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  1. Here we go again..thats the biggest problem.Tell me one shooter with "nice" community pls..just one..
  2. My conclusion:only players with very strong PCs will run well this game now.Players with older or average will have tough times and thats a big mistake because this is old game and not many people with RTX graphic cards and latest sht etc will play this game.Is like cuttin at least 50% of the playerbase.Idk we will see in future.. p.s. not to mention that game looks worse than live on every setting(besides the sky)
  3. So im updating the launcher i keep from previous beta right now(7.1GB download)This is for the weekend right?Not gonna start updating tomorrow again right?
  4. What about extending the test to 4 hours on saturday and after 2 hours on financial-close it and switch to waterfront so we stress test both.Or is too much..
  5. Should be able to just update it, though it might be slow wtf i still have installed the beta from last time not gonna have to desinstall and install again right?just update the launcher..
  6. i think is a good start when you have in mind that we never had most of those things..
  7. I think the majority of the lag in this game is coming from the characters with thousands of customization crap on them and on their cars.Thats why this game will always lag no matter what..
  8. Last beta weekend each day was like the day and the night.On saturday was running bad but on sunday was way better.More important is that this mini freezes when you fight someone are gone(at least was 4 me)
  9. The major beta issues dont see so "major" from the last engine news(last sunday) So my questions are: 1.We gonna have another beta test on the big maps? 2.The engine gonna be released till end of this year?(seems reasonable) 3.How serious are the console issues and will it slow down the release of the PC engine a lot? thx for the answers in advance great work
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