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  1. Seems like if overestimated my skills here, but well you get the idea
  2. But wait wait wait. give me an hour imma make this scene reality. Lets see if we can push it further.
  3. Ah you got me. For a second i thought this was a real rendered scene in ue5. I am currently working on a First person APB rip-off. For a second i thought someone knew how to do meshes faster than i do. (I am very slow, everyone would be faster lmao)
  4. How did you do it? Did you do just this scene or is there more to see, i would love to see more.
  5. I found many of you people crying about updates and new content, but never stumbled upon this question "Why am i still playing?" If you are playing a game and give them feedback they will ignore it because it either its not possible or they have no resources to fix the issue. It is most likely that whatever you type they will tell you to fuck off because they are well aware and there is no fix for this. If you want to get new Content you need to tell the Devs "Hey im quiting, pls do something about this problem im having or im never coming back." The more people quit like i did the more they notice "Hey, we dont have any money anymore to spend on dumb ideas that are not working, we need to do something about it" This is also explained by Garbaj: So stop playing and do everyone a favor. we can come back once this shit is fixed.
  6. Okay, big plans here. Join me on the journey. Almost got a game setup like APB
  7. Oh shit sorry, i always mess unity and unreal up. Im using Unreal
  8. fuck this silence, lets make our own game. Im currently working on one in unity engine 4.27. You can join me on my journey, it will be fun. Yesterday i invested 10 Hours in learning Unity Netcode. We will run dedicated servers and synchronize the whole gameplay from the server. I learned how to model cars in Blender with blueprints and am currently planning the whole netcode and map/gameplay, how to program a Need For Speed like tuning System ,turning apb´s concept upside down and checking for weakspots in gameplay. I want to re-"create" apb in First Person, we will tackle a lot of problems and ideas on the way. https://discord.gg/WBCHpbwd7t
  9. I know, i know The hardest part is the Designers obviously, maybe steal some code from here and there Ill keep that in mind! Cheers
  10. Thank you for your kinds words, i will consider and remember your words in the future. I have some pre-experience with project management, i had a popping Minecraft Server where we had Machines and Tech items with textures in Vanilla Minecraft (No mods). I can confirm that if you dont pay people they change what they think is good. They also steal your project when given access to server files. Cheers
  11. I recently started to learn Unity Engine 4.27. I want to recreate APB in a first person modern game setting without battle royal, stim packs, pay to win etc. stupid content that no one wants. Im an absolute Beginner and you will probably say "why something like APB?". I have a vision in my mind and i want to push my boundaries. The project file isnt looking much as of now, i started making a first person character model and am working on some things like crouching and a weapon system. Also want to Implement melee and some other fun things like the character / car upgrades. We want a full tuning System, if we can, like the one the newer Need for Speed games have. (You know which im talking about, its awesome ) I dont want any MONEY and i also dont want to make any PROMISES like our nice game devs up here. Lets adress it, i probably will never be able to code the entire thing alone, not even the whole designer Studio and the Music Studio.(Bloody starter) We dont want to use any of APB´s game assets. We dont want to make promises. We dont want to sell stupid shitty Weapons that are worth nothing. Before you start posting some toxic lines like "how will someone like you without any knowledge be able to programm anything" or "you are so dumb if you believe you can recreate this game", see it as a community project to find atlast hope and to make ABAP the game its supposed to represent (In a better way...). Quote: "If no one else does it for you, do it yourself!" Its a good quote and im no longer able to look at this misery of a game dev studio. If you wanna join the project turn on that notification, we will set up a proper discord where we can share Ideas and experience from Unreal Engine 4. You might find youself interested in programming Lets do this thing. Cheers! Overload**
  12. I think they are letting us wait on purpose to build up some tension and anticipation. If this is the case i would be in. If not so fok this crap Cheers
  13. I played one recently but its only cars and a little character. https://www.ea.com/de-de/games/need-for-speed/need-for-speed-heat Basically all modern car games where they let you bake your own cake (Texture baking for 3d models).
  14. A thought flew past my mind and i wanted to share it with you. Why still Gamersfirst? Why dont you move the Website to LittleOrbit for new visitors? They own the rights and everything to do so, why still this crap? My first move in this company would be to move all content over even takeover the website because we own the rights and the necessity is given. Seems like a lazy move to just keep it here. Sometimes people need to be forced to see the good things. Cheers Also matto deado
  15. upcoming adj coming soon; forthcoming period a length or portion of time. "he had long periods of depression" There you go hope this helps. Thought i was stupid aswell but nope, here are the correct definitions. Cheers
  16. Same issue here. If you are still on windows10 these crashes will occur more often even in other games. Windows is a borken mess rn.
  17. Theres 2 options here: A: Matt is to scared to tell us the truth about the game current state. B: Matt is working on something and want to do it the right way. B/C: Matt is dead.
  18. "I tried to warn you this was happening! APB:Reloaded is no longer an asset, Captain. APB:Reloaded is a danger. It has accessed the LittleOrbit Domain, a galaxy-spanning network that allows APB:Reloaded to control whatever devices caused this damage." "What? No. Matto must not speak to APB:Reloaded." "You let him go?" "Matto is not equipped emotionally to deal with her as a threat-" quote *Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey* Best known as the creator of the SPARTAN-II Program and Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor.
  19. Is it possible that Matt is from the Ukraine because Ukrainian people have conscription? Everything makes sense now...
  20. That wasnt my point, its to proof that there are people at LittleOrbit. I honestly dont care anymore how "quickly" things get done, only matters that they get it done anytime. You also have to account the fact of the court settlement which stated that Plaintiff cannot pay 600.000 dollars in refunds for Descendent Studios Kickstarter campaign for S.T.F.U which little orbit was publishing under theyr name, therefore things cant even get done "quickly" because they try to keep the company alive. Least thing you could do is being greatful that the game is kept on Life-Support, letting you know, that they want to work on it. when the time is ready. cheers.
  21. You mean, he doesnt Matto anymore? Dont Sir me Mister, are you on crack while writing these?
  22. Im really starting to think if Matt has been in an accident, did someone die in the company? This is a Serious question so please forum Moderators, pleaaaaase what is going on i am worried... Please try contacting him "hey look Boss heres this message, dont you think its time?" Im gonna send the police to check on you guys at Santa Ana, CA for real.
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