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  1. It's back online if anyone wanted to know.
  2. I haven't had this little fun ever since I was trying to consistently win on CS:GO! Just look at this matchmaking!
  3. WAIT it IS fixed once I've but to just ultra preset - i guess, it's just I fucked it up... sorry everyone... How do I close this topic...?
  4. Wait, actually, maybe if I try the presets in Advanced Launcher instead of blindly ticking every checkbox, it will be fixed...
  5. I used to play with advanced launcher. Now I have been playing for 3 days the new 64-bit version and what I noticed is that my car textures are not rendered in proper high resolution for cars other than mine. It looks all muddy and low fidelity. How do you think I could fix it? Here's a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/iWZ0VYB
  6. ... otherwise, the game is not fun. I think, Golds should be prohibited from entering Silver missions. I think, Gold 255 players play way different in comparison to Silver 100, and thus, they should be separated.
  7. Si checko el threado for engine upgado newso, Si seeing no upgrado, chalupa Taco bello El Matto busy with other gameo El very sado, el hoping that APB geto majoro upgrado in the spano of 5 yearo timeo
  8. Oh dear lord it's such a simple yet so much accomplishing concept! It would be a great touch! Shame the team is busy porting mediocre game to new engine rather than improving it to be a competent one.
  9. Ohh Ohhh yeaaah, increase EXP/MIN in missions, that would be amazing, make the EXP depend on time!!! Pooooog this would make the game 59 times more enjoyable
  10. Guys, please, pretty please, I want to play APB Reloaded and have a sense of acomplishment. Right now it's just a sense of grind and endlessness! What do you guys think of a special "Ultra-Premium" account status that multiplies your contact exp by 1000? So that every mission played has a sense of purpose and feels rewarding! It's a great idea, isn't it?! It would be sooooo fun! Snipped. - Azukii
  11. OH I completely agree OH I completely agree [2] I personally love that as soon as I start taking it seriously and actually try to win, I stop having fun and uninstall. This is not dissimilar to CS:GO.
  12. hohohoo *clenches teeth* yeaaah i don't know....
  13. What? Like, extended MP3 library that you can play in a car has some diss hip-hop track?
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