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  1. no, that's not how it works. the 0.1% lows are the fpsdrops. it's benchmarks from one system. you can even read the specs of said system on the left side to each of the bar-groups. (plus the build number etc)
  2. the volunteers are - as far as i know - GMs already. there already is an application process, applications are currently closed, and even then we had at least 1 person who went out of line with their newly acquired power...
  3. couldnt agree more, especially with the last point. hackusations towards innocents hurt the game much more, partially due to new players reading it and adopting that habit or being like "ah the game is full of cheaters" - which it most definitely is not - it's not an actual cheatfest. cheater feeding on rage etc... eh. i think some are but - i'd say many of them are just too bad to play legit and rely on cheats instead. (partially because they think everyone else cheats, as you said - best example: see ray ) or because they think, ah, a small triggerbot isnt too bad. or i'll just use my esp as warning system when some of those lamers try to backstab me again instead of facing me like a real man... as well as those filthy campers, damn them! how dare they stay close to the objective. (the former warning system reason has actually been used by a few individuals on ffbans lol) this is also why i like that matt is totally against broadcasts. though some people embarrassing themselves trying to justify cheating was good to see. although i do not miss certain people and their behavior from there (what was that "detective" called again?)
  4. because i could've known you spam the ceo :^) it's also not like it's a pressing or even remotely urgent issue, so i think creating a normal bug report is the way to go. wha which original thread i did look in this section too (which is the only where it should be in...) as far as i'm concerned you made mods close it "because the game isn't fun" (as also stated in the OP :)) well sorry, i do have to try, whereas it comes naturally for others. (on a side note, no need to quote op.)
  5. uhhh that was kind of my point and i responded to him, saying "lol" at the end
  6. i have the feeling you might have not read very well but why would you act like you did - who would lie on the internet
  7. it's over, i factually have the highground destroyed with facts and knowledge i (among others) elaborated enough here, thank you read it, comprehend it and we're done here. x---d
  8. no need to elaborate from my side when you can just read the whole statement. or the other thread... blockager is not even a word, saying that seems a bit ironic? x----d
  9. because you can't get a 3 slot ntec through normal play? lol. it probably *is* the most easy to obtain 3slot weapon (JT excluded, those are even easier.)
  10. that's not supporting your claim but nice try people have responded to your nonsense here already, no need to create another thread
  11. When launching the game two new APB_Catcher_exe processes get created and they do not automatically get closed as you close the game. Intended behavior would be... well, maybe one catcher upon start or one upon crash - and them automatically closing some time after the game is closed. Since OP in created the thread in an off section and closed it since "the game isn't fun anymore" (which seems a bit unrelated, but okay), is busy talking about merging EU and NA and creating more threads... and didn't bother to submit a bug report instead... I figured I should.
  12. there is an application process for moderators, applications are currently closed.
  13. an IQ test you can use numbered list, they are at your disposal with just one single click
  14. whew, the first post by hexerin i'd wholeheartedly agree to. in before someone else "ughh i hate the 'everyone wins' mentality and non-competitiveness in modern gaming, back then we used to..." but that approach is completely wrong, since the aim isn't to give out new skins but to make people play the new gamemode. (/to start playing the new gamemode and getting hooked, ideally) and because of that they should fix the gamemode/playercount part then rather than just release the stuff on armas only easier said than done + idk it doesnt feel like people want more riot development at this time... so well... hm.
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