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  1. i guess u dont even know whats all that about..anyway dont have to be 10 min in 3 also can be done(if done well)and can be attouched when players start game/after create char etc(optional to whatch)Can be couple of videos by 2-3 min for different stuff(social,missions,FC etc)and no current tutorial not gonna work simply because people dont read this days specially something in video games thats lost cause
  2. haha u dethreat son?ehm anyway same can be for silver becoming golds on silver dist many things can be done/tried but it is what it is..
  3. When player(silver)become gold on bronze district-cant start missions anymore(K disabled)and message must appear to change district(if want to continue playn)Cant be more simple soluton for right now.Tired to suggest it.The rank is not the problem..theres some very low skilled 255s
  4. better to find a way how tutorials like this to get to new players more easily and not have to search forums all day for something like this
  5. Watch the entire video and pretty much satisfied.Still the fact that players from different regions will be able to choose on which region they want to play still worries me.Nice to know that after 3.5 voIP gonna get upgraded finally.Also they have in mind to work on clans and on pve kinda stuff like ram-raids,mugging,shope braking etc(maybe ambulance and taxi missions like in gta games?)Ofc public test will start before end of the year.Till end of the year i expect 3.5 full release(or at least open beta)
  6. is like mid october..jeez start asking more than 1 month earlier
  7. Nobody testing sht.4 dist-all empty.Maybe if there was JT and weapon trials but is not the case
  8. meanwhile.. https://massivelyop.com/2019/09/04/fallen-earth-is-going-offline-indefinitely-but-hope-remains-for-a-reboot/
  9. TheMessiah


    chasing ghosts again?
  10. So they start testing tomorrow.How they gonna work?Like every SPCT have certain part of the maps to check for bugs or how(just curious)
  11. From september 2nd SPCT start working on bugs and after that is the open test.So is not that far probably from october(man october gonna be chaos)
  12. So LO was also working on mobile APB all this time?
  13. Congrats to LO for this looks nice.Too bad i have more than 10 years old nokia and is not worthy..
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