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  1. permanent Vegas 4x4 stood in Joker Armas long before the emergence of LO . I feel weird reading this from you.
  2. you answered yourself . I don't want to see the wrong data .
  3. Apr 2019 . clown who are you ? steam data is not correct . what is this Steam ? the problem of a small population of players is much more global than you can imagine .
  4. let's talk ! Superman ! a reference for your opinion give me .
  5. I would recommend you Boss to connect ALL the RESOURCES ! problems are stable .
  6. if you look at the numbers that I see get in the game is 96% male and my favorite 4% girls !!
  7. Yood

    Action District

    you are discussing the matchmaking system . in the presence of for example 7 security officers and one criminal player there is no star missions in 99 %
  8. think about who benefits and you'll understand the reason why the players so vote ! all done correctly . new players will be a little bit easier to exist , the old players may suck their ambitions .
  9. to be honest, I couldn't deal with the regime . lying around different boxes , I do not understand their specific purpose . need time to study or detailed description
  10. start with that gold has no place in silver . gold playing with the clan in private groups against solo silver , bronze , Tlv . it can only be in your concept - experienced players . I remember you very well . you tell your grandmother stories . p.s .the launcher can accommodate 12 characters .
  11. gold has no place in silver . CookiePuss don't fart . I'll go back to ignoring you.
  12. falls than you are shooting the opponent in the time of the murder . two weapons should not fall .
  13. ambitious teenager giving up ? ridiculously
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