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  1. The Damage Status of this Weapon is wrong, it deals not the damage it should!
  2. I understand what you mean, every weapon should have a niche and the ISSR-A is a "special" weapon and hard to control. But the ISSR-A is an slow fire weapon for medium up to longer range, and the Ntec can outperform it on medium -long range. Ntec is an high DPS weapon (also compared to the ISSR-A), also the Ntec should more spread on higher range, but it doenst. The ISSR-A have a very big damage fall off over a longer range and this is a bug, because the Ntec (for example again) have the half "Effective Range". Its the same issue, if a assault rifle can kill an sniper on 80m+
  3. I dont full auto, i do single shots and ther accuracy is to bad. On full auto, the accuracy decreasing is fair. The ISSR-A should be a more Sniper-Assault Rifle, also a Weapon for relative high distance (for an Assault Rifle) with very good accuracy, high damage, but low fire rate. Actually the ISSR-A is to weak on higher range. Ntec to more damage on higher range than the ISSR-A and this is a bug. Because the weapon range of the ISSR-A is +100% compared to the Ntec.
  4. The "ISSR-A JT3" have an accuracy error, so the 4. Shot miss the enemy most of the times (about 90%), so you need to 5 hits to kill the enemy, thats increase the TTK very hard! You need 4 hits to kill an enemy, 3 hits is possible, but the 4. hit dont hit the Target! Thats wrong. Another thing, the ISSR-A JT3 compared to the Ntec, deal to less damage on higher range (about 50m+). Also the Ntec kill me faster than i can kill the Enemy with my ISSRA, but the ISSRA have more bonuses on long range (they dont work). On about 50-70m+ i need over 12 hits with the ISSRA to kill an enemy, the Ntec can do this on half magazine and faster. Also the long range damage and accuracy from the ISSR-A JT3 is wrong.
  5. Kevlar 3 need a buff, the Bonus is to low.
  6. Hi, i have bought the "UL 3 Blood Mary" and i need on close range, more than 24 shots to kill an enemy. The damage system looks like bugged. The Pistole have 24 Shots in the magazine and take 0,77 Seconds to kill an enemy = 12 shots. Also theoretical i can kill 2 enemys, but its not working! https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_UL3-SD_PR1_Armas vs. https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_Nano_PR1_DA-Connoisseur I use Kevlar 3 and the enemy have Oca Nano Connoisseur, but he can kill me faster as i can kill him with my Blood Mary. The Blood Mary have 0,77 TTK and the Oca Nano 1,05 TTK. I have +30% HP, the enemy have Clotting Agent 3. But every time i lose the fight, because i need more then 12 Shots to kill the opponent. Most of the time in battle i need to reload and i am dead. Also need more than 24 hits (on about 10m range). The Blood Mary need also a huge Buff, because the range and damage is to low.
  7. I compare: Enemy: with Ntec + Clotting Agent Me: with ISSR-A + Kevlar 3 The enemy can defeat me on higher range and in close combat, that makes no sense. Kevlar have to less HP Bonus and the ISSR-A deal to less damage. The Range of the ISSR-A is to less (on the stats, the ISSR-A have +50% Range compared to the Ntec, but Ntec do more effective damage on higher range).
  8. It makes no sense that Kevlar 3 make no Sense against Sniper, because the deal over-damage! Kevlar need a buff!
  9. Clotting Agent is total OP and the best of all green Mods. Why Fragile, Flak Jacket and Kevlar dont getting a rework? They need a buff, because they are to weak. Flak Jacket should have +1 Grenades and +50% explosive resistance. Kevlar should have (remove Kevlar 1 + 2 + 3) and make a single Kevlar with +60% HP and -20% sprint speed. Other green Mods have no exist in this game
  10. Why Kevlar 1-3 is usless and Clotting Agent is OP? Why not fix that?
  11. Todesklinge

    Kevlar 3 NVHR Bug

    With Kevlar 3 i am dead with 2 NVHR Hits. It makes also no sense to use Kevlar 3 instead of Clotting Agent or no healt modifiaction. This need a fix to make Kevlar better against heavy weapons and snipers. PS: With Kevlar your are slower and you are easier to hit with sniper weapons. Also you have allready a penality with Kevlar, compared to non Kevlar... you have double penality.
  12. The Obey need a nerf, the range and accuracy is to much! Compared to the ISSR-A, the Obey deal more damage and faster on same range.
  13. Hi, the S-AS PDW "Hotfoot" do to less damage. It is impossible to kill an enemy on close range. Every other secondary Weapons deal more damage. Please buff the S-AS PDW "Hotfoot", thanks!
  14. I like the ISSR-A JT3 (3 Slot Assault Rifle)! Do you planing a 3 open Slot Pistole, like the ISSR-A ?
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