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  1. saw on discord i think was Secrets mentionin dat they think about the arrange thing to be a thing in future so there u go
  2. in this talkshow a cheater in apb right now tells if some1 cheatin or not(watch like the next 5-10 min)
  3. Thats good event.Who made all of these?Secrets must be on the matchmaking..so some1 else also workin on the game.I mean i doubt is all Secrets again(Emily?)
  4. The entire game is not fun then.Attackin any objective(mission dist)where theres already another team defendin it is also not fun.Idk 1 person enjoyn dat.Maybe disablin/closin the entire game is the best idea at this point..
  5. and whats wrong with it in FC when theres double VIP?and why wasnt tried the double vip on mission dist as well or somethin else?just no words man..keep removin stuff from the game and addin 0 Btw many people complain about explosive weapons-think they have no place in apb.Also about the tdm final mission stage.Some thinks must be removed as well.I suggest start removin all of this(not to mention dmr,pmg,kevlar..)The only thing left must be the creme de la crime mission with the 10 stages and the barell at the end...
  6. EAC like battleye are long goners-cheaters laugh when they see games protected by this old timers.Their glory days are far behind them.New stuff comin out even monitors with integrated AI cheats.If you think EAC will handle dat idk..wheres even the simple ban appeal option u guys mention like 2 months ago?not like gonna change something anyway We need to drop it and switch to this sard anti-cheat(or someting similar)which uses advanced AI tech.Is similar to FF but looks like is way better.Plus is from the team created frost anti-cheat for innova.They also have the experience workin on apb before. Another thing LO must have is the option to detect monitors(like in CoD 4 exampl)and i guess block the ones with the integrated AI cheats-for using(like this 240 hrz msi dat is comin)
  7. i saw a guy on twitch already transfer it but idk if he lost something because he wasnt sayn much(had only 6k money and hes friend was jokin with him) they are workin on cross world matching so even if u transfer it to PC NA-still u gonna be able to play on EU districts in near future
  8. Like 15/20-15/20 but the thing is dat idk if we can call these previous testing even "testing" because the server was crashin after 10-15 min after even the entire thing startin(and the servers never comin back up)and i was able to play like 1 match at most.So for me the entire thing was never a proper test..
  9. two questions: 1.saw on yt apb playn on ps5 and xbox series x-these 2 also gone right? 2.how many console accounts was maded in total?(both xbox and ps)
  10. Thats gonna split the population even more.Im suggestin somethin else for years now but they not gonna do it.. How we can get better matchmaking,improve game performance,expand the gameplay mission area,avoid campers,give new players better starter experience and just play finan/waterf a new way.Is easy and we can get all of this with simple 50 vs 50 game mode with a score counting for 15 minutes and progressin the contacts.This new mode-like alternative of the mission districts and we must see if the players gonna like it.But they not gonna do it o dou can save the game + may bring more players but both LO and the community are afraid of changes.Why can be succesful?Simple: - better matchmaking -in faction vs faction theres obviously good players from both sides,also new players can stick to higher skilled ones and get kills impossible to get before dat - improved performance -only 1 mission runnin on entire dist(not like the 10-15 right now) - gameplay on the entire map and not just limited to certain area where players can camp,also player not gonna be forced to switch weapon in every stage-freedom of choice where to go and what to use - better new player experience -simple:they will know whats goin on from 1st minute-just team with the greens and kill the reds But they not gonna do it o dou is not hard to make- just the people in charge and the active community members are stuck in the cliches of wat must be done in this game and "we not doin sht before dat" -too bad then we all lose in the end...
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