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  1. Seems like a normal edgy Vnight post.. however if you take the last 4 paragraphs by themselves they make perfect sense and are true.
  2. I also feel like the only problem with tommy gun is the recoil. Just make it more forgiving and it's a fine gun otherwise.
  3. What I meant with my previous comment has nothing to do with "red crosshair being indicative of hitting the enemy" but knowing if the enemy is there in the first place. Often times I would have missed an enemy or not taken a shot if the crosshair wasn't red. Sometimes I see no enemy at all, just the red crosshair when targeting over a box or something, or when shooting under a car and all you can see is the crosshair turn red, otherwise you wouldn't know where to fire. If the crosshair never turned red, it would bring a sense of tactical gunplay where you can actually use cover effectively and not have the game tell you if you are targeting an enemy or just a box.
  4. I think it would be good for the game to remove the red crosshair.. that way you could actually use cover more effectively without the enemy knowing if they can hit you or not.
  5. This isn't world of warcraft my dude You aren't meant to be a "tank" in this game where most weapons kill in a second or less EDIT: I have figured out a conclusive solution for his problem. LO needs to implement "Todesklinge Kevlar" only available to Todesklinge. Todesklinge kevlar gives the benefit of Kevlar without a movement reduction, increased health regeneration similar to CA3 and explosive damage reduction like Flak Jacket. Downside is Todesklinge can only use percussion grenades, but he has 15 of them with instant resupply for all of them.
  6. It's just a bad gun, has been since its inception. Nothing much you can do to make it better.
  7. Well not exactly.. but he could answer, for example "yes it did break the terms of service but wasn't anything uncommon to online games" such as using certain words in chat. Or, "it was purely clever use of game mechanics that simply happened to break the game's griefing policy".
  8. Alright.. so what did you do then? Had to have been something pretty bad for a ban warning. Racism, threatening people irl, something that breaks the terms of service directly? This post doesn't really tell anyone anything. It's a "your word vs my word" kinda situation.
  9. You say it's irrelevant, but keep in mind that there are 2 different types of vegas cars: The normal one you can find at mission districts that turns like a boat, and a all-wheel-drive Vegas 4x4 that is much more usable and that is actually maneuverable in practice. The latter 4x4 version is only unlockable with Joker Tickets and from armas, if I am not completely mistaken.
  10. I think it definitely could work, give it a same kind of windup as true ogre. Something along the lines of 0,4 second wind-up, 0,5 kill time, with recoil and accuracy that is punishing enough to not be able to hit all shots beyond 20-30m meters. Depending on the fire rate, lets say a kill requires 10 bullets, then a suitable magazine size would be 40-50.
  11. ColorBauss

    More React Emotes

    I'm afraid we can't have reactions back.. or maybe we can?! Surely they couldn't.. unless?
  12. Weapon loses accuracy? Makes gun more ineffective Drop-off range reduced? Makes gun more ineffective Bolt timer added like with obir? Makes gun more ineffective seems like the correct use of nerf to me
  13. They need to stop fine tuning guns that are already fine and focus on making like half the guns usable. Sbsr, cobra, norseman, revelations guns (especially harbinger). So many guns that are just garbage but nevermind that, let's just change the max-bloom of ntec some inconsequential amount, give obir a bolt timer and make the worst secondary in the game even worse (snr). Good job guys.
  14. They messed up, pmg is shit and oca is.. probably where it should have been from the start. If they revert the pmg nerf, everything will be fine.
  15. I don't necessarily agree with the removal of reactions either but it's their platform, they can do what they want. They can moderate, censor, make changes, whatever they want without any consequence and with all the rights to do so. EDIT: And the best we can do is complain and whine, with all the rights to do so. Until we no longer have the rights to do so
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