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Found 13 results

  1. Dear Little Orbit Support Team, I trust this message finds you well. I am writing to you with a sense of urgency and genuine concern regarding the recent trade lock imposed on my account in APB Reloaded. As a dedicated player who has passionately engaged with the game for over a decade, I find myself deeply disheartened by this sudden restriction. One of the most rewarding aspects of my gaming experience in APB Reloaded has been my ability to create symbols, outfits, and share them within the community. The trade lock has not only stifled this creative outlet that brings me immense satisfaction but has also transformed my gameplay into a challenging, solitary experience. I now find myself in a situation where I am forced into a hardcore ironman mode, making the acquisition of weapon modifications an arduous grind instead of the previously accessible option to purchase them from the market. What exacerbates my frustration is the lack of transparency and information regarding the alleged violation that led to the trade lock. I am certain that I have not knowingly breached any rules, and the absence of clarity on the matter leaves me feeling helpless. I have made numerous attempts to seek assistance from the support team, but unfortunately, my pleas for justice and information have gone unanswered. I understand the necessity of maintaining a fair gaming environment, but I implore you to consider the impact this trade lock has on my overall gaming experience. I firmly believe that there might be a misunderstanding or an error within the automated system, and I am reaching out to you with the hope that a thorough review of my case could shed light on this situation. My appeal is not just for the removal of the trade lock but, more importantly, for transparency regarding the alleged violation. I am more than willing to cooperate and rectify any unintentional mistakes on my part. I cherish my role in the APB Reloaded community and am eager to continue contributing positively to its vibrant ecosystem. Your assistance in this matter is of paramount importance to me. I kindly request that you reconsider the trade lock on my account, providing the necessary information that will allow me to understand and address any issues that may have arisen. I am confident that a fair review will reveal my commitment to upholding the standards of the game. Thank you for your time and understanding. I eagerly await a swift resolution that will enable me to once again enjoy APB Reloaded to its fullest. Best regards, lRush Removed non-PG13 content. - Azukii
  2. #Bring Back The STAR LCR to Joker Store as a permanent weapon!!!!!
  3. How did LittleOrbit answer all support tickets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6BJON-77rQ I guess this board missed some occasional shitpost. Please don't ban me for that. P.S. You will only get it if you retried with support. And no... I don't really blame them.
  4. Good evening dear community and Little Orbit I'm rather the quiet reader in the forum and must be here a lot going on what is on my heart and just depressed me to start this game. I play APB: Reloaed since 2014 and have nearly 4,000 hours in steam. I too was shit, a noob. But you always get better, be it with the advance launcher or change the resolution or other. Currently I am gold, I have 5 characters, some know them, some do not, I do not care. what I really want is what happened to me today. I was allowed to compete against 2 cheaters today, I do not mince words, but because of such subhuman it only makes me sad to start this game, which I come to the district, and which teleport as if they were son goku , It may be that BattleEye does its job, but sometimes I wanted FairFight back. Because they did their work. The banned these cheaters and never came back, it was the have made a new account which does not take 2 minutes. What I really want, Please do some little orbit. I love APB: Reloaded since I installed it and people like that ruin all my fun. I hope it will change soon in the future. PS. Before all complain about my english. i wrote it first on google translate and copied it. I will ignore any messages about my failures on english and grammar. Greetings and Good Night. EDIT: deleting "i was a silver" because i hurt someone the feelings
  5. Hello there, couples months ago i bought and assembled my new fresh pc. Its made up of: -CPU i5 9600k -GPU RTX 2060 OC - MOBO Z390 GIGABYTE GAMING X - 16GB RAM etc. I was rly happy about this config and i tought the game would have finally run as god comands. In the end, game still run a little sh*t. Fps are good and i have no drops at all even when particles take over the screen. The real problem are those stupids micro stutters, half of a second stutters that rly give me cancer. I've tried everything and even with overclock and downclock the game wont run properly. I have tested also other games, like gta 5 or warframe and things run the best u could ask. If some one knows how to fix this crap or if anyone has any fix for this please let me know. I really dont know what to do anymore...
  6. i would like Little Oribit to considering to Bring back the original background login and the music as well . its was something special !
