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  1. If you consider the ISSR-B a sniper rifle, it has the fastest time-to-kill with 0,9 seconds. Good jump shot accuracy and can even be hip fired from under 20 meters. Great hard damage, destroying cars in a 1 clip. One of the most versatile guns in apb if you ask me. EDIT: Oh yeah, and ISSR-B has no movement penalty what so ever, making it even better as a mobile sniper.
  2. I recommend using the APB advanced launcher. Other than that, I don't know.
  3. You can jump shoot up to maybe ~20 meters quite reliably with the scout. Beyond that it's just rng, at 50 meters or more you're not going to hit anything.
  4. To me it seems absolutely unreal how the people who run this game are so blind to the cheating. It's everywhere in this game, every day I see these rank 30-80 throwaway cheater accounts who uses aimlock, macro, trigger-bot, and even the occasional speedhacker isn't so rare. And no one bats an eye. In the last 24 hours I played I must have seen at least 20 accounts like this in the districts I've been in. Of course there will always be people who accuse better players from cheating without any real basis. But that excuse to avoid the topic can only go so far.
  5. 1 month LUL my ticket about me paying 40$ and not receiving g1c took more than 3 months and even then they only brought my previous purchases up, which were not the reason I even submitted the ticket. Great support 5/7 would use again.
  6. I have the same problem, I can not buy or sell in the marketplace or use the trading function. It says when mousing over the buttons "your account is currently not allowed to trade". Already made a support ticket about it.
  7. ColorBauss

    Error code 11002

    Same problem, wanted to come back after some years and error 11002. Actually first it was 11001, now it is 11002... played through steam back in the day, tried changing password but apparently that only changed the password for the gamersfirst account, not the steam account I used to play on (they have the same email probably). I had almost 500 hours in so rather not make new account. Made a ticket, ID #79625 EDIT: I can login through gamersfirst account just fine, but that is empty because I always played trough steam
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