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  1. got 1ms - 4ms on NY playing from Montreal. It was heavenly lol... But server has now moved I guess... getting 40ms....
  2. Because Matt is also handling other business outside of Little Orbit. He is founder/advisor of companies called Upper Strata, Pepper and Setting Sun Lake.
  3. Meanwhile I'm enjoying my 1ms from Montreal ! xD Feels unreal and super responsive !
  4. No thank you. but im curious to know more on stability. I have seen some cases where changing app priority can cause crashes...
  5. They have much important thing to focus at rather than weapon balancing.. Its all about those bras and panties dudes ! xD
  6. Nvidia has officially integrated ReShade and corresponding filters into its FreeStyle feature. I tried it in Modern Warfare 2019 its AMAZING ! @MattScott @Lixil Please reach out to Nvidia for whitelisting APB into NvProfiler. This will definitely give a fresh coat of paint to the existing game. https://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/152968 https://www.geforce.com/en_GB/gfecnt/whats-new/articles/nvidia-freestyle-ansel-enhancements-geforce-experience-article
  7. If you think the game looks crap even at maximum settings, use advanced launcher and push all the sliders to dead right. You may also use ReShade ( some folks are already using it ). regarding match making, quit all the hopes. This game is just not noob friendly. and i know it sucks.
  8. On the serious note, this game is loosing players because in 8 years they still have not figured out a way to retain and give good experience to new players.
  9. Why would you waste time watching P#rn instead of having s#x ?
  10. Been wondering if LO has ever run a 2x reward promo ? Anything special for Halloween this time ?
  11. It is a very good feature IMO.
  12. Tryhards are people who, 1. Play on extreme low graphics and stretched resolution with a damn good PC (1080ti , i7 9700k etc) 2. They only use META weapons AND usually exploit the missions to any extent. (placing items/vehicles etc on the objective) 3. They T-Bag a lottt ! 4. They just wont accept a defeat. GG is just not their thing. They basically take this game way toooo seriously ! and using NFAS/Percs is not try hard lol... more like noobs gameplay ! ever faced 3 flying low yields on to your face ? tats try hard
  13. Ursus with IR3, ATAC with HS3, MS , Far with HS3, HS3, IR3.
  14. LA ? Good luck with the pings for the Majority... The more you move east, the more it gets worse ! NY is the sweet spot for Canada, US and EU.
  15. May be on Thanksgiving , Halloween or engine release ...
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