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  1. This forum really needs some cleaning up. Could we please get rid of the old pinned posts dating back to 2021? Thx
  2. Lots of replies on that thread, i think apb was on the radar for alot of people at one time.
  3. Is it just me or do the tracers look better here? They seem to move faster
  4. A while back we decided to do a race event to try and compare driving on live client and 2.1 testclient. We made two races, both on Asylum. The first took place on live client, the second on the test client. The point was to compare driving before and after engine upgrade, and to see if we noticed any differences. Because of the delays and problems with the beta tests, it took longer than expected to complete the event itself. We have finished both races now (thanks you, all who participated!), and so i'm working on the video comparing the two races. For now, here are part 1 and 2 of the race event: Part 3 will be the comparison between the two. Enjoy!
  5. Thanks ezmegas68, this is impressive stuff! Heres Zenith before and after: !
  6. I see, i thought the Vaquero and Mikro had the same amount of health points before.
  7. Holy sh..... now THAT is a patch! edit: Wait.. they forgot Vaquero??! Buffing Mikro but not Vaquero is like buffing Bishada and not Jericho.
  8. Matt had a spreadsheet with some notes on the designs, he showed it for a couple seconds in the stream, but this has since been removed because of the forum thing. Would just like to see that spreadsheet really
  9. Could we please see Matt's notes on the designs he looked at? Since we put alot of work into the characters it would be nice to see some of the thought process behind choosing the winners
  10. This is Norman Jones, aka TRex. Norman used to work for Trexxon, as an electrician/handyman. His job mostly consisted of repairing broken lampposts. Here are some pictures from his old life: Norman would drive around San Paro, fixing lampposts that got torn down again every five minutes, while getting shot at. This job made him increasingly grumpy, but also tough as hell. After his 15th gunwound surgery, Norman decided he had had enough. He quit his job and started a new life as a smuggler and guntrader, working under contract from Joker. He took the streetname TRex, as his colleagues used to call him "the dinosaur", as he was the oldest member of the team. Also it serves as a reminder of his past in Trexxon. Most recent photos:
  11. Thanks for the highlights video! Ive watched the footage from some of the streams now, and i gotta say so far GordoIsMyName had the best one. Hes taking his time talking about the changes and showing the map and graphics and stuff, not just focusing on shooting other players. Consider making him the host of the next Q&A ^^
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