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  1. Is the C9S a new version of the c9. Or has it been in the game just not in joker store?
  2. Buy it or dont buy it, majority dont really care and your not hurting LO's feelies by stating you aint gon buy it... Just dont buy it and move on bruh, whole post is pointless.
  3. I swear if this doesn't convince you bozos that Matt and LO actually care about the community then nothing will, they're literally trying there best even through a global scare. Thanks Matt and much love to the rest of the team ❤ hope yall stay safe and if anything yall gotta put your self before a game
  4. Lmfao everyone crying about the new JMB only to still buy it y'all are a bunch of hypocritical clowns I swear, If I didn't love this game so much I'd like to see it shut down to see you all lose your shit. But eh this community is toxic and I'm pretty sure that aint changing anytime soon. Better hope LO dont get sick of y'all cryin.
  5. Some people have been waiting a looot longer than others and are understanding about the situation of the game just take that into consideration... We all want the Engine upgrade but if its rushed and comes out crappy what was the point of crying in the first place that it took so long? I swear this community is a bunch of no brainers.
  6. Bruh plz just shut up, if your such a prophet and feel like you know exactly what's gonna happen to the game why you here... Like literally your contributing in no way whats so ever other than spouting toxic waste from your mouth my guy. Boo hoo I get it, the game aint progressing as fast as you want it to progress but to say LO is just G1 is nonsense and your just being a whiney, entitled crybaby. I Ain't no fan boy but we're in the same rocky patootie boat bruh and LO Is trying to steer this mf best they can so just strap in and stop complaining or jump ship and leave cuz your negativity aint wanted here.
  7. Lmfao seems like once a week we get a post like this smh. Plz just shush and wait like the rest of us. You're literally contributing in no way whats so ever and just adding to the junk posts in forum my guy. At least be happy their sharing what ever they can with us on the Engine progression.
  8. An Idea for the Enforcers side that I think would add to the gaming experience is Npc open world bounty missions, as in like when you spawn Into a mission district there's always a list of Blood Rose and G King style NPC's posted up on like a screen or board at noob spawn that you could then go out and have to find in the district and arrest for a paycheck, this could be a in between missions kinda thing and just adds to the enforcer side of game play. Could even have it like some Npc's are harder to find and spawn in less but pay more than others. If anyone has anymore ideas to add to this lmk.
  9. It's already been stated threat lvl and missions are gonna be changed at a later date with fazing or whatever. Just wait on that
  10. Little orbit already stated nothings final... Like seriously y'all cry waaaaay too much about a free game that's clearly still going through fixes and changes. Yall need to start acting like adults bruh fr, its honestly pathetic. Just give a good reason on why you like or dislike a change then move on, Im sure they'll take note of it. but to sit n whine and complain about every little thing is little banana energy. Thanks for listening to my TED Talk.
  11. Bruh... Like are you serious? Cant tell if ur joking or not Lmfao its not just gonna be him against everyone else. I hope not anyways.
  12. Imma be honest... This is literally one of the most dumbest posts. Thats like the lowest level of trash talk.
  13. When typing that I actually had that in my head just didn't have the pic
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