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  1. Retired from this sh**. The LO staff don't know what they are doing lol.



  2. I'm not having a tantrum. I'm sitting here at work in my office, with my wife next to me, watching the football game , on my break. Perfectly calm and collect, I'm actually laughing about the entire thing, because i think its funny that a GM can't seem to read, but also feeling a bit uneasy about even playing this game anymore. I only got a little pissed because i really don't like it when people call me a liar, i have enough of that nonsense in the streets dealing with some of my women on drugs who do deceiving sh** and call you a liar because you won't buy them any dope. But that's another story which i won't get into, but don't call me a liar or say i am twisting any words, which clearly i never did that. Honestly man, at this point, I'm not even going to play this game anymore right now. I'm out. The Past GM's were better and had respect and knew what was up, and I'm not talking about Revo or that guy jolblut or whatever his name was. Later. You guys can have this game. I'm out. Going back to watch the game haha.
  3. He never said soon, he said "if", etc. ComFeyer GM , i was asking him questions and talking to him in private message, because i ask him to speak to me privately. He could have said it publicly, but he was just talking to me. Hold up now, nobody is twitching your damn words. Why don't you show the full log instead of part of the conversation. You only shown part of the conversation. Don't say i twisted your words when i clearly did not. I ask you about the engine upgrade and clearly was giving you an idea when its release for testing , to do it for 4 days. And you told me, what you wrote, but you also said its coming soon. Its too bad i wasn't recording that, i would show you what you said on video. How am i twisting your words? I never said anything about you guys releasing the engine upgrade on a certain date, nor did i say you said that, so explain to me how am i twisting your words? And you're a GM? I'm a CM and a GM for several MMO's right now and you're clearly not acting like that, telling me something then saying i twist up your words , geez man. I guess you also never told me to send you a video directly to you about a known hacker that i have footage of right? Honestly with GM's like this running the game, I'm scared to play this game to make reports , knowing that you and others won't take any of this cheating stuff seriously. Honestly , i want an apology. I never twisted your words, wtf. This sh** is bothering me, its honestly making me mad. Saying i did something which i never did and basically calling me a liar lol. Man i wish the old GM's were back in the game. L.O. man. geez. Nobody is lying, that's one thing that i don't do is lie about anything. Read above, he's making an assumption that i said something that he said, and i never did that. He's the one who's not even understanding what i said and what he wrote. Merged. And mods don't delete any of this conversation. I want the GM to reply back. Because i never once said he said anything about a date or timeline when its coming, i clearly said he said they have a public test coming soon, which he said. He needs to show the full log. He said soon, soon does mean a freaking certain day or hour or month. So i never tested up his words. If i don't get an apology i am not coming back to this game, because i refused to take my time to play this game, record people cheating and send footage or even support a game where they have GM's who don't take their game seriously, but also saying someone is twisting up their words when i clearly did not. If i am going to play a MMO game with GMs and CM's, i need to trust them, clearly this guy is making me not trust anyone from the entire staff. So if i don't get any apology, I'm done with this game for good.
  4. No, i just spoke to him a few days ago and that's what he told in PM in the game. Can you show me where a GM has told the community recently that a public test version of the engine upgrade is coming soon? I haven't seen it, care to show me please, thank you.
  5. Couple things. #1 I spoke to one of the GM's in the game 2 days ago in NA, he told me that a open beta public test for the engine upgrade is coming soon. So that is some great news. When its going to happen, who knows. Would be nice if they did the test on Christmas day. I just hope when they do the public test, give us free premium , 50% sales, and a new map district to play in, but with the new graphics, I'm assuming new environment changes are going to be in the two main districts. #2 Play other games, I'm playing Black Desert Mobile right now #3 Again, play other games from time to time, and give APB a break when it gets boring. APB is still fun sometimes, but when it gets boring about 1-2 hours, i just play other games, including Defiance being my favorite. My Desktop, and that's only half the games, i have about 35 more games, install in my steam library. So I'm never bored
  6. I'm not getting any errors on NA, only on EU for some reason.
  7. I forget that fast, but i was just in waterfront again and it says the server went offline. Now I'm in fin 1 and see how it goes. Not sure what's going on. Just went offline, going to play in NA and see does it happen again.
  8. The server just went down, in EU. What happen? Was in a match, and everyone got disconnected.
  9. I said this in chat, but would be cool if they release the engine upgrade Christmas day, with 20 days of free premium, a new map location (beta, test) , 50% sale. A man can only dream.
  10. Alright thank you for the info. I probably get enough videos and send them next time, no rush. P.S. Please release the engine upgrade Christmas day
  11. Yea because my ping is around 5ms and 10ms. Real smooth.
  12. um I am asking can we send in videos about cheaters, and is the eu server in NA?
  13. What does being a silver player have to do with to see if someone is cheating? Its not hard to see if someone is cheating, its very easy. Even more easy for me depending on what gun they use. I'm a GM / CM for other MMO's for the past 8 years, besides having the experience, you learn over the years about player "moments", hit detection, aim detection, snapping, awkward movements, slight faster speed after a kill, marcos, no mods and having perfect hits, secondary side weapon moments and hit points, new recruits at low level in a clan ( nothing to do with being a re-roll, they use that as an excuse ), never missing. The player i caught cheating in EU, is one example, soon as i caught him cheating and say i reported him, he logs off. That's another clear sign that someone is trying out cheats, besides the fact that he turns like a robot full 360 from one player to me and kills me. Its not hard to see it.
  14. Quick question, are EU in NA server? Ping over there 8ms ATM Also, does L.O. Staff (GM/CM) still allow videos to be sent in? Just caught 2 cheaters in EU using aimbot a few mins ago, Wanted to send in a video, do i it when sending in a game report or by email? Because i am back playing, might as well get back reporting these people when i catch them or my clan does. Thanks.
  15. I was just online a while ago, twice and the game got boring really fast. You know its bad when they give you 7 days of free premium and the game is still extremely boring and tiresome. As for match making, that's not as bad compared to having 1 vs 1 matches which i never play. That's worse than anything. Matt, just allow us to play the engine upgrade and try it out, might as well, geez.
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