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  1. why do you need to change something that the developers do not consider necessary in the changes ?
  2. who will you blame for your ban : Frosi or yourself ?
  3. in the technical spectrum, you have done a good job . I expected to see a lot more problems .
  4. with each shot and action of the swindler, his ban gets closer . 404 you can do whatever you want .
  5. I've been reading this nonsense for nine years . behind your excuses is simple trolling .
  6. tax is not a problem . I see more problems in pricing policy . ( as soon as I load , I will show the problem visually )
  7. what else do I need to change in the developer files to make you think of yourself as a Pro ? LO your testers are worthy of respect .
  8. don't spit in the well . G1 did what she could . I am grateful to G1 . you got what you wanted . let's see what the new engine and LO can give us . Merged. why don't I see the Golden dogs playing in the Golden arena ?
  9. the market and prices need to be processed .
  10. you have the right to do whatever you want . if you are not banned, it is not your fault , it is the shortcomings of anti-cheat programs . the responsibility lies with the user .
  11. your idea is feasible .writing a command line macro . but I don't recommend that you try it .
  12. like Dev Gun Fodder, Weapon Tester, and Guinea Pig. more detailed
  13. personal shredders : I'm colorblind I can't see the bloom , adventure launcher : I have a weak laptop and can't play . with all the problems listed with you, why would you switch Dpi with each type of weapon ? I may try to find information about prohibiting the use of Dpi switches as unsportsmanlike behavior later . that read those and share .
  14. I fully grieve with you . unfortunately, at the moment, the PC has a prerogative . come to us .
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