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  1. screenshot as a demonstration of improper operation of the matchmaking system and abuse of clans and friends
  2. From , after little orbit lifted the ban your Golden friends easily TROLLing the bronze district
  3. yesterday I went to the waterfront the population was 6 enforcers and 0 criminals . what I saw shocked me . the game's support is having fun with my worst enemies while riding Vegas . what chance do I have of surviving ? zero . From , you're dealing with old scammers, Removed Name and Shame ~@mayii Removed Name and Shame -Spuzva
  4. new players should not cross paths with vets . what a Little Orbit https://g.co/kgs/TB3P99 does is absurd .
  5. the circus left , the clowns stayed . All lyrics (words) TONY RAUT They left their main trump card in the city. I will find them - they will be at their feet, like creeps. Hiding in the woods, forced as a partisan. And I cut my own life path. In person do not tell me that I am crazy and crazy, Hobbies to cut and listen to their cry - I'm a music lover. I watched the victim, like a tiger, from the forest, Then sneaked up quietly and cut into dishes. I quench my thirst, like an ancient bloodthirsty god, Squeeze fresh tomato juice from people. It was very simple to lure the fuzzy bunny to a construction site, and then hack and delve into its settings. The clown in the square, noticing their faces were laughing, But as I got my knife, they were washed off quickly. An evil nature hid behind a painted smile. Have you heard about hell? A? So I know from there! Chorus: And I angrily look after the departing wagons, And after that, the forest became my home, And for many, many years I got used to the pain, I was treated for loneliness, drinking blood. Mushroom pickers fled, in a panic, finding me, One left, the second did not come to the family for dinner. I shredded him - a ticket was paid to him for heaven, But I knew that - I heard a dog barking in an hour. Start hunting for me ?! Murder is like a drug! It’s not good to get involved with someone who is recognized as a hunter. With a dozen or two, chasing after me, everyday life flew, I ran away from them and heard bullets whistling. After the clap something on the jacket slipped smoothly, leaving me with a through wound in the shoulder, as a result. He climbed into the swamp so that the dogs lost track. Still alive! But I feel: death wanders nearby. From the wound whips! I am covered in blood under a tree, Reminding my victims, I will repel blood loss. And the body will be found soon, but I give my word, To die, to resurrect and return again! Chorus: And I angrily look after the departing wagons, And after that the forest became suitable for my houses, And for many, many years I got used to the pain, I was treated for loneliness, drinking blood.
  6. I won't let you play contract matches and I always help the weak . your statement is absurd . players who have just started playing want to get EVERYTHING at ONCE . this is ABSURD . I deserve these awards and I am opposed to the new players . YOU WILL HAVE NEW REWARDS AND ITEMS
  7. bring back . but with total control .
  8. the offer to sell EVERYTHING is crazy . Conclusion : NO ! Veterans who started to play APB in 2013 or in 2010 and someone who started to play it in 2019 or 2020, are NOT the same and should NOT logically have same items. If that reward was given out in 2015, I was there, you weren't -tough luck. There will be plenty of new stuff you can have but you shouldn't be able to have the one given out when you were not around. The end. ESPECIALLY now when 99% of "unique" items are already given out anyway at armas to be purchased. So far literally there is maybe 1-2 items that are still remaining unique until today, and I sincerely hope LO and @MattScott will at least leave alone those and let them remain unique. Edited 1 hour ago by Kitty Yekaterina
  9. I faced this problem when I was fixated on pumping specifically one of several contacts . if periodically to change contacts present problems not .
  10. I have no idea what it is dumps . I'll repeat , APB:Db: worked long before the appearance of the orbit on the horizon . what does the orbit have to do with it ? APB:Db: it must be OFFICIAL and belong to LO
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