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  1. @MattScott Can we get a confirmation if the beta client will include vehicles on Asylum or not?
  2. Thanks Matt, stay safe and take care of yourselves everyone!
  3. The "city under siege" versions of the city districts were pretty well made and looked fresh. Hopefully they will bring those back at some points but with another gamemode.
  4. Name one third person multiplayer shooter better than APB? IMO it's the best one there is.
  5. Another piece to the puzzle which is LAPDAlonso... PS: Can anyone find APB on that desktop?
  6. U think this is the most important of the current broken things in the game? sheesh
  7. Ive already had problems with this, see someone with a RED title while in a firefight and i start shooting at them because i think its one of the enemy team. This is really bad design, make it PURPLE or something instead. RED and GREEN are off-limits.
  8. Name: Zenith Server: Citadel My character decided to dress up as Starlight from "The Boys" this year. I thought it would be funny to make it look like a real halloween costume, so i didnt edit her body or face, its just her with a costume and a wig! Can still see Zenith underneath. You can still spot her original hair under the wig xD Finished costume (3rd pic without wig): Test pics+ reference:
  9. IMO cheaters are not the problem, the district lobby is. New players just push one of the big "Financial" or "Waterfront" boxes and get sent to empty districts. Theres no good explanaition for how the threat in districts work, especially since its been broken for literally years, and silver district has become gold district! How can new players know that?
  10. Yea they could update those pictures, they could get way better ones than those. And im saying that even though the second screenshot is mine
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