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  1. Remove all stamina damage on all lethal weapons and grenades too and improfe the non lethal weapon series, for crimes too! Non lethal slows down the enemy on hit (depending on the stamina damage) and enforcer + crimes can arrest/kidnap the oppponent. It gives a higher reward AND the knocked out enemy takes much longer for the reapawn = more safed time to complete the mission. It makes no sense why Porcs or all (not stun grenade) grenades can deal stamina damage. Pig (2 magacine ammo) need 2 shots to stun an opponent or ONE hit in the back. Same for all non lethal, hits in the back do +100% stamina damage.
  2. Give the Pig 2 shots without to reload. First hit on the front slowing down the enemys movement and firespeed! So you can hit with the second shot much better. One shot to stun if you hit your target from behind.
  3. You dont answer me, but starting an re attack on me. Nice. Yeah thats right how bad some of the community are, if they defending Clotting Agent. So that means that max up to 10 players they dont understand what i am wrote, they are representate to the full community of APB?
  4. What do you mean with that? I am wrote sincd years about that Clotting Agent is overpowered compared to other modifications. Because 99% of all players using CA. Do i am wrong with this, so you are talking about?! I am talking about cheaters and the real problem with unbalanced weapons, game play and modifications. But i am only getting negative reactions as reward... *sarcasm* sure i have no idea... because the steam reviews are excelent... and no one is talking about unbalanced weapons etc. Most people can not see a differencd between a real cheater with aimbot or an pro gamer, both can defeat you.
  5. I only make very good suggestions! Most problem of the games are, most of players dont know how balancing works and makes the game more bad, by giving the devs wrong and false informations. This players try to keep there bonuses and the devs do that mistske... after a while they need to refix and damage the system more and more. More and more games dies because they dont hear to my suggestions, i did. Ignorance is the big problem in development and community.
  6. Very nice change. Downvoting is abused only by trolls and people they dont understand the content of words. +1 People like this makes the Forum bad... just to do personal attacks on me. Its represent for some other here, too.
  7. The game will be all the time unbalanced, if there is no alternative Hitboxes to shot. Thats why Headshots are so good. Hard to hit, but do extrem damage. Thats why we have Meta-Gameplay in this game. Only the best allround weapons can stay alive, take a look to Ntec7 the full auto sniper rifle. Its very bad to see how much player dont unterstand how balancing works Also playee they dont know how it works ruins the game again?
  8. Can you add Headshots etc to give the game more options to defeat the opponents? Some (weak) weapons should have bonus damage by to Headshots. The ACT44 need a little damage buff. Take 4 shots takes to long. Other pistoles can kill faster.
  9. All changea sounds very good! It takes time to test and rebalance. But the N/HVR is not good. It is more important to fix the Character Mods! All green mods need a huge buff. Clotting Agent an huge nerf!
  10. Please add a Knife Sheat for the left leg, thx To wear two Knife Sheats!
  11. Why not fix exploits first? It makes no sense if player can legal cheating and no one cares.
  12. My Favorite Clothings are Thong (we need more) and Bikini or cup bra. The game need more skimpy clothing!
  13. Nerf Ntec 5 + 7 and clotting agents! Ok, i did my job now No content no game... They need to add more content AND make the engine upgrade at the same time, to keep the player base alive.
  14. Can you set the Discount in premium from -20% to -30%?
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