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  1. All good advice. When you rage, you act rashly and you're likely to play worse.
  2. If you aren't having fun, why not try another server or try something else in game? Missions not your thing? We have Riot (much as I loathe it), Fight Club and the creative side of the game found in the social district. If that doesn't work, have a look at something away from APB for a while. You can always come back.
  3. Eh, mae gen i stac yn eistedd yn fy mewnflwch. Nid ydynt yn gwneud dim ond yn fy nghyffroi.
  4. Ddim yn ddefnyddiol yn yr achos hwn, diolch i chi Speedz.
  5. Translating via Google: SHARONY APB ALWAYS IN MAINTENANCE WHY hello everyone but because apb is always under maintenance the shoutdown and started at 10.00 this morning are almost 15 and still does not let thanks for the attention ... thanks for the reply roxane I'm sorry but I'm Italian and I speak Italian use the translator like I say hello Nitronik. Please, we don't do other cabbage figures .. there are a lot of Italians who speak English anyway. The game is offline due to the patch, they are going to add RIOT mode along with other content in the Joker Store
  6. It's been a while since I saw Broken Window espoused anywhere. I think it still holds true in all environments. In online communities, small rules broken and unpunished encourage players to go further. Fair enough. Would it be helpful to have those rules clearly sign-posted in the forums and an explanation of how LO/G1 commonly deal with people that break those rules be helpful, you think?
  7. Does anyone still have the trace route instructions to hand?
  8. Not my intention, I assure you. This is true. Being an international community as well, the line between the two can be pretty blurred as common insults in one place could be a deathly insult in another. Thank you for keeping the discussion civil thusfar.
  9. Is it just me, or do people in the APB community have a really poor attitude to other people in the community? I've seen slurs directed against assumed race, gender, sexuality, virginity, mental capacity, place of origin and religion. Even if these don't offend me personally, I expect more of a supposed adult community and I have been continually disappointed. Is it worth asking Gamers First/Little Orbit to police the community? Should we all switch off our chat, close our eyes against the Nazi symbols and hum really loudly? Are we even capable of policing our own community and expecting better things of ourselves? Discuss.
  10. I hope that this will bring some players back. I would normally say that new content is never a bad thing, but I just have this sense of foreboding.....
  11. I hope it does. I don't think it will.
  12. /ignore username /report username (screenshot and link in report for best results) GMs do frequent social districts as well, but action is rarely instant.
  13. Depends on the look you're going for. There's some really well done stuff out there, but the best has a core theme or style to it. What is your character, who are they and why are they wearing what they do? Do they wear a uniform? If so, what type and where from? Are they a biker, or part of an MC? Perhaps they're from an anime? Or just love Tasty Burger? Perhaps they have a terrible taste in shirts?
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