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  1. Seems like yall only answer to new post so just merg this back into the original one after reading it. But Social and financial are down yet again, I know things ain't stable right now with the whole server migration/server move and all so I totally understand but just lettin you know.
  2. Aye social, Waterfront, and asylum all down again for the past like three days.
  3. Totally agree with that, I'm in the mind set that is like "the update comes when the update comes". If its gon take more time then yeah dont try to rush it, majority of players that have stuck it out through the years will still be here more or less but if it flops thats gon be a big blow to LO and I'm on their side 100% so i don't want that to happen lol.
  4. So the Engine Update is coming some time this month right? Remember Matt and temp talking about how it was coming before the new year in the QnA video from two months ago.
  5. Social and Bayland are down again on Xbox NA
  6. All the Xbox Apb Districts are down besides waterfront any info on what going on with that?
  7. What are the must need mods for the tommy gun, prolly not gon be even using it that much if even at all but Im bout to unlock it so I wanna try to use it at its fullest potential for however long Imma play with it.
  8. My fault if this was answered or was already posted somewhere but will console players be getting the premium compensation for the down time as well or no.
  9. Servers are coming back on and Yall are still crying like some bitches, your great warrior ancestors would be ashamed of your pathetic existences. Sorry again to the admins for my language (freedom of speech)
  10. Yall are really sad bruh... Like fr majority of you bash every f****** move they make (they haven't even had apb that long when you really think about it, mistakes and wrong calls are bound to happen) and then when it's down for a couple days you'll cry like some b******, I'm calling it right now their gon get sick of y'alls whining and as soon as the engine update is complete they're just gon give us away to another company thats most likely gon let us sit and rot again.... Acting like some goddamn crack addicts. Sorry to the admins for language.
  11. Will Apb be on the new consoles coming up or naw?
  12. Post here any guns you'd like to see be added into the future of Apb, with a picture of said gun and a quick run down of features and utilities it might have. You're free as well to share your own gun ideas and drawings as long as is its not too crazy sounding and at least fits into the game in some way basically a back burner for LO and a place to share a love for guns Merged. Mossberg 500 chainsaw A hipfiring pistol grip shotgun with a over barrel bridge chainsaw style hand grip with a breacher barrel for getting through doors. https://pin.it/qezfthoa5so34j https://pin.it/6ksdcaubclvgsq Would love to see a mod implemented into this fine machinery that allows shut doors to be but shot open (not that useful of a mod but still)
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