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  1. meh.. servers are still down.. 2h for a hotfix ?
  2. Thanks God, its working on my end, despite Win7 user as well. Maybe they already fixed it.
  3. i think it should apply for all contacts. With current population, waterfront is quite dead in low hours, and players like me who can play only around this time, are pretty much stuck and cannot progress because my only contact is in waterfront... disappointing.
  4. i guess you should report via support. I got mine, and all my teammates and opp i faced these days had premium.
  5. AlmightyTrin21, on my end everything seems fine.
  6. Matt and LO team, now you can go to sleep. We will protect San Paro. Thank you
  7. just for recs: this thread reached a milestone, 400 replies! Nice, thank you.
  8. in fact this is actually a problem. In low hours waterfront is pretty much dead. Players who are still not max ranks and cannot play on pick hours are pretty much stuck.. They should add a way to get a general progression in standing regardless of the contact.. This happens to me as well.. (this is also btw one of the reasons i have to stay silver..)
  9. suggest to Matt or Lixil to turn off antivirus or restart pc, sometimes it help.
  10. no one is suspecting RedHill Institute of Tech for servers outage ?
  11. Matt, i honestly wish you and you're team lots good luck and patience with us ps. Reposting someones comment was gold
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