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  1. So do I (since beta times though). So do I. I'm not proud of it and I'm certainly not boasting now, but I think I should explain: I also used many cheats years ago (and got correctly banned for those eventually). I made some of my own cheats and tools back then (not nowadays). I know what it's like on both sides, which gave me some insight what is being done legitimately as well as illegitimately as well as "grey area" stuff, and what it looks like from the inside and outside. LO asked me if they could use a video I recorded where I describe and showcase how some external cheats are made (which I made) and what it looks like, as a small part of training some of their employees. In private, people some times like to ask for my opinion, advice etc for some of these things, but openly.... it's a different story.
  2. They DO?... wooow. I didn't understand that! Thanks for educating me. Did you know that when people have different views of things, they can discuss their difference of experience to learn stuff? how wild is that???????
  3. Why do so many of you SPCT people keep implying that there seems to be hardly any cheaters? Almost every time I play a couple of hours, I report someone. Most of them disappear fairly soon(tm) thereafter and are never seen again (on that character).
  4. Looks good! Let's see how it feels to play with. After the hard damage ISSR-B nerf I tried explaining why it was over nerfed slightly and that it should still do some damage against vehicles, just not as much as before. Those who replied from SPCT said Nope... you're wrong, patch is fine. The very next weapon patch buffs hard damage slightly, stating: "the ISSR-B should still be able to pose some threat to vehicles". That sounds familiar.
  5. When G1 manually banned/unbanned people and labeled it as a fairfight decision/error, when it wasn't.
  6. I don't understand why this was never implemented in the game settings.
  7. Do you mean so that is only has territory control?, because it does have that as one of the modes is cycles through.
  8. Thanks so much for the detailed answer, which cleared up to me the background to the questions you have to the community about this as well as give insight to the whole process, which made me even more impressed than I was, especially seeing how you didn't have any knowledge of 3D modeling software before this, meaning you've learned so much along the way as you stuck to it and just continued working on it. I love that. I'm not often impressed by people in this community, but this is something else. I hope that you'll be given all the recognition you deserve and the help/support you need.
  9. I have a question for you actually. I'm curious what your initial motivation and goal was with making this impressive new district layout and if it has changed or been redirected along the way?
  10. Some FC and putting themes on the marketplace. Almost completely out of habit, like brushing my teeth or something
  11. Too much bull going on so I've informed about a few things they can add to the detection list. Happy sweats.
  12. Cr0

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    The reverse psychology worked - on me.
  13. It's nice that some people here can explain some things. I'll just add the only thing I sort of agree on in the OP and that is: "More cheaters with BE" ... (or, easier to spot with this type of anti cheat system). Now, that part is not going away, however off mark the post is in general.
  14. There was always something weird about how G1 made enough from APB.
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