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  1. To abuse the ammo box with explosives like Osmaw, Grenades and Grenade Launcher! The ammo box is a bad game feature that makes the gameplay very unbalanced. No one uses Grenade Launchers, because you can unlimited Grenades with the same effect without to lose a primary weapon slot = bad development!
  2. Med Spray works only if no green mod is equiped. Remove mobile ammo box. We dont need, if you need more ammo, just equip a ammo mod in to your weapon. Remove Car Spawn. You can respawn at every friendly Car in mission, every time. The vehicle must stay XYZ meters away from the mission target. Increase the TTK for all weapons and add body parts that gets more damage (Head and Torso). So you need to aim the weakspots of an character. Player can only use 1 Percussion Grenade or 1x Low Yield. All other grenades are locked to grenade launchers only! If you like to carry +2 grenades of the same type, use Flak Jacket.
  3. 11 years of hughe content, graphics and... ok sorry for that Lets see how fine the next 11 years are.
  4. Kevlar 4 is best Kevlar. Buff Kevlar! Ok lets see how good the engine upgrade works. Do we get new content too? Maybe new map, new missions, new missions etc.
  5. Unreal Engine 3.0 -> 3.5 -> 4.27 -> Unreal Engine 5.0. Lets go!
  6. APB have very much primitive Scripts (world decoration is ultra low and cheap). Vehicle System is simple, most of free content in UE4 Marketplace can do the same. Weapons and Animations are easy too. Only Character (+clothing) and Vehicle customisation is a big work. Matchmaker dont exist, AI dont exist. Only AI drivable Vehicles (can be added later). Mission System is a bit work (based on world decoration by simple actors based on). All sounds and most textures can be recyclet. Only world decorarion takes the most time (to make it with a fine look). It takes lesser time to make APB 2 with UE4/5 instead of rework APB 1.1 (2.0). Make it early access and lets go, before GTA 6 is coming out.
  7. Ntec 5 45. Pistol Clotting Agent 3 Concurssion Grenade = Long ranged - close combat - vehicle killer. You dont need any other weapon or modification. Its the most versatile config vor every situation in the game. In short words: Its superior overpowered.
  8. Most of skilled players dont play in regular districts. They are more playing in Abington Tower or Bayland Shipping. There is no matchmaking = you dont need to dethread. There they can slay legal beginners and above without to get punished or limited.
  9. Skilled players have destroyed the community by dominating beginners and above in the game. Its called "dethreating".
  10. Make Med Spray as a new green character mod.
  11. Its not a perfect example, but a good start to balancd the real problems in the game. Steam reviews are full of cheater reports. Cheater or skilled player = equal. If you get slayed as new player, it makes no difference. How to balance skill? Many other games have a Level-Scaling-System. Thats exactly the same system. Reduced health/armor/damage or increase... A skilled player can have lesser health and damage as a average skilled player or lesser. Players dont run away (because the game is to old or its missing content, yes and no), most players run away because the game balancd is bad. Unbalanced weapons and/or to strong players/enemys.
  12. The damage reduction is in %! -10% damage = -10%. Only high alpha weapons (shotgun or sniper/explosive) need a more decreasing. All other methodes dont works! If the player base is missing for balance, so add NPC bots. But thats not good. Only dump is, that skilled players fight against non skilled! You dont understand.
  13. APB need a hidden automatical weapon damage decreaser system, it is based on the "skill" of the player. The higher the skill (Kills/wins etc.) The higher the damage of the weapon is decreased. There is no increase of damage for bad players! A good player do with the same weapon lesser damage as a weak player. This helps to stop cheaters (automaticly), so it is not more important to bann cheaters, because the cheaters have a heavy decreased weapon damage. At the other side, all new and beginner players have more chances to defeat the skilled and/or good players! Good players have just to play weaker (with lesser skill) to avoid the weapon damage decrease! Its simple. Before you post, try to rethinking the system! Example: If there is a cheater with aimbot, the more the cheater wins and make kills, so more the damage of the cheaters weapon is decrease. Until the cheater can not kill an enemy player. Also the cheater is automaticly lesser dangerous! Same for a high skilled player. It makes no sense if weak (new players) have to fight against high skilled players. New players getting frustrated and leave the game. This system stop automaticly the NERF-/BUFF- Madness! So we dont need nerfs or buffs in the future. Example: Player A = high skilled Player B = low skilled Both uses Ntec5. Player A can defeat most enemys players. Player B can NOT defeat most enemys players. If Ntec 5 becomes a buff or a nerf, in both situations its wrong, because not the weapon is OP, its the player behind! If there is NO Buff/Nerf, in both situations its wrong, because player A is better as Player B. Fixing a weapon only for Player A is pointless, same for Player B. Decrease the Ntec5 damage, makes Player a lesser dangerous, but Player B can not make kills = quit the game. The only way to fix this problem is to fix the damage for each player Itself. The system can be tested on Bronze/Silver districts. On Gold District the gameplay is classic. So everyone can choose.
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