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  1. Engine upgrade was much desired, but it was never the be-all-end-all of the game. What the game needed most of all, was what made Innova such a high population success in comparison... actual GM in-game spectators and support who could by mere presence alone cut down on toxic, abusive or harassment or cheating behavior... because they had the tools and know-how to kick to the curb those people. Since G1, and now LO this game has always had GM figureheads, in name only, utterly clueless, talking rated "G" shop with players in district with toxic, abusive chat blazing around them, players ghosting out of mission to block objectives helping their friends... in FRONT of GMs. APB never had a professional quality staff... with the one exception of Tiggs... and the reason she is so universally reviled by this community is precisely because she DID kick to the curb the cheaters and abusive toxics... After LO came in, listening to the abusive toxics and their fan clubs... the undid every advance Tiggs brought to the game (with the exception of FF becoming a manual ban and therefore anyone could get banned)... but the advances Tiggs brought to the game was an attempt to make a more even playing field, if only G1 had helped by rerolling their stupid ruinous Threat Segregation patch... But now... after so much unnecessary attrition for so long... because bronzes were placed as a special target in districts that bullies could dethreat into, unrestricted, permanently, to WTFPawn and exterminate the new and casual playerbase... NOW you cry that it's a dead game... and you killed it... and you cheered all the bad decisions that allowed it to be killed... and nothing.... not even an engine upgrade can bring it back... because a GAME in order to have any sort of competitiveness or appeal has to have a level and fair playing field. Original RTW did this within the code, to give actual bronze players more numbers in compensation versus a stellar high gold. Consequently, threats didn't have to be segregated. The ONLY thing that would save this game now... is something which LO probably can't do because the source code no longer exists... but... Restart original RTW APB, like G1 did... and invest in the 2 things most needed to keep the game fair... the great success that Innova had... 1. In-game GMS who can spectate for cheaters, and 2. a good working anticheat. The shame of it all is that LO got on board attracting BACK the cheaters... once they actually put in place a working anticheat, years after the illicit players exterminated the legits... when the cheaters and macroers get kicked... there's no one left to play.
  2. Removed quote. - Azukii RTW went bankrupt. G1 had it and ran it fairly well for a few years and as it aged it really declined. LO bought it in nosedive... and that nosedive continues unabated... why? Well consider this simple fact... they restore threat segregation, but implement nothing at all to prevent the high silver/gold playerbase from WTFpwning the newbs and the lower skilled players. End result? More population loss. It's still going, but hardly a shadow of it's former self... and there is no way back. For one thing, the toxic trolls like you guys dominate what's left of the playerbase and forums... newsflash... your vision for this game is shit. Your attitudes are shit. The way you treat lower-than-gold players is shit. Tiggs hands down had a better vision than either of you. LO is hard fkin fail, because they listened to people like you.
  3. Does it matter? I mean no matter how you slice it, cry about it, cheerlead LO or trash G1 or Tiggs... APB RELOADED is still a dead fkin game. Watch the vid... RTW APB becomes RELOADED under G1 by 12:20 of the video to which this thumbnail is taken.
  4. I miss Tiggs too. She had firesales and really tried to kick the cheaters. Some of the best times in APB were FF announcements and that FF flames forum. LO bought the game and just had no idea and simply listened to the toxic-cheater core about how not to intervene and what hacked anticheat to use and why to unban and allow unbans to keep their oftentimes stolen or ripped off legendaries... it was this toxic-cheater core who inherited their dream vision of APB... and thus killed what was left of the playing playerbase who always needed fairness and protection from mass predation. BTW I was "summoned" by forum mods that the name I had on this forum for some 7 years was not appropriate... so I made a new forum name, vastly more appropriate. LO's priorities are ridiculous at this point.
  5. American is multicultural and has every race in the world. To the best of my knowledge, both Russian and Brazilian are ethnic countries, and not a "race." You are beyond deluded.
  6. 1. Massive cheater unban, 2. Opened servers to Brazilians, 3. Opened servers to Russians. 4. Implemented an old, known bypassed anticheat which a few years earlier was fine... but by the time "LO" implemented it, was trash... and coincided with the mass unbanning... and cheats were allowed to keep their legendaries... some in district had 20 to sell. After that, they did fk all with "gun balancing" HEY try nerfing the damn URSUS, but w/e... then failure RIOT... then working on some console version... OH YEAH Little Orbit's been great for the game! They can't wreck the code because they don't even have a real staff... how long does it take for them to read support tickets? When was the last time a GM was actually in district helping stop ghosters, mission blockers, suspicious players, toxics? You're right... they AREN'T THERE... game has become abandonware under LO. Get off their nuts, they haven't done anything to deserve praise other than "create hope" with unmaterialized false promises... and the game 10x worse off than when they acquired it population-wise.
