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  1. apbdb helps shouldn't be too hard under your assumptions. however, bloom resetting completely is quite unnecessary in most cases - with a min accuracy threshold however... hm... idk how trivial that is.
  2. you could almost call this one a necro lmao i'd sure like to know what's going on behind the curtains. certainly they are working on it but... what about funds and if they actually see realistic chances of achieving much still... ah well.
  3. notmycat, just a mood allergic (and too time starved to actually care for one, even if i also wasn't too greedy) rude
  4. i do believe a cat - or a car - might actually be more expensive in the long run. not sure though. also, don't trust apb players with cats, did you ever see their characters? 80% dream of breeding catgirls. (20% gang represent)
  5. no, they don't contradict each other. new players lose missions and would have to grind harder. players who already amounted masses of cash wouldn't really care all that much - and would probably win more often. doesn't matter if it's easy outside - and damn would it suck to not be able to play the main game but having to grind ram raiding more. "players have no reason to not always buy and use the 'best' weapons in the game even against lower skilled players" nor would they then. you buy the weapons for 10 days anyway, not on a mission base so you wouldn't know who you'd face, ammo costs are always the same too within one weapon type. others than that, it would shift the game more towards p2w since paying players would face way less constraints and could adapt to every situation much more easily - especially if they bought 90% of armas *cough cough*. no thanks. i don't see any good pro argument but a lot of cons.
  6. hey king you dropped this also i dont see how this game is fun without kevlar reworks by hexerin™
  7. i've moved on long ago, i'd just be happy to see it back again. why be so toxic? i mean you apparently are still "here" as well.
  8. q1 2014 is 7 years ago you can see matts updates. i trust little orbit much more than g1 - but i also really hope they haven't overburdened themselves here i sadly can see this being the case but i'm really full of hope for some future of apb.
  9. germany is already part of it - i'm glad you see the shortcomings of the USA though - yet the actual swastika also isn't allowed in various scenarios here (not videogames anymore but alas - also obviously not forbidden in every context.). i don't see a relation to not using this symbol and not being part of the modern civilized world though. because words and symbols have national history they tend to mean different things to different people and in different cultures. be it the n-word or a swastika - because us and german history is closer to the nazi history and it didn't have much of a past here before that but they do in other places. i'm sure you're also aware of the classic example of different perceptions of the peace/victory hand sign. i don't know anyone demonizing the chinese or japanese culture for the use of swastika-esque symbols. and i definitely have not heard of a culture of demonizing for keeping using their symbols. are the chinese or japanese more civilized than us-americans? maybe - but not because they use these symbols.
  10. that's how it would work with higher pop. if those aren't available, it can't do that. matchmaking. but sure, let only loners into this game, because those will rope in all their friends. great idea.
  11. nop, almost all weapons are available as permanent albeit character-bound for JTs @op, are you sure you have enough JTs and apb$ needed for the weapon? pls do provide some screenshots (win+shift+s or alt+print and upload them on imgur (no acc needed, just paste it))
  12. ye support poor indie amd underdog just wondering, do you use archlinux too or some more edgy or custom distro
  13. Works for me after Cloudflare is done. Took like 10s for me total (and it briefly looked like a loop) but works.
  14. that's not how it works. the blame was also not on nvidia per sé but the old outdated engine. there also is quite an amount of emulation required to run 32bit software on 64bit hardware - you might have seen WOW64 on your pc. if nvidia doesn't do as good of a job of emulating as microsoft (which also dont do perfect emulation, not every software runs) e.g. because certain feature/instructions are seen as deprecated - well, this might lead to crashes. it's not very far-fetched to think that new drivers - especially for whole new architectures - could lead to crashes. and definitely not unheard of. e.g. pubg, also a mess of a game, would run much better on certain driver versions but straight up crash on some newer ones.
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