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  1. You see Todesklinge, I think it's great some people still have the passion to make suggestions that could help this game. And many of them are pretty good as well. No one hates you for it. But you have to remember, when you post in an open forum people can and will critique what they don't agree with, and you seem to have a real problem with this part. What you think is unbalanced, or who you think cheats, or what you think the game should do some other way doesn't apply to all the people. And you most certainly aren't always right. But... At least you're trying something, and in my mind that counts for something. So uhh.. keep it up I guess. Keep suggesting things and one of these days you'll come up with a real good one and maybe it'll even be in the game. But damn that day sure isn't today, Todie.
  2. So can you see the difference? If not, you're kinda contradicting yourself here, buddy
  3. Only an idiot would think that full-pvp game where 50% of the players have to lose for the other 50% to win a mission would harbor this kind of mentality. Right?
  4. Not everyone wants to tryhard in silver districts all the time.. for me, it gets physically tiring. Trying to win against those Obeya Cr's that hit every shot every mission, just can't take it all the time. I find no enjoyment in that. I don't even benefit from winning, I don't care about it. I got every car and legendary I need. Joker tickets are also of meager use. Winning is not fun for me, but being able to play off-meta weapons and still have a chance to win is nice.
  5. Funny thing though, how they completely destroyed pmg with this patch. It used to be the longer range/more accurate smg, but now it gets outclassed at all ranges by oca/whisper. I don't mind it from a personal standpoint, I don't use pmg that much but from a balance perspective I think this change wasn't given proper thought.
  6. @Sakebee "With the OCA changes also affecting the OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' variety, it was important to ensure that this gun still had a special function that made it feel distinct from the base model. Since Cooling Jacket (a common choice for close range weapons) can't be used on this weapon, we've increased the accuracy of the gun significantly. This allows it to function as a more accurate yet slower variety of the OCA." With this in mind, would you consider making the Joker C9S EX-III JT2 PR1 reskin from joker store a whisper? As it stands, it's a silenced normal oca which can not benefit from red mods but also doesn't have the innate benefits of a whisper. yeah it's a cool skin but still worse than whisper or normal oca
  7. ColorBauss

    TRADE locking

    I had the same thing out of nowhere maybe a year or so ago, seemingly permanent. I messaged support about it and they removed it, haven't had problems since.
  8. It's an patootie thing to do, but not totally pointless (not every time at least). That's how I learned to wait in unopposed missions, by getting killed a few times first.
  9. Probably not a solution to your problem but the APB Advanced Launcher makes the game run a whole lot better. Of course, the game will look like a soviet union city block but... at least the game runs on my shitty laptop.
  10. Fine goal, but how are you going to do that? By beating them you are helping them. By "counter dethreating" you yourself are dethreating, and breaking the ToS. A rough situation indeed
  11. I have to disagree. In a pinch you can still crouch and hipfire with good accuracy, and my previous statement stands. Not every weapon should be able to do everything. Pro tip: The trick is to not hipfire with ntec. Just aim
  12. N-Tec is perfectly fine as it is, and should be completely inaccurate when hipfired. I was a bit disappointed to see its jump-shooting accuracy nerfed, but other than that, if it was changed to be any more accurate in any aim mode it would be too much. Not everything should be possible with every weapon, that's just the nature of the game.
  13. Well there's your problem
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