  7. He is right. There is zero in-game moderation, no GMs spectating for shenanigans and the anticheat isn't updated, has been bypassed for years and isn't working properly which is a huge reason for the population nosedive... but HEY... Little Orbit is writing us monthly updates /cheer
  8. WOW... what a stellar company. Where do I send money? You say G1 lied... so did Little Orbit. and worse, LO not only lied... they actually broke the damn game.
  9. That's why dethreaters should be allowed, only the tryhardism and WTFPwning of the lower skilled and new population should get auto-kicked once attaining gold threat level in the district, since... allowing them to insta gold and grief the living crap out of the bronze district is the WORST game MIS-management model in any game at any time in gaming history. Grats Little Orbit! You win the STINK Award!~ But I doubt they even notice how deteriorated their game has become, let alone why.
  10. You deliberately slammed my post about LO owning APB for 2 years as "bs" and demanded proof. I gave proof and now you post some weaselly reply about me wanting things "easy." Dude go read LO's earlier posts about how the Engine Upgrade was upcoming SOON... and then faded away into the RIOT fiasco. 2 years is not SOON... and by the looks of the abandoned state of the dying game... doubt we will see anything in 2 more years, except closure.
  11. Note the date of publication: 5/11/2018. It is now March 6, 2020. That's 2 years bro... shy of 2 months. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/05/11/little-orbit-are-now-in-charge-of-apb-reloaded-and-theyve-got-big-plans/
  12. It was in bronze district, Jericho that I saw the guy speedhacking and outrunning cars just about a week ago. Haven't seen him since... but definitely did see him. Daily on citadel I encounter at least 1 wallhack, maybe 2, and a whole lost of suspicious cheka blyat. Cheaters cheat because they like to rickroll their opposition. They don't care if they are playing silver or bronze... most likely silver district gives them challenges they don't like. Could be, since a lot of the really suspicious guys are low levels... are just throwaay alt accounts... their new rank puts them in a low threat lvl district to begin. But they are there... a whole lot more than should be making the game seem like abandonware. Yeah, and in a tiny population pool, everybody encounters them... repeatedly. It's already been 2 years. Kicking up my feet and preparing to wait 2 more.
  13. I was there through it all, don't lecture me about it. Little Orbit has had this game for 2 years and done nothing. They removed Threat segregation, only to re-implement it in the exact same broken state. They say they can't do the Unreal engine 4 upgrade. They say they are working on the Unreal engine 3.5 update but it's hard and taking years longer than anticipated... meanwhile they are working on console versions and RIOT.... but still doing fkall for matchmaking, threat desegregation or implementing even simple fixes like auto-kick once a player achieves gold threat in the bronze district. A LOT of people played when G1 owned it... and there were problems, an G1 did all kinds of things trying to solve them... moving from STRICT threat districts where golds couldn't play anywhere to the version we have now. As LO did a mass unbanning... and then brought over Brazilian and Russian servers... and Engine Upgrade didn't happen... the playerbase took a toilet circling nosedive never before seen in APB history... an that's something even worse than Tigg's banning thousands in the name of Fairfight. I assure you, if "LO" doesn't "HANDLE IT" soon... there won't be a playerbase around for the most unlikely "Engine Upgrade." Yeah cos having actual feedback from the playerbase most poorly impacted by a poorly implemented, much exploited threat system is going to REALLY bring about the insight and change required to FIX problems impacting the majority of the playerbase who are hemorrhaging away.
  14. So true. Max ranks and old-timers don't need any more reward for playing, it just adds to the injustice against lower rank newbies.
  15. Reimplementing a Bronze threat segregation district whilst doing nothing whatsoever for auto-kicking players who attained gold level in the district, simply allowed griefing tryhards to exterminate the bit of goodwill which opening the Bronze District accomplished... by exterminating the new players we tried to invite to the game and pissing off oldtimers with just more shenanigans... you know, the undetected cheats, the horribad matchmaking, and now concentrating ultima tryahards onto silver, and griefing tryhards onto bronze. Back in the day when I was new to this game on old Colby... it had a different scoring and threat system, so that tryhardism as we know it today wasn't as big of an issue, and people could afford to lose a few matches without losing their threat, and so took time to coach actual newbies,,, and the newbie armies of REAL bronzes... not throwaway alt accounts of raging cheatbots... would enjoy the chance to match an authentic, pro skilled gold player. I donno if the game could ever be recovered... but for a fact, abandoning it entirely, no in-game Gms, no insight into what the game needs to survive... is just APB circling the toilet before the final flush.
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