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  1. neophobia

    Stackable lease?

    everything apart from the ui was already ingame before, leases could be stacked under g1
  2. neophobia

    Stackable lease?

    pretty sure they are stackable right now already i do own most weapons permanent so i didn't test it out recently but i had a HoHoHoPGL or whatever it was called leased for 500+ days by stacking the duration (albeit only purchaseable once a day)
  3. do you have the ali a intro (jk - i really like the generic house theme)
  4. Link. besides that you can always find the blog where it always was and has been for the past... 8 years https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com
  5. take a look at the blogpost btt: did you also test how forgiving they are for bad aim? this was/is my biggest concern besides range, you didn't even have to hit enemies well and they still easily died
  6. That's a carry-over from the Real Time World days. The joke is pretty much self explanatory - you can't see shit so you need a magnifying glass to aim down range well... if you see it like that - sure you'd use hs3 if you were nearsighted... but calling the mod nearsighted instead of "magnifying glass" or - well - hunting sight is a bit odd, especially when it's the other way around in english
  7. bird's eye view - be even further away from your char? nah really, i'm too limited to even think how that'd work out, like sure you could do rs3 but stronger but... that's also not how hms is (some absolute value) and it'd be quite... well tbf hms is also weird on most weapons that isnt made for. fun fact in the german translation hunting sight was called nearsighted and reflex sight was called eagles eye i guess they mixed that up?
  8. neophobia

    Fresh meat lol

    No it's not, they just ignore you while trashtalking about nonsense stuff. got em just speaking out of my experience. maybe yours was different. (didn't even downvote you lul)
  9. neophobia

    Fresh meat lol

    the apb discord is a good place to find people to play with - i'm on phone so no link but you can find it after a quick search in the forums.
  10. neophobia


    half the time for it to be the baseline by buying premium(tm)
  11. neophobia


    do you put sugar on your sandwich???
  12. There are other LMGs? no, sorry. i thought about something else.
  13. you can get one from the weapon selector though i do feel like that bundle is/was a good idea and you only need an alig if any out of the lmgs
  14. neophobia

    illegal websites

    to be fair, you could easily find them or others by just googling "apb cheats" that being said, many cheatproviders operate for ages already. e.g. WoW bot-provider bossland was being sued ages ago, they did take action here in germany (where they are operating from) but... yeah, one of many cases, also in a country with a rather functioning judicial branch (in most cases)... i doubt chances in other places are high. In many countries this isn't >illegal< either and G1/LOs ToS have no impact on making it illegal or legal anyway.