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  1. I can't remember when, but IIRC, Matt Scott has said that he doesn't agree with public ban stats as it shows a failure somewhere along the line.
  2. Halloween... Sheriff's Secret Police - Welcome to Night Vale. Preparation for the upcoming event -
  3. I see an upsurge in positive feels. This is good.
  4. Even scruffy mutts deserve some love. Wherever we end up, I'm sure it'll be an interesting trip.
  5. Well... looks like we get to test the new mode on PC - https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2018/10/10/getting-back-to-the-fun
  6. Some good work has been done here. Long may that continue.
  7. Fenton


    Seriously 1337lad, I've said this before and I'll say it again a thousand times over the coming years; Do NOT trust random people on the internet. Do NOT trust random people on the internet. Do NOT trust random people on the internet!
  8. Fenton

    Will be new ranks ?

    I'm all for new content, especially via contacts.
  9. Fenton

    What new clothes should be add to the game

    The uniform shirt without the shiny plastic effect would be nice? Heck, I'd fully endorse any new clothing.
  10. STAR 556 mostly these days. Shotguns are for special occasions and daily joker tickets.
  11. You don't like the way things are? LEAVE.
  12. Incomprehensible is what it is!
  13. Plenty of people say "The community is Toxic", but usually as part of a whine about other things as well. How exactly does one eliminate the so-called "Toxicity" of a community? A globally enforced mute of all servers and chat channels, until everyone plays by the rules through signing a vellum contract?
  14. Fenton

    A dead game

    I wouldn't take my advice on game development. I really wouldn't want LO to take it without a fair-sized pinch of salt.