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  1. you must be joking. APB is nowhere near about this. I can go from 0 to hero just using a star. Or get to gold with just a kerub... Its so easy to get to gold that i honestly don't understand how bad can you be to stay as bronze. Nevertheless this game is probably the one of the most fair ones when it comes to newbies or free to play players. There is nothing on Armas that will overpower the weapons you can unlock early in the game, and there is barely anything that would grant victories to a r255 over a newbie just based on the items he unlocked with progression.
  2. The newbies will always be crushed. They were crushed then as they are crushed now. The only difference is that back then they could see the real threat of their opp while now most likely that they are facing a fake silver who had to dethreat to be able to play in lower hours. On top of that, back then matchmaking, whenever having enough players, had a better chance to create even matches since everyone had their real threat, now its not the case. Now there is always a chance that some team will have some Rambo silvers.
  3. welcome on board but unfortunately nothing will change.. apparently newbies voices were louder..
  4. not sure i played this one before, but the only GM game that i remember i enjoyed, was the one when a semi-god like GM would run in the instance and dozens of players would try to chase him down and kill. The one who gets the kill, would get some rare cosmetic item. I remember i ran a GM over by accident and got a prize
  5. yep it was me and this is the thread ..and you are right.. it didn't lead to anything good. Just shows that its pretty much useless to prove or discuss reasonable issues on the forums.. In fact its quite disappointing that players have to point out at issues like this in the first place.. instead of devs figuring it out themselves. As a comment to OP, well, im sure NA is even more affected, but in low hours we have the same story with EU. Now if you are gold and wanna play at this time, what options do you have ??? Im not surprised we have so many dethreating people now. No one likes to run around in an empty instance... Obviously, im not defending dethreaters who are doing it just to go hard on the newbies, its a shame that there are players with such mentality.. but not everyone is like that. Unfortunately by bringing back segregation, some are just forced to dethreat to just be able to play.. I'm sorry about this negative post, but im just soo frustrated.. i just dont get how someone can believe that when u have 40players around its a good idea to divide them
  6. No shit.. Thanks to noobs like you who were asking for segregation, that's what i'm enjoying now.... And seeing you talking about skills, while crying in other threads for your bronze instance to be back is just pathetic.
  7. rly? im already doing nothing in this game since segregation is back. I'm either getting no opp or dethreating opp.. And they want to add matchmaking based on ping? Are they having a different /pop stats that we do? Maybe separate female characters from male as well?
  8. Im sorry, i barely post any negative posts, but i still stand by the side that adding segregation now was just plain stupid.. In one hour i got only 2 damn mission out from which in one, our opp was losing on purpose And i can't blame the players, its understandable... who would be happy with such a rate of dispatched missions??? How not to get mad on this... its just ridiculous.. I even tried to go in the gold one (fin1). And to my surprise, out of 4 players, 2 were bronze and 1 silver and the 4th one i didn't see but they kindly asked me in chat to leave as they were apparently all friends and my presence there would only spoil their matchmaking... great. So again, i understand both sides had their detriments, but imo having the chance to play, even against an uneven opposition, is better than not being able to play at all!!
  9. not necessary. What if Alani is a silver? this is not true and you know it, cmon.. maybe you should consider changing you hardware instead.. if you're playing on a potato laptop as you said?
  10. not sure what was discussed in 3 pages, but i was thinking about a similar post recently as well. I'm sick and tired of tryhards and desperates who are looking for an easy win and are abandoning right away if they have a silver/bronze and attacking mission... Its stupid.. id remove abandon mission at least for a short time and see how it goes.. I know my post will get some negatives but whatever... its just my opinion..
  11. Yeah, but that instance is usually empty or below 10 players.. so you're not really getting any opposed missions. Meh based on feedback from this thread, unlikely any additional consideration will be given to this issue.. Seems like we're in a stage of trades-offs, fixing one issue will just create another and so on : /
  12. Hi everyone. So i see Matt posted that maybe by end of next week we'll have the segregation back I understand people who wants it back.. some players in this game are trying so hard that it really kills the fun for everyone else. But there is also another side.. Considering the current population, in the low hours its usually only 1 bronze instance active. So, if, by any chance, you can play only at this time, and you are gold.. then its a game over for you.. So with this said, maybe as a work around, why not have this segregation active only on peak hours and disabled in low hours?
  13. i like it more without tracers. Thank you
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