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  1. LA ? Good luck with the pings for the Majority... The more you move east, the more it gets worse ! NY is the sweet spot for Canada, US and EU.
  2. May be on Thanksgiving , Halloween or engine release ...
  3. its no meta but just fun. Slap in HS3, IR3 and MS. 3/4 round burst its quite effective at mid range.
  4. I do. No game can replace APB. Because this cancer has no cure xD
  5. To be honest, the game isn't really big or making soo much $$ to have a great support. If you think your queries can be answered by others, post it here on forums. People are sometimes helpful. Be ready to ignore some retards though !
  6. I get 90ms from Canada (Playing on Citadel). Since yesterday , pings are sitting at 180-220ms ! I think they are playing around with the servers.....
  7. Here i am asking for more oppositions and balanced missions
  8. I dont think you can edit .. Its against ToS.. but i know people who remove sounds tracks from the game for their own good.
  9. Has anyone had luck in transferring their account to any other server ? I have moved to Canada permanently and I get lower latency on Joker !
  10. Agreed most of them in that list needs a buff/rework ! Infact more people might actually consider buying and learning those weapon if they are balanced well... but i dont know why LO doesn see this a a prob ! 80% of the weapons in this game are left in the dust by the players for a reason........
  11. @MattScott This seems unreal TBH. Wont this put a BIG dent in the business ? Considering the fact we can earn all armas weapons from JT store ? But from a customer standpoint, we really appreciate this move. GG !!!!
  12. You know there is a trading system implemented by LO right ? Its 100% safe and easy.
  13. I would never gamble... Its just me. I see getting Legendaries from market as unlocks and progression and i don't sell them ! Trade for a something new or add them into my collection haha.
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