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  1. What? That video is from 2018 and the rocket obviously exploded https://imgur.com/a/qtKfABE
  2. I think it's better to have the norm be "will result in a permanent ban" but evaluate every offence on a case by case basis. It's kinda like laws, they don't actually prevent anyone from doing crime, but people will choose not to because those laws and punishments are in place.
  3. ColorBauss

    just explain this

    I saw 1 hitmarker, then 1 that should have hit but it ghosted. Just apb being apb
  4. I watched the first video, and you used high-burn fuel for the coywolf but not for the vegas 4x4. Coywolf has 990 Health by default, and Vegas 4x4 has 1150 Health by default, according to apb.db.
  5. Never used any corsair products myself, but with a quick google I found out iCUE is causing problems in many games, most recently valorant. " The reason iCUE (and NZXT CAM and some others) are getting hit is because they're using a cpuz driver from 2008 which has a vulnerability that allows escalation of priviledges and information disclosure that was reported in October of 2017. Link for those interested. This is definitely a fix that has to come from Corsair, iCUE should not be running a Kernel Driver from the last decade with vulnerabilitiesthat are known for 2 years." -> found here link "It's also rather ironic that this anticheat, which has been critisized quite a bit lately (and in part, for good reason) is the one that actually points out that we have a security hole like this."
  6. I use FBW much more than nano, just preference I guess, but to get the same TTK as nano you would need to to fire perfectly every 0,21 seconds (with fire rate being 0,20 sec). So if you can fire FBW 1 millisecond above the fire rate with every shot, you have the same TTK as nano.
  7. Yeah it's harder to detect, macroers are everywhere. Most common weapons are FBW, Joker SR-15 Carbine and Obeya CR Rifle.
  8. I agree, the changes they made have been a little bit stupid at times but... even when the changes were for the worse, I came back to test them out and had some fun times. There have been plenty of good changes too, like 140 ammo capacity for joker sr Tommy Gun recoil reduction Yukon fire rate nerf Obeya CR accuracy nerf (though it's still a laser gun) And then they destroyed pmg, made oca top dog, did some weird shit with FAR and somehow changed COBRA and it's still shit. EDIT: Oh yeah and they made R-2 Harbinger much better
  9. I understand that the engine update and marketing that comes after is your priority right now. But to keep the current playerbase interested, you really should do more balance changes and weapon additions more often. Maybe even some recurring events, that give new weapons or joker tickets. Every time there's weapon changes or new weapons added I come back for a while, usually a week or two, and it's all fun and good. But after a while, it's the same old APB. Keep buffing underpowered guns like the Norsemen series, similar to what you did to the Tommy Gun not long ago. The Tommy Gun had suffered for years, and now it's finally seeing some proper use due to the insane recoil being cut in half. Keep releasing new legendaries, cars or JT guns. They don't even have to be completely new guns, maybe just reskins or new gun/mod combinations. That's all you gotta do to keep the game interesting. A balance patch or a new gun every month, will take you far in the future, now and after the engine update.
  10. Don't mind Todesklinge, he is an avid advocate of Kevlar 3, mortal enemy of CA3 and thinks everyone around him is cheating.
  11. Not too sure, but looking at your profile pic you're already putting those camo trousers to good use.
  12. I agree with mostly all of your points. I don't know how crafting would work in this game, but if they somehow managed to add it in intuitively, it would be great. The old "rent a weapon for 10 days" is such an outdated and annoying system.
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