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  1. Have no chance in this contests.Why dont u make monthly lottery or some wheel of luck thing where we all have chance to win this rewards.Like..each player have to log in 1nce a day and win at least 1 district mission and 1 FC mission to be choosable every end of the month when u pull the winners.Somethin like that can be cool.. p.s. this outfits players make(top 3)can be added to JT store or even armas so bad designers like me can have somethin cool to wear
  2. looks like screenshots from gta 3 or vice city
  3. Main reason why this game stuck in time was the decision RP/G1 to bring apb to consoles(one of the main mistakes RTW made)specially when they knew dat they dont have the amount of people and resources to run all versions.If they had focused only on 3.5-right now we gonna talk for completely different things(probably we get to 4.0 till now)PC is the only they had to work on.Instead of that they start building this consoles and meanwhile the game died. After theyr version of BR for apb failed-they sold the brand.Theres no mercy in this things is just business.Forget how nice and polite Matt and the rest are.U ll see when time comes..and is not far(hope im wrong)
  4. Same but soon i think dat "alive" may change.My prediction is dat after engine upgrade,new contacts and this new threat districts-still game /pop not gonna increase much and LO will sell rest of the game(APB R)and thats the finally.I expect all dat to happen till mid next year.Just my prediction lets see what gonna happen...
  5. both screenshots looks like from 20 years old game
  6. Yea happens to me too..every time i tried to play better have feelin that even the noobs start playn better just to piss me off.U have to dont care at all how u play to be succesful in this game.I cant never do what i want in this game-always happens the oposite.Like the game is cursed or somethin.Its not just my imagination.I play other shooter games where players start either givin up when i start beatin them or i can just push my effort and win like normal things happen.But not in apb..not in this cursed world...
  7. Something going on globaly..i play other games and is the same thing.Somethin goin on on a global scale with this internet and conections..
  8. Take a brake playn other games and when come back - only thing person see is problem and no other news..i mean like always
  9. got mine on 5th daily activity i think..its frustrating indeed
  10. How i get this?Daily activity from Treat only gives me 100 JT.Im lvl 3 now i think(have it already maxed from previous years)
  11. My point was..this 2 game loop sections are the only slower they find or they gonna look in rest 33 from now on?All 35 are already checked and this 2 are the only bad or they gonna start searchin in rest from now on..thats what i mean
  12. so i was expecting news about that but nothing..how many out of 35 are done? (sry for making another topic like this but cant ask otherwise)
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