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  1. offended by a flag huh but please, imagine having tutorial videos like this. who will sit through 10 minutes of some guy rambling about how to play the game... i think the current tutorial could be good, if people would do it and read - for that, everything is too lengthy. and ofc it'd never teach strats.
  2. Erinnert mich irgendwie an die Werbung mit "Alles ist in dichten Neben gehüllt" xd Klingt aber nett, viel Erfolg. Spiele leider grad nicht aktiv und habe auch (vorerst) meine (APB-)Clanliebe schon gefunden... Wollte trotzdem ein paar Worte dalassen
  3. just to be sure: Недавно некоторые игроки пожаловались, что их по ошибке забанили в APB Reloaded. Как выяснилось, дело в изменении файлов игры: левые конфиги и неодобренные лаунчеры. Сегодня Мэтью Скотт ещё раз напомнил, что единственный официально разрешённый лаунчер — Advanced APB Launcher. В качестве примера запрещённых вещей Мэтью показал APB Manager от Somepony и Pinkl. «Это не тот Advanced Launcher, который мы одобрили. Он не только редактирует конфиги, но и заменяет шейдеры и взламывает игру», — пишет Мэтью Скотт. Он понимает, что многие игроки не могли понять разницу между лаунчерами, поэтому всех игроков разбанят (если у них не было до этого предупреждений). «Они были в бане больше недели, это достаточное наказание», — завершает Мэтью. Однако, автобан за подобные изменения файлов игры останется. И второго шанса больше не будет. taken from apb-r, can't speak russian.
  4. oh i know. there was a lengthy discussion about it on the forums some time ago and in the end... they stated they have no plans to get rid of the brand rn and ye - their choice and they should know best. personally, i don't really mind either way, it's just a brand - and early g1 did an at least okay job... and it's definitely the bigger brand in comparison to LO. as you said, this belongs in another thread though anyway. although you didn't ask for this either - there's this odd hybrid feeling smg - the h9 curse from the revelations pack. it's definitely not the most competitive choice but i actually enjoyed playing it most of the time, hs3 ir3 and zooming in actually also seemed pretty worth it - if it's debundled now, you might wanna try it out. slightly higher ttk than the pmg (0.76 vs 0.7) but in my opinion quite a bit more reliable - but has a smaller magazine. have you also tried the aces (+"rifle")? not too forgiving either but also quite strong in the right hands.
  5. g1 as it was doesnt exist anymore lo is just using the g1 brand since it's known, for better or for worse plus, if it wasnt for g1 the game probably wouldn't be anymore - and early g1 did put some effort into the game... for 1.5 years, it dropped off towards 2014 and then... nothing.
  6. csgo has ranks though it's just a different name lmao silver 1 2 3 4 elite elite master -> bronze gn 1 2 3 4 mg1 mg2 mge (double ak) -> silver to low golds dmg le lem supreme global -> high gold ideally. apb has... 15 (hidden) subranks/threats per actual threat, right?
  7. in which regard? the ranks do get distributed similarly. it just works better since there are way more players. (plus, while apb uses hidden subranks, they don't matched strictly - which is rather impossible in the current state) and even then, people still complain about it and rather use faceit than official. matchmaking(partially due to mm, partially due to better servers) rank-ups seem random at times. deathreating - downranking - is also a thing in csgo. there are sites dedicated to match people who want to downrank together as one team, lul. it might take longer than apb but it IS a thing. i'd love to see it prevented more in apb though. 5vs5 would suck in most missions imo - though i rather would have larger missions than the occasional 1vs1... i know, backup and the likes are not too great (although they sometimes work out), however it could be good for later "balancing" during the mission (something impossible in csgo) and kinda compensated the low playercount per district and this flawed matching - if it would work well. there is no "open world scrimmage" either in csgo, you just sit in main menu if you'd prefer that... uh... i suppose it's better to have a bigger matching pool since no one is split in districts - but i guess it could be about the same with phasing though. that all being said, apb is way less competitive than csgo imo - and that's good. i'd love better matchmaking but it doesn't seem as easy as "just use csgos mm" i think the current could work okay with tweaks and phasing to increase the available playerpool.
  8. i do, but i do not think it makes too much sense but not really.
  9. i guess not. i hope you still realized that some of your points do not make too much sense.
  10. i can't see what's stylish about the first image aaaand guess what, crackdown 1-3 were all M rated.
  11. i'd play that. however, you forgot the unicorns instead of cars (of course the horn would be topped with cotton candy so it stabs no one) (i hope this isn't enough to summon queen of love) idk what op is on. do you want a different game? zombies instead of pedestrians? what? i'd understand if you wanted them to look a bit more rough or something - the city is supposed to be at war - or more aggressive or whatnot but... how would zombies fit into that game idk how T rating would also help this game that much - no one really cares about that rating - if anything, teens wanna play the more "bad" stuff. i get that league, wow and fortnite have T ratings. equally popular games - csgo, cod, gta have higher ratings. i think there's more to being popular than having a low age rating. (well i did, back then) surprisingly PUBG only has a T rating too though?
  12. as far as i know limiting fps is only achievable through config editing (which is not allowed and a bannable offense - sadly, to a degree - especially cause of stuff like this) - except enabling vsync and/or smooth framerate but yikes what an edgelord skin, really
  13. game clearly is p2w at this point :^))) didn't even know about this, haven't seen a thread about this before either (or recently enough to remember) albeit being on the forums every day (yes, i am ) so... maybe they weren't aware of this problem either? they fixed similar stuff quite fast in the past iirc
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