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  1. 8 times out of 10 the ones I see take out their OPGL to counter someone using the "OP" OPGL in the other team, STILL can't beat it. They can't shoot like that other guy. Instead they come to the forums trying to get the OPGL nerfed so they wont have to feel like that again. Those saying there should be a windup timer: Windup timer solved the issue with the Osmaw years ago in a brilliant way because the rockets explode on impact. The OPGL doesn't. The OPGL already has a (silent) timer, for the explosions. On long range the grenades from it may explode instantly as it arrives, but if someone is skilled enough to hit on long range like that, it's because they are good with the weapon, and if you die instantly from one hit to the body from it, it's because it was a bulls-eye and they beat you, nothing else.
  2. The only thing imbalanced about any of the explosive weapons themselves is that the damage radius of the Volcano is too large, as it also used to be for the percussion grenade.
  3. How do you know? No I won't DM you (or anyone else) the links to those, sorry.
  4. I told LO about a couple of them it. That's the only one I'm gonna tell. And let me tell you color based stuff can be very good. I'm an expert on those.
  5. OH.. so I guess what you don't know about doesn't exist. You can easily search and find plenty of info on it that shows you are wrong about that.
  6. They shouldn't approve edited .upk files anymore. There's some external object detection cheats that depend on those, spreading like the plague. Those cheats need it so that the characters are never hidden by nade explosions, car explosions, muzzle flash, fire, smoke and many other things. Make a list of the things you need to edit in APB for these cheats to work and there's an edit for basically every single one of them. To help people make it harder for these cheaters, this info is useful: The weaknesses with these cheats are: - Can't target players covered by fences etc (doesn't detect human shape) - Partly covered player models are harder to target. - Also targets pedestrians and friendly players. - Can incorrectly target the current object within FOV closest to human shape (minimal % of match to shape can be used though). - Some clothing items disrupting normal human outlines decreases the effectiveness of the bots (clothing items like the pointed tinfoil hat (hah!), wizard hat, backpacks, strange pointy shapes etc) other: - The cheats hog GPU power because the bots use an AI function running directly on the GPU. So minimal graphics, resolution etc is used. Overkill GPU makes them more effective, especially the new nvidia models which are specialized in AI functions with dedicated stuff for it. - Since they target the player model and the player model is often not in the actual center of the hitbox, accuracy suffers slightly from that. These bots are used on streams all the time. They were used in the unofficial APB tournament. So now you know how to make it harder for these cheaters as a player.
  7. There's a very obvious answer to that question. Cheaters are basically never low tier. So of course when you see someone complain about it, they will very often be a low tier.
  8. They don't know who is cheating. They can't see who is cheating. They can't detect who is cheating. ... unless it's a public cheat that anyone can get. Reporting anything, in any way, is pointless. But pointing it out on the forums will lead to people letting you know all the things you are doing wrong by posting about it. Isn't that lovely?
  9. When you laugh at something because you don't believe it, but it's actually true, then it's just ignorance. Or like lack of... information.
  10. What's the actual reason you blurted that out? ... because I can't imagine finding such a fairly unimpressive statement so inconceivable that I'd start laughing hysterically.
  11. Honestly, I don't even believe that you really think that. He shot the ntec at full auto without moving the mouse vertically at all, not a millimeter. There was no "micro adjustment".... Yet the aim didn't climb. Happened many times in his stream. Also even if there would have been a "micro adjustment", that's not enough to deal with that. You need constant downward mouse movement at a set speed at full auto, which DID NOT happen. He shot the same way with the carbine (fast rate of fire). Aim didn't climb due to recoil at all even though he didn't move the mouse down at all. Same as with the n-tec. You need a constant downward motion with the mouse to do that. There wasn't any. None! Same with the .45. It's impossible. It's the most clear thing ever and you're going "uuuhm.. you see... 800 DPI blabla... micro adjustments.. high sense blabla". Like... are you for real? And why are you making it sound like the well-known fact that there is a cheater epedemic right now is just some stupid rumour originating from this one guy (me). Everyone knows that there is a huge problem with cheaters right now. Like what are you even trying to do here? I can EASILY prove that I'm right about that guy if you want me to. I'll make a video (can't post it here though). One condition.... if I prove I'm right, you have to admit that I am. You have to admit it here, in this thread. I will do it if you agree. I'm not just saying it.
  12. How on earth can you think I'm that dumb? Seriously. Okay, so you've been living under a rock apparently if you're not aware of any current "incidents" of cheaters on twitch. It's also not allowed to present such proof here, don't know if you noticed. It's not just something me as an individual is claiming. It's public knowledge (for those who haven't been living under a rock). Go to twitch and maybe you'll find some "interesting" clips or streams. Perhaps you'll stumble into some channel with some blatant cheater locking on to people's heads (that was hilarious), or some other clips of someone using an obvious aimbot, or some streamer triggerbotting the wrong guy by mistake, or some other guy who was filming his hand while playing which showed he had perfect vertical recoil control without doing vertical mouse movement. There are many many examples just from the past few weeks. Not that many of them are public videos. I know some other things that I'm not allowed to (and will not) share, but which unfortunately shows there are indeed a lot of people cheating right now and that includes streamers. So of course that it very noticeable when playing too, unless you're not very bright.
  13. Not that I applied, but I don't know if you're being sarcastic or serious. I can't tell these things anymore.
  14. I don't know if LO truly understands what a complete disaster the situation is. It's worse then bad and worse than worse than bad. Often at least half the population in fightclub seems to be cheating. In fightclub I've seriously turned to following some players around to find the enemy, since they always seem to know where they are. Many of them are typical new low rank gold players who probably rerolled for the 20th time and others are old veterans who are magically staying on top of all cheat waves without fail. After a while you learn to identify them and you can just follow them, and voila you get more kills. Am I cheating by doing that? No, because how could I truly know they are cheating unless I'm looking at their screen? If there is even 1 pixel of my hitbox showing these guys will instantly hit me so I've taken to using OPGL so I can get the advantage of being able to kill them without them getting a chance to hit me because if they have that chance, they will hit me, not just shoot. Then these cheaters come to the forums going "OPGL is ruining fightclub" Then we have streamers trying to hide that they are cheating, every day, several ones, as well as some blatant ones. Most of those guys would not stream if they didn't cheat because they need that to feel that they can play without looking bad, which they end up doing anyway because of how clueless they are. Many of them have played for many years and still obviously have no idea what it should look like when you shoot and aim with no bots. They truly think it looks normal, making me question how long they have been cheating to still have no clue about that! I can seriously go to twitch and spot them within a couple of minutes. Some times under a minute. But ... many of them seem to tell themselves they are closet cheating partly because there are hardcore cheaters who'd ruin their game otherwise. This way they can still "enjoy" the game for themselves. These guys may complain a little about cheaters, but they'll never not play because of cheaters, because they can truly deal with it. I understand them, even though it is bad. No question about it. When you add the blatants and the closets up, play fightclub a lot, to see it for real, check how many are using the public cheats, hear about the "private" and semi private cheats, cheating clans who all aim exactly the same way, same aim behaviour patterns, artificial looking recoil control... etc etc..., you get terrifying numbers, especially compared to how small the population is. It's bad.
  15. I think I agree with those saying consumables are more a balance problem/annoyance than a welcomed addition in its current form at least. It'd be interesting with some kind of a vote on this just to see the general opinion. But I certainly feel that consumables are a good example of the saying: less is more.
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