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  1. Sure it's a scummy move, but it is the reality of the game... keep in mind enforcers don't have the ability to ram raid at all. If you decide to do "crime" in the game, then you shouldn't be surprised when the self-proclaimed militia factions disguised as police will instantly kill you for it,
  2. Best option would be the ability to connect to all servers with one character.
  3. Yeah I guess there are some people like that, back in 2019 or something I remember a guy in social who was an actual nazi or just trolling... got banned pretty quick when everyone there got pissed of him lol. Back then there still was some moderation.
  4. Most people do though, it's an intended part of the game just like missions and fight club
  5. Thank you Revoluzzer, you explained what I couldn't put into words very nicely.
  6. They fixed the Flaws alright, but then they let him back in
  7. Bloom and accuracy are not the same thing, this sentence "Removal of bloom - would lead to ADS being 100% accurate" doesn't make sense, this just means making give all guns max accuracy while in marksman, not removing bloom that occurs after every shot. If you really mean removing bloom completely, you would just make every gun a automatic lazer gun, which would be so stupid no one would play the game anymore. What I understand is you just want the game to play slower in all aspects. You have a lot of good points like removing red mods and changing guns baseline, but overall I still like the customizability of mods even if 90% of the time you use the same mods... I disagree with making guns kill slower and be 100% accurate in marksman, you already have guns that have almost no bloom and very good accuracy in marksman mode, like star old glory, ar-97 misery. But they kill slower, of course, because they are easier to use. If all guns mostly worked like them, the game would become so boring and slow... that is if every gun got their TTK reduced. If smg's and shotguns didn't get the nerf bat as well, they would just dominate all rifles. Or if they did, how fun would it be to sit there with a PMG and fire 8-9 bullets into someone? Also there are already plenty of 3STK shotguns, what would happen to them? They would turn into 5STK? Talk about bullet sponge... Maybe in this case people would use snipers like scout and just camp 24/7 behind boxes and corners because now assault rifles would no longer be as big a threat to them. It's just a bad idea to slow the game down like this and 99% of playerbase would dislike it EDIT: "You ever heard of recoil? Accuracy while shooting/bloom and initial accuracy should NEVER be a metric used to balance and differentiate guns." This is actually something that is somewhat of a hard-stop for cheaters, as recoil can be completely negated with software, but accuracy and bloom is serverside. Any cheater would instantly become god if what you proposed came true... now we can still outplay them as they can't get away from the client-side restrictions.
  8. Apb certainly does have one of the highest bloom mechanics in any game.. but what other mechanic can you really think of that makes guns diverse enough? We have damage, fire rate, accuracy, bloom, magazine size and reload speed... along with some minor ones like walking speed while in marksman. If you take bloom out of this equation, people will just take the gun that kills fastest. What difference will there be in, say, assault rifles after that?
  9. What a stupid opinion, you really want to make all weapons point-and-click ATACs and raptors?
  10. This is exactly what I wanted to know, thanks a lot! What about Ursus? That's the last one I would like to know.
  11. I would like a makeover for the T-25 in a similar vein as the han veo had with coywolf variant
  12. Yeah the values are all there but I don't know how to calculate them, to figure out this "minimum accurate kill time" you're going to need Fire Rate, Per Shot Modifier, Shot Modifier Cap (doesnt matter in this case actually because you won't reach max bloom with any of these weapons), Recovery Delay, Recovery Per Second and calculate how long does it take after every shot to return to minimum bloom I would also consider something like 2 shot bursts vs tap fire, if the 2 shot burst doesn't lose enough accuracy to be considered a detriment
  13. I've long been interested in what I like to call "minimum accurate kill time", which means how fast a gun can kill while maintaining maximum accuracy. For example, how long does an ntec take to kill when: - All 6 shots hit - Shots are fired at the maximum fire rate that allows the bloom to reset completely - And obviously no health regening in between shots If there's any mathematically inclined people here, I'd like to know these stats on some weapons. Specifically on assault rifles like ntec, far, cobr-a, and rifles like obeya cr. These stats can most likely be figured out by looking at the stats at apbdb, but I just never bothered to do it.
  14. Please contact the Dungeon Master (Vnight) to have your request processed
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