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  1. dats false..o dou if u stay long time offline ur threat can drop but thats nothing(im not sure even dats true cause i never was offline more than 10 days for the last 7 years)
  2. i dont remember community to ask for riot(new game mode)but hey theyr "listen to the community" u know
  3. If LO get rid of apb console versions -3 times faster progress.But its too late for that now..and is not fair for console players(ps4 most cause xbox had 24 people playn last halloween event :P)APB is lke drowning man and consoles are huge stone on the neck.RTW/G1 biggest misstake which dont let this game to go further simply because is work x3 for small company/studio(mean G1 and LO)LO cant waste time with FE indeed..better sell it to webzen or some other company so at least re open some old fans of the game will join full server for couple of days and satisfied theyr nostalgia.But thats said FE is not the problem..the time this game will eat is not that big
  4. we are close to releasing of big things in this game and the attacks already begun..
  5. In my opinion the fact that G1/RP decide to bring apb to consoles.Because of that everything gos super slow cause is work x3.I knew that will happen and i comment back in 2013 when the blog for engine upgrade and future plans came out.Bassically dat decision ruin the future of this game
  6. hi what u use for making "clan progression" topic i mean like editing

    1. Esther


      Hey, I used Notepad2 and edited everything by hand 🙂

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