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  1. i guess you know cause u making games nonstop..like how many u made?i think i know..
  2. the potential the game still have despite what some people said..pretty much for that i keep coming back
  3. The latest engine upgrade post: Thx for the detailed update.Meanwhile give us in live game some alternative game mode 40 vs 40 or idk something else for finncial/waterfront where players despite their rank,threat or whatever-can progress their characters(get exp)make money and earn JT.At least try something like that in some event for a while and see if players gonna like it because i think is time to end this agony most player have on this mission districts because of the low pop and matchmaking
  4. is on his way to Mars gonna be the first man there..stay tuned for more news coming soon
  5. end of this week i expect some news about the engine progress(at least i hope we get some)From last update news was clear that they have a lot of work a head(sound more like they start it all over again lol)
  6. u must had the option to call but anyway is indeed sht situation..
  7. For what you think are topics like "roadmap 2021" and "tracking the engine upgrade"?The people who make this same topics for the engine,the matchmaking,the cheaters etc looks like never read what the CEO posts.Thats why is annoyn seen same sht over and over again.But i guess the sht train must keep going so the forum stays alive..
  8. people will never tired to make same topic over and over again for the last 7-8 years..
  9. NA players left this game like 5 years ago(6-7)and this is not the only game i notice that.Thats why i dont like the idea to merge the servers and we in EU to play against the 50 NA players left with high pings.If they dont want to support the game-shut down the NA server and thats it.This people(at least the majority)dont feel attached to anything so they just start leaving this games when they become boring or something else.All games i play are left by the NA community...
  10. i guess this person was in coma for more than a decade..
  11. I think now we need "Tracking the Roadmap 2021" pinned topic instead of "Tracking the Engine Upgrade"..
  12. yea wtf the only weapon change i liked
  13. Idea how to kill 3 birds with 1 stone.The players gonna be more active,attempt for more fair matches and bigger rewards Daily Threat Activity.Name: "The Gold Challenge"(silver,bronze etc)Simple description: "Eliminate 50 enemies"(title and description-subject to change ofc)Reward: 50 JT.There can be 1 of this activities for financial and 1 for waterfront a day(100 JT in total)Replace the activity of the first contacts for example which gives 5 JT and open it up for everybody Example: Im silver and i want to get this activity.Unlocks only on my silver district.After completed i cant get more of the same even if i change threat or threat district.I must play it(counts)only on my silver district Cons: some green players and NA overall may not be able to play this activity but it is what it is..
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