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  1. so how is this related to which was obviously nonsense. i'm loyal to no one but they show gradual progress with the engine upgrade, which is what this thread was about. not about shotgun changes or anything. but if you wanna argue about that: reverting if something goes badly is now a bad thing? they tried something and learned their lessons. that's progress. not nothing. they employed a bunch of fixes (e.g. yukon) and released a bunch of content for joker and armas already - no reverts. plus - they had valid reasons for riot: content drought means no one is happy but first and foremost it got their developers good experience with the engine without messing up the main project, the engine upgrade. lo isn't perfect by any means. i'd wish for more too. but saying they are doing nothing or not making progress is plainly false. you got another very cool and funny gif for that? stay ignorant.
  2. ? are you talking about... false promises? or false hopes? if you mean the former... do you mean the one time they said they wanted to have testers on it early 2019 and only delivered on that in the middle of 2019? g1 was the one saying q1(?) 2014, not lo lmao. besides - do you think they didn't/don't want to be done sooner but just push the launch back so they can continue earning less money? lo is "notoriously" rarely releasing dates or making promises since they are aware of what promises and not delivering on them do. you still having false hopes is your own damn fault then. like come on fam, they are doing whatever is in their might already because it's also in their best interest since they (very bold assumption here, please don't nail me down on this one) want to continue to exist as a company lmao
  3. engine go wrooooooom so jus update an releae === moar play in all seriousness: it's just not that easy, they've been releasing (pretty honest sounding) updates and actually have players testing it already (that also released a bunch of screenshots)
  4. it's a notebook cpu. rather low clockspeed - 2.4ghz - thus resulting in much worse performance than e.g. a desktop i3 of the same generation. that applies to both single- and multicore. having 4 cores doesn't alleviate this problem since apb is single core performance reliant. (except in the way that background tasks will not hinder the game as much) also thermal throttling would be a big issue because it's a notebook. others than that, being 10 years old and poorly optimised is exactly the issue. it's not made for this hardware, it's not optimised for this hardware. (witcher 3 also runs well on a potato, not a great benchmark.) i think it should be fine though? 101fps used to be the old cap, even with configs iirc? hmm... might be an issue here? shouldn't be. just a thing to think about. anyway, not sure why you'd need over 100fps on a 60hz monitor. you don't get anything out of that, unless you disabled any form of synchronisation (which would be worth the very minor input lag you'd get when you're just having 60hz anyway)... no insight on how to fix it though, sorry. just wanted to shed some light on why your cpu is not GREAT but probably fine. (have you checked the load on your cores though?)
  5. volunteer, eh. gming is not my cup of tea anyway but... eh. this isn't spct or smth but full-on gm as volunteering... i mean sure, when i was 16 i would've thought of this as cool but... nah. just because i actually have no clue: is it normal to have unpaid gms? the only time i've (knowingly) seen this was on very legit pservers for various games - might have obviously been the case somewhere else.
  6. "10 or less" lol i mean less than 10 reasonable to use, sure, but there's a bunch more. not comparable to gta - but same goes for their budget plus, i don't even think that's necessarily a good thing, i mean choices are cool but i couldn't keep track of all of my vehicles etc. plus, having 40 sports cars that basically perform the same and look similar... i'd rather have them focus on other stuff.
  7. atac is still pretty much easymode it's pretty versatile but gets outperformed by a bunch of weapons in their intended ranges though.
  8. 3slot account lifetime is the most premium option. there are a bunch of cheaper options. there is no gun for 30$. even the most expensive is 24$ without any discounts. with premium the cost of a accbound primary is 19.20$ - without sales, without bulk discount when buying a bunch of g1c. maximum bulk discount reduces this price to 14.40$ sale (40%) reduces this price to 14.40$ bulk + sale 10.80$ it's still not CHEAP for a few pixels but it's not expensive either if you can wait. if you can't wait, you pay a premium. like always. with any good.
  9. but kevlar is weak right now so pls give more health and more speed, you need to tank at least +1 shot from every weapon (including nhvr) and remove fragile and put the speed buff just in here (if you still can't tell, it was a joke, todesklinge literally wanted some ridiculous hp buff in the past though - not sure if exactly the one i mentioned, but pretty much (minus the speed buff obv)) very special forces indeed
  10. Hey, why are you guys arguing AGAINST the OP??? It's Todesklinge, the voice of reason, who has never been wrong or opening threads full of utter nonsense... and never admitting it. He's right. Always. We NEED randomized maps for randomized missions. Because games with randomized content are clearly superior and always much more fun than streamlined ones. Randomized landscapes are the way to go! Even the newest and best The Elder Scrolls (II: Daggerfall) has it! (Okay, this isn't randomized runtime but...) Not like it already takes ages to balance the current missions (that get selected at random every time you ready up), if they randomize every stage it will clearly get better. (I mean, yes, they could look at performance metrics or polls which stages are the worst - thing is, combinations of random stages and target locations can always lead to utter bs - and that's so easy to balance, especially for small teams.) This is what we need for APB. Very balanced, randomized maps. Because those make balancing easier. And automatically make the game more fun. We also need randomized loot and a gear leveling system. Also add 3 skilltrees. Do cellshaders. Add some king that takes thisngs so they become black and white. Maybe some weird insecty cult that acts like a big hive. How about the enforcers and criminals become one faction and get light (but also add a new enemy, darkness). What about horses??? Pets and housing system? Randomized houses! And add racing district with motorcycles. Randomized motorcycles (that can be houses). Add casino pls. With planes. And casinos in those planes. Military base where you can buy a hangar with your phone. But the content on the phone is randomized. Also please buff kevlar finally, you need to run FASTER and get MORE HP. Why would you use a mod that nerfs a part of you??? Also better driving physics when the current issue is mostly having serversided driving -which sadly is the way to go since clientsided allows more abuse (see on-foot speedhacks, lagswitching in general) - which is impossible to fix. Surely, collisions suck here and there but the constant input-delay is arguably a far worse issue than flipping your car occasionally. It also makes physics easier if you have to redo everything current completely...
  11. you can gain them more or less passively though good if legendaries are easier to earn for you - but i don't think that's a general statement - although you can earn them more or less passively too. when just playing missions, i'd pretty much like to believe that you can earn a 10k 3slot jt weapon easier than a 3m legendary (of which none has 3 slots or is outclassing contact/armas/joker weapons) - both are easier than 3-slot role rewards though. (or the 3slot contact ntecs)
  12. they are the same as armas guns and contact leases... sooo... are those not worth it either? i mean... the 10k jt grind is not even close to being as bad as the role level 15 grind (plus, was the fullquote of op needed here?)
  13. yeah maybe don't listen to random youtubers, especially if you are performing well as-is it's a pmg remesh/reskin/whatever soo... just use whatever in the third slot. if you are happy with the ammocount and how it plays overall, just slap 3ps3 on it, as general advice. otherwise, if you are obsessed with reloading after every kill, mp3... if you find yourself needing 1 or 2 more bullets a lot, consider em3, if you run out of ammo and don't resupply often, bandolier3... just fit it to your personal issues/playstyle like... in the end - the pmg is decent in midrange still - so why not ir3 and ms for the sake of it? (mostly joking but... ir3 isn't too bad)
  14. exactly, which is why they probably didn't release the newer contents on console yet. with the engine upgrade coming on pc, this content should also become available on consoles. (which is what he said) plus, they are supposed to also get performance upgrades...
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