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  1. Guys, if you still didn't submit your jingles better do it quick, last 2 days and we will have the event rolling!!
  2. chs1338 & corvitgang presents ... Big comeback of famous Theme Scene! (Kempington blessed me and allowed me to make it myself ) Hosted by non other than me! Last Theme Scene winner @twitch.tv/tabkan The contest will be "Battle Royale" type beat (1 versus 1, 1 jingle eliminated per round). We will have 4 judges, me (ofc), Videkull & TBA. Submission rules: One theme per entrant. This is done on CITADEL (EU). No stolen themes, please. I know all themes in game, so I will know if it's stolen or not)))) No previous themes & no remakes of existing songs. I love all jingles, but it has to be something specifically made for the event. No Collaborations. This has to be ALL your own work. How to Submit: - Create your Theme before 20.05 (Before we start the stream)! - Prefix the theme with: JS23- (This has to be in the title!) - Send the theme to "tabkan" Saturday, 20.05.2023 (Starting at 8PM CET) Current Genre: Liquid Drum & Bass Theme length limit: No limit! (Make it however long you like) Prize (PayPal only): 50€ Judges Choice + 10€ Viewers favourite I'm broke xaxaxa((( pls donate if you want bigger pool MAIN WINNER: DUHUND FANS FAVOURITE: AEBLE Next one TBA
  3. https://i.gyazo.com/673a183e9695f3141dacf7d4add7820d Can't even get to the district selection. Very good free premium for weekend, when you can't even play the game
  4. seems like yes, sadly im another one who cant join either ... (already for like 24hours)
  5. zapomniałeś dodać, że zawsze masz spiętą dupe
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