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  1. proxie


    I can confirm, please only allow male characters.
  2. Oh boy, those are the well deserved winners from the contest!
  3. I think they should make the game perma death so nobody wants to dethreat. This would make for much more fair match making. Thanks.
  4. real high priority issue right here boys
  5. Just post your own if you disagree :- )
  6. Made this little thing where you can just drag the guns to the tier you believe them to be in. Here is the link to make your own list. https://tiermaker.com/create/apb-gun-tier-list-2020-474121 or use https://www.kapwing.com/5eea72a129324800153914d0/studio/editor Disagree with the list? post a picture of your own here! This should be fun... edit: changed link
  7. The text on the shirt says, "Neko ni koban". That literally translates to "gold coins to a cat" wich is the japanese saying for throwing pearls before swine. Lore; She was born in Philadelphia and lived there for most of her childhood. She was forced to leave her hometown after an altercation with a local gang turned ugly. She was left with a wide scar across her eye, but at least she left with her life unlike the two men who assaulted her. Her parents had no choice but the send her away from the city in fear or retaliation from the gang. She was put in a taxi without knowing her destination for her own protection. When she arrived she realized she was going to move in with her wealthy uncle and aunt in Bel-Air. This is where she would later be known as the queen of Bel-Air. After she graduated from one of the best schools in the country with lousy grades she was looking for a job that was better suited for her skill set and was picked up by Joker Industries and made a name for herself. edit; Now also in Sakura Nights edition.
  8. Hello, meet David. :- ) And there is also a version if LO thinks the exposed belly is a bit much... Name: David S. Muzzle Age: 46 About: David has been a part of Joker industries as far as anyone can remember. Nobody is quite sure how long he's been exployed by Joker or what he actually does for them as he has not been seen doing actual work by anyone. Despite working for the company for many years he has yet to move up in the ranks. There are several rumors to why is still employed by Joker industries. Some say he is in fact a highly skilled marksman, some say he's an remote explosives expert but some say that he is friends with the owners of the company. But what is most likely it could be that he is one of the leaders of the workers union, some workers rights legislation has made it almost impossible to end his employment without significant cost to Joker. What ever the reason it does not seem like he is going anywhere any time soon and he as such has been re-assigned to the Joker Store. David is known for constantly eating burgers while on company time. He even has repurposed a tactical leg pouch to keep extra burgers warm. He keeps mostly to himself and does not say much more than is needed. This can make interacting with him quite awkward as it often turns into a one sided conversation. He has a strange yet friendly welcoming aura around him that often can lead to the mistake of trying to start a conversation with David. Im not attached to either the name or lore of the character, open to changing all that if picked.
  9. I would agree that the explosives in the game are a bit out of place at the moment, but mostly due to car missions. They are not that fun to play with (imo) but so incredibly annoying to play against.
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