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  1. Thanks for the highlights video! Ive watched the footage from some of the streams now, and i gotta say so far GordoIsMyName had the best one. Hes taking his time talking about the changes and showing the map and graphics and stuff, not just focusing on shooting other players. Consider making him the host of the next Q&A ^^
  2. I actually tried playing tommgun this week. Man, that recoil is intense. For me it was basically unplayable with cooling jacket. Without it, i could get some kills in close/medium range in marksman mode, but the problem was that my opp just used meta guns like the PMG, and i just couldnt compete with that.
  3. Its always interesting to see the reactions/comments of new players, thanks for posting that! Btw when you play with ur rank 1 friend, do you autojoin a district using the big Financial/waterfront buttons on the start screen, or do you manually select you district in advanced tab? Its really important that u find a bronze district when playing as a new player.
  4. Ntec wins over Atac at every range, i dont see the point to this discussion at all. Its easier to use but its way less versatile than Ntec.
  5. @MattScott Can we get a confirmation if the beta client will include vehicles on Asylum or not?
  6. Thanks Matt, stay safe and take care of yourselves everyone!
  7. The "city under siege" versions of the city districts were pretty well made and looked fresh. Hopefully they will bring those back at some points but with another gamemode.
  8. Name one third person multiplayer shooter better than APB? IMO it's the best one there is.
  9. Another piece to the puzzle which is LAPDAlonso... PS: Can anyone find APB on that desktop?
  10. U think this is the most important of the current broken things in the game? sheesh
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