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  1. Hell yeah I do, and I'm loving every minute of it
  2. This gun is the best gun this game has ever seen, solving the dethreating problem in one big swoop. No longer do people who own the corsair need to break the TOS, now they can just use corsair instead! It's really great.
  3. PS4? Well that explains it... hope they fix it soon. heh. heh heh
  4. Honestly, the EOL's are so bad that it might as well be as good as a normal EOL. As long as it doesn't have crazy hard damage like the concussive variant does.
  5. Wouldn't work. There's plenty of old players that have nothing to gain and only play for the fun of it, like myself. Consequently, most of the players that dethreat and go to bronze districts are players like this. If there isn't a strict "no golds can enter" it wont work, no matter what the penalty is.
  6. Let me look that up real quick.. ..computer says no. /s
  7. What I mean by "basic pathing" is that whenever you go close enough, say 20-30 meters, pedestrians will run straight at you, and if they collide with something they will keep trying to run straight at you until you are out of their range. After all, if they are implemented to mission districts and actually chase you down through doors, ladders etc. like you suggested it could be a bit much.
  8. Not necessarily all this, maybe the pedestrians don't need to be "super intelligent" to be zombies, just give them some very basic pathing and if someone goes inside a car just make them wail at the car until it's destroyed or the player comes out. You know, like you would expect a real brainless zombie to do.
  9. When you crouch and lean at the same time you can't be hit over a mobile cover from even ground. Without leaning you can be hit over it.
  10. Cheaters? Lies and slander! Are you telling me you can't full-auto a PMG and perform a spinning crane kick while hitting enemies on both sides of you with consecutive shots? Because legit players sure can! this story was inspired by a certain legit criminal in Citadel I might or might not have seen yesterday
  11. Even though this isn't exactly a solution, you can always go to an empty district (one of the gold districts) to ram raid with no interruptions.
  12. After testing for a while, I noticed cooling jacket doesn't work in marksmanship mode for the N-Tec 7c 'New Glory'. It works fine when hipfired though. I see no reason for it to not work while in marksmanship mode, so I am assuming it is a bug. I also did a quick google and someone already did a video shooting the gun side-to-side with and without cooling jacket 3:
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