actively gotta click to display his posts instead of just getting them thrown in my face when trying to read a thread and the times he actually asks something useful (that hasn't been asked before) don't really make up for the bunch of times he just spams random pictures, acts stubborn/ignores facts + other views or just repeats the same question... also, it was mostly a joke. he previously wrote in some thread "You've chosen to ignore content by XYZ. Options " when trying to "quote" someone by copying - and since quoting really isn't hard, i would've guessed he did that on purpose to show them that he blocked them xd - and what's super mature and funny? being like "no u" anyway
  11. no it hasn't been. it was introduced to armas with the "rocker" bundle by g1 in 2013 before, they promised ingame exclusivity (JT store in this case) - same as for explosive weapons (contacts/JT), that should've never been on armas (but now we also have the aaepd) i'm pretty sure it was annual until they forgot about it in 2015 LO never promised such a thing, in opposition to G1 who broke all of those subsequently
  12. the first fell when 4x4 (customizable) was introduced to armas lul this hat has been the reward for every year since 2012,- it was hardly exclusive (edit: okay, it was not - it was definitely more than jsut 2012 though) what do you think about not complaining? first it's an issue that others get an event, now the event that you get isn't enough. like, stop. also, how about not spamming giant pictures without a spoilertag i should take my own advice and ignore yood for good...
  13. here is a quick tutorial, since there is virtually no reason to not have done this yet if it isn't for the option being somewhat hidden key to eternal happiness less of a headache: just for clarification: it is indeed the same reward as from 2012
  14. plz no generic titles plz no threads with questions that have been already asked/answered yesterday where you decide to be stubborn and ignoring every answer we've had previews of riot already - the eventmode with the 3 territories/factions that capture barrels. and that was a far cry from normal battle royale. and while you might hate the craze (as much as i do) it still drives in huge amount of players. and obviously they are working on the engine upgrade and fixing the game. they said they'd release that on a not too far away date and already have tests with actual players - far more than g1 ever achieved. those already confirmed progress but also evident flaws that need to be attended.
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