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  1. This community is the most toxic in game history. To add new or rebalance old Stuff is most impossible to talk to arogant people. We have over years the broken Modification system. Green and orange character. = total broken Cars = but this is just ok Weapon modifications = ok but boring. Example: Heavy barell decrease the damage, no one need this ?! Weapons are based on the green/orange modifications. A slow player with much health (like kevlar) need other weapons like other modifications, thats why we have so much weapons in the game. But there is only ONE modification (clotting Agent) and all other are total underpowered. This makes the game monoton and boring. But a good game need dynamic game play!
  2. I can see only 95% of all players using Clotting Agent 2 or 3. But no one use other character Modifications. This need a fix!
  3. The bug exist again! I can not kill a player in close combat with the Blood Mary! Have tested this today in Abington Towers and it is impossible to kill one player with this gun, i lose every 1:1. Why is this gun so total broken bad also total useless, why? I have Kevlar 3 so i can surive a bit longer, but i need more than 24 shots to kill ONE pople and i dont do full auto! I am aiming on the enemy, but the Blood Mary do no damage. I am thinking the spread of the weapons dont works with the server. Please help and fix this bug!
  4. When we do get this important rework? Clotting Agent is so total broken OP, thata realy bad game balance!
  5. Assassin 3 gives +15% Damage, but cost you -30% of your health. This is a fair pro and con. And yoz get more speed. EXAMPLE: N-TEC 5 Dvah Health Damage: 185 (Base) 3 shot = 555 4 shot = 740 = kill assassin 3 5 shot = 925 6 Shot = 1110 = kill normal player N-TEC 5 Dvah Health Damage: 185 + 15% (Assassin 3) = 212,75 = 213 Damage 3 shot = 639 4 shot = 852 = kill assassin 3 5 shot = 1065 = kill normal player Normal Player health: 1000 Assassin 3 Player health : 700
  6. This forum is full of ignorants! Clotting Agent is OP and all other total weak...
  7. @MartinPL Both Sniper kills with 2 shots, this makes hard sniper not good. Or to good. Clotting Agent can recover very fast HP and HVR deal 500 Damage x 2 = 1000 but Clotting Agent can regen so fast, that Clotting Agent can keep 3 hits. Also same like Kevlar, but Clotting Agent have no penality. The Overdamage is the Problem, 2x 850 = 1700 damage, this makes no sense! Clotting Agent have full speed and fast regen speed, thats INSANE in Sniper Combat. But curiosity, Kevlar gives NO Bonuses against Snipers... also Kevlar have more penalitys (slower movement)! This have nothing to do with balance, if one Mod (Clotting Agent) OP in all situations and Kevlar are to weak and becomes downsides in sniper battles! Wow... 99% of all Players use Clotting Agent, because its OP and no other Mod can beat this. Kevlar should give you more HP but this dont works most of time, because many Weapons are deal overdamage. Also a Health Mod that dont works, nice!
  8. Disable shadow in the game gives you full view and you cant instant see your opponents. This needs to be fixed! I dont understand why the Community of APB is so "special" (negative) in most other games balancing is important and everyone like it, but here in APB no one like a balanced game, why not?
  9. I dont know why legal cheating/exploiting is enabled on APB, why you dont stop that? Set Brightness to level 5 makes the game total ugyl, but you have a better win chance. Why this exploit/cheat is dont removed out of the game? See the screenshots. --- ---
  10. Use your brain befor you are posting! 1000 Damage is more balanced than 850 Damage, like yet. With 1000 Damage you can use Kevlar to survive a hit, thats easy. But actually the 850 Damage make no sense. Kevlar have no effect and a double penality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I told, there are two options. 1000 oder 500 damage each shot. With 500 Damage, its just a reskin.
  12. Because we dont need two same Sniper that kills with 2 hits. 500 Damage Sniper Vs. 850 Damage Sniper N-HVR 762 make Kevlar useless but Clotting Agent have max Bonus against. You can use Kevlar to survive one N-HVR 762 hit.
  13. I need an answer from the Development Team!
  14. You all dont know how balancing works! You are all only dont be one shot and keep OP Clotting Agent alive. Thats stupid logic! N-HVR 762 need a damage rework, actually it makes no sense!
  15. With Kevlar you can killed easier because your movement is deacreased. Why only Kevlar have an penality against N-HVR 762 and Clotting Agent not? Or set the Damage to 500. Then you need 2 hits to kill. Same like yet, but the overdamage is to much OP
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