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  1. Well, i saw this car on vacation and immediately it made me think of apb xD Been waiting forever to see the mirage, now i found it in real life! Had to get a pic for the forums (yes yes, you are welcome np)
  2. It is clear that alot of effort and thought has been put into this mode. Its more than just another battle royale mode, and i like the last stage where you drop 250$ at a time, so you have to stand near the van for longer. The mode is pretty fun if you play with a group. If the bugs are sorted out and some adjustments are made (like the cooldown for hazmat suits the spawns), it could be a pretty solid alt. game mode. It is however not really building on the strengths of the game, so mission districts and improvements there should always be top priority imo.
  3. Well as long as it doesnt affect the mission districts i dont see a problem with it.
  4. maintenance extended by 4 hours, so it should be up around 19.00 utc?
  5. Incase someone doesn't believe me or just havent seen this: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/429883183?t=00h07m09s
  6. Matt Scott said on Jenz's stream there will be some announcements this week, and theyve been working on lots of different stuff, inlcuding new content.
  7. "I’ll be working on an exact roadmap that we can publish soon, but over the coming months we would like to add a new mode, maps, clothes, guns, vehicles and a new matching system for competitive play." 12 months later: one new weapon from joker box. Well, so far it seems like they went in way over their heads with the apb project
  8. Was fun to test this, was even in team with Androvald the first round The good: - Map changes: All the added blockades, scaffolding etc. looked really cool. Seems like you can easily find cover, and also some spots like certain rooftops are now reachable - Tutorial in loading screen This is a good idea, gives you an idea of what to do when you get in. For me it was bugged and only displayed the first time though. After my game crashed it reverted to the standard load - Always something to do The cash, hazmat suits, guns and devices for turning on the bombs are scattered around the map pretty well, so you can always find some without having to walk too far. -Its better than fightclub RIOT is way more involved than fightclub, which has always been a lazy type of gamemode - 100 players Nice to see a mode with 50/50 players that seems pretty stable The bad: - Its BR in APB In PUBG for example, the gunplay is kinda wonky. Its more of a heavy, slow type of handling. Everyone is kinda on the same level and RNG plays in alot. APB on the other hand, is super responsive and precise. Therefore, APB vets who have played it for 5 years + can demolish newcomers since they are used to the fast gunplay and movement. It really doesnt suit APB that well. Also, usually the maps are outdoors on islands or so. APB is in a city environment, and the city blocks getting greyed out instead of a circle are way less intuitive. Its not easy enough to figure out where to go to escape the dead zones. - Sound ambience Like others have pointed out, it gets eerily quiet without traffic or pedestrians running around. Some ambient music or sound effects would make a big impact on how it feels i think - Weapons Not sure about the weapons available in this mode. Osmaw and true ogre were really common in the 4-6 rounds i tested. Also, spawning with the snubnose is really annoying when everyone around you are heavily geared up -Colors APB has always had a certain estetic, the street style, with realistic looking assets and graffiti on the walls. In RIOT, there are glowing colors everywhere. All the items are loke glowing pylons in red, yellow, green etc. Also the gaswalls everywhere looks a bit cartoony and unrealistic. I know some seasonal events like valentines with the crates and guns also has this more colorful styles, but those are just short events, not how the game looks permanently. I know this was a very early look and just a stress test, but those are my thoughts about the mode so far anyway. ps. if we are not allowed to share screenshots i can remove them
  9. sneekface

    Riot test!

    Ive crashed two times in riot so far, during 40mins or so. Edit: after second crash i cannot start the client. Get crash report, and when i try to repair client it says "Error- 1 file download failed Biniaries\APBprogram:statusApply Edit2: ok, seems apb.exefor the otw apb got blocked by bitdefender. Maybe thats what caused it
  10. I have had problems launching the game after patch also. The problem for me is that my antivirus is blocking and quarantining files related to battleeye. Im using Bitdefender antivirus. Maybe check if its something with ur antivirus also.
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