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  1. imagine the game without the premium..from 400 will drop to 250 probably
  2. Yea keep waiting LO to make entire new(even if small)map/lounge for that.They try to finish 3 years the engine and u talk about shootin range..
  3. You have 2 things in the question and 3 things to choose to vote for.."Fixing matchmaking and threat district system"is actually the thing i want most right now.Some tweaks to the current matchmaking/threat was possible for this 3 years LO is in charge but anyway
  4. Ok ok i saw the video yesterday is like 99.99% of what everybody thinkin "big deal" indeed.Actually to be exact is like the 99.99% of the cliches everybody post on this forums and thinkin.Something new pls..(i dont say most of it is not true is just gettin anoyn)
  5. i think i extract some sense here..
  6. Nobody uses voip on EU(poor english for most people probably main reason)If you want to talk with ur friend/s actually no need for vivox,discord,skype,teamspeak or any other external program.You can do it on steam(if u run the game on it ofc)U can always create free group and invite them even with free account(or inv as friends but for that you need to spend at least 5 bux on the account)The quality of this communication is good even with my mic for 10-20 bux i can talk clearly plus u can boost ur mic and test it p.s. or u can join already existin apb groups on steam
  7. The event itself is ok my problem is dat my potato cant run it well when many players gather in close space.Thx for the event anyway ill try at least..
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