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  1. Just throwing this one in for Nostalgia, the old login theme:
  2. Could we have had a little more warning for this sort of thing in future, please? Same with events or competitions that last less than two days.
  3. I forget which game used to do it, but somewhere would put those people with perfect aim and suchlike in their own little corner of the servers. They'd be stuck playing against other cheaters or people with perfect aim. Game didn't lose too many players over that and the devs could learn what cheats worked and improve detection. Plus, most of the cheaters didn't really know what was going on and kept playing anyway.
  4. I'd argue against incompetence, but rather I think it's a case of inexperience and lack of resources. Little Orbit has experience in keeping games running, over lack of development. APB's been going for a long while and I've seen people bitching about it since 2012.
  5. Hoo boy, it's quite depressing to see when we dropped below two thousand players and to see that we're struggling at around 800 this last month as well.
  6. Where are our Enforcer light kits?
  7. Which server? What theme? What symbol? How much are you prepared to spend for each?
  8. Far too many people had horrible themes and was the primary reason people ended up on my ignore list.
  9. Chicago again for next week? I might dig out my old gear and join in.
  10. A number of us have been around for a long, long time now. It does feel like there's something of a skill gap or, (in my case) a wall between being able to play at Gold threat and have an enjoyable game. I've lost count of the times when I've had a bad week and gotten booted down to R255 bronze. There are core issues that need to be addressed, and encouraging newer players to stick around is certainly one of them.
  11. The whole LTL set should be given a serious look. It simply isn't competitive.
  12. 8+ years of "The game is dead" or "The game is dying!" or "The sky is falling!" threads. APB is still going, funny that.
  13. More clothing is good, but can we get some extra clothing options to the base game too, please? Like a uniform shirt that isn't shiny?
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