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  1. Was fun spawning on a contact and immediately running for the door, because you had about ~3 seconds before the Joker ear no began.
  2. Simplifying the game just forces everyone down the same boring meta, you need to throw more wrenches in the gameplay, no one should be comfortable with their loadout. Look at the game now, it's just .45 + whatever else works well with a macro. The game is saturated and has been for a long time, no (real) new player can keep up, they don't even get a chance to figure out what's going on. Hell most of them quit because the game automatically puts them in a dead west server district lmao.
  3. Hello, here are my A+ recommendations! Enjoy! Force first letter capitalization for every single player name, especially if the name is easily found in the Dictionary. Force all players with low-fi and elevator tier themes into Walking mode, no need to sprint when you're that chill and ez going. increase the magazine size of the Colby .45 to 32 bullets +10% damage increase, it's currently VERY underutilized. If any low latency player complains about hit-reg, force their connection through Afghanistan, so at least it makes sense for them to complain. Bring back jump shooting with the Scout, if you have no hands and can't JUMP + RMB + LMB, you shouldn't be doing it anyway. Anyone that Crouch + Lean's out in the open should have their view permanently rotated 45 degrees, should be more comfortable that way. JG Shotgun should have it's range decreased to 5m, it's only competent at that range anyway. Secretly decrease the damage of semi-auto weapons when a player uses macros, just enough to make them confused and angry. Make the rocket sound for the AAEPD Volcano 5x louder, currently it can only be heard 4 blocks away. Remove all out-of-bounds timers and despawn barriers, if a dump truck launches my car onto a roof, boy am I gonna use it. I'm very open to suggestions.
  4. Why does every stacked gold group have precisely one sub r100 player? e.g -r255 -r255 -r70 -r225
  5. I just checked and out of all my achievements, the top 5+ are APB lmao Pretty sure loads of MMO/multiplayer games have unobtanium achievements, do they have run events anymore?
  6. UE5 is soulless, I prefer the band aid UE2.534344333535 abomination we have now.
  7. Reloaded Productions changed the pops down after they hit some sort of engine limitation with the cars/clothes/weapons they were adding at the time. I think they even made new servers with higher frequency HEDT CPU's instead of Xeons and it still ended up being a hot mess. tldr; APB 1.XX is single threaded garbage from a client and server standpoint.
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