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  1. hehe "the future of san paro" looks broken/hacked
  2. sux dat "riot" and 3.5 testing r getting postpone cause of this but LO is doing whats right gg
  3. This is not the 1st and not gonna be the last time when da west is robbing da east..it is what it is.Guess what i never spend real money in this game and i never will.The servers are empty beecause this game dont have new content for years and only have problems(servers/hackers)Big disapointment LO..
  4. Keep waiting buddy..i think from next month big things coming
  5. So this topic was more than 3 weeks ago..i hope 3.5 is open to all to test this week(or we have at least news about it)..otherwise i have feeling that im gonna bite some1 throat out..
  6. New players are restricted what they can do in this game now.I guess they will "enjoy" only missions vs golds in bronze dist. now.Remove golds from bronze districts and stop running from the real problems."Listen to the community" my as*
  7. new matchmaking coming..this year..maybe..
  8. im tired of this hypocrites when comes to op weapons and in same time they cook nades all the time and try to get easy kill this way..just stop..so many weapons got nerfd cause of u
  9. So i was thinking..if u make deathmatch in the cycle missions of Asylum gonna be great.So to this game modes:capture points,hold item and kill/defend vip(maybe miss some)also can be added deathmatch to the cycle so everybody can kill everybody and stop complaining about bad teammates etc and have fun trying to get that 1st place.Its something new and i think many players will like it.Same can be added for Baylan.Every mission there(team deathmatch)is the same and often teams are unbalanced and player start having losing streaks or winning.Make at least 1 of every 3 missions to be deathmatch.Anyway what u guys think u can vote
  10. ordinary players not gonna be able to test 3.5 this month right?anyway gg and gl
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