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  1. This patch is what happens when even the SPCT don't play the game Can't you just revert everything you have touched with weapons and never, ever, touch it again? pretty pls
  2. OCA: requires tracking and 8 bullets to hit while having shit rng, got such a high ttk to be able to compete with JG Noobs: Ye nerf that shit way too OP JG: turn your monitor off hit 2 shots while 1 shot is able to do 756 damage (almost as much as a fucking HVR), corner camp everything cuz noone can hit you. 0.65ttk btw. Noobs: Ye. it's fine. why are u SPCT?
  3. Is this some bug? I get this message on a outfit I barely have any designs on and I don't have many tattoos on my char either. Is there some way to avoid it?
  4. UwUMaster666

    My two cents!

    Nearly everything you said for "Weapons that need improving:" is wrong. Try tracking your opponents more ("even" with the OBIR).
  5. Typical "shotgun skill weapon!! smg noob!! hold mb1 to win!!" random who has no idea of how the game is played at high skill. Norseman is shit, there is a difference between a gun that requires skill to be good against actual good players and a gun that is just plain bad. Jumpshot skillful... strafing noob... holy fuck I always drop fucking IQ points when I read what people think is skillful in this game. Please proceed with "strafing" wasd, so I can ttk the fuck out of people like you. Oscar, carbine have even crazier movement than SMG. Other guns don't have that just because they weren't designed to shoot constantly in hipfire. I mention JG because it's literally broken, use any other shotgun if you want, idc, except CSG all other shotguns are shit. Maybe I shouldn't mention aim and brain to someone who opens a thread to ask for help how to aim?
  6. APB already has really little recoil, the only weapon which requires the most recoil control which comes to my mind is the Tommy Gun. Recoil isn't an issue in APB, it's more the bloom control of the gun. You can't full auto a NTEC at long range. JG is what dominates CQC, not SMG. You just see more SMG's because a) they have more range b) skilled people refuse to use JG because it's stupidly OP. You see a lot of stupid russians use JG all the time because they think it's actually more skillful to use than SMG, which isn't true. You shouldn't nerf something which requires skill. Don't punish a player for having good movement. If you can't hit a guy with good movement it's your aim, so it's your own problem. Nerfing something like strafing will only make APB slower and braindead. Train your aim and brain instead of using JG
  7. I rated the ACES Rifle based on it's overall abilites, not the 1v2 ability. 1v2 in high skill is unlikely anyway, so I described it as I personally experienced it, if you are one of the few players who has truly aim in this game, you can literally beam people with it in range. The high firerate makes a ttk easier. I don't care about having a mag size of 35, if you want, buff it, but one of it's abilities in CQC or range should be nerfed since like I already said, it's a SMG rifle together.
  8. Since I didn't have the chance to try all the weapons out because I'm a f2p player I thought that doing the sheet would result in misinformation. Instead I will just go over the gun play I experienced in mission district and a lot of fc, so if someone disagrees with my pov and shares a different experience, we can discuss it. Agrotech ACES Rifle: nerf It's basically a rifle and SMG at the same time. It has a lot of range and accuracy with it, while being able to compete with other SMG's in CQC. If you want this gun to stay in the AR section I would suggest you nerf its CQC abilites. N-TEC 5: none for now It's still the good all rounder, not insane at range like Obeya/Obir and not that good in CQC. N-TEC 7: minor nerf I agree with lazer that the tap-fire is still too good for it's abilities, literally every silver can beam you with it. Obeya CR762: minor nerf Unfortunately I don't know how to correctly nerf it, so it doesn't lose its identity and/or gets too weak. Maybe you could start by making it a 6 STK. OSCAR: minor nerf Apart from being very spammable and having a little bit too much range (considering it's being spammed while hip-firing), I think a minor movement speed nerf while shooting it, would be enough as it is easily countered by SMG's. S1-NA 'Manic': minor buff Being a SMG used by firing it only in marksman mode, it's harder to track people so you would need that ttk power to have an advantage against other SMG's. I'm not trying to say it needs the same insane ttk time pre-nerf, but it definitely feels like it needs a little too much shots to kill someone. It has good range and accuracy, but it doesn't really stand a chance against other SMG's, so it would help having a 0.7 ttk instead 0.72 while only needing 9 STK instead of 10. Or keeping the 0.72 ttk and only having 9 STK, it would need testing. Colby PMG: minor buff As seen that many people want the PMG buffed, I must say, don't get the wrong idea of where it's lacking. If you hit your shots it easily can obliterate someone. It's still a good viable SMG. Buffing its ttk or firerate, will result in it being OP again. Where it lacks though, is having the dropoff range nerfed too wildly. While it still has good range (around 30m I think) accuracy, it lacks the damage. Having the OCA overshadow the PMG in really close combat slighty is ok, since PMG is designed as a more ranged SMG, that's where the PMG will overshadow the OCA. Give it at least 5m more dropoff range. JG: major nerf Having a corner it's THE unbeatable gun in the game. While CSG has that same peek-a-boo