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  1. neophobia

    Is the RFP to strong ?

    why not? should they get stomped by you instead? and sorry that yukon got "nerfed". it was just broken before. and if you look at the yukon... it has a 20% lower min TTK - as a trade off it's less accurate. the rfp is not fine as-is, but the yukon is just made for shorter ranges - obviously. and it stays at it's accuracy, whereas the rfp should get less accurate with every burst (just looking at the bare stats.) https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_Pistol_Mountie_PR1_ArmasJB https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_Pistol_RFP9 of course the yukon shouldn't be straight up better than the RFP. it isn't - same goes for RFP though. and "noobs" should have good options too - like, why should they have worse weapons than anyone?
  2. actually you can shoot 10 times faster with the scrollwheel, your fact is wrong. also, i use my foot to shoot normally.
  3. neophobia

    Is the RFP to strong ?

    yeah, make the game p2w, this gun should cost you 500$ instead of being acquireable by everyone since it is a good gun. ???
  4. neophobia

    Is the RFP to strong ?

    the ntec has a 33% lower ttk (on paper) and you shouldn't get outplayed by rfp with it much. the rfp is too easy to use imo - but it definitely isn't >the< strongest secondary, it is strong in too many situations though imo (as in that it's too versatile) and very dominant in its niche. an act/rsa will outrange it though, other pistols are better in close and it doesn't really outperform primaries in their intended range. the armas version is definitely a straight upgrade - which shouldn't be the case - you could argue that this is also an issue with ir3 though. but - it's far from p2w. if anything the rfp is just a worse but maybe easier oscar. the weapon does need tweaking, either range or accuracy-wise - i guess. or maybe longer/slower bursts (or maybe intervals - which probably wouldn't really help/nerf too much imo) (maybe bring it on par with obir ttk)
  5. neophobia

    Roadmap Talk

    there was a new car already in development with g1 along with the growl - i think. so maybe they'd go for that. it was a quite big one (think seiyo and pioneer) iirc
  6. neophobia

    Epidemic - walk through

    The new gun skins are missing - otherwise, nice work!
  7. try repairing the client. maybe something went wrong when downloading and some fin file(s) is/are corrupted this isn't technical support.
  8. apb only uses one thread and since the main benefit of i7 over i5 is mostly more cores (and used to be hyperthreading) so there shouldn't be a significant issue here. apb can only use a maximum of 3gb of ram (since it is a 32bit application) and a 1050ti should be fine - even the 3gb version has enough memory (cmon, apb couldn't need much either way) and the game was made for systems from 6 years ago - it ran perfectly fine on my gtx 660 (2gb) (60fps min on max, more on lower) and runs perfectly fine on my 1080ti. honestly, your rig is fine and should run apb perfectly fine - well - as perfectly fine as apb gets. there are/have always been stutters caused by garbage collection, some issues because of memory leaks... and then there are issues because of particles. you can tune these in the advanced launcher too.
  9. imagine silvers being a huge part of the game (they should even be the bigger one) i come from dota and balancing everything around tournament mechanics etc. seems quite bad and creates "crutches" at lower levels. while it forces players to get better, it still kills possible fun. ideally things should be balanced for all skilllevels - but you should see where they are coming from. and even then, it's never as easy as people say. just blow the car up? yeah, spam two concs at a pioneer remote det that blocks the objective or equip satchel charges (that are limited supply) - while being wide open - "just kill em first lol" i'm not having a problem with remote det, rarely use it myself, it's just your attitude that upset me. (although i wasnt only addressing you + your point)
  10. neophobia

    Let's talk Shotguns

    i think the old rule against overformatting was quite good shotguns were really inconsistent - otherwise fine - before LO, very OP (way too forgiving, way to viable in longer than intended ranges) after the first change... aaand I haven't played anymore after that. the change w/ the pellets to make shotguns more consistent was a quite good idea imo though and should not be reverted. shotguns should not be too "high" range to not make smgs etc obsolete. i guess it just needs tweaking - not reverting.
  11. oh, the one that was developed like 5-6 years ago and probably uses outdated, non-functional code? (assumption) that has exactly the same flaws but uses different symbols? that only has the advantage of being able to show off once you enter the district? the one that was exploited by going into an empty district with your friends? the issue is the matchmaking, not the symbols. and they are working on that. and either way, you probably couldn't just add it back without putting in extra work - and even then, it really can't change much. why would a sane company waste time on that... do you know how many left just cause they didm't like the new symbols? i certainly don't but i'd assume it's not enough to think that it'd save the game. what kind of advertisement would they make? "hey, we added 6 year old stuff back to our game" still completely offtopic. sorry for joining in on the derailing.
  12. ye why didn't they? how couldn't they just push out the engine upgrade that g1 took 4 years of developing already gee i wonder
  13. yeah, just release it. press the button to compile and voila, it's there. the old threat system will solve all issues - everyone wants it back. there is noone who thinks it was antiquated garbage that is actually the same as the current one apart from putting the threats into groups and hiding the sublevels. getting 4000 players (a number that just came to my head) now - that won't stay because they realize "same old stuff, only some new flaws(that are bound to be there if you release halfdeveloped stuff) and no new content" and can't be retained - over people that stay and actively play - for a longer time - after developing the game and reiterating and adding features... that's a very good deal. who could say no. of course i am a marketing genius and have developed and promoted couple of games before. sorry for being so cynical - but cmon, do you really believe they don't put any thoughts into this? also, total offtopic. just because matt posted here, you don't need to hijack this thread. (sorry, i contribute to that though)
  14. okay, i just logged into apb (should've done that earlier) - and yeah, you do immediately get them if you own the kttc pack (i suppose - since i got them) tbf, even "event exclusive" would (technically) be included in "all" and you can get them from armas too... oh well.