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  1. dafuq? lol nobody even mentioned the radar. how do you guys even play this game?
  2. awe I remember the good ole days. When jotun would sit in social and call out the names of those whom either HE banned or where banned that day. He would sit on a light pole that you couldn't get to.. To get a little sentimental if there is one thing I miss the most, it would have to be my old friends I got to talk and play with on here. I like to jump in here from time to time and see whats going on even though I honestly have no intention of ever playing again. For me it was the company I kept that made the game what it was. I wish I could find it there is an old clip of me and my brother playing against ouchiemaker, at that time I was still new....
  3. Ayyyy In all actuality enforcers had a chance to make more money than criminals at that time. The enforcers along with some criminals mains complained one side made more than the other, but to hell with math amiright? Not to mention the probably intended purpose was for criminal multipliers for turning in stolen goods for cash. Yes that X symbol actually ment something. Anyway it goes without saying if you didnt wanna go p5 or n5 just talk to a contact or if your a cop swerve a little and hit some peeps sorry criminals this actually increases yours.
  4. I think we can all agree that we need a rework on a lot of weapons that have to long unnoticed by our beloved gamerlast and now little orbit. Whether these weapons will be fixed or removed is unknown, but I think players don't really understand what a ripple in the game that would create by removing fixing things. I know we only have one hitbox I just hope they do something and sooner than later
  5. I used to do this thing where I would draw people's characters but it wasnt....like...that In sure I still have then too I'll have to show some of my favs
  6. I agree jwar for mayor, we can pay him with stolen I mean legally acquired goods....
  7. I can see what you mean, and in some cases almost never. Until you play rainbow 6 siege...omg the ela nerfs and changes just kept coming lol it seems they are almost always rebalancing weapons and loadouts but let's be real that is a highly competitive game. In my opinion it will soon no longer live in counterstirkes shadow for e-sports.
  8. I think we got off to relating the awp, to the hvr What I was originally talking about was low yields. Yea I can see where how feel if though, your opinion doesn't bother me at all. So what would that mean if there was no counter for a weapon or In our case low yields. Then would that make it balanced? You can see my logic right?
  9. maybe I should explain this better, counterstike that we played was 1.5 in the year 2000 I believe it came out in 1999. We where kids the mechanics and strategies that we know today didn't exist then. So basically what I wanted you to take from my post was, counter it or don't use it, don't take something away becuase you don't like it or replace it with an alternative. I wasnt really aware that none excepted maybe one person would take the year into account and realize how younge the game was and we where at that time. So there I guess thanks for telling me how I shouldn't compare games together.
  10. It was like 2000 we just got a computer me and by brother got into counterstike, and we played at a local lan center all the time. I remember playing with the awp, a lot but it was called the artic sniper then. Some guy would always call me a noob for using a one shot weapon, I thought it was a little cheesy but i remember one kid standing up and yelling once "well you don't have to use it if you don't want to , shut it and just counter it" that was a good day....my point is if you consider it embarrassing that's fine just don't use it. Don't ruin it for others that enjoy the weapon by taking it out. Maybe come up with a replacement if you think it's so bad..
  11. Thanks for the input guys I'll have to test some of this stuff out.
  12. Yea that was my main concern, when I ntec I wanna keep my distance but it's harder than it sounds given some areas that my objective spawns in
  13. I guess it makes it pretty unique, in a cqc setting I could use cj3 and for longer ranges ir3 I was more thinking is resupply time, rather than just swapping weapons all together..hmmm
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