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  1. I've sent in videos with people wallhacking, locking on with aimbots etc in impossible ways etc. nothing happened. I've also noticed when people ask my advice that some players are believed to have otherwordly skills which are "scary", literally bordering to the mystical, as long as they are popular enough. Nothing happens to them. If you're a no-name though, doing the exact same things will literally be seen as impossible.
  2. #metoo Must be some BE update that broke something. Not desperate enough to torture myself with first reinstalling both APB and then BE just to log in and play against cheaters lol
  3. Looking at good players play will not give you better aim at all. Watching recordings of yourself play however, will. You get a lot more aim time in fightclub than missions. That's also a lot better than aim training games, which are mostly just good for getting better at aim training games. 1) Never aim on the upper part of the enemy ....if the entire hitbox is visible ...because when they crouch you easily miss a bullet or two before you've corrected your aim downward, plus keeping the aim lower helps countering misses due to vertical recoil and gives you larger vertical error margin in terms of your recoil control. 2) Never aim for the actual player character! (unless that is all you can see) Aim for the center of the nametag horizontally if the whole enemy is visible instead of trying to aim at the center of the player character because the player character is often not in the center of the actual hitbox .. but the center of the nametag always is. So record yourself playing (fightclub is a good idea) and look at it carefully. Notice why you are missing, what you often seem to do wrong etc and learn from that. You'll improve quickly.
  4. Cr0

    Remove OPGL from FC

    When I read your post it's obvious that you're complaining about some experience you had where you repeatedly tried to camp in a room where someone was stopping you by using an OPGL and now you're trying to come up with arguments why it was everyone's and everything's fault but yours.
  5. Cr0

    Remove OPGL from FC

    So it should be removed because grenades can fall through the map? What are you talking about? I've never seen an invisible OPGL grenade and I use OPGL regularly. That is exactly what it is made for! There are many situations where this feature is needed to counter what the enemy is doing. If the OPGL didn't exist, instead of a what you call "high disadvantage" situation, the situation would remain an unbalanced advantage to whoever was using the hard to counter tactic. 12 ammo capacity is low ammo capacity, not high. If mobility was like the other explosive weapons it would be completely useless. High damage potential? You mean like all other weapons? Like all other explosives, like all snipers, frag and concussion grenades? "Predamage"? . .. oh I died because I was "predamaged". What are you talking about? It's MADE to damage people around corner, on roofs etc. It evens out lame advantages one can get from lame tactics, corner camping etc. Plus there is a thing called flak jacket. Don't know if you've heard of it. The OPGL goes *FOMP*, nade comes flying. You get a chance to see and hear it. Now you do have time to move. You can see the trajectory, the grenade coming in. It lands on the ground and explodes after a set amount of time, So what the heck are you talking about that it's "impossible to escape"? How do you escape a normal bullet in APB then? Dodge like in the matrix? No. What it ruins is the lame tactics where people put items inside small rooms to just guard the entrances. That's hard to counter. That's why that tactic is used. In Asylum, the OPGL is a counter to that, just like it is in missions where people try the same thing. That's what you want to stop people from doing. Of course those who rely on doing those camp-like corner camping tactics gets frustrated when someone pulls out an OPGL because it "ruins the fun" for them. You're acting like you never get teamkilled by other weapons than OPGL. How do you avoid getting teamkilled by bullets, grenades, osmaws and volcanos then? Just because you managed to make a list with many points and end it with "now explain", as if you think I couldn't, doesn't make any of what you wrote automatically valid or intimidating in terms of counter arguments. You have to actually say something that makes sense, not just write a post with a good looking structure.
  6. Cr0

    Remove OPGL from FC

    If you get annoyed from dying a lot to OPGL in fightclub, you're the kind of player the OPGL was made to counter and you're annoyed about it.
  7. Well, you're right, and I think you should have written on one of the other posts already active on this subject as several posts like these have been created last week.
  8. Just came from Baylan shipping, at least 4-5 blatants in the other team of like 8 or 9. Completely useless. Not playing again until something happens.
  9. The current situation is so bad that I found myself actually thinking that what if FF was actually better, if you from that equation remove the abusive CM who banned/unbanned based on grudges and favouritism.
  10. Throw an EMP, car gets temp disabled and they take 150 electrocution damage if they get in it anyways
  11. In my eyes, Resin made the best point in pointing out that the problem is not as specific to APB as it is to BE. I wonder what the different options to BE would even be now when both EAC and FF is out of the question.
  12. I know the frustration. You tell people what's going on and you always get things along the lines of: - "You're just frustrated..." - "Hackusating as a form of harassment" - "You're being toxic" - "Just report and be silent!" - "Send in a video then..." (almost pointless) - "Don't post their names on the forums!" - "You think everyone is cheating!" - "You're not even a good player!" etc etc Meanwhile we watch the cheaters playing 99% of the time, taking 1% of their time to make new accounts after they get banned, having the time of their lives, while the frustrated legit player only gets to suffer, plus have the community turn against him/her for deciding they've had enough and want to desperately say something. That's not so hard to understand! Of course some people will feel like the cheaters are being "protected" then.
  13. It's a really nice idea! Perhaps you'd receive more feedback in the end if it was open for feedback on for example one weapon category at a time instead of all weapons at once because many who don't spend as much time and energy on APB as the die hard APB'ers who hang around the game all the time, may pass on this I think.
  14. sorted in ranges, close to long: OCA, N-tec, CR762, Scout. secondary: FBW, .45 Underestimated: firework launcher (with N-tec or Ursus) if only used when your position has been disclosed and you don't know all of theirs.
  15. People who would consider the idea of all guns being buffed but would never want all HP to be lowered because that's a bad idea.
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