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  1. sadly. the money spent in the shuffle . although the idea of pre-installed slicks was interesting . beautiful dummy box .
  2. https://www.ftc.gov/policy/hearings-competition-consumer-protection
  3. examples of customization achieved with the use of the bundle no in Vehicles › Bundles › Cisco Uber Bundle Vehicles › Bundles › Kurai Uber Bundle Vehicles › Bundles › Moirai Uber Bundle Vehicles › Bundles › Han Coywolf Bundle Vehicles › Bundles › Charge Mikro Mark V Uber Bundle Vehicles › Bundles › Cyberpunk Uber Bundle Vehicles › Bundles › Packer Vaquero V141A4 Uber Bundle Vehicles › Bundles › Seiyo Espacio Custom V4 Uber Bundle Vehicles › Bundles › Nulander Pioneer Q134 Uber Bundle the picture on the box cake, pay, unpack , get a muffin .
  4. I don't understand the financial strategy of business LO . ( all weapons account lifetime ) ALIG 762 R&III I purchased for 1.079 g1 your offer 1.9019 ., STAR 556 R&III purchased for 1.259 your offer 1.919 g1 ., STAC 10 Skope R&III purchased for 1750 g1 your offer 1919 g1 ., NFAS 12 Dvah purchased for 1.259 g1 your offer 1919 ., Premium 6 months I purchased for 1650 g1 your offer 2.636 g1 . .... Black Friday every week, two days .
  5. BXNNXD I don't care what event gave rise to this connection . I do not understand the meaning of using these pictures . I came to the store ( AMOUROUS ) sellers showed me a beautiful car , I paid for the purchase and received a standard . How to protect yourself from unscrupulous buyer or unscrupulous seller. Consumer protection practices .
  6. OK, all contacts are open, I will be very attentive to your recommendations .
  7. exclusive rewards V-DAY EVENT 2019 : 3D glasses, a 5-day Premium pass, and 100 G1C, OR a 90-day weapon trial of your choice.
  8. You've chosen to ignore content by BXNNXD. Options. BXNNXD some of those are the preset vehicles that you unlock via contacts iirc, try to explain in more detail. if you know .
  9. you know me I know you . why are you restricting the use of anything in the competition and tough rules ?
  10. Internet network global . the theme of the opinion or humor .
  11. Yood

    Trade lock suggestion

    restriction of trade is justified . I don't see any abuse options yet .
  12. Zolerox what are you talking about ? let's elaborate !
  13. gentlemen ! are you real ? on the nose the month of April !!! LO there do it will be hot !!!
  14. Yood

    Melee Weapons?

    the confusion however .