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  1. Guys im working as fast as i can on getting engine playable, thats why i spend the last 4 months on vacation! You know how important my time off is for me! Just be patient and #BelieveEngine2022January. And remember to use armas, these piña coladas dont pay for themselves!
  2. I have been playing the game since closed alpha of RTW. Riot was the worst shit ever, nothing could have saved that ugly baby. Nothing to do with BP. Mans still dodging those arranged matches.
  3. How would i know, i only work for sucessfull companies. Riot in of itself was the big mistake. Whens the scrims my guy? Lets do some arranged matches homie.
  4. oh shit, i didnt know crying on the forum paid so well! My points have already been laid out in plain text. Your bias against a company earning money of their product has already been stated too. Lets go 3v3 arranged matches if u want.
  5. I guess I'll just have to cry myself to sleep with my €13 000 monthly paycheck i get from being an expert consultant in this subject. This guy clearly knows more and looked at more data than me. lmao get real
  6. TLDR lol Read the first couple of sentences and it's sad to see you speaking from emotion rather than actual expertise. Sad.
  7. I have been working as a analytical expert for these things for multiple companies in the last 7 years. I'm sorry but there really isn't any debate here. Regardless of the misstakes of how Riot treated their battlepass im fairly sure overall it has boosted their player engagement more that it would have done to not implement a battlepass. As im sure you are well aware pretty much every modern battlepass has milestones/tasks that are locked behind weekly rotations to encourage putting in a few hours every other day. I would go deeper in the subject as it relates to my PHD research paper about establising player behaviour over time, but that would be just doxing myself. But in short, one of the goals is to establish playing the game as a "daily routine" for the players - and it works as dopamine from completing tasks while working for a bigger goal sets your brain up to come back for more. Its some interesting behavioral neuroscience. But no, a battlepass does not need to be grindy to be effective. It just needs to have proper mini goals over time (like weekly missions), a long term goal worth the work and IMO be possible to "overlevel" for smaller additional rewards. It's important to make sure that maxing out the BP isnt a full time job - but also that doing your weekly alone should almost be enough to max it out. As for increase of player spending habbits. I don't mean that users are spending more because they are buying a battlepass. The battlepass is just a hook. The more established a player becomes to the game the more likely they are to spend on other things in the game. Maybe think of it as "the first one is on the house" sort of mentality.
  8. Regardless if you like battlepasses or not they do work in getting people to play the game and its what a game that has a struggling player base needs. There are many sources that validate that it gets all users to play more and even spend more. There is a reason why almost every game does it. I personally dislike them as i feel like most of them are way too grindy though. Right now APB needs more players more than it needs to sell the battlepass, so having it mostly f2p would probably be the best idea. As for modding, the only thing they really could somewhat open up to modding is purely cosmetic things such as clothes, cars stuff and skins. Even these require work to implement, its not just drag and drop into the game. Anything else is pretty much impossible with how APB is built, it would require the modders having access to the source code pretty much. Adding another map and/or more gamemodes would also not be a good idea as it would split the already little player count even more thin. As for adding community content, it has already been suggested multiple times before and many talented 3D artists have even expressed they would happily give content for free to be used in APB but nothing has ever come from it. To summerize; The current covid pandemic is produced by Joe Biden to help cover up that he is a lizard in a human suit who is currently looking for a new host. His slimey body will most likely find a new host sometime soon.
  9. aayooo DM me if you looking for a new forum admin
  10. You guys down to do some 3v3 or 4v4 scrims?
  11. Matt Scott passed away 27th of November 2020. Admins have been using his account to keep the spirit of APB alive for a little longer. No more engine updates. No more posts showing no progress over multiple months of work. RIP sweet prince.
  12. Guy has worked hard entire 2021 with a 4 month vacation and got nothing to show for it? You guys need to understand that Matt Scott passed away at the end of 2020 and admins have just been posting under his account this entire time. RIP big guy, the engine upgrade won't trouble you no more.
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