  7. Take the title with a grain of salt. But anything is possible. So how do we make a cops and robbers game become the greatest cops and robbers game of all time? APB was around for 10 years. Lets pretend it didn't linger around that long. Lets pretend that you are just getting started at making the greatest cops and robbers game of all time. Present a checklist: Competitive? Check. Limitless clothing customization? Check. Limitless vehicle customization? Check. Team/Squads? Check. Able to traverse across a big map? Check. Lets not compare to GTA. Why? Because GTA isn't competitive. What's so good about Fortnite? Because everyone likes good competition. APB and Fortnite have three huge things in common. They're both in 3rd person. They're both competitive. They both have spectacular customization. The only big difference between them is that one is more known than the other. Fortnite had first been revealed by Epic Games in 2011. Fortnite was a nobody for years. APB has been released in 2010. APB is getting pretty lonely. The concept of APB is genius. Will it take another game developer, like the ones working on Cyberpunk, to break boundaries? Or will it be Little Orbit? I heard that bigger teams have better luck at making a better game. Build connections? Let me explain how to do it. Cyberpunk is going to trend a lot next year upon release. The crowd will be hooked to its futuristic aesthetics. APB already has that 'punk' vibe. It's even scratching the surface of 'futuristic'. A groundbreaking engine upgrade for APB will attract newcomers. New artwork should showcase those cyberpunkish vibes. Market the hell out of it. Add sporty new cars. Add a new map. Add a map that's similar to Financial district. Look up Tokyo and Shanghai in real life for reference. They have incredible neon lights and they have this vibe that makes you wanna stay there FOREVER. They are incredible cities. The artwork could showcase those city vibes. The artwork that you guys already have are really good. Keep those vibes, but sparkle it up a bit to fit the modern era. Keep updating the map and other things regularly over time just like how Epic Games does it. Time this around the Cyberpunk trend. Keep it in 3rd person perspective. Cyberpunk fortunately only has it in 1st person. Now, here comes the hard question of Battle Royale. I believe you should have three major modes. 1) The mission district mode. 2) Team deathmatch 3) Battle Royale. Fortnite has multiple modes like that. Market the Battle Royale mode alongside the 2 other modes. All 3 modes should be advertised; not just the Battle Royale. APB could become the alternative Cyberpunk.... just as how Apex Legends is the alternative to Fortnite. Cheers. Good luck to you developers.
  8. As mattscott said once before that it is hard to tell who is cheating and who isn't in Apb specifically, most of the inexperienced unaffected players seem to be happy with those recent bans and congratulating LO for their great work when it actually is a complete madness of them to do that so unprofessionally. Let me tell you that so many people got falsely banned So back to the main question, do you think falsely banned players will simply reroll and start it all over again and invest more money and time in that game after years of growing their accounts just simply because of some GMs who seem like they they do not know what they are doing? In my opinion i see that the decision of making this ban wave a thing made alot of players distrust LO even more than they already do, sadly. This was supposed to be something important that needed to be revised 1000 times to make it flawless by banning the real cheaters only. If you got falsely banned keep your story for the support team, Lets just wait and see what will they do
  9. Smokez

    Add Login Rewards

    With any other game I play,wether it being pc or even mobile game,these games have a Login Reward System. I just think evem by logging in we should get some kind of rewarda. For Ex: from 1-50 login days you can earn Joker Tickets,at every 50 or every 100 days unlocks or gives you a choice to unlock weapons and or joker ticket bundles.?? Does this sound good/fair?
  10. Coming straight to the point, 1. Clean HUD option ? (with only player names and objectives toggle-able) 2. Fix Sprint Shooting ? (I know we cannot do anything about macros but there must be a way to add delay in movement when you rapid fire with shitty mouse software) 3. Better matchmaking ? 4. Able to turn off death theme sounds ? 5. Do something about weapons which people don't use because they are way out of balance ? (Bull shark , Far , Cobra etc ?) Analyse the players data on why they use only limited number of weapons !!! 6. Remove the shitty consumables out of the game ? Especially the Mobile cover ? This game ain't no Fortnite damn it 7. Listen to basic stuff on what the community wants ? There is a reason why sooo many true fans of APB haven't abandoned this game yet ! * Create an open poll ! *Start running AB tests ! *Stop shady practices of releasing a BUFFED weapon and then nerfing it when sales goes down... Was RIOT necessary ? Why are we trying to get on the bandwagon ? There is a reason why this game is unique... Just let it be and fix the exiting issue and concentrate on the Engine Upgrade ! I know changes are necessary for any service/product ! But you terribly failed to analyse what the community wants ! Soo much waste of resource on shitty RIOT. Get your shit together Mr. Matt . No joke
  11. give me my freaking witch hat halloween reward :(, it's literally the only thing i was looking forward to this halloween. its cool that you guys made new rewards, and dont get me wrong, i like some of them, but they're not items id spend time grinding for because they just simply dont fit my appeal or my outfitting choices. all i want is the witch hat, which i waited an entire year for since my current main character was created during christmas of last year. please and thank you, ily.
