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  1. Small bump. Also an excuse to show off the 1990's livery - Hong Kong Police.
  2. Rocket launchers. Seriously, how are these thugs even getting hold of them, let alone the ammo?
  3. Looking good, FC. A couple of my HKP vehicles. I'll have to get them on the road again sometime.
  4. I would like to know how phasing and the matchmaking changes are going to affect open-world crime and similar interactions.
  5. Fenton


    Poor title and a link to something I honestly have no intention of clicking. GG.
  6. Title did not say it all. IMHO - Social district is the main place for customisation; which is one of the things that keeps me coming back to the game. It's also the main place to trade and just hang out for a bit and be, you know, sociable. Populations thrive on community. If you don't give people a place to be sociable, you isolate them. Lacking space for downtime and AFKing leads to longer log-out times and subsequently, fewer people willing to boot the game up and hit the action and fight club districts.
  7. Fenton

    Western Holster

    I have not seen those in game and would very much like some. Thank you for the picture there @Pinpuce.
  8. Fenton

    Western Holster

    What soldier boots? I always add a like to this sentiment.
  9. Actually, yeah. Let's nerf everything. All Assault rifles should be like the STAR. Why not? That'll be fair, right? Give every class the same stats as the weakest weapon in the group. Nothing is OP if everything is nerfed.
  10. I screenshot and report via the customer service portal. I have a list (A very long list) of prior offenders, complete with screenshots. I do not like Nazis, neo-nazis, or kids trying to be deliberately offensive with their SS bolts and so on. It might be "legal" where you are, but there are only a few rules in this game and I expect everyone to follow them.
  11. Wait, we had leader-boards back then? Makes sense, I suppose. The lore/fluff always tried to promote the idea that Crims and Enforcers had this odd cult of celebrity around them in San Paro. That said, how many people can name a player and say "Oh that person is legitimately a very good player and well known" any more?
  12. Generally unhappy with the event. Nice idea, but entirely unsupervised. It feels like you're giving an advantage to those people that cheat and get away with it.
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