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  1. u know whats the positive-i cant see this 11 dislikes on ur post right now..
  2. TheMessiah

    Riot Reworked

    So it's almost 1 year since i suggest this and obviously not gonna happen but still wanna add/update something.From one of the QnA the CEO said that there's cant be cars in this Riot map so unfortunately thats discard.But still what i want to add is - they can make players to also gain experience besides money and (dont remember what else was there)So overall i still think that is good version of Riot and gonna work.Peace p.s exp. i mean after every match in form of some item and you can choose to which contact on mission dist. to add it later..that can be cool(if possible)
  3. We need a list of current players/groups in the mission district and also their current status in any moment.Every player/group must have option to challenge to a match opposition which is the same threat and when is not in mission(must be also added auto decline challenge request) For example:Im silver(max rank)and i play on mine silver district lets say financial(doesnt matter)I hit a command to show me all players/groups in the district and if i see other silver which is not in mission-i can challenge him to a match(send him similar to friend request)Groups can challenge only the same amount of member groups and if they are same threat.For example gold and silver in group can challenge only another group of gold/silver if available Thats a good way to avoid bad matchmaking.No guaranteed that the new phasing gonna solve everything.We may still have low /pop.To be clear- i suggest this to be added to current matchmaking - not to replace it
  4. the forum komsomols gonna rip u a part now beware..
  5. They said it already.Gonna be something with the cash shop and outfits.Probably some new clothing items to buy and the same or similar to obtain with ridiculous amount of kills/grind or something like that.I doubt gonna be something game saving..so hold ur horses(i hope im wrong anyway)
  6. Things are gettin serious indeed.Just check and the /pop was around 400 players.In every couple of weeks is decreasing with another 100.Wtf is LO doing..what things u prepared for september?and where dafck is the weekly engine news?
  7. Is that simple yea.People must stop asking for this.Needs years of work and who knows if apb will survive even 2020.In our uncertain present is hard to make plans for the even more uncertain future.Ellix is just lookin for people to continue hes project cause he dont have time anymore to do it and thats it.LO said that they will have in mind Midtown in some far future but right now splittin even more the playerbase in another big map is the last thing we need and thats it period.Idk how many times they must explain some things..this is where he talks about it(next 1 minute or so)
  8. almost 5 months ago(first like 25 seconds) right now we probably not even close to the final release..is still "funny"?
  9. top,bottom and footwear must be in 100% also some headwear like bonus
  10. the alien invasion is coming indeed beware..
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