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  1. To me it sounds like you definetly deserved that for crying over 3 days. Maybe they are Incompetent or maybe its just you being a b+tch. Im brutally honest about this one.
  2. Sounds like Network tweaks for the new "Multi-world-District" Servers. Anti-Cheat tweaks. And load time optimizations from the server handler. Maybe in the Future Vehicle Handling is Client-Side, i usually dont drive Tungsten Blocks
  3. Nice changes, looking forward to getting that new car ingame ASAP !
  4. Where did Matt vanish to again? It should take no longe then 20 minutes to write an update on whats going on at the moment. But i´m assuming the project is on halt right now
  5. It doesnt need patients to be fed up with something like this that is dragging the same attitude over for years. Your feeling are valid. Im not even fed up anymore, im just sad.
  6. I use my forum membership privileges to be in the known, what that Big Event is about. As Part of this agreement you made upon the community, you now have to tell me. No more Silence.
  7. Yeah. Kind of a No-brainer if you get what im saying.
  8. I want to sign up for the upcoming beta test. I would like to continue my Series on YouTube as promised 2 years ago. Hope to see you there!
  9. They got APB´s modified UnrealEngine3 Working on 64bit. With Assets loading correctly, as Demonstrated by this "Debug Object".
  10. They sold APB long time ago before Matt had a Chance, they only bought APB:Reloaded, FallenEarth and UnsungStory with the proper rights, IP and so forth. The rightful owner of APB is a Chinese Multimillion Dollar Company. APB and APB:Reloaded are 2 seperate Games. Thank you Overload
  11. As far as my knowledge goes about the Temporal Paradox nothing would happen in our Timeline, it would change his Timeline. This is Because our timeline is already pre-defined, him punching his past self would cause himself to be having a hard one about remebering where the f*ck he got that bruise from. Otherwise, if you would travel back in time it can only change things for you. And you only you will wake up in a Different world. Theoretically Somewhere outside of our universe there is a Multiverse doing exactly the same as ours. Its something about a 10th Dimension, where there are Multiple earths and Multiple Milkyways running at the same time, soooo according to this theorie, IF our Universe is "Quantum-Locked" to Different Universes time Travel would create a new Timeline different from ours and thus the one will either collapse our swap out ours and sync that Universe so it plays after the rules of our known 4th Dimesion. 1st Dimension is a Straight Line 2nd is Up Down Left and Right 3rd is Up Down Left Right Forward and Backwards 4th is Up Down Left Right Forward Backward and defined by Time 5th is Up down Left Right Forward Backward defined by time but also Intersecting with another 4th Dimensional space on the same Plane. Dont ask me about the 6th and Higher cause that shit f*cked up. Something about the 100th Dimension is where you can basically play god and Have multiple branches of Multiple Multiverses in Multiple Timelines with Interlocking Multiverses in the same state in a Different time. Whatever you do, he would not be able to collapse our Universe with a Simple smack to his past self Sorry quick edit* Our Universe is defined by "Time" as far as it goes only if you could travell faster than Light you would Travel Back in Time, but thats basically Impossible because we are like a Character in a Game. Only if we could find a bug that allows us to quote "Break Lightspeed" you would go back in time and maybe even cause you to be dead in a Matter of Milliseconds. You travelled at the speed of Light, you grew 80Years old in a Nanosecond and didn´t notice it. Cheers bro
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