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  1. xXD4v1dXx

    Clothing concepts

    The traffic cone hat should be awarded if you get ran over a certain amount of times
  2. Servers been down two days now
  3. A regular barretta model that's semi auto would be hella nice
  4. Being able to kill the driver and the passenger while their riding SHOULD be the down side to the faster speed compared to cars. Thats if you have good enough aim to hit a fast moving target like that
  5. xXD4v1dXx

    Bayland again

    Its back up but locks everyone on the loading screen now
  6. xXD4v1dXx

    Bayland down

    Bayland on Xbox has been down for like 2 or 3 days now
  7. Welp these things get posted and changed so they can get feedback like this, if we ain't asshats then Im sure they will look into it again
  8. She's always a debby downer but yeah this is big steps man big steps.
  9. I for one I'm intrigued to see whats to come. Everyone else talking shit are just whiney adult babies.
  10. xXD4v1dXx

    Bandana Print

    I addressed that already. Point is so is making camo or graffiti but those are still options as well
  11. xXD4v1dXx

    Bandana Print

    Suggestion to add a pre-made bandana Print symbol editor option to symbol creator. Ik you could make it if you really wanted to but so could you with the camo option and Graffiti one. So why not have a bandana option as well? Just an idea
  12. Love the Nylon Flight Jacket but would love it more if it had an unzipped version
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