  12. What kind of ignore on the part of the Support of this game. I can’t understand. 13 days have passed since the first ticket was submitted. And ignore that fuzzy bunny is wrong. I'm tired of waiting for why I wait for 13 days, my friend wrote about the ban in support and they answered him on the same day. Maybe all the Chinese people cut out support because of bad work and in Little Obit there is no one to work in support because you don’t have enough money to pay them for work ??? What to call it? Seriously, I paid the money I earned. And after that you thank us that we go with you to the end. Yes, I can’t get your gratitude to hell because support and anti-cheat work. When Mat is ignored and forum moderation apologizes. I will say so. If support continues to be ignored, I will not be lazy and every day 3 hours of my life I will spam in support until they answer or give a ban. I have said everything.
  13. Today I would like to demonstrate how incompetent Little Orbit has been and how poorly they have managed this game since their takeover. 1. Wasting time over bad decisions What does LO first thinks of doing when taking over the game? Oh that’s right! Nerfing mods and weapons! The last thing that needed to be done yet they thought it was a good idea to make more weapons/mods weak and useless. Except….when they decided to “nerf” IR3 by increasing its range and reducing the weapon’s firing speed, it made every gun jump a category in terms of range, shotguns became assault rifles (especially the shredder), AR’s became Marksman weapons, and marksman turned into sniper rifles in terms of range. And after a couple weeks they decide to revert the changes as the mod was completely fine before they decide to touch on it anyway. Bear in mind that the decision to try and “tweak” weapons and mods in the game was probably just a way to keep the community busy by adding any changes to the game until they actually figure out how the game works and how to be able to add something meaningful in the future. 2. Buggy events/game modes + lack of testing Every single single event that was created by LO was either not fun at all or it was buggy as hell, making it almost completely unplayable. Events that actually worked properly and were fun were the old G1’s events either recycled completely or added a new “twist” such as the halloween event where LO just added a newly designed “red pumpkin”, one potent example of this is the “RIOT” game mode that was a complete failure and then they decided to stop the development since it was halting the development of the new server, another idea scraped over an ingenious decision. 3. Lazy and stupid weapon design Over the time that LO has taken over, the only thing they’ve done that actually “counts” as a new addition to the game is the two new weapons (technically three) added to the game which are: a. The Showstopper b. The Showstopper “Thunder” c. Ntec 7 “New Glory” Now you may ask, why are the newly released weapons stupidly designed? First of all, the only new weapon is the showtopper, the “Thunder” is just a JMB version of that, the new glory is also an NTEC 7 with a different legendary mod and corsshair. The only gun designed right is the showstopper as it is reffered to as a secondary “pocket shotgun” having a short range of 10m and 3 shots to kill with a decent rate of fire, this gun servers its purpose. The “Thunder” and “New Glory” however are stupidly designed because AGAIN, the legendary mod reduces your rate of fire in a game MAINLY ABOUT TTK (killing your opponent before he can kill you, seems like LO are obsessed with the reduced rate of fire mode aren’t they?), the legendary mod on the showstopper increases its effective range, on a gun that was designed to be a close range pocket shotgun, which makes the Thunder pointless as it is compeltely against the original design of the gun AND make it harder AND slower to kill your opponent. Same thing for the New Glory as the NTEC 7 is mainly used since it is a 5 STK ntec instead of 6, making the New Glory completely worthless unless you’re a bronze player who does not know how to manage recoil and bloom. 4. Terrible game management The game has been down this month alone more than Gamersfirst would put it down in a year, which is not the worst thing that actually happened as this has been the case since LO took over the game anyways, how do they try to fix this? Free premium, every damn time. As if they were giving something back to the players who already had premium and lost some of its time due to maintance or were using trial weapons and had experied due to it. Funniest thing that the game this time went down for multiple days in a row for all their platforms, then me and other citadel players wake up to find out the game “partially back online” on a NEW YORK SERVER FOR EU PLAYERS, so not only as a frustrated player you have lost multiple days on your premium + trial weapon(s) which have expired, the game is not even playable for you anymore since you now have MUCH HIGHER PING (400+ in my case). How does LO decide to compensate for their lack of competence? You guessed it, free premium for a week! As if you could even benefit from that while playing with 400 ping LOL. Honestly this has been the worst decision they have ever done thus far and probably one of the worst I have ever seen from a company yet. *NOW, please note than I am aware that gamersfirst was not that much better, they did not add new content to the game for years, they were just keeping the game alive by leaving the servers up. Which is something that LO is not even able to do yet. For me as a long time veteran who keeps coming back to this game, I am deeply disappointed by how poorly this game has been managed, I am also pretty sure that the new engine launch will be next year judging by their pace and experience as developers. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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