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  1. sneekface

    Was it necessary GM?

    Its great to see some GM presence in the game after all these years. Finally something is being done about griefers like this one. This thread gives me hope! Gj GM!
  2. Hey, is it too late to join? If its too much work to add my char to group photo, it would be cool with a individual one instead -Zenith
  3. Its always such a great feeling everytime they add something new to the game. If its car kits or new weapons or deployables or whatever, any sort of progress. Game feels like its been standing still for a long time though, and the events come and go so they dont really count imo.
  4. Wow, sick project Jenz! good luck! Would be cool with some more varied use of light/shadow
  5. sneekface

    Can't access support

    Havent seen that, thx guys
  6. Is the page down for maintenance? hasn't worked for me all day
  7. sneekface

    No reply to tickets

    I made a ticket on june 28th and still havent gotten a reply. Ticket #6759
  8. sneekface

    New vehicle

    Press ctrl+t to transform
  9. I always enjoy this guys streams. He doesnt know all the basics yet
  10. Doesn't sound so bad, we'll see. I guess balancing secondaries comes later? Yukon/rfp could need some balancing done..
  11. Ive used both hitchhiker and jersey devil alot, and i prefer hitchhiker. Ive gotten way more kills with that. Its more reliablie, more bullets in the mag.
  12. sneekface

    [Forum] Request your title here!

    "( 8 ) ( 8 ) ( 8 )"
  13. sneekface

    EU server having issues?

    yep, servers are going down one by one it seems. first fin8 now fin5 also
  14. sneekface

    The clanname bug after server merge

    Hey there After the two european servers were merged together in 2015, some clans got some random numbers at the end of their name, including ours. I was in contact with support about it after it happened, and they said they were gonna fix it. In the end, nothing was ever done about it though. Sure we could disband the clan and make it again, but that would mean manually inviting the 60+ players, and with the current system this is almost impossible, since you can only invite someone when they are online at the same time as you. We have alot of players who play very rarely so this would be very difficult. Anyway this bug was not our fault so i dont think we should go through alot of trouble over something like that. Our clanname has since then been Aequitas483. Ive seen other old clans who still also have the numbers at the end, like 8bit. Would it be possible for some admins to go in and edit our clannames and remove the numbers? I would greatly appreciate that.
  15. sneekface

    APBLauncher_Tempprogram ERROR

    I have had problems launching the game after patch also. The problem for me is that my antivirus is blocking and quarantining files related to battleeye. Im using Bitdefender antivirus. Maybe check if its something with ur antivirus also.