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  1. Over 5 years and nothing have changed... thats the real lmao.
  2. Tell other people, the, are bad is the only answer you can get, because you have no true answer about the balancing problem in the game! Clotting Agent is overpowered and broken, so everyone use it. Also automaticly all other green modifications are bad, because the player behind is bad... your logic is not existing. You are one of the problems of the game by killing the community with wrong and false informations to the gameplay by attacking personal and not with logic of balancing.
  3. Thats not a solution to say "dont use Kevlar". Its unbalanced and need a HP increase. Thats why 99% of Players use Clotting Agent, because its overpowered and have no downsides.
  4. Have played today on Bayland Shipping and the most results in about 3 hours of gameplay are the same. I die to much, i CAN NOT kill the enemy (not Kevlar users, i am the only one in the match of about 40 players). Most of my aiming shots are missing the enemy most of the time, so i am thinking the Kevlar 3 have a negative effect on aiming accuracy to all weapons in the game. So i am asking me, if Kevlar 3 gives me a +30% Health Bonus, why i die all the time earlier? The logic behind, if you are wearing an armor that gives you (not) protection, why wearing the armor? Is this a bug? Where there are no more game balancing updates, thats are just simple edit of numbers. It is very frustrating if i can not make any kill to make progress in the challanges, of missing game balancing.
  5. With the low population, there is a high chance to fight against pro gamers, because of missing matchmaker.
  6. @MattScott Whats about Events on live server during the waiting time to keep the remaining player base up? Do dou planing to make a "wipe" for APB Re-Reloading? Why not use Unreal Engine 5 and implement most of the existing parts in to a better version. Working on older engines remains older issues. Most of gameplay is basic gameplay and can be better modified in the new engine. I hope we get more new Stuff. It becomes more and more boring to play the game (i love it) but with the old gameplay and game balancing is a problem too. There are so much pro gamers or cheaters i cant defeat them. Using Kevlar 3 but the mod dont give me more time to stay in combat, because the reduced movement speed is a down side in all situations. Also over the engine, there are game balancing issues they can be fixed easier in UE5. Whats about of make investment (also ARMAS purchases) in to the game. I dont know if its worth (because i dont now if we can keep all purchased stuff oe not). Do we will keep payed content or... wipe? I am meaning, your company need more fresh money. But we have allready spend many cash on the older company before. So we have shop-items from ages before. I hope you can understand what i am talking about.
  7. Problem with Kevlar 3 is: - to less HP Bonus (most weapons do over damage). - reduced movement speed = enemys can easier hit you and you need more time to mission objects. - you can easier get killed by vehicles. - you cant run away from grenades. - you can not reach some map locations (of missing run speed = jump range). - etc. Clotting Agent 3 have only bonuses and no penalitys, thats why 99,9999% of all players using CA3. Little Orbit dont rebalance modifications. Just increase: Kevlar 1: +10% -> +20% Kevlar 2: +20% -> +35% Kevlar 3: +30% -> +45% After this just testing and/or rebalance with small steps to the right place. Same for all modifications. But now we have unbalanced mechanics
  8. Take a look to GTA5, there are tons of PvE content and it works very well. APB and GTA 5 are equal, not in its size.
  9. There are more PvE Players in the world, with PvE Content, APB can grow in population again. This is important to support and development the game further. A modern Engine gives more options to add new content to the game + performance in networking and graphic. If you take a look in to the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace, there are much ready to use, content to rebuild APB in big parts. Thats what i am talking about to make a rework of ABP in UE4/5 and not to try 1.3 -> 2.0 of UE3.
  10. .ac45 Pistol and Clotting Agent 3 should be temporaly disabled until the balancing fiy is live.
  11. APB need PvE content to keep survining. After this, make a rework with Unreal Engine 4/5 and all is fine. Using Unreal Engine 3 is a deadlock. There are so much unfair player in the game, they do kill weaker players. Beginners left the game and this repeats. With PvE non PvP focused players can play APB = $$$ to support the rework. Doing a rework on UE4 is not hard. It is much more easier instead of uprgrade an old engine.
  12. You are my greatest fan! For 5€ you get my 10. best comments! Here are an example: 1. Buff Kevlar
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