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  1. Fenton

    how do i form a new group?

    Hi there HamrunRiot7, hopefully the following will clarify. If you join without a group, you will usually be assigned to a team as backup, or be given backup as needed depending on the current matchmaking system. As Gaiz said above, the default key for this is "U". You can also invite a player by using the chat command /groupinvite (player name), or using the interact option (default key ".") and selecting "Invite to group". If you are making a group (and you can in any district), then the first player to make the group invite is the leader (a bronze crown will be next to their name at the top left of your screen) and has several options in the group panel, shown below: Firstly, you can leave the group, or remove a troublesome player. A similar option will also be on the 'team' tab if you are in-mission and the team leader for the mission. As RCooper said; the group leader can set the group to be public or private. Public groups can be joined by any player of your faction. Private groups are invitation only. "Participate in team alliance" missions will allow matchmaking to put your group into bigger missions, allowing other players to join the mission.
  2. You were blocking a main vehicle spawn exit. This is griefing. You were moved. Be glad you did not get any further punishment.
  3. TL:DR version of the above replies: We know matchmaking is broken. We'll get a new version eventually. In other words, please hold. *cue bad synthesizer version of the four seasons*
  4. I don't use presets. I use fonts and other shapes to make lettering, like so... (with my apologies to those that can read Kanji, this was a work in progress). That said, any extra decals would be lovely.
  5. Take a break, do something else for a while. See how you feel. If this game gives you no joy at the moment... well, drop it. Come back in a month and see if anything is better.
  6. They get so upset. It's like some people forget that Criminals are content for Enforcers. Pardon the double post, but this is great advice to the crims. I'd be much happier to see them raiding smaller amounts and 'cashing in' frequently. It cuts down on the salt and also keeps the district busy.
  7. Useful information. Thank you.
  8. This has been asked for before. Many, many, many times. Why would you want a weapon that doesn't kill Enforcers? Why would you want a weapon that has been demonstrably weaker than lethal weapons?
  9. Fenton

    Stabba Weapons

    It already is a 3-hit stun.
  10. Fenton

    Stabba Weapons

    You leave my invisible police karma out of this!
  11. Sure, why not those too? More design decals are great tools.
  12. Google and Wikipedia can only do so much in terms of reference photographs, but it's probably human error on my part. I'll correct it.
  13. Yes, that was my intention. I understand that there are multiple different alphabets (Not to mention the likes of Kanji, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and others), the Cyrillic was just the one that I ran into issues with most recently. I'd love for the option to get more options. I would even be happy to buy them like any other decal sheet on ARMAS. Nothing against Arabic, but it's also a pain to do right.
  14. I want them to buy my stuff, so yes.