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  1. Are the servers down already? I can login but cannot retrieve my characters... shows 0hours on all of them... : /
  2. I think at this point discussing this aspect is useless. This was brought to LO attention a million times in the past but nothing was changed. They surely know about the issue but they have their (bad) reasons to keep it this way. as per me, they should: - remove districts thread segregation - allow progression regardless of district. Due to my work, i can play mostly in the night/morning time, and due to current "settings" i'm either stuck forever on some R80, or i just cannot play at all due to me being gold... Its just ridiculous..
  3. based on how last beta performed, expecting the release by the end of 2020 is waay to optimistic imo
  4. Hi everyone, sorry for the stupid question, but just wanted to ask if its possible somehow to run the game in a window mode and with some transparency to it. This would make it easier to replicate symbols/clothing. Is this doable and is it safe? Thank you
  5. I doubt it was the case here. I can't image 1 scenario where APB would be put in that position. As per me, G1 was just seeking for additional revenue, but miscalculating a dozens of factors.
  6. Thx, i never liked the game visual changes associated to Halloween patch. I'm glad it doesn't last long at least.
  7. Wasting time on a ps/xbox version of the game, was one of the biggest mistakes of G1.. Had they invested that time in improving the PC first, APB would've had betters days now.
  8. sorry LO but i will agree with the above.. I support player content but... these ones? rly?.. No offence to the creators thou, its just personal opinion.
  9. with so many stutters and fps drops, i can't say too much about the beta. I played it for 5-10min, started to feel sick and closed it. Live is much better currently.
  10. I want this game to succeed first. LO deserves a credit.
  11. error code 9, unable to connect ps. its 3hours earlier then the maintenance was suppose to happen.
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