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  1. Hello, ive been trying to get in contact with you, but there is no link to discord patootie they removed signatures from the forum, can you post the link here?
  2. Please help collect data on your dissatisfaction in the poll here:
  3. I would say the 250 or what ever people subscribed to the largest APB cheat, but then again you did state "in his right mind".
  4. They already ditched engine upgrad, UE5 is just a distant dream unfortunately
  5. Just curious about the views from the community on how APB is being managed. Note that these are just down to your personal views as we have no insight of how much effort/money is being used to APB compared to other projects. This includes everything, but not limited to; Do you believe the producer of the game has a good/healthy vision for the future of the game? Do you believe the efforts/dev time is appropriate in comparison to other projects? Do you believe there is a sincere effort from LO to maintain a healthy playerbase? etc, just examples to get your noggin' joggin'. shout out liquid richard
  6. It's almost like any profits from APB are just directly invested in to other projects that have no future just like the rest of all LO produced games, instead of investing it into their one game that actually has players.
  7. So many ignorant people, OP is 100% correct in the post. PS. Also add horses and volleyball into the game!
  8. I would like to say i agree but i havent read the post.
  9. Yeah lets just have the devs make an entire new game inside the game!
  10. shoutout to apb.social the best place to share your apb creations
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