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  1. Really good and interesting changes that I really want to try.
  2. It's not a big deal but the descision to do this is a mentality which is pointing in the wrong direction. Some times it's like they balance some stuff around feedback from old veterans who have soured over time like an old grumpy person complaining about things like that the neighbour's cat is staring at them from a window and stuff. "Blinds should be down my default!". Most death themes are not made to be annoying, so then the on by default should win over off by default. APB is so much about customization and creativity, but you have to yourself turn death themes on. That's counter intuitive. Imagine if symbols was off by default. I think what should be an extra in a creative game is to have something which is a creative element turned off, not on.
  3. We need the colored crosshair because: A) All hitboxes have the same size, while you can make your character smaller/shorter than the hitbox. B) In some situations you can not see the name tag and you need to know if it's an enemy.
  4. Hey, I upload some very simple APB videos every once in a while. It's nothing fancy at all and very quickly edited, but I like it like that. Feel free to subscribe if you enjoy it. I'll just post one video to start with. Have a good one
  5. With complete satisfaction you stop playing and move on with something else, so... remember that
  6. Just my two cents... The recoil on the Tommy gun is brutal. Maybe slightly too brutal. About the TTK and that, it has a lot more ammo than the OCA. You can get several kills per mag. But it'd be really cool if the Tommy got some love. Alig kills vehicles very fast within its maximum damage range though. I was fine with scout before the damage increase, but with the increase also came the heavy hvr damage decrease, so the result is we see a much better sniper balance with the scout and heavy HVR in terms of the weapon choices people make now. That's really good. The Heavy HVR was a bit annoying before this. Shaw is actually useless if you have Euryale, yes. OCA... well it's super good. Borderline too good, but something was needed against the boring shotgun meta.
  7. I have to say I've noticed a slow growth of the number of cheaters, at least in fightclub, since BE was reintroduced. Often there are multiple on each side, sort of triggering each other to toggle harder and harder until they are just being ridiculous, on both sides. I do not understand how it's possible that veteran players say they hardly ever see a single cheater anymore. I literally don't understand why they are saying that, because the situation is so clear.
  8. I thought it was just a standalone spelling mistake but you keep writing "Cuncurssion". It's Concussion. I just couldn't keep quiet anymore
  9. Just ask them to move to another country and log in from there and it will stop happening then.
  10. Your rules are invisible social constructs, yes. The real rules are in the EULA and glitching through the map is actually against those rules. I wonder if you know the difference between the two. Please show me a single person ever who said it's not against the rules to glitch through the map. Until then, this "crowd" of yours is another figment of your imagination. Maybe you see this group in your room right now?
  11. Nobody is thinking "it's possible so it must be okay", because even those doing it realizes it's literally against the actual rules to glitch through the freekin map. This "crowd" is in your imagination.
  12. Yeah so now I'm a person who thinks playing against equally skilled players ruins the game? Who would even think that? Such and obvious deliberate misinterpretation of what I wrote. I said a player who is not allowed to play his best because he's risking stepping over some rule about "farming new players" has his game ruined, always having to think about how he's playing and if the other guy is new or not, that is now his problem, and where the line goes between stomping and farming. "Oh look out, you're close to farming these people".... That truly is ruining the fun. You and Mr KooKoo there wants to put players like that at risk for getting freekin banned. You think that is a good idea. You think there's an easy lineto draw between farming and stomping/owning and who is new or not. You don't understand. It would be impossible. There are a million things which makes that impossible to enforce without major problems, which I've described clearly, but none of you two understand it. Let's see how you can misinterpret that this time. Or actually it doesn't matter because this is my last post on this thread. Here you go again "you don't farm new players" ... those are YOUR rules. They are not real rules! Hello? anyone home? It's like you're stuck inside your own little box. Why are you saying I've played the game for 7 years (it's more) like that's some kind of a good point when you have almost 10.000 posts on this forum and still make no sense. I'm allowed to farm. Deal with it. You can't get over that obviously. I've explained why it couldn't be correctly enforced, thus why it hasn't been an actual rule ever. But you don't understand. You truly can not understand what I'm saying and what a disaster such a rule would be and the problems it would cause. You don't get it. The wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead. Imagine having you, a guy rambling about "trash humans who deserves pain and suffering" deciding the rules. Raging out bans left and right, worse than G1 under FF. OK, that was my last post on this thread.
  13. If someone is good enough that he can destroy another player but he's not allowed, because it'd get him banned, then how the heck doesn't that ruin the game for that player? Not being allowed to be "too good". You've gotta be kidding me. That's what the guy wants. Then he starts rambling about how "trash humans deserves pain and suffering" and you say he has common decency. You're both nuts!!!
  14. A) I'm not pretending. It can't. Why do you think they're not doing it and never have? Because it's not a good idea and it wouldn't work. I've explained exactly why but you can't seem to wrap your little head around it. Meanwhile, you've started seeming obsessed with calling me a "prick", started absurd ramblings about "trash humans" who "deserve to be pissed off", "trash humans deserve to suffer" and "how trashy you are".... I mean... you don't seem okay. So I'll just not write any more to you I think.
  15. Well, it's not exactly that it's "OP".... but there actually is something to it, in a way. See, new players don't have access to it so they are at a pretty big disadvantage facing higher ranks/experienced players who has it. Being new and low rank is hard enough and then having much slower health regen on top of that makes it even harder. It's so strong that you sort of have to use it.
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