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  1. Couldn't find if this was ever suggested before but anyways I wanna suggest adding Execution Style Finishers into APB! How this would work I was thinking would be instead of just flat out dying like in the current version, when you kill a player or damaged them to the point where they should've died they then drop down into a bleed-out Animation which you then got a few seconds before they actually do die to go up to said downed player and do a fancy Finisher. If implemented I dont think it should add to the death/spawn timer at all and I know many people would agree on that. instead it should all fit into the current spawn time with executions being not too long and fairly quick to keep the flow of the game the same, perhaps shaving off a few seconds from picking a spawn location option? Idk but yeah I feel like Executions would fit nicely into APB in the future and kinda just want to make my enemies death more close and personal >:D haha. Could even make it where you can buy different finisher weapon styles in armas as a cosmetic thing! Baseball bat, Crowbar, Baton, Katana, Chains, Machete, Axes, golf club. Just let me know what yall think. WARNING GRAPHIC GAMEPLAY CONTENT AHEAD, yo patootie been warned. My Inspiration: GodFather 2 the game- The bat Execution at 4:00 is beautiful Gears of war series- GodFather the game- Thinking about it some more this could open up multiple more avenues for the game as well, adding a Character mod where you can Pick up and revive a fallen teammate maybe? Or adding the option to just pick up a downed enemy to use as a body shield lmfao
  2. Really love your art style for this hope to see more
  3. This ^This too, cant agree more. Yall are some crybaby patootie mf
  4. Indeed, that why its only a suggestion
  5. Nah the point of this suggestion is to add to the look of Social, to basically fill in that empty space while also adding a incentive, dont get me wrong I aint saying you idea is wrong in anyways but not what Im going for
  6. Okay so do yall know that little circle area in the middle of Social in the grass area that sticks out like a sore thumb? Its basically just plain and looks ugly... I was thinking adding a water fountain there that you could interact with and once a day you can make a wish by flipping a coin in and getting a certain amount of joker tickets. Its basically like a log in incentive while also bringing more life and look to social. If anyone is interested and knows how to Model stuff digitally than I would like to bring my idea into a visual representation on how the fountain would fit and also look in the game and into social.
  7. Multiple people have already elaborated, just look through the replies again
  8. xXD4v1dXx

    Too laggy to play

    Its gotten to point its not even fun to play anymore, came back from a 3 month break from the game and don't even wanna play for another 3 months after how bad I seen it today... Please look into it.
  9. Nah There's literally multiple ways around not seeing a text you dont wanna see... And even if that, if a person is getting their feelings hurt from what a person says on a game then they shouldn't even be playing that game in the first place (especially Apb) but as for different chat ideas tho I would love if when you type something a message bubble pops up over your characters head ( < like that ) with what you said inside making it more visual and cleaner on who said something. Of course not everyone will like that so it can be toggled off and on with messages still showing in the chat box.
  10. Oh man it would be a dream come true
  11. For a limited amount of time every couple days or so all Graffiti Spots will open up to both the Crim n Enf players across the maps, including the ones restricted by missions and you then will have to reach multiple Spray goals for JT, Cash, Consumables, and Maybe skin or clothing Rewards. You wouldn't be able to hit the same spot twice makeing it so you cant just boost with friends or something. Sounds cool
  12. Did anyone ask if Apb will be on the new consoles on that AMA? Didn't see anything about it and it's a good question in my opinion so just want to know.
  13. What you suggested is another dope idea too, I would love to see different Flash Flarings too. Would be so sick. You should make that a suggestion my guy
  14. Oh well if not then like I said I totally agree, would be cool to have more mussle flash affects. Glitter, sparkles, ect. Would fit into the game.
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