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  1. OH I completely agree OH I completely agree [2] I personally love that as soon as I start taking it seriously and actually try to win, I stop having fun and uninstall. This is not dissimilar to CS:GO.
  2. hohohoo *clenches teeth* yeaaah i don't know....
  3. What? Like, extended MP3 library that you can play in a car has some diss hip-hop track?
  4. I just realized that APB: Reloaded is available on PS5 as a backwards-compat app from PS4. AND I googled for the gameplay vids. A little bit of context: played APB:R on PS4 Slim, it's not good - fps-- terrible. We're talking like, 15 fps or 25 indoors. Also, I had plenty of server disconnects when playing on WI-FI. And so, PS5?! Brisk, super-smooth, eye-pleasing, heartwarming, solid 60 FPS, CARL! It's amazing! The resolution is probably 1080p too. Although, the footage suffers from BAD LOD streaming issues, pic related. (although, FPS still drops when near exploded vehicles and god only knows where else) What you think guys? Imagine no chat, no macros, no cheaters, no mouse! What a great experience it should be! (also I unironically wonder if LO makes any money from it and how it compares to console. And whether if ARMAS is more/less popular there)
  5. Oh my god guys, I am so thankful for your answers! Flaws and Reactem - guys, I'm extremely happy that you took your time and addressed al the stuff I asked. PS: in the back of my mind this whole time had the idea that "damn, I probably should just open Flaws guide, maybe it says something about it there..." I didn't, eventually, but I still thought about it, and then you yourself responded, I find it -- like, cute
  6. How about I buy Growl I2 with 2 open slots and transfer it - will I be able to put the mods into the open slots? If I transfer the car back to the creator, will I be able to customize it? Or refurbishing will lock the customization for everyone?
  7. Will vehicles and logos remain customizable? Will my mod slots unlock if I attain mods from another char?
  8. I have 450k in money and I am starting a new cop character. Can I transfer the money? Can I transfer a customizable vehicle? What should I buy as a crim for my cop?
  9. https://apbdb.com/contacts/?faction=Criminal&organisation=GKings for reference. Completed Tier 3 Grayson Fell, but Arlon Benjamin didn't get unlocked. Question: am I supposed to reach max standing with BOTH of Tier 3 in GKings before I get to Tier 4? Also, does this mean, that it's actually faster to progress with a single organization inside a faction if I want to reach higher tier contacts? Faster - time investment wise, so that I don't waste time on the other organization
  10. Oh what a time waste Oh yeah, it is indeed the same player
  11. It's also hanging there as if it's about to like roll on you and you just suicide by vehicle Also, from the perspective of Vegas jumps, this one is very lucky
  12. Hey guys, wanted to share a pretty unlucky moment with you Here is what happened today: - 3 silvers vs 3 golds - they have completely rolled us to the ground - 2 of my teammates didn't even get the contact standing after 15 minutes of playtime (might've been less) This is amazing just how terrible this is. I was pretty emotional at this point. Question: do you have anything really unlucky to compete with this?
  13. I'm not gonna address the entire response for the sake of being brief, but already this - this is valuable idea. You are identifying your problem, you seem to never be able to escape. And the advice that I proposed states that you should strive to exit an open confrontation in a manner that will allow you to preserve your live for very long, and this will count as advanced strategy. Saying this just to reiterate.
  14. I really like this idea, I think it's a great, valuable concept. I also really liked this response, it hilarious I am no vet, but I skimmed through the entire thread and have not found a mention of one concept that I would myself consider to be a useful advice for an advanced player. Here it is: one of the more advanced skills in APB is an ability to pick your fights. Doesn't sound too advanced, now, does it? And I agree, this is the kind of thing that a hypothetical player picks up in the matter of hours ever since starting the game. But in my belief, the skill ceiling in ability to assess the situation and utilize game sense to know when to retreat, avoid and play passively, is, in fact, very high. Now I am going to qualify this statement in the most scuffed and contrived way possible. The advanced technique can not be easily relayed in an algorithmic fashion so that you have a step by step instruction on what to do to be "advanced". But here is how you know you are advanced: do you find your self often in the following situations: - you are never close to the defend objective, but instead are roaming the adjacent city blocks - you have descended into critical damage numerous times during one life, pulling off a full escape and recovery without killing anyone - the enemies that you track and kill never seem to look in your direction and are always occupied with something else at the moment of their death - no more than one enemy ever has a line of sight on you Whenever you find yourself under these circumstances, you must know, you are exercising advanced tactics of picking your fights. This might seem like it's not much and I know that some Gold Threat Rank 255 Captain Sweats-A-Lot is going to slander me for presenting something obvious to him as a valuable advice. However, just for the sake of preserving open-minded-ness, I would like to insist that there is more wisdom and skill to picking your fights than to actual 1v1 stand offs against True Ogre or OCA Nano. It begins with simple realization that if I see 3 enemy Vegas 4x4's with red names above them near a defend objective, then I probably shouldn't stop and hop out and instead I should just drive along and let the objective go. It continues with surviving 4 deaths worth of damage in a single life. It continues with killing your enemies from the most elaborate and unexpected angles.
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