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  1. I heard it will be down for 4 hours, now I belive its true.
  2. Well, u are not the only one.. Some ppl in Citadel told me that they cant buy or sell on MP too. Same 7 days cd..
  3. + 1 here.. Didnt get 50, 150 and 200 JT from both FC... I hope u will fix this and the game - FC dont work, MarketPlace dont work for some ppl here / cant buy or put items on sale, 7 days cooldown, etc..
  4. Are we gonna get our missing JT from FC, when u fix servers?
  5. Sry. Just wanted to help, before he edit.
  6. "Shut down the game, fix it, and relaunch. Expecting us to play like this is criminal."
  7. It's just weird they didn't say anything about this..
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