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  1. neophobia

    alien invasion car

    alienware does have a load of promos https://de.alienwarearena.com/ucf/Giveaway really everything from good to bad, big to small. and they did this for quite some years.
  2. neophobia

    alien invasion car

    it is though. unless you go for intel extreme or something else ridiculous. my 450w psu is enough to handle an i7 8700k @5.0GHz (x6) + 1080 Ti @ (moderate) 1750MHz (i've bought a 750w for this build but couldnt bother finishing find time for sleeving its cables for the last 8 months xd) i guess if both were under full load i'd have trouble but... hasn't ever been the case for the last year. the chassis looks quite cool, the specs didn't sweep me of my feet (cmon it's not TOO special), the upgrade thing seems more or less gimmicky. i mean having a desktop cpu (and gpu?) is quite nice, but probably not very cool x-d jk, 5? heatpipes is quite decent. i still wouldn't expect it to be on the level of any decent desktop cooler... but i gotta say the price seems fair to me? i mean cmon, you're not paying only for the gpu, cpu, ram and ssd but a quite good display and cooling as well as warranty. i wouldn't even expect the margin to be much higher than 25%.
  3. neophobia

    Change of modification of N-SSW 74 "Kraken"

    no, only the exclusive permanent weapons from JMBs that are tradeable on social mp are considered legendary. not a fan of any change to existing presets (unless balance changes to the base weapon), except if it was for removal of all (non-exclusive (e.g ACES barrels)) mods. (but even then people would complain about having been ripped off because they paid for the mods or whatever...)
  4. neophobia

    alien invasion car

    i'm fully aware, i started working for dell at the time i built my new pc - i could've gotten it at near cost-price. i'm definitely not moaning about alienware, the sidenote about their desktop pcs was really only a sidenote.
  5. neophobia

    alien invasion car

    yeah? i never said anything else. i don't judge anyone buying alienware, despite pc-building being just like quite expensive lego these days and tools like pcpartpicker.com easily allowing you to check compabilities in most cases. rich and lazy gamers probably wouldn't go for alienware but a custom one from maingear or smth though. it's not like alienware is an ultra premium brand.
  6. neophobia

    alien invasion car

    at any pricerange though i mostly meant uh... well "hardware tier" - not even talking about actual price. a desktop 8th gen i7 is still superior to a notebook 8th gen i7, as well as the graphic chips being cut down. the 10-series didnt have the m suffix for notebook gpus anymore but still werent as performant. (applies to the max q version too) i think they started putting in the normal chips now? not sure - buf: notebook gpus and cpus were and are always inferior, especially taking cooling into account. there are some that use desktop hardware but obviously you couldn't fit a 240+ rad or dual tower in there lmao, so you could never oc to get the maximum performance. (if it isn't for throtteling even) but hell, even alienwares desktoppcs (top of the line, area51) aren't more performant than a build you did yourself with equal components, considering they use rather simple blower gpus and a single, what, 90mm rad for the cpu? they might not normally throttle but you can forget about high ocs there.
  7. neophobia

    alien invasion car

    cool beans kinda doubt, notebook cpus and gpus were/are always behind when talking about a similar pricerange. anyway. btt: i think there's alienware arena and they usually do giveaways there. just sign up, log in and get it. not on there though (yet)
  8. i wonder how many na players whined about the few brazilians though?
  9. neophobia

    What this game needs, a developer perspective

    there is no "best gear", apb is hugely experience/skillbased. weapons are fairly balanced, even the starting weapons (especially the fbw) are very much viable. no slots needed. (indeed the star doesnt really benefit from most mods. and most mods are no straight upgrades - some synergize well with specific weapons but even then, they sometimes still do limit you in ways) you argued with your "clutching to slotted weapons and not playing with no slot equipment"-non-argument. ofc people are mostly playing with what they acquired and modded to their desires. but i've yet to see anyone "clutch to them" and "refuse to play no slot" also, there are mostly modded presets from contacts that have a fairly balanced playstyle too. mostly not straight upgrades but reasonable sidegrades. mods are never needed. and also, slotted weapons are easy to acquire. i've mentioned presets - but you should get one-slotted versions quick enough - and most weapons are effectively changed by 1 or 2 mods already, the third slot is definitely not as important. three slot weapons being superior is mostly based on perception, when you get stomped - or when looking for an excuse you lost. they are already at improving matchmaking, which is a far better approach to this issue. maybe they should indeed limit the availability of e.g. explosive weapons - while they are definitely not superior than other weapons, new players tend to think so. (which they do already by having those weapons have rank limits - but they are not enforcing rank limits during missions/in districts. i guess rank should be addressed in new matchmaking.) (part of new players thinking this is probably that higher rank players that already have them - and already have more experience - tend to farm explosive kills in lower skill districts, where naturally new players are.) banning weapons outright from districts seems not the right approach, it'd be just like open conflict districts, splitting the playerbase. well, tbf, maybe there should be a split between newer and older players. but that's not achieved by this. either players would just go to the newer district instances and farm there - without caring about explosives - or everyone would just play there to effectively remove explosives. while apb feels a bit clunky and there is room for improvement, i hope they don't overdo that. cameras and movement in other third person shooters, e.g. pubg and gta might feel more smooth but also more restrictive and like... hard to describe. it feels like being wrapped up at times. for some reason apb just feels better in this regard (at times.) the ui is outdated, no argument here. new players are needed and maybe apb shouldn't cater to existing players - but there is a big base of previous players that just left because of no new content. in the end, they have to change on all fronts. acquiring new players right now should - in my opinion - not be a focus yet though when stuff is still unpolished and in development. people would just come, laugh at outdated stuff, leave a bad review, leave.
  10. neophobia

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    apply directly to the forehead
  11. the idea is just completely obsolete as well as this thread. plus, op is a hypocrite plus: op has questionable english skills considering he mentions first amendment and is thus probably us-american -> this thread was just garbage from the beginning this time, actually, please add it to the pile.
  12. neophobia

    More option settings

    they will with the next big update/upgrade as was said
  13. neophobia

    Guide: How to win missions

    cheater rfp needs a nerf though.
  14. sorry jeez, i hope you didn't rewatch the vid, a "nah, i'm sure" would've been enough xd
  15. 1) iirc it was stated before that tiggs was still there in a mentor-kinda, non-directly-acting role. not sure how up-to-date that info is. not only sony/ms have a say in that but also the different publishers. apb is not only published by LO (see above) 4) are you sure that's how it was stated? i'd get differences between (engine!) versions but servers? why was that no issue with innova and hoplon? ah sorry for doublepost. posting on phone, was hoping for merge thingy to happen. guess i was too slow...