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  1. Holy shite, wtf.. For the last time, I don't hack. Never have. If my vegas flies out of bounds, that's not cheating, that's a design flaw. EAC banned me, so the problem is with them. The owners/designers of this game have no control over bans, legit or not. That is the problem. They can't even fix their own crappy game. Mack, get better dude. Not worth the time or effort to waste with these inept customer support, matt, whoever else. They are not addressing simple problems within the game, just giving a lot of empty promises.
  2. Get better Mack.. Got another useless email saying the same dumb shite. Fix my account, or just transfer my stuff to another account.
  3. Good luck, in same boat.. Pretty much gonna be fish bait in this, they will tell you that they can't do anything due to EAC.
  4. There is no place on the EAC website for them to answer APB related bans. The game is not on their list of games supported. So there is no way for EAC to unban. No way for APB support to unban. Every EAC ban is designated by them and can't be undone. Just add in a function of your own to override EAC. By the time anyone looks at these unfair bans, the player is going to be gone. Every cheat is adding in macros, whatever to adjust the game. For someone that is running widely used antivirus software (avg), and no macros, etc., there should be some way to get rid of these false bans. In the webcast, secrets was saying there was some communication with EAC. There should be communication about their false bans and have them show the proof of third party tools. Quoting Matt - 90% of the bans were from other people playing other accounts. Is the other 10% false bans then? Why is there no help for a false ban?? Please follow up with EAC. My account was banned because of their mistake. I don't have any third party tool and I'm still waiting for my account to be fixed.
  5. Got another email from support saying 'we can't help'. And too busy to help with other support issues going on. This is an easy fix, tell EAC they screwed up and unban my account. How hard is that?? Maybe Matt will address issue today with LO Q&A
  6. EAC banned my account for a third party tool. I have no third party tool, my computer uses AVG anti virus, and I've been playing APB for years with no problem. There is no way for EAC, support, or moderators to fix this problem. Obviously a technical issue for EAC they have not fixed. EAC will not fix a player account if banned, and the problem came from their code/program. There should be an override to EAC's issue, and my player account should be corrected.
  7. Strictly personal? What is that?? Just admit someone screwed up and banned my account for no reason. For EAC/support/moderators to say I'm using some third party tool, not show any evidence, and then effectively tell me to shut up? Nobody from support, moderators, or Matt has done one thing to help me out. A player for years that has not hacked. Thanks for nothing. Absolutely pathetic.
  8. Hello kerryb8448, It has come to my attention that one of your posts in "Deleting forum posts" contained a Customer Support ticket. Sharing CS tickets is not allowed on our forums, and as a result, your post has been removed. Please refrain from sharing other CS tickets in the future, or unfortunately you will be given an official warning. Thank you for your cooperation. - Azukii Trying any way to delete their incompetence, and not help solve the problem. Support sucks.
  9. Past few days, I had a post on my account being banned. Now that thread has been deleted. Forum moderators must have been told my topic wasn't any good for them. I guess my account being banned was wrong, and now they want to cover that up. Pretty petty and embarrassing to whoever is deleting the post and banning my character account. Bye Felicia!
  10. spoke too soon, crash today Reference: 2019-12-11_11.12.10.354_Client_crash
  11. reran the anti cheat executable that a GM in game told me about, haven't had that problem since. game seems to be fine for a couple of days from these errors. guessing the slow connnection and response were the main culprits here..
  12. the anti cheat error box, error code 00000000001 (don't know how many zeros, but that was the code). Appreciate the interest kerkov, but the developers have to look at this. Maybe getting their attention is better to help resolve.
  13. Another common occurrence, last few days been getting the boot from the game from anti-cheat. Not cheating and nothing else running on the computer. I suggest looking at that function. Last time it happened, I rebooted my computer beforehand and restarted the game fresh, nothing running but apb. I logged in fine, and just stood there with no keystokes. Booted me after about 5 min.
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