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  1. Why bother putting legendaries down for being cheesy or useless? The whole point of legendaries, in case it wasn't obvious from the unique mods, skins and effects they have.... is cheese. If you are treating APB, in 2020, with its broken threat segregation and lack of population to fill even one district on one of its servers like it's an actual competitive thing to be taken in any way seriously then you're out of your mind. Try them out or watch videos and use whatever legendary is fun for you.
  2. Have never complained about a nerf before until I tried using the PIG today... Like, seriously? With the health damage unchanged, the PIG is now more likely to kill people than it is to stun them.
  3. This is a fantastic post, good to see there's still logic in the world!
  4. # Full character pic: https://i.imgur.com/tDMBwC5.png
  5. I feel like if anything, it is all of us who should be thankful for what you and your team have done over the past year or so for this game. Let us not forget that barely a year ago, APB looked certain to die a slow, painful and silent death. Sure, things may not exactly be fantastic at present and people might've had bigger (if not unrealistic) expectations but I don't think any of that should take away from the work that you've all done and the actual, demonstrable progress that has been made. I don't even think that the RIOT update is something that will interest me too much (at least not compared to the engine update), but it is certain to breathe new life into the game and really, what else can anyone ask for at this point? Huge props to you and your team for not only owning your failures, but also pushing on nonetheless. That's a very, very welcome change from a year ago.
  6. I feel like there's an issue with the cross-faction gear packs. The point seems to be that Criminals can get (previously) Enforcer only packs, and vice versa. For example, the Rapid Reaction Gear (initially only available to Enforcers) is available to Criminals on that page. How come this isn't the case with the Wargear pack on the same page, though? The Enforcer version is the normal Enforcer one (with the grenades vest config), and the Criminal version is the normal criminal one (with the grenades chest config and spray cans). Surely those versions should be on the normal Packs page, and it should be swapped around on the cross-factions page?
  7. Thanks! Your band-aid on the forehead is a cool little detail. I made an alternative outfit for mine, it's a bit different but happy with how it turned out...
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