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  1. Like he knows what u talkin about.. Anyway i guess LO have everybody(all 3 of them)workin on the new matchmaking/cross dist and thats why nothing new.Btw the game is back to 350 players but no surprise when u make all the updates with such pace
  2. TheMessiah


    dat title dou
  3. dat was never part of the plan but sounds great
  4. true i get u..dats why they r workin on this new matchmaking/cross dist right now where this premade groups are supose to play vs similar groups(at least in theory)also the voice chat for everyone will be back(soon lol)
  5. i agree with dat.Thats why im suggestin 4 years now for new mode for the big maps like TDM 40 vs 40 or something like dat.But solo missions with current mission system-nobody wants dat
  6. dude nobody wants to play solo missions on finan/waterf districts.Ur the only 1 in the history of this game..
  7. Even another big map like finan/waterf not gonna bring a lot of players.The only thing to do it is another engine upgrade hype-this time for unreal 5.2.But dats a mirage
  8. FC are for solo play.Missions districts are for co op.Maybe if the game had like 1m playerbase-then maybe mission dist for solo players only can be a thing why not..
  9. So i watched the AMA again and after the 64bit update and EAC next step was supose to be to back port the cooked package system from 2x into 1.30 which will improve load times and remove hitches.Why this step wasnt mention in 2023 roadmap?Hes talkin about it here(for next like 40 seconds)
  10. i can kill more players with alig than with medusa actually..but dats cause im bad probably
  11. I dont see what hiddin the threat will impact so much the new players..everybody are better than most of them anyway(regardless visible/hidden threat)In fact new players can be more beneficial from hidden threat just because of fact that some veterans will decide to stay in mission with them and not leavin right away when they see them in their team(like happenin right now in every match) Hes right sry..this maybe makes sense but we also have limited amount of districts now
  12. 1st. change:Hide threat.Just blue rank for enforcers and red for criminals.Thats how most times the matchmaking will work better just because of the fact gold players not gonna leave matches right away when see they are about to team with lower threats 2nd. change:Disable factions.Pool of 100 is way better than pool of 50(chance to get better matching x2) These two changes in combo are enough to improve the matches big time With 1st(hiddin threat)u also decrease the toxicity in the game which mostly comes from arrogant golds.All u have to do is makin all threats in 2 colors and remove the message about threat from lobby(when choose character)and the pop up in game when ur threat changes With the 2nd besides u increase the pool double but also make sense.The story of the game says(if u read some mails :p)dat theres competition/wars even inside the factions.Example is Prentiss Tigers and Praetorians(which think about the tigers like some low lifes) To conclude:This changes are easy and not gonna take long to make.This phasing/cross district is probably still months away and who knows what disaster will turn out to be
  13. the next 3 big things im waiting(and most of us) -new matchmaking/cross district -new content( 2 contacts) -new voIP/vivox(yea is one of the big things cause is co op game after all) After the top 2 things-performance and anti cheat-these are the next top 3.Like when..we will get at least the first one around the 13th anniversary of apb?(end of june)
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