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  1. Launcher seems to be working again now
  2. same here, cannot start game. also gamersfirst website seems to be down.
  3. Nice, an event in social district! Pretty adult-themed also, not bad
  4. For once, a russian hacker actually HELPED the community. Who would'a thunk it!
  5. I know im really late for this one, but how exactly did you find that password?
  6. The countdown was such a letdown (pun intended). They make this ARG, talk about the new mode coming in March, people solve the ARG, get a countdown, and when the countdown is over the ARG just continues. Feels like a carrot on a stick at this point.
  7. From mmos.com: "Squads of four players will fight it out for control of various points on a slowly shrinking map. The last team standing wins." Source: https://mmos.com/news/apb-reloaded-announces-new-battle-royale-mode-called-apb-riot
  8. Its gonna be a mix of battle royale and territory control. The map will be collapsing but it wont be random, you can choose somehow. From the blogpost in december: "New team Challenge Mode - For those of you who participated in Epidemic and Slay Bells, you have seen the beginnings of what this mode can be. This will be a hybrid of Battle Royale and Territory Control mechanics where players get to choose the parts of the map that collapse. We are very excited about this new mode and look forward to sharing more with you as we get closer to its release some time in the first quarter."
  9. My first buy was Vaquero kits i think. So worth it
  10. Its great to see some GM presence in the game after all these years. Finally something is being done about griefers like this one. This thread gives me hope! Gj GM!
  11. Hey, is it too late to join? If its too much work to add my char to group photo, it would be cool with a individual one instead -Zenith
  12. Its always such a great feeling everytime they add something new to the game. If its car kits or new weapons or deployables or whatever, any sort of progress. Game feels like its been standing still for a long time though, and the events come and go so they dont really count imo.
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