potential since it's a shotgun, JG has a fast firerate. Everyone who plays Asylum should know it's capabilites which are ridiculous. Whereas I think that CSG shouldn't be really touched, I still would suggest that JG and CSG have a movement speed reduction while/after shooting, since it's nearly impossible to being able to hit a good JG/CSG player if he peeks-shoots-hides. You can literally spam your OCA at the corner and still only hit *maybe* hit a single shot by luck. But that's not the only problem JG has. It nearly has the same damage as the HVR, with a ttk time of 0.65 seconds. Shotguns have already an advantage by being in a 3rd person shooter and having lots of corners, and you don't have to constantly track people like with SMG, so you have less chance to miss someone than with SMG. APB being APB, no SMG always hits all the shots because RNG and/or having "trouble" tracking the movement of a good player, while you only have to hit 2 Shots with JG, and one is sometimes even enough to kill someone. I had many situations where a player missed like 2-3 shots in a row only strafing me (not making my screen even slightly red), but doing enough damage for the final shot to literally delete me. O-PGL 79R: nerf Reduce its radius and/or add a timer like on every other explosive (the stun version of opgl is debatably even more annoying). Lastly, FBW: nerf I'm surprised not more people realize how good FBW truly is. Honestly, it's a pick-pocket Carbine with less recoil. It's insanely easy to use since it has so many bullets, has a fast firerate, has really good accuracy even in range (while hip-firing) and basically no recoil. The argument that .45 is better because it has a lower ttk time is actually ridiculous considering that you can only miss 2 shots, have to actually control the gun like no other and hit all of your 5 other shots. Ask any really good player how many times he/she is able to one clip a enemy (even not a good one), comparing it to the times of the FBW. FBW is just insanely much easier not to mention forgiving than any other pistol. The least you can do is to reduce its ammo to 10-11, as it's even easier to use than the FR0G which also has only 10 shots.
  9. I pray for fucking god that people like this ^ are just ignored by LO. Proves my point that forum people shouldn't have a say in balancing shit.
  10. @Frosi May I ask how you/LO plan to use this data? Isn't it just going right into the direction which every good player (only very few of them left) describes, that LO keeps listening to people who should be basically silver in this game, if threat would actually work correctly?
  11. I kinda agree with R3ACT3M but am careful of such a change as it may not suit APB. I think the prime example of what R3ACT3M is describing is maybe the .45, as I have experienced it, it can be a laserbeam IF you can actually control it correctly. It is one of the few guns in APB you have to control to gain accuracy with it, so it's considered a skilled gun by a lot of players. Rewarding players with high accuracy for controlling a gun perfectly means players need to actually have skill, which APB is in need for tbh.
  12. CQC: Shotgun (JG specially) by far, it's even so overpowered anyone with a brain would've hotfixed it, but not here in APB. Best AR is debatable but nearly everyone plays Ntec, though FAR is quite good also. Obeya obliterates everyone and is kiinddaa viable even in CQC if really needed. Obir is still good. Best LMG would be either Killer Bee or Euryale (with it's other reskins). Euryale has good accuracy, movement speed and firerate, but Killer Bee still shreds people and is at the same time good against cars. Not to forget the FBW spammers. Anyone with skill plays .45 though but FBW is the Shotgun of the pistols.
  13. Another quality Todesklinge thread. While I agree that Clotting Agent is a little too good (CA 3 needs only around 1.3 seconds to activate), your playstyle or pov on Kevlar 3 is wrong. Most important thing: You can play everything in this game and be good, if you have most deaths in the team it's definitely your problem, don't expect and wish that a simple gun or mod changes that. Personally I wouldn't recommend playing Kevlar in Baylan at all, so it's your fault for taking the wrong mods for such situation. Baylan is a big and open district so you need to have mobility to surivive by repositioning and taking cover. While playing Kevlar in mission districts which are open too is viable, if you car gameplay or the mission is at a place with a lot of cover, Baylan has a lot of players with a lot of angles to shoot you. Try playing Asylum with Kevlar, there is a lot cover and you actually make use of your 30% more health in fights. I tried it and it worked, one of the reasons is because most players don't expect that you use Kevlar (one of the advantages). If you still lose a straight 1v1 then you either play the wrong gun (Obeya as I have seen) which makes sense that you lose in CQC then, or you need to work on your aim (and brain because positioning is key too in this game).
  14. Apparently some Snipped insult ~@mayii have trouble reading so I'm going to repeat myself. More than half of the district was kicked, and I highly doubt that 50-60 people got kicked cus of cheats - 3 times. But if you are one of those that think it's a really good possibility that so many are cheating, then I guess it's no surprise you have trouble reading. It's BE fucking up massively (what a surprise).
  15. "Query Timeout" Can u keep your shitty anti cheat under control? Within one hour more than half of the district was kicked 3 times by this garbage.
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