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  1. As tittle say, its down looks like... btw, on some attempts i can get to character selection screen, but all my stats shows on 0, and i cannot pass that screen.
  2. Well imo besides the time wasted on RIOT, LO is doing pretty good, in fact much better than G1. All these rant posts which appears like mushrooms after rain since the network changes, just shows how immature some of the players are. Don't get me wrong, i love this game too and probably spent on it more than the wast majority of player and while i also regret that we have to deal with these shutdowns, id rather accept it and not play the game for few days and not playing it at all... cuz if it wasn't for LO, i'm not sure if we'd still be around. Thank you No offence intended, just my opinion. Peace! (sorry for my english)
  3. oh too much text, can someone provide a short version of the op
  4. I agree with you, they have to add it to PC especially or at least in low hours. Currently we are basically punished for being gold.
  5. Oh my, i came yesterday at this time to play a bit and it was off and now again Some G1C would be appreciated.
  6. im playing this for 8 years, but i gave up on the quiz after first 2 questions
  7. Guys, is it only on my end or did game get 2000% brighter?? Beside character eyes i barely see any face details? Is this supposed to be some halloween fog which isn't yet working? Plus the textures like got a decrease in resolutions/quality.. Please let me know if you noticed anything similar. Thank you Merged. great.. plus second game crash in 30min...
  8. servers are not really on.. when i go to character screen it won't load the character + it shows 0$ and 0 joker tickets.
  9. So far, i like the changes. no its not
  10. I don't get, why would people even do this? Do they hope to sell these names afterwards? Or they just want to harm this game in any ways possible, by taking most common names? I don't know.. To me, one way or another this is just ridiculously stupid..
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