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  1. RipGore

    White Rose

    im on the wrong side of the world
  2. RipGore


    ha thats good to hear. tells me im on the right track
  3. RipGore


    Been part of the APB community for awhile. The forum is one of the few places to express myself
  4. RipGore


    Hey! Yea. I appreciate you paying attention. You have a good heart. You've been around for awhile now and I always remember your posts
  5. RipGore


    There were some ideas I grabbed from the customization in APB to shape the persona of the band. Red/black vegas 4x4 along with a red and black outfit on my character. APB ironically helps the vision in a small but big way.
  6. Made this track in response to what's going on in the world and other things
  7. RipGore

    Many Nights

    My band's 2nd release
  8. RipGore

    Are You Sleeping?

    Thanks for your response. More than enough on 'APB' forums haha
  9. I believe the rocket smoke remained.... remained after it zipped through the vehicle.
  10. https://ibb.co/rMbRVH0 [url=https://ibb.co/rMbRVH0][img=https://i.ibb.co/1KstkTQ/screenie.png][/url]
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