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  1. I think i figured out a new way how to improve the current matchmaking even before the return of threat districts(can work with threat dist. as well)Also before engine upgrade and the new cross district thing. Challenges..what i mean(not sure if possible before 3.5 dou) When you run certain command in game from the command panel you can see which groups,players and more stuff are in current district right?So why not player to have the option to run command and system shows all players with theyr threats and what is theyr current status(on mission,ready and waiting or just stay in the district)So every player can have the option to challenge other player(only hes own threat)to a match.Similar when player sends friend/clan request to other(just example how message gonna appear)So besides pressin K and waiting for random oponent/s to be dispatch against him - every player or groups of players can also do what i suggest.We dont even need threat districts if we do this method.Also you can give option when player is ready(K is on)the system to auto search for the same threat oponent/s and only then the match gonna start. So i give entire example:Im new player(T)and i play one mission(no threat dist.)I get bronze threat after match finished.Im ready to play my next mission.Now when i press K - message appears and ask if i want to start my next random match or system can show me all players/groups and theyr current threat and status.So i can directly challenge someone(only same bronze threat)or make the system to search for opponent(same threat)and when find - our match will start So thats in my mind overall.At least players will have more options how to play theyr matches with this method.Hope i helped and sry for my english
  2. how much time they gonna need to fix that? Like i dont get it..looks like serious problem but in same time he says that they need a little more time next week to look whats wrong.Probably gonna fix it next week?
  3. At least the game not looking worse and when u have in mind all the fixes and changes that will happen after 3.5..at least im excited
  4. They never said that.Nobody says that APB Reloaded will never be upgraded to unreal 4.0(not very likely but still..)Plus we dont know what gonna happen with this apb brand in next years so who knows what the future holds for this game.We may all being surprised...
  5. thx for the reply Right now we play on free for all districts with visible threats and matches are based on whoever is available right?So i suggest this type of districts to stay and after threat districts are back(green,bronze,silver,gold)players can join only the threat that correspond to them.So every player can choose if gonna play hes threat districts or gonna play the free for all districts.I know we have like 600 players only but still new/T players gonna be able to choose green dist. and play with each other even if theyr little people(or choose the free 4 all dist.)Otherwise if old way returns new players gonna have to play in bronze dist. again where experienced high rank silvers(fake golds)still gonna farm them like before. edit again: So how i see it..For example in EU server - ur silver - u log in and go choose ur district.U can choose ur silver dist. where no more golds(only silvers or players who become gold/bronze but next time they log not gonna be able to choose ur dist.)or u can choose the free 4 all dist.(like we play right now)For EU gonna work and threat districts gonna function because we have more players than NA server.NA on other hand i guess all gonna have to choose the free 4 all districts because they have little players.Even so NA new players still gonna be able to choose the green dist. and avoid to jump right on the free 4 all dist. even for a short period of time p.s. sry for my english
  6. where EU servers are located?all in same country or?and is server or district?
  7. +1 defendin players always have advantage ofc(if teams are balanced)
  8. next week when LO team is back from vacations they will give latest build to SPCT to test and till the end of the month - open test of 3.5..u ll see.I can smell it..is coming
  9. Looks like LO knows what theyr doin again
  10. if wasn't for the eu nerds this game would shut down 5 years ago because the NA community left long ago
  11. Nothing wrong with little hype from time to to time.After all is the thing that kept this game alive all this years-the hope that something would change for good.Especially now when the big waiting is about to end.Although if many of the staff working on the engine go on vacation around xmas(which is normal)maybe this open public test not gonna happen till end of january..
  12. Think the same but also think LO may decide to sell the rest of the game if low numbers continue..
  13. I mean the public OTW test of the engine.Looks like from the last update couple of hours ago all major things are done and we are in mid december right now.So looks very likely the public test to be in january.Soon guys..looks like for real soon this time
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