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  1. It's already been stated threat lvl and missions are gonna be changed at a later date with fazing or whatever. Just wait on that
  2. Little orbit already stated nothings final... Like seriously y'all cry waaaaay too much about a free game that's clearly still going through fixes and changes. Yall need to start acting like adults bruh fr, its honestly pathetic. Just give a good reason on why you like or dislike a change then move on, Im sure they'll take note of it. but to sit n whine and complain about every little thing is little banana energy. Thanks for listening to my TED Talk.
  3. Bruh... Like are you serious? Cant tell if ur joking or not Lmfao its not just gonna be him against everyone else. I hope not anyways.
  4. Imma be honest... This is literally one of the most dumbest posts. Thats like the lowest level of trash talk.
  5. When typing that I actually had that in my head just didn't have the pic
  6. Bruh literally all you have to do is not look at the chat box.....
  7. Lmfao how bout when you hit p5 or n5 your whole group gets the bounty put on them
  8. Yoooooo I like that idea a lot bruh, the jostle around the aim and knocked into a lil animation would be dope asf tbh and totally make sense. Im thinking the animation be that like how you said depending on the severity of the collision the gunner could accidentally fire off his gun sporadically, wasting ammo. Imagine that with a rocket launcher lol the diver crashes into something and boom you shoot a rocket off to the side of the vehicle hitting some pedestrians or poor taxi driver stopped at a red light
  9. Hey actually if you notice in the video I posted earlier when in the game 187 if the car is hit hard enough the character will fall back into the vehicle so that could be another fall back. So in theory it'll also take a good driver not hitting other cars and obstacles for it to be affective (which in fact is somewhat hard to do in apb lol) What do you think?
  10. Actually thats a good question, hmmm well off the top of the head you can switch between sunroof and side windows when being shot at so it wont necessarily replace side windows but yeah its only really better than side windows if you have a light machine gun or a rocket launcher and I'm thinking while someone is using them while in said sunroof the vehicle will have a speed reduction maybe (not sure by how much) or perhaps ammo reduction. Not being sarcastic but what do you think would actually be a good down side using it?
  11. Why you always such a debby downer my guy? Like constructive criticism is always welcomed but whenever you post on something its just you shooting an idea down or just disagreeing with the majority of things in forum... What you bring to a topic is the same stuff as every single other one... A black and white look to it.
  12. There's always one bruh... Yeah if you guys wanna think of it like that, thats basically what im saying. But the point is its something new, something fresh man. It adds to the the game play a tad bit. Its not some new crazy innovated gaming mechanic thats gon fix the game but its something... Its just an idea.
  13. Fairly simple idea, just a new body part for all vehicles that adds aesthetic and a new way to do drive bys... Sunroofs. Be honest how many times have you seen bad and good guys alike in movies poke there heads outta the top of a vehicles sunroof and start blasting away with machine guns at the other car? Hell I can name about 20 off the top my head haha, but fr jokes aside I personally would love to have the ability to have my car look more sleek while also having the option to have a team mate get up through it and blast at who ever sad bloke it is in front or back of us, to or from an objective im I right? I know you might be saying to your selves "well there's really no need for it other than show when you can just hang out the side windows like normal." And to that I say NO your wrooong, I mean yeah its also for show but isn't that also a big part of Apb? to show off your cool stuff to others. Plus can you shoot a beast of a light Machine gun like the Alig 726 while hanging out the side of a car? One handed? Im sorry to be blunt but you're not Arnold Schwarzenegger so no... no you cant lmfao. But with the sun roof you could stick out the top and lay waste to whatever car that so much as honks at you. "You could equip Car surfer" yeah but after how many months of grinding just to unlock it... And think how many times you've died using it, how many times you've fallen off causing you to spend more time getting to an objective. Im not saying it should replace it but it sure is a better option I think and makes more sense than someone standing on top of a car going high speeds... Idk, Ive typed enough just let me know what yall think ✌
  14. Joker Cr5 "Noober" A Cr5 with a m203 style Underbarrel grenade launcher (also known as the Noob Tube in cod) shoots like a regular Cr5 but also has the ability to shoot one grenade at a time that explode on contact buuuut only being able to carry one or two grenades for it. Lmk what you think lol
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