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  1. two things 1st need 1600x900 res 2nd any chance the wallpapers to have some mirror version(need the enf chars from the other side because from left are my desktop icons) anyway thx for the screensavers o dou unusable for me
  2. After 3.5 final release population will jump at least 2-3 times so gold and green districts gonna start filling again and matchmaking gonna improve by itself(kinda)The last threat/matchmaking system G1 made is not so bad..the biggest problem right now is the small pool of players so everybody play on silver and bronze districts(4 threat lvl players play on 2 threat districts) This not gonna work.Im max rank but silver.I know many players which are bronzes and below.So this cant be.. Idk how gonna work the new matchmaking in details(actually i kinda know from qna but still not sure)but theres many things that can be done with the current all depends on high population.If we have atleast 2k players per server(servers i mean EU and NA)i think best solution is to lock all players to theyr threat districts and make another mixed threat district where everybody are free to join.Thats only gonna work if the game have a lot of players dou
  3. Because they wanted more and more money for their services..in short
  4. Thx for the Beacon event.Playd it couple of times only and was nice.Only this small event shows what potential the game have.I play other shooters as well..our game is just fun
  5. Better block whispers from opposed players during mission specially on finan/waterf.Makes no sense enemy to whisper you during mission.In every mission to ignore players 1 by 1 is anoyn
  6. so overtone is finally out of beta?looks like it..
  7. Hes mouse sensativity was bad also not using V and not used to marksmanship.He can be silver at least if play more.. #silverlivesmatter
  8. 2nd part of the Kempington apb stream was fine.No stutters like in the beginning,overall smooth experience and he logs almost from the 1st time(idk if this have to do with SPCT)He was runnin at 90 fps and i notice /pop sometimes was givin 130 people.So i guess wasnt failed test(o dou i wasnt able to log)I hope they move to finan/waterf testing now..
  9. 21:29 here(9:29pm) gonna wait till they announce server is back online..im not tryn to log anyway just finish to download the client
  10. where i can download the beta?wanna test my low end specs.. p.s. thx : )
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