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  1. APB in 2023 is like Bizarro World. None of my friends log on anymore. Servers laggier than ever (basically unplayable). Constant tweaker spam. Matching against the same handful of trolls and goblins. A totally different game from what we experienced back in the day.
  2. it's funny b/c anti-cheat is non-existent and the game and forums are entrenched by known cheaters lol
  3. Everyone knows APB is a dead game full of trolls. Logging on once in a while to witness this provides for a great catharsis of pity and disgust - kinda like volunteering for the city or going on a humanitarian mission. If you are looking for sustained gameplay I would recommend playing a high-quality game with friends or a good community.
  4. Yeah but who cares no one even plays anymore -_-
  5. Yeah this has happened to me twice already (logging in and finding everything is missing) in this game but whatever I don't care anymore lol
  6. If you're looking for a new multiplayer game to play, honestly just finding out what all your friends and neighbors are playing would yield the best experience. *Except for* Call of Duty, the multiplayer in that game is such a randomly buggy mess I can't believe people compete in it for prizes.
  7. i was in a mission with a trainee who had the n word in his logo and clan name crackheads, he spawned in my car and drove off 100s of meters also i saw a soldier with swastika patches
  8. This is so true, for example fighting game legends such as Daigo still give modern champs a run for their money. I started playing Counter-Strike as a baby and still make Global Elite whenever I log on lol
  9. super cute designs! i want them but im on jericho T_T

  10. Blasting cars with OSMAW is one of the funnest things ever in APB. All I can feel for these tryhards is pity, playing just becomes self-harm at that point. They can take the free win while I enjoy TV and popcorn. And farm explosive ranks. lol
  11. Either they don't know how to run an MMO, or they're not concerned with money. Quite possibly both. Lord knows the current pop of psychos and fiends has already been milked for what it's worth.
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