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  1. OP, you felt insecure posting this from your main?:D
  2. I welcome this change mainly due dethreating issues. Now at least i know that my opp can play in their full potential and me myself doesn't need to worry that during the low hours i'll just have to either stay social, or skip the game entirely. As for the general feedback in this thread.. well aside from 1 or 2 players, i see the regular cry babies regardless of what updates this game brings
  3. still has best customization and game play
  4. If any dev is reading this, can we have similar codes for PC as well? I'd buy a few for my friends.
  5. does this issue occur on AMD cards?
  6. pff.... got kicked the 3d time, just 15min's after posting this.... what a bs.. Seems im done for today.. meh, didn't have /fps on... but i'm too frustrated to login again.. will check tmrw, ty for suggestion.
  7. Hi guys, anyone had something like this ? Got kicked twice with interval of like 40min.. while doing my char/symbols in Social. Its kinda frustrating after a good amount of effort is put into customization only to end up being kicked... If possible, please let me know whats causing this and how it can be fixed. Thank you update: seems this was already discussed in the past, but no solutions given
  8. Im among the few who doesn't think cheating is such a big drama in the game as many make it look like. In most cases, its just the bunch of crying noobs who can't accepts others being better. I'm seeing often people asking to report certain players, when in fact those guys aren't even that good. But anyway, will partially agree with the OP, when there is a blatant cheater, its disappointing to see him running around for a few days (in my opinion even hours should not be a thing). I get that we have anti cheat system and sometimes works and sometimes not, but for blatants i do think LO should empower some GM's to handle it.
  9. Hi, don't expect to be able to do that from contacts. The only way to unlock kits for this car, is by purchasing them from Armas. (perhaps some might be available in game with Joker Tickets, not sure thou)
  10. threat segregation with this pop is just stupid... it had to be removed few months ago. Once they finalize the engine and start deliver some new content people will come back so they can reapply it if needed.
  11. stupid and pessimistic threads.. people were calling this game dead 5 years ago and we're still here. If you don't like it just move on jeeezzz. I think LO will continue supporting the game and the end is nowhere near.
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