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  1. Hi guys, i see no post about it, but looks like login server is down? Is there some thread about it, or this is just on my end? Thanks
  2. i will actually take another opportunity to thanks LO for keeping the game alive. Bad or good, but we can still play it. Thanks LO!
  3. another selfish silver thread... silvers are complaining about difficult opp yet ignoring that golds could simply not join instances altogether during lower hours.. i was hating that there was only a bronze instance on and on top of that, even if i was lucky enough to get into one, then every now and then i'd end up with afking opp or teammates, cuz everyone was trying to dethreat... ...bottom line, i get your point as well, but if you take a step back, you would understand that this move was needed considering the low pop.
  4. balance wise, i prefer the current state more then it was before. In good hands, even with the current bloom, top tier guns like ntec, obeya still feels op. (ps. im not saying they must be nerfed)
  5. game is fine, stop complaining is the first step.
  6. Same crybabies every now and then.. On another note, id actually like to thank LO for still keeping the servers online and letting us play our favorite game. Thanks
  7. @LO, i wanted the valentine boxes as well, can we get them on Armas please?
  8. oh really man? some of you just don't deserve anything tbh... regardless what they do or don't, you just whine
  9. can we at least have those boxes or some items on Armas ?
  10. oh daaaaemn, its still down :(( its friday evening, what a bad time
  11. matchmaking - if possible, yes pls fix bring back thread segregation - nope, for sure. While some of you are crying cuz of hard opp, the others would simply not be able to play if they roll back this update, considering the low pop.
  12. you're still able to log in the game solely because of LO, so stop this drama threads already. If you don't like it, just don't play it.
  13. Stop this drama threads, Matt/LO will post when there's smth significant to share.
  14. ohh the noob threads again.. the removal of threats was simply necessary. How some of you are so d*mb to understand it..
  15. do that and dethreating will be back.
  16. Dear LO, Please check whats going on. There are weird latency spikes/server lags today. ps. no, its not my network, everyone in district are complaining/asking about it. Thank you
  17. Happy new year Glad to see at least one positive thread. Thanks
  18. so many experts in this thread.. and as usual even more noobs complaining about someone being better. I don't deny that there are cheaters as well, some of them even go blatant and its sad to see these run around for weeks or months, but altogether the amount of cheating is far less then many of these crybabies on the forum suggest.
  19. please do not listen to the noobs that asks for thread segregation... the game needs much more pop for that. Current system is just better considering the circumstances, at least me as many others are able to play in an active district instead of afking in social cuz no silver/gold district is available.
  20. 5k for permanent... but the mods are different..
  21. @Sakebee, you guys posted a picture with wrong mods on the Star.. and i went ahead and purchased a permanent one without realizing
  22. you should be grateful this game is still running.
  23. I welcome this change mainly due dethreating issues. Now at least i know that my opp can play in their full potential and me myself doesn't need to worry that during the low hours i'll just have to either stay social, or skip the game entirely. As for the general feedback in this thread.. well aside from 1 or 2 players, i see the regular cry babies regardless of what updates this game brings
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