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  1. As far as my knowledge goes about the Temporal Paradox nothing would happen in our Timeline, it would change his Timeline. This is Because our timeline is already pre-defined, him punching his past self would cause himself to be having a hard one about remebering where the f*ck he got that bruise from. Otherwise, if you would travel back in time it can only change things for you. And you only you will wake up in a Different world. Theoretically Somewhere outside of our universe there is a Multiverse doing exactly the same as ours. Its something about a 10th Dimension, where there are Multiple earths and Multiple Milkyways running at the same time, soooo according to this theorie, IF our Universe is "Quantum-Locked" to Different Universes time Travel would create a new Timeline different from ours and thus the one will either collapse our swap out ours and sync that Universe so it plays after the rules of our known 4th Dimesion. 1st Dimension is a Straight Line 2nd is Up Down Left and Right 3rd is Up Down Left Right Forward and Backwards 4th is Up Down Left Right Forward Backward and defined by Time 5th is Up down Left Right Forward Backward defined by time but also Intersecting with another 4th Dimensional space on the same Plane. Dont ask me about the 6th and Higher cause that shit f*cked up. Something about the 100th Dimension is where you can basically play god and Have multiple branches of Multiple Multiverses in Multiple Timelines with Interlocking Multiverses in the same state in a Different time. Whatever you do, he would not be able to collapse our Universe with a Simple smack to his past self Sorry quick edit* Our Universe is defined by "Time" as far as it goes only if you could travell faster than Light you would Travel Back in Time, but thats basically Impossible because we are like a Character in a Game. Only if we could find a bug that allows us to quote "Break Lightspeed" you would go back in time and maybe even cause you to be dead in a Matter of Milliseconds. You travelled at the speed of Light, you grew 80Years old in a Nanosecond and didn´t notice it. Cheers bro
  2. As a Contribution to the Community they shall now create a new weapon brand called "Phantom-Masses" with their first Weapon called the "QuantumChained". Its will change its stats weekly dependent on how people react to weapons in the forum. In can also ShapeShift into any Subclass like SMG,Sniper,LMG,Assault Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher etc you get the point. Would actually be a cool patootie move from Matto to say here´s what you want well... heres what you get!
  3. Sorry for my Stupidity, the game just had an Update to nerf a thing or two?
  4. Today is another Sadnesday, yesterday i dreamt about an UE5 APB title. Man that sh*t was awesome. I almost woke up with wet pants.
  5. Big thanks for your Honest opinion! Yeah you got a point there. Potentially enormous but profitable not at all. In my Opinion i think, it will be cheaper to shut down the Servers and Develop the IP so its worth mentioning again. But thats just my Opinion on the Situation. Cheers Overload
  6. I will never understand why this Community is so Toxic, no one even wants your Toxic patootie in here anyway. Matt just doing his Job to get his Company running, like everyone just needs to step down like 5 gears and get into reverse, holy crap...
  7. Hey Matt, you guys got the blueprints for the so called "Midtown" as far as i can remember. I would love to see that one in real-time renders. It mustve been also painfully awkward to post this after such a long period. Cheers Matto, keep up the good work. Oh and also S.T.F.U
  8. Thank you for sharing your Content! I am also a small Music-Producer, i am also sounddesigning a lot in my free time. Most things i do in Serum because, its very powerful. If you need any Sounds for your game, hit me up! I will be glad to help out
  9. Again? What did i miss. You surely mean the court settlement right? In which it says agreed on releasing STFU as soon as possible? Why would they not share offices, i mean they now work for them. You say it like they would act like 7 Year olds, fighting over who gets the turn on the xbox.
  10. Yes they are, UpperStrata is still there. UpperStrata exists till 2000, thats their Office. The Office is permanently closed. Which also means that the facility is not operated for a period of 6 months or more. My suggestions is that they arent even in the own office anymore, instead at Descendant Studios. Also a nice fact about Descendant Studios: Eric Peterson has dedicated 20 years of his life to the video game industry, handling development and production in startups and large studios alike. He has a passion for space games, and in April 2012, he helped found Cloud Imperium Games, the studio building Chris Roberts' massive interstellar simulator Star Citizen.
  11. You are allowed to change the .ini You are not really changing anything here, you are Basically using the ini to improve the experience. You are not allowed to change textures, shaders, etc. That will get you banned rather quickly.
  12. I know im wont make the perfect replica or get anywhere close to it. Those 3 weeks were spent with no prior knowledge of either unreal engine or 3d modelling, i would say thats quite the progress. You are comparing a dog to an elephant. How will they sue me if i dont even use any of their assets, use any of their code, textures and anything but Inspiration. You cant just sue anyone whos Inspired by your work just because you feel like it. ABAP is a programming language by the way if you meant the similarity between those lines. You are making it look like as if im stealing something that doesnt belong to me. Thats not worth it no, i just do it for fun and the experience. Cheers Overload Oh ,i almost forgot, i dont even want to remake that city anymore. It felt way to boring so im making my own ;).
  13. We can either wait to get APB never released or we can make our own, there is n o promotion here. We only want to let people know that there are people willing to recreate and take actions.
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