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  1. I'm glad you moved this to off-topic. This post was definitively wrong in the social section
  2. That makes sense. I didn't even notice lol.
  3. How are we supposed to know this? Is discord now the official way LO communicates with the players ?? The redeem code was posted here like 2 hours ago from the brute force.
  4. Still trying to figure out if there is a meaning behind this thing. If im correct those are greek letters. Gamma Omicron Alpha Omega Alpha Psi. At first I tried to use the first letters of each word to form another - GO AOAP .. no meaning to me. If you look at the Psi as Y instead and mesh both ideas together, you could think the whole thing means "GO AWAY". Other interpretations could be "TO A??AY" or sth else. Since it represents a file icon I thought it could lead to an actual file or page. The https://www.redhillinstitute.com/c0de subpage has been removed. Merged. I also used inverted colors and even snapchats "heat" filter (lol) to scan the side for hidden images. On this shot you can see that doc a bit better and also notice the word "Nope" on in the left corner. Same goes for that somehow hidden image of "Devilishly good Devil ?Dogs? "
  5. Well you must be a lucky one. I maxed my crim around 2015 and got my first nano mission in 2017 and the same day one month later another one. after that the next mission was the stac this week (2019). In all that time I checked daily if there was a mission but never got one again until now.
  6. There was actually a cheater on citadel baylan the whole morning, his name was [removed by the mods because we love to punish the wrong people].
  7. He is a wealthy gentlemen from Great Britain.
  8. The URL from the fake 404 page ends with c0d3 which most likely means code. I tried Opening other URLS with the numbers from the redeem page but these codes don't bring up a new page. Inserting all digits into the redeem field doesn't bring up new codes. c0d3 has 4 digits, if the "spaces" from the code delivered can be trust we have to find 2 codes with 4 and one with 12 digits. Without the "-" there are 10 digits in this code wich would be too short for my theory. Including the "-" would work but changes the flow of the code too much imo.
  9. Was it worth it? What was the best / worst purchase?
  10. 1. Many of us are at least bilingual and can speak some of those languages next to english (no hablo espanol / je ne parle pas francais / ich kann kein deutsch / no Italiano) 2. In all the years playing APB english on EU servers was like 90% of the language used in chat because we all can speak it to a point where communication is possible 3. Even if you cannot speak other European languages it is still quite simple to type in those sentences into google because all those languages use the latin alphabet. For someone who does not understand the Cyrillic alphabet or has the keyboard layout its as difficult to communicate as if you wrote to someone in Chinese.
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