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  1. feedback: limit the escalation/missions in general till 6v6 like max
  2. super short highlight: 1.easyanticheat will be removed(most players unbanned) 2.new customer support service/platform soon 3.the matchmaking latest patch/work is ready(test in next couple of weeks) 4.theres not gonna be faction removal for mission districts(Matt hates the idea) 5.promotions for the game are planned after the new matchmaking patch + the new content(contacts)are live(the cross dist. thing gonna be later i guess)
  3. Have no questions.This company is dead and obviously Matt cant find partners/investors so is game over.Curious to see if hes gonna tell us something anyway..
  4. which part of "dead company" you guys still dont understand..
  5. Probably is not EAC fault this time(o dou in every game with eac people complain dat is infested with cheats)This pro hacker with over 20 years of exp. explains wat may happened(next 4-5 min)
  6. their reputation is ruin(if there was any)dats the certain thing
  7. ur the only 1 who believe in eac bud-just look the comments below this tweet : d
  8. lol u check this website like 1 year(maybe 2?)since they renew it.Ofc nobody gona invest in company with dead games.Their own games s.t.f.u and unsung story are in development since 2015(sort of)and the games they bought with G1-apb and fallen earth which have couple of hundreds of players(i doubt FE have more than 100-150 on daily)and they both are a mess.Disaster code,old looking and overall super tough to deal with
  9. Oh dat make no sense then because gonna be a mess.Whispers can be used 4 dat.Everybody typin from everywhere in same place/chat-gonna be a disaster
  10. general chat exists-if u mean voice chat-dats another thing
  11. Thats another positive thing plus they add bunch of items/weapons in the JT store(needs some serious amount of JT to get 3 slots but still..)These and the trade system-besides dat-not much.. This was the last 2-max 3 years-before dat they were doin a lot of the stuff which LO cancel o dou they said dat everything is pretty much done at 90% when they took over(engine upgrade etc)
  12. Sure.. - They cancel the unreal 3.5 engine upgrade which was the main thing to bring the game back to life(the better lighting,performance and ability to make content faster)The 64 bit only fixed some RTX crashes(the game still crashes dou on other cards) - Cross district matchmaking is still a dream(the main thing to improve the matchmaking) - The new contacts are also nowhere to be seen - They remove the voice chat(was kinda broken but still on NA the players was kinda using it) - The new BR mode Riot was also buried and we never seen it again even like a comeback for event or something - They "sunset" the console vesrsions(the game is still playable till august on playstation dou) - They sold the IP(if is true)and now we dont even know who really owns APB Reloaded Just some small things u guys missed mentioning above.Anyway to end on positive note-they made the trade system-which is still something
  13. With these fixes looks like the 1st stage of the new matchmaking is kinda done.Step closer to stage 2-the cross district matching.Good work yea..no
  14. They have no control over EAC-what u want them to show u..
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