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  1. Yeah but who cares no one even plays anymore -_-
  2. Yeah this has happened to me twice already (logging in and finding everything is missing) in this game but whatever I don't care anymore lol
  3. If you're looking for a new multiplayer game to play, honestly just finding out what all your friends and neighbors are playing would yield the best experience. *Except for* Call of Duty, the multiplayer in that game is such a randomly buggy mess I can't believe people compete in it for prizes.
  4. Whenever the matchmaking in a game gets this bad it's usually because of a steep drop in population, MM works best with huge pools of players such as if there were thousands to tens of thousands online, geography and game performance are also important factors.
  5. This game was so fun to play with friends plus there were so many players and districts and so many interesting characters! Some of the best releases ever were from that era! Over the years I've seen many pro streamers express interest in returning to APB but performance-wise modern games have advanced so much.
  6. Wow, super interesting. I heard APB was one of the most expensive games to produce. From reading the article it seemed like it was released too early and then "canceled" almost like a failed test campaign.
  7. The game and forums aren't really that bad, I was just exaggerating.
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