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  1. I'm not getting any errors on NA, only on EU for some reason.
  2. I forget that fast, but i was just in waterfront again and it says the server went offline. Now I'm in fin 1 and see how it goes. Not sure what's going on. Just went offline, going to play in NA and see does it happen again.
  3. The server just went down, in EU. What happen? Was in a match, and everyone got disconnected.
  4. I said this in chat, but would be cool if they release the engine upgrade Christmas day, with 20 days of free premium, a new map location (beta, test) , 50% sale. A man can only dream.
  5. Alright thank you for the info. I probably get enough videos and send them next time, no rush. P.S. Please release the engine upgrade Christmas day
  6. um I am asking can we send in videos about cheaters, and is the eu server in NA?
  7. What does being a silver player have to do with to see if someone is cheating? Its not hard to see if someone is cheating, its very easy. Even more easy for me depending on what gun they use. I'm a GM / CM for other MMO's for the past 8 years, besides having the experience, you learn over the years about player "moments", hit detection, aim detection, snapping, awkward movements, slight faster speed after a kill, marcos, no mods and having perfect hits, secondary side weapon moments and hit points, new recruits at low level in a clan ( nothing to do with being a re-roll, they use that as an excuse ), never missing. The player i caught cheating in EU, is one example, soon as i caught him cheating and say i reported him, he logs off. That's another clear sign that someone is trying out cheats, besides the fact that he turns like a robot full 360 from one player to me and kills me. Its not hard to see it.
  8. Quick question, are EU in NA server? Ping over there 8ms ATM Also, does L.O. Staff (GM/CM) still allow videos to be sent in? Just caught 2 cheaters in EU using aimbot a few mins ago, Wanted to send in a video, do i it when sending in a game report or by email? Because i am back playing, might as well get back reporting these people when i catch them or my clan does. Thanks.
  9. I was just online a while ago, twice and the game got boring really fast. You know its bad when they give you 7 days of free premium and the game is still extremely boring and tiresome. As for match making, that's not as bad compared to having 1 vs 1 matches which i never play. That's worse than anything. Matt, just allow us to play the engine upgrade and try it out, might as well, geez.
  10. Game was shut down i think 2 years ago. Best video to show how it was, early before bleedout add on. http://crimecraft.mayngames.com/
  11. There's over 100 players online from steam charts, what they are doing just letting the game run in the background lol.
  12. Well i know some of them are not like APB, i was just referring to other parts like Customization and stuff. But a game like APB, the only other game that is the closest is Crimecraft without vehicles, its just like it. Only thing Crimecraft is a better game overall in terms of content and gameplay, but the customization is not.
  13. um, Saints Row 3 and 4 are similar to APB as for Customization and open world type gameplay and SR is a million times better and the customization is better. The Division is another game, but Defiance D13 is very similar to APB but with PVP. Apb only saving grace is the customization, period. Without it, the game would have been shut down way back in 2011.
  14. Would be nice if i could find that video or even the patch notes on when they removed/change the threat system. I could of sworn it was in 2012, or 2013, but just can't find the information anymore. Whatever they did, its when they got rid of the old symbols, and wasn't it 1-10 or something. I do remember alot of people was upset about it, the day it happen, but i can't find the patch notes or the video anymore. And yes i am a silver, i was only gold a few times made it to gold 8 once haha and gold 10 when i made a troll character using a oca whisper on eu. fun times indeed, i missed those days That's when the game was fun, trying to work for something, to achieve something.
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