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    and who are you???!!!! i clearly am very important and deserve to talk to ceo manager of heckler chets and not you god bye
  2. In case anyone else is going to try this, it's already redeemed (expectedly but still!)
  3. this is basically just about whitelisting the game though, as far as i know LO wouldn't have to do much - reshade normally is basically just copying a few dlls, no SDK or anything needed unless they are specifically allowed
  4. is that the c49hg90? there's not many with a 3840x1080 res xd uwqhd looks almost small in comparison (width-wise, i haven't seen black top/bottom bars in a long time xd)
  5. are those djinn customs banners still up? no, right?
  6. everyone and their mom use pentagrams, reverse pentagrams, mirrored pentagrams, inverted pentagrams, rotated pentagrams, colorful pentagrams and whatnot. maybe also nazis, satanists, communists, witches and cats among others. this isn't a "nordic rune" or "temple symbol". but i get it, satanist stuff is edgy and offends the good old christians. however, "the church of satan" neither worships the devil nor satan, has nothing to do with christianity or any other religion or more than any two religions have to do with each other apart from not believing in any of them. they are, indeed, not satanists. they are also not known for any black masses, human sacrifices or whatnot. so much for misinformation.
  7. and even then, a lot of decent mouse softwares would let you bind leftclick to mousewheel back in the days i had a heavy patootie r.a.t 9 (never again) and it came with a "secondary" scrollwheel... trying to shoot by flicking my thumb across it turned not out too great for me
  8. .45 ap≈normal fbw>silenced fbw≈ocsp>any fr0g
  9. this. and there is no adjustment for kevlar needed. i mean for kevlar. come on. yeah balance a weapon for one single green mod. that's how it works.
  10. the gane engine and well, game (code), is trash, not just the map. (not talking about mechanics etc, i have no clue about fe) build a game engine and then code the whole game anew.
  11. are you positive that it is 16MBps or could it be 16Mbps? What do you get on Steam? That being said, others reported similar stuff in the past - but 2MBps isnt toooooo slow tbh could you attach a pic of some speedtest? edit: nvm, mine is only 300kBps although I have much more than that available, lol
  12. that's not gravity and requires much more than "just" having them affected by gravity hair right now is pretty affected by gravity, it's always falling pretty much downwards. you want dynamic hair physics with movement, affected by gun fire/explosions, maybe wind? would be cool in my opinion... but: name one other game that has that (and where it looks good)... oh and runs on potato pcs (or is expected to do so), has a pretty small budget, way bigger problems i mean come on, this is apb. not the newest already ultra polished triple a title. many more pressing issues before one could ever move to nice-to-haves (that could require an assload of work) such as this
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