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  1. I am a very good bad boy I am a very good, bad, boy I am a day dreamer I am a night worker I am a risk taker I am a self-blamer I am a brain eater I am a heart stealer I am a mind reader I am a truth finder I am a smart cheater I am a pain killer I am a good teacher I am a perfect learner I am a backbencher I am a new sencer I am a soul builder I am very anger I know it's very danger I am my life driver I am a routine changer I am a rules breaker I start a new chapter
  2. Featuring: Silly music, lame sound effects, low quality editing skills and some bricks from 2019. Enjoy!
  3. Here is some more altered content: Old Skate Park in Financial Movie Theater in Social District
  4. Show me some true "old days" content that is almost forgotten so I can feel young again! I'll kick it off with this one:
  5. Expose thy upper ventral region or flee this establishment.
  6. We talkin chicken nuggets? 20 chicken box at McDonalds takes the win. For chicken wings on the other hand it would be Burger king, and fried chicken ofc KFC.
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