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  1. ayyyyy Just what I was about to say! People think other de-threat to play with lower-tier players to instantly win against sadly this just isn't true. Those who do de-threat want to play with other people, none uses the gold districts and there is still a small number in silver districts. There are just so many variables to take note in a good ranking system but the first thing you are gonna need is a player base and APB just doesn't have it. Now you just got to figure out how to rank up correctly, and everyone learns differently what would be kinda funny is if you let people choose how they ranked up (time, kills deaths, wins, and losses) so none could complain lolz No doubt give it a whirl, a good start might be taking out the three ranked districts and tossing literally everyone into a pool of the two location districts. Start from the lowest tier you can think off Bronze and make a bronze tier list 1-10 (this is gonna sound familiar) and work your way up to Gold. Hurray since you have so many ranks in between your Main set rank (Gold, silver, bronze) there will be more people playing against each other of the same rank tier.
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