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  1. the anti cheat error box, error code 00000000001 (don't know how many zeros, but that was the code). Appreciate the interest kerkov, but the developers have to look at this. Maybe getting their attention is better to help resolve.
  2. Another common occurrence, last few days been getting the boot from the game from anti-cheat. Not cheating and nothing else running on the computer. I suggest looking at that function. Last time it happened, I rebooted my computer beforehand and restarted the game fresh, nothing running but apb. I logged in fine, and just stood there with no keystokes. Booted me after about 5 min.
  3. I don't see my files by these exact names in my apb folder/logs, but other files are there. Looking thru the logs, the program wasn't found. Not sure why this happens.. but that usually was the reason for the shutdown to occur.
  4. Doesn’t the crash report send the files? If there are files on my pc, which ones?
  5. tried restarting, all stats are now gone on the character login screen. no next button (highlighted) to the different districts either.
  6. I'm a perennial silver player (due to playing on a laptop with a touchpad) and played this game way too much.. Someone that has played long enough can spot a cheater or someone playing that is pretty close to cheating. My favorite cheaters in the past were the guys that were running faster than the cars.. I laughed for hours on end watching them.. wish there was video captured.
  7. Jericho - NA. Seeing a few times a day, with the full client crash. There is no error shown, there is just the screen freeze for at least 20-30 seconds then the crash. The reporter then happens and I have always sent the bug report. I am not logged in via steam. Just run the apbprogram to launch the game and log in thru login screen. Next time it happens, I'll make note of the crash bug report ticket number and post here.
  8. Latency should be number one issue addressed. When I'm shooting at someone, hit them numerous times over and doesn't die because of choppy screens, makes the game unplayable. I literally shot at someone going from left to right on the screen because they started that way but stopped. The screen choppiness still had them moving that way but they were still and of course, I was shot dead. Happens way too much, and I'm not playing till it is fixed.
  9. In the process of reinstalling the game. I've gotten in game boot for 'cheat detection' a few times recently. Tried to use the bug reporter in game, that didn't work with a message in district chat saying contact customer support. Tried customer support, that didn't work either in game. Been experiencing extreme lag in game, can't even drive straight due to the screen freezing and then showing a direction where my character probably should be due to my keystrokes. Very choppy. I don't know if the new servers are the issue, but something is definitely off within the game.
  10. a 50% (or whatever) done notice would be helpful. a more projected timeframe of completion would help calm the inmates.
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