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  1. What a stupid post.. Just like my contribution to it.
  2. Not bad for new players. BUT, its 0 new content for oldies... :'(((((((((((
  3. just lol... this is not even a banana move. The guy purchased the symbol at the price you set, he's the owner of that symbol now and he can sell it afterwards as he wants. My goodness.. kids everywhere.. (as a tip for you: rename your symbols to include your name and your selling price)
  4. I'd be really interested to hear from a Dev. This is an open question for a very long time already and seems like everyone is running around the bush. - they should either remove the threat segregation (some newbs might be hurt, but they are hurt anyway due dethreaters) or - allow progression regardless of district. (this will mean less and less people will play waterfront, but who needs 2 maps (moreover further divided by threats) with this low pop? Once they get back on track (if ever), they may revert to old settings if necessary.. As of right now, i'm also stuck for a few months on the last contact despite playing APB daily..
  5. Dont care what they do afterwards, but just remove the damn threat segregation already. Wake up and check your total population. In what normal head diving population further is a good idea, huh? Jeeeeeesus...
  6. Cannot connect to world server. Barely was able (after ~5mins of loading) to get to the character select screen. Anyone having the same issue ? Server Citadel. ps. looks like this website is down as well, https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/patch-notes
  7. You know you've been in this game for some time when you recognize every player from this thread
  8. Guys, any chance to have the green threat removed ? And perhaps replaced with something above gold? Here's 2 arguments for that. 1. green threat is just useless, i don't believe there are many green players around. Players who are genuinely green threat are pretty much a lost cause for the game anyway.. 2. gold threat is too easy to obtain and that results in the skill gap in the gold threat to be quite big. If you have lets say 10 levels of gold threat, maybe it might be worth considering, as an idea, to extend it to maybe 15 or 20? There are a certain amount of players in this game that almost feel invincible and they are definitively above the current available max threat. Thank you
  9. These days people complain about everything... literally. We're taking to many things for granted and behave like someone always owes us something. This quarantine made me realize that i was not appreciating certain things, but now.. while in lock down, i kinda miss them. So basically, perhaps to a much smaller degree, i guess some of us may feel the same when this game will actually be gone and only then we will realize how good it was when LO was still working on it ..and how stupid we were complaining about every minor thing instead of actually enjoying it, even in the state that it is. (which imo is by far! not as bad as many of you makes it look)
  10. The better server is the one with players. Don't go NA, you will regret it afterwards when you'll run around without opposition.
  11. Most useless thread ever. (nothing would happen, they would still beat the s*it outta you)
  12. After about 8k hours of APB, i pretty much agree with this. Thanks.
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