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  1. to me its probably one of the best games. Sure it has issues but gameplay is fun and uniq. This game had a lot of potential (and imo still has, but not as much).. To bad LO did not buy it 5 years ago. By now im pretty sure it would have been in a better state.
  2. i believe LO will deliver it! We're lucky they took over G1.
  3. greenfield

    State of the Game: APB 2018

    Thank you for your hard work LO. Wish you and all the players a Happy New Year!
  4. honestly, i got tired only by looking at your screenshots
  5. greenfield

    No christmas sale this year?

    i hope no, but since i haven't heard anything so far, it leaves me concerned
  6. u understand me, i like u.
  7. greenfield

    Snowball bug?

    wait what ? full auto ?
  8. greenfield

    Post update performance

    wait, there is snow in game? i don't think i noticed that. Or maybe its just disabled on my end ps. anyway, today its been better already.
  9. greenfield

    Game issue

    maybe u should try a fresh apb reinstall ?
  10. this mod is horrible, i would remove it from the game entirely.
  11. greenfield

    Post update performance

    Dear Community, Could you please provide your feedback. Can't believe this is happening only on my end. Thank you
  12. Not sure how it is on your end but its pretty bad for me Much more lags and some weird bugs.. ex: guns (whisper/nano etc) would stop shooting by themselves in a mid fight, then i have to reclick for them to start shooting again. Had few cases when nades won't explode at all, they simply disappear after i throw them. Latency spikes.. Hope LO will fix this soon. Thank you
  13. I have a nice theme, most of the times players are even whispering me back about it ps. how did you even find this thread dating July? i guess this is whats happening when game is down