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  1. is not just a feel is fact..like whatever im out of this forums anyway this game not gonna move till end of the year at all
  2. Cant agree more..because theyr idea was to put some BR mode no matter what.This was the main reason they bought the game.Try and see if gonna works out.Well failed mostly because what they made sux.More simple BR will work 100 times better.Like "well we cant do anything before 3.5" meanwhile they rework entire financial.But no theres nothing can be done for matchmaking we must wait..who cares matches are unplayable.Huge amount of quality of life changes could be added for this time.Increase amount of decals for free players(cuztomiz)eleminatin rank 16 weapon roles,improving voip,effort to tweak matchmaking and hundred of other small things
  3. So 84% done for 13 months.The rest 16% - for 2-2.5 months?Lets say 3.They post this 1 month ago..so engine upgrade must be done in september
  4. EAC is the best anti cheat solution this game can have right now.LO cant create theyr own anti cheat cause is super expensive.So pls stop with this cryn nonstop..
  5. I just won one round got 5 kills.Im lvl 4 and progress seems the same.Like not moved at all..
  6. the never ending future?removing threat right now is my point
  7. This subject is actual again so decide to make this poll(i think is important,cant remember if is done before) My pros and cons about it(add yours in the comments) pros: new players will be out of the vicious circle with dethreaters ; new players will have bigger variety for matchmaking (entire pool of players,chance to team up with some of the best players) ; no more abused players because of threat stereotypes (also verbally) ; dethreaters will start facing again their worst nightmare - true golds (personal satisfaction) cons: new players will have to face the best players in the game in some occasions This operation can reach from one extreme to the other.Either gonna revive the game/matchmaking and will bring more/old players or gonna decrease population even more.I think 1st will happen(LO can go back and restore threat anytime ofc)After threat is removed - ranks can be visible like blue for enforcers and red for criminals
  8. post more info about ur problem
  9. This catcher is not auto closing after shut down apb..notice like week ago.Must manually close it from task manager
  10. Threat-removed.Best solution right now.At least will kinda screw the plans of dethreaters and they will start getting true golds for oposition(not only theyr noob victims)The thing they fear most(facing the fact that they suck)New players get farmed anyway so at least they will match against entire pool of players and not gonna be lock in circle with theyr tortures.Its like throwing wolf in a sheep shed and u dont want to open the door so at least the sheeps can have the chance to escape or anything.Right now the wolf is lock inside with them and kills them 1 by 1.Also if u remove threat new players gonna have the chance to team up with some of the best players.Keeping the threat right now makes no sense-new players get destroyed in every single match anyway.This cross district matchmaking not gonna happen soon guys.Right now players have bad gaming experience,fresh blood leaves in a flash,LO loses money..tell me whats the point
  11. Yea LO shared long ago for the cross matchmaking.After 3.5 release..which probably not gonna happen till end of this year and this new matching-first half of 2020 if we are lucky.So enjoy current matching folks
  12. i guess i left with wrong impression..
  13. no he didnt said that is twice bigger-thats my thing cause i saw the maps..he said that looks interesting and will have midtown in mind when some1 post topic on forums about it
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