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  1. you seem to be one of the first to encounter this problem and it might as well be due to some specific hardware they cant test all hardware (and you could've during the open beta) sucks though, sorry for you, hoping for a fix
  2. that is if they're permanent account bound (or if bought for said new character xd)
  3. no me i won the most active player award 2019 in every game
  4. x64 is regarding the client though. not a serversided upgrade (yet) if i understood it correctly. why would it, anyway? i guess a new ue version would come with upgrades to the framework on the server side as well - buuut... it would be surprising if the statements from your article (which i also remembered) wouldnt still hold true - the console version doesn't have better servers and already had some newer parts of the framework (right?)
  5. are the old forums around somewhere? it's been like that there too
  6. he posted this thread years ago for the first time. like 2014. todesklinge is quite the meme. kevlar is weaker than ca or even flak for sure, but like all i'd ever want to see would be a slight movement speed increase, no other changes. definitely not more hp - in my opinion. it already is quite a chunk of hp. and does give you a big advantage in open field battles - yes, these are less common than other encounters but that doesn't mean you can just make it way too strong in these. maybe the tiniest bit to make it more consistent so every weapon (besides sniper ofc) needs at least one additional shot - i'm not sure if that isn't already the case but idk, maybe e.g. pmg. fragile could also use some tweaks. now... i hope no one tells him that al of these mods don't have an effect if the enemy is using stabba - besides the movement speed differences.
  7. ftfy, the only ones that matter no more gold hackers, only kevlar and horses
  8. there are some threads discussing crashes - and prevention of them - for rtx cards. those helped some friends of mine. i do believe those tips may also help with the 16-series, since they're the same gen. i'd like to encourage you to look them up yourself, i'll help if you can't find them
  9. shazam says "the news today" by matt norman can't find it on youtube but it's on spotify and apple music https://open.spotify.com/track/27VWYGo2U1H3LFIJZsHOJm?si=LcoaVhjUSfyf1onh5oCXoA&utm_source=copy-link could that be right? i have no clue.
  10. apbdb helps shouldn't be too hard under your assumptions. however, bloom resetting completely is quite unnecessary in most cases - with a min accuracy threshold however... hm... idk how trivial that is.
  11. you could almost call this one a necro lmao i'd sure like to know what's going on behind the curtains. certainly they are working on it but... what about funds and if they actually see realistic chances of achieving much still... ah well.
  12. notmycat, just a mood allergic (and too time starved to actually care for one, even if i also wasn't too greedy) rude
  13. i do believe a cat - or a car - might actually be more expensive in the long run. not sure though. also, don't trust apb players with cats, did you ever see their characters? 80% dream of breeding catgirls. (20% gang represent)
  14. no, they don't contradict each other. new players lose missions and would have to grind harder. players who already amounted masses of cash wouldn't really care all that much - and would probably win more often. doesn't matter if it's easy outside - and damn would it suck to not be able to play the main game but having to grind ram raiding more. "players have no reason to not always buy and use the 'best' weapons in the game even against lower skilled players" nor would they then. you buy the weapons for 10 days anyway, not on a mission base so you wouldn't know who you'd face, ammo costs are always the same too within one weapon type. others than that, it would shift the game more towards p2w since paying players would face way less constraints and could adapt to every situation much more easily - especially if they bought 90% of armas *cough cough*. no thanks. i don't see any good pro argument but a lot of cons.
  15. hey king you dropped this also i dont see how this game is fun without kevlar reworks by hexerin™
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