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    The polar bear amuses me. So does Asger. Back on-topic: Are you sharing your Steam account? Who with? If you are; STOP DOING SO. Have you given your account information to anyone? Who and when? Can you see what went missing? I saw mention of a mail. I presume this was included in your ticket to support. Contact support. Give it a couple of months because they're still slogging through the complaints and other issues left by previous management. It'll be a while, but they're slowly gaining ground on the pile of tickets. In the interim, you may want to update your security settings. It will not get your stuff back, but it might stop something happening again. Change your passwords. All of them. DO NOT DUPLICATE YOUR PASSWORDS. Update and run your anti-spyware. If no anti-spyware present. Find some anti-spyware, update and run that. Then slap yourself on the wrist. Update and run your anti-virus too.
  2. That might explain the sudden increase in OSCAR players I've seen.
  3. A unified playerbase - Hopefully that's a chance to sell more stuff via the marketplace and see the good work of people I've never seen before.
  4. If I recall correctly, there are plans to do away with individual servers and put people into matches based on an upgraded matchmaking algorithm anyway. Why not throw ping/location into the mix and unify the login/marketplace/character servers?
  5. Fenton

    A warning to fair or new players.

    The first amendment - "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Your government will let you speak freely. It does not however, protect you from the consequences of said speech. Therefore, you have been downvoted.
  6. Try the Marketplace auction section. "I'll pay good" is meaningless. Be sure to post how much you expect to pay, what you want making and *especially important*, which server you want this for.
  7. Fenton

    So many cheaters

    I've seen a handful of high kill scores recently. I'd normally give them the benefit of the doubt, but it appears I'm not the only one seeing an uptick of 20+ kills per match.
  8. Snip. If I could filter out everything I don't understand, I would. For me it would be convenient to have the understandable bits picked out in the busy district channels. It does however, frustrate me greatly that I do not understand the mass of Cyrillic and don't have a way to translate or ignore it.
  9. I wouldn't mind them closing Nekrova and merging the characters with Citadel provided we could choose to filter Cyrillic only/No-Cyrillic, Cyrillic and other in the chat.
  10. First post. Welcome to the forums. Now please put your suggestion in the suggestion section.
  11. Didn't even know this was on, where, when or how it worked. Did I miss the memo?
  12. Fenton

    Autumn Assault!

    Okay.... Now, are LO going to put the anti-cheat on overdrive? Events like this are a magnet for aim-bots, wall hacks and similar trash.
  13. Fenton

    The Server Threat problem.

    My main enforcer is currently a R255 at bronze threat. I don't want to be bronze, but I keep getting hammered every time I venture into a mission district.
  14. Fenton

    Customisable Ambulance for Players

    I'd certainly like to see those too.
  15. Fenton

    Customisable Ambulance for Players

    This has been asked before, I know. Still, I'd love to see a customisable Ambulance for the players.