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  1. Crosshair overlays can be useful, especially with weapons like oscar or joker carbine. If you know where an enemy is hiding, like behind a corner or a kneeling behind an obstacle, you can keep sprinting and fire as soon as you see them peek out.
  2. Yet another based Todesklinge post, I am so happy to see you haven't given up on Kevlar 3.
  3. Not a bug, intended. After all, if you're getting that message you're a cheater and we don't want to help cheaters solve their problems. /thread
  4. Damn Mack that's rough, get well soon. Oh and don't let them take your machine gun!
  5. "If I speak I'm in big trouble, and I don't want to be in big trouble, and if I speak I'm accused of bringing the players into disrepute. The gm's do what they do, they do and they go home, they do and they don't go to the press, they refuse even to exchange a couple of words when one person, like me who has been in the game for so long, asks politely, 'Can you speak with me for five seconds?' and it's 'No, I don't speak with you for five seconds'." But yeah, maybe EAC is a bit volatile and I wouldn't trust it with VPNs etc. Just funny to see certain people post on the forums about it.
  6. They made an event that tries to sell 1-slot csg to us? Nothing else? How does this honor anyone, or do anything? It's just a weapon sale on a weapon most people already have anyway..
  7. Well that was easy, 4th try (20%) Cya in the next event bois
  8. I see, that's what I thought. So 5% chance to get it, ain't that great
  9. So did I understand correctly... there is no way to get FFA R&D permanently? Only for lease during this week?
  10. Increase rendering range to 150m and increase all weapons range by 1.5x
  11. I don't think there is a good way to make them any better than they are currently. Coywolf for example has 40 more health and 0.6 m/s better top speed. Vegas 4x4, jericho and bishada etc. Have 200 more health than mikro and vaquero. Their acceleration and maneuverability is their strong suit, and if you buff their speed or health then they just become better versions of the current "best cars".
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