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  1. This is one of those rare instances where NotZombieBiscuit says something constructive, and I agree.
  2. In which time zone? There's more than just the East Coast of the US, you know?
  3. Hope is a nice place to visit. I couldn't live there, though.
  4. Yes, yes they are. I spent the money, I got the kits. The kits can be applied to the Citadel. They're ugly kits, IMHO, but they can be fitted. Edit: I will produce screenshots if I have to.
  5. I'm in favor of a complete re-work. Many of the older vehicles simply haven't stood up to the test of time and are in need of a lot of attention. The basic starter car is a good all round vehicle in terms of handling and ramming capability, most of the tier 1 and 2 vehicles suffer by comparison. After a certain point it starts becoming a case of who can drive well with a Vegas 4x4 or a Pioneer, simply because those are the most common.
  6. Hello Queen of Love, after carefully reading your original post. I have decided to discard your opinions entirely. Thank you for your participation.
  7. Fenton

    Some ideas.

    They're working on it. They're working on it. They're working on it. See 1. Matchmaking update will remove threat segregated districts. i.e. They're working on it. RIOT Mode.
  8. I may re-do the egg-head again.
  9. Thanks for the information there, Slickiem. I'm using a wired connection at the moment, so I'll check the other points you've raised and see if anything helps. I can't really blame DDoS as I'm on the EU servers. Though I do recall reading somewhere that the client tries to slow connections down to balance players? I may be mistaken there.
  10. I can understand the OPs frustration, but they aren't the only one with inconsistent server behavior. I may be wrong, but I understand that there are plans to deal with this as part of the matchmaking improvements?
  11. Hi guys. Since a hiatus of a month or two and the last patch or so, I'm at the point where APB is very difficult to play. I'm getting random lag spikes from 60ms to 250+, my character bounces back and forth and steering can vary from perfectly normal to behaving like I'm on an ice rink. Could you point me towards some things I could do to improve stability of the connection and home-box performance, please? I'd like to be able to see where the blockages are, if they're at my side or caused by the server and so on.
  12. I'd like to see a sit or sit_chair emote.
  13. If it is a map, I'm not sure how it will correspond to what maps we have of Financial or Waterfront....
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