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  1. im on the wrong side of the world
  2. ha thats good to hear. tells me im on the right track
  3. Been part of the APB community for awhile. The forum is one of the few places to express myself
  4. RipGore


    Hey! Yea. I appreciate you paying attention. You have a good heart. You've been around for awhile now and I always remember your posts
  5. RipGore


    There were some ideas I grabbed from the customization in APB to shape the persona of the band. Red/black vegas 4x4 along with a red and black outfit on my character. APB ironically helps the vision in a small but big way.
  6. Made this track in response to what's going on in the world and other things
  7. My band's 2nd release
  8. Thanks for your response. More than enough on 'APB' forums haha
  9. I believe the rocket smoke remained.... remained after it zipped through the vehicle.
  10. https://ibb.co/rMbRVH0 [url=https://ibb.co/rMbRVH0][img=https://i.ibb.co/1KstkTQ/screenie.png][/url]
  11. Kind of you. Appreciate it
  12. I didn't even credit my band name lmao
  13. Made a new song - The Elegant Circle
  14. Fortnite didn't get hype until 6 years after its release. Nobody saw it coming. They modernized it like crazy so that people kept anticipating the game every day.
  15. Take the title with a grain of salt. But anything is possible. So how do we make a cops and robbers game become the greatest cops and robbers game of all time? APB was around for 10 years. Lets pretend it didn't linger around that long. Lets pretend that you are just getting started at making the greatest cops and robbers game of all time. Present a checklist: Competitive? Check. Limitless clothing customization? Check. Limitless vehicle customization? Check. Team/Squads? Check. Able to traverse across a big map? Check. Lets not compare to GTA. Why? Because GTA isn't competitive. What's so good about Fortnite? Because everyone likes good competition. APB and Fortnite have three huge things in common. They're both in 3rd person. They're both competitive. They both have spectacular customization. The only big difference between them is that one is more known than the other. Fortnite had first been revealed by Epic Games in 2011. Fortnite was a nobody for years. APB has been released in 2010. APB is getting pretty lonely. The concept of APB is genius. Will it take another game developer, like the ones working on Cyberpunk, to break boundaries? Or will it be Little Orbit? I heard that bigger teams have better luck at making a better game. Build connections? Let me explain how to do it. Cyberpunk is going to trend a lot next year upon release. The crowd will be hooked to its futuristic aesthetics. APB already has that 'punk' vibe. It's even scratching the surface of 'futuristic'. A groundbreaking engine upgrade for APB will attract newcomers. New artwork should showcase those cyberpunkish vibes. Market the hell out of it. Add sporty new cars. Add a new map. Add a map that's similar to Financial district. Look up Tokyo and Shanghai in real life for reference. They have incredible neon lights and they have this vibe that makes you wanna stay there FOREVER. They are incredible cities. The artwork could showcase those city vibes. The artwork that you guys already have are really good. Keep those vibes, but sparkle it up a bit to fit the modern era. Keep updating the map and other things regularly over time just like how Epic Games does it. Time this around the Cyberpunk trend. Keep it in 3rd person perspective. Cyberpunk fortunately only has it in 1st person. Now, here comes the hard question of Battle Royale. I believe you should have three major modes. 1) The mission district mode. 2) Team deathmatch 3) Battle Royale. Fortnite has multiple modes like that. Market the Battle Royale mode alongside the 2 other modes. All 3 modes should be advertised; not just the Battle Royale. APB could become the alternative Cyberpunk.... just as how Apex Legends is the alternative to Fortnite. Cheers. Good luck to you developers.
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