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  1. no..nfas have like 0 range more nerfed than dat idk
  2. TheMessiah

    Waterfront Contacts

    the 2 new contacts they gonna add must be in waterfront this time..
  3. hi what u use for making "clan progression" topic i mean like editing

    1. Esther


      Hey, I used Notepad2 and edited everything by hand 🙂

  4. cant care less for weapon balancing
  5. Not gonna come back if the problem find solution.I saw many people lately complain on steam forum and quit the game cause balance is horrible.We need matchmaking solutions right now..the game cant wait for this cross district or whatever is called.This may not even happen in first half of 2019.So many things can be done with current matchmaking/threat.Needs only some tweaks..but no LO decide to make theyr thing and thats it.Idk even for what was this discussion on forum when after all they will do whatever they want.At least they can do the simple thing to disable the option for players when become gold to start mission in bronze districts(K disable)and message shows to change district.This cant be done or what?Like cmon..
  6. TheMessiah

    APB News!

    nice video
  7. TheMessiah

    Is this true about weapon roles?

    cant be true..
  8. Yesterday i was watching for a little the guy who was showin middle finger to kempington on twitch and he had same problems i think was on jericho.Some people will do everything possible to slow down this game progress now when wer close to 3.5 testing.Hope they burn in hell
  9. yea i cant log in..says that is in use by another client
  10. TheMessiah

    Happy New Year!

    happy new year!!
  11. TheMessiah

    State of the Game: APB 2018

    Im the only 1 who start reading from "whats coming in 2019"?Hehe ill read the 1st part later 3) New progression to sync PC and console Once we get all three platforms on the same code, we are going to release 2 new contacts with new in-game missions and rewards. So Lynette Casey(enf)and Lucas Van Rooyen(crim)are finally arriving?Nice i guess from march onwards 5) New team Challenge Mode For those of you who participated in Epidemic and Slay Bells, you have seen the beginnings of what this mode can be. This will be a hybrid of Battle Royale and Territory Control mechanics where players get to choose the parts of the map that collapse. We are very excited about this new mode and look forward to sharing more with you as we get closer to its release some time in the first quarter. I guess this can also turn into clan vs clan with all the leaderboards etc.Consider this idea..
  12. TheMessiah

    APB needs new players. Ideas? Little Orbit?

    Option to play similar video after character creation with Kempington voice on background explaining things: or just attach this video to the game..is enough
  13. Dont like xmas event this year too and how they split up beacon event from snowball fights.This financial snowball right now is bad but looks like they needed to test for that walls..and u know for what this wall are right