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  1. Works for me after Cloudflare is done. Took like 10s for me total (and it briefly looked like a loop) but works.
  2. that's not how it works. the blame was also not on nvidia per sé but the old outdated engine. there also is quite an amount of emulation required to run 32bit software on 64bit hardware - you might have seen WOW64 on your pc. if nvidia doesn't do as good of a job of emulating as microsoft (which also dont do perfect emulation, not every software runs) e.g. because certain feature/instructions are seen as deprecated - well, this might lead to crashes. it's not very far-fetched to think that new drivers - especially for whole new architectures - could lead to crashes. and definitely not unheard of. e.g. pubg, also a mess of a game, would run much better on certain driver versions but straight up crash on some newer ones.
  3. neophobia

    IR3 Truth

    ^ although i'd argue that it varies how noticable this is depending on the weapon - some really benefit from it but you hardly get to feel the downside. same for cj3 though, as well as hb to a degree (hb2 ntec days, anyone? good old scrub meta) i did like LOs idea of tweaking it further by making it also change the firerate (and dmg, iirc?) but oh well, we know how this turned out but really, idk if mods should be touched that much - except kevlar ofc, increasing it to 3000% health and removing its downsides to finally please todesklinge. i do think we have a good array of mods - except that the lower levels are basically unutilized. the game has other issues though. and you can't tell me imbalance in mods are remotely responsible for the dropping player count.
  4. bad poll, super biased and too few options. also wrong info. (LO did not enable anyone to shoot through 3rd party cars, this is how it has always been) also public poll. voted rng simply because there was no 3rd option (fine as is) and because you introduced bias against it.
  5. ...and macros. Which they are openly combatting. whilst plenty people in this thread can actually use said software without the issues you're mentioning. how selective do you wanna be
  6. yeah, fairs, that too. i guess that's still a bit easier to avoid than getting hit to 1% health... a nause, either way.
  7. add horse kick system instead and pets and housing in all seriousness, if you don't get leadership when you request it, you wouldn't also get enough votes to kick said person. but yes, the current system can so easily be abused e.g. by people damaging you just enough to not be able to be kicked. this just means there has to be additional demerits, e.g. for team damage. (possibly still not reflected in score and not leading to auto kicks, because unless those get disabled for premade groups, they are just a nuisance - like the 5 teamkills/5 minutes limit right now - if you're just having fun with your friends.) this wouldn't be a fair reason to kick though anyway. enabling /abandonmission for opposed missions just asks for trouble - but if the majority was for it, i wouldn't mind.
  8. ok what's imbalanced in your opinion? concrete examples, not "the whole game" - i know it's hard to be constructive when you're used to just making blanket statements i do feel like it's in a good spot right now, besides shotguns.
  9. all the norsemen since they're pretty much the worst weapons in the game. to play against? hmmm... not sure. guess people cheesing with PIG, yeah.
  10. todesklinge, never change kevlar 3 needs to buffed to 10x the hp so you can score kills, we get it how many forum threads did we get about this now? did we really need them? very balanced indeed. surely. that's why it only gets positive replies. edit: lmao looking at it again, flak jacket +1 grenade/-40 EXPLOSIVE DAMAGE taken or -1/-80 lol. what in the world. how were you not hired yet? LO and G1 are/were missing out on serious talent.
  11. spell paid correctly first, professional impression and all
  12. ohhh lmao i've read an "on" into there
  13. isn't citadel still the bigger server?
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