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  1. I am looking for this gun too. I hope with silencer too!
  2. Why no one uses anti vehicle weapons? Because you have the Concussion grenade that dont cost a primary slot. It is unbalanced if you can take a sniper, oca nano and cocussion grenade!
  3. If the Mod cost 100.000 $ why not. And you lose one slot in your vehicle. Dont talk about economy if crimes can farm easy money on empty servers. As Enforcer you cant.
  4. I am using the 4 Slot Waragi (with all customisationa etc.) for my Enforcer and Crime. The first vehicle Spawn of the day cost 0$. But another vehicle spawns cost 100$ each and is very expensive for me. So i whould suggest an new vehice Mod that remove the spawn cost of the vehicle, this have a 60 second cooldown, also you can not spam/spawn your vehicle every time. Maybe as character or vehicle mod? The idea is to remove the spawn cost, but this is NOT possible of use in combination with "Car Spawn" and/or "Detonation" (Car Bomb). But you can use "Ammo Box" in your Car without any problems! For Car Spawn system, i whould recommend, you and your team can spawn in your vehicle WITHOUT Car Spawn with a minimum Range of 150 - 250m to the actually target! This works on every vehicle, this helps to enter your vehicle without to move very long ways to just claim it back. I have very much situations where my vehicle is exactly on the other side of the new mission part... also its to far away.
  5. Can we het a trial reset? I like to buy the 762 Spartan, but cant trial it
  6. Please remove the Concurssion grenade out of the game! Reason: The Grenade replace all Anti-Vehicle weapons and make them useless. Most of players have a primary weapon (like for long range) and a good secondary for close range. AND the Concurssion Grenade against all vehicles. I have never seen a player with an anti vehicle weapon for a long time, (not osmaw) because most of players use the concurssion grenade to finish off all vehicles in the game and the grenade dont need a primary slot. Another Thing is to nerf the range and accuracy of thrown grenades. There are so much players in the game they can hit you with Grenades on all distances for 100% accuracy. So much players make grenade spawns on mission objects to lock them down for the enemy team.
  7. Thank you. This is the ONLY way to unlock the weapon permanent? No direct permanent purchase? Wilde selling weapons for rent and permanent purchase.
  8. Yes but i can not understand. Anyone can help me please?
  9. Why i can not buy Oca Nanon Cannoisseur for 10.000 Joker Tickets? Is renting for 7 days, for 2500 JT the only way???
  10. They are remove to options for weapons to buy them for 10k JT direct as permanent version? Also we can only lease the weapons with a chance to get iz permanent? The question, i have right now 10k JT, do i need to spend this before the updates comes or not?
  11. 10k JT to unlock the weapon permant, or there is a price increase?
  12. My antivirus G-Data gives me an warning: BEService program have "Gen:Trojan.Heur2.LPT@FZ@baf9ogvab" Virus The files is blocked. But i can play the game without problems.
  13. You need two weapons (2x-50%) to get one new. This gives the playerbase a more safety, to buy and test more weapons (by purchasing from Armas). If you buy a weapon and you DONT like it, you become more frustrating to buy another one... the upgrade system helps you to find easier what you realy like! If you like to support the game with money, there are endless options you can do that! Thats not the problem. If you like the game, you like it and you arw more pleased to spend more money on it, thats easy.
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