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  1. agree with this. If they bring back segregation then gold players can say good bye to opposed missions in low hours. And everyone can say bye to progression if they have contacts in Waterfront..
  2. you could check that by your latency probably.
  3. Just hope they will test it properly before patching the game. After that, stable performance and hopefully finally some new content.
  4. Oh okay, thx Matt. Hope it will be fixed soon. Please delete my post.
  5. My god.. what is going on with your network/servers LO.. Latency is going from 50 to 150ms, server ms from the standard 33 to 90 or 100+ Pfff.. its just hard to stick around and enjoy the game..
  6. with how dedicated Matt is, i don't think we need a Community Manager.
  7. not intending to put fuel on fire here, but in my opinion, the rocket just went through the car. The screenshot posted by Cookie just shows what happened after.
  8. This game was quoted dead 5 years ago.. but we're still here. Long live the APB!!!!
  9. i care and feel your pain. We're pretty much on the same boat, expect i just play regular missions instead of quit the game. Current event is just lazy and boring..
  10. What needs to be fixed removed is the stupid snowball fighting.. it feels like we're some monkeys or mentally challenged kids when playing the current pc event.. running around for 14min, throwing dozens of snowballs and barely hitting anything.. Can't say for everyone but pretty sure that if it wasn't for the new items, most of the players would just stick to fight club or missions. Honestly, all i'm getting from the current event is just annoyment. This game has so much potential with its gameplay, but it feels like someones grandma planned the event.. Its just plain boring. If you could not come up with something creative/interesting due lack of time then at least bring back 12 deaths instead.. its still better than what we have now.. Sorry for the rant post, i'm just disappointed
  11. Bring back 12 deaths of xmas pls! Current ones are just sooo boring...
  12. im gonna like your comment to make your day even better!
  13. Did i miss something or there is nothing mentioned about the elf ears? Any chance to see them on Armas as well?
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