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  1. Grenades are very unbalanced! We have the EOL Grenade Launcher series, but the regular grenades are allready much better and dont need an primary weapon slot! This is a very bad solution for balancing! This is the reason why no one uses grenade launchers or explosive weapons, because grenades dont cost an expensive primary weapon slot and regular grenades have much better performing (abusing grenade timer).
  2. Percs are usless before the nerf, now they are total useless! You need to nerf CONCUSSION Grenade too, it is the most used Anti-Vehicle Weapon/Grenade in the game and make every anti vehicle weapon useless! NHVR -> 800 Dmg x2 = 1600 dmg = Kevlar 3 have no effect because NHVR do overdamage. You need to rebalance this! Kevlar becomes more and more penalitys with each update. Clotting Agent is allready OVERPOWERED and the new weapon balance patch makes Clotting Agent more and more important to use. Or all other mods becomes more usless. STOP THIS WRONG BALANCING!
  3. If APB runs with Unreal Engine 5 and allow MODs from the community to increase the game content and its features.
  4. The real problem is, most of weapons are to much equal with each other. Example: N-Tec5 Star N-Tec7 ISSRa They are all Assault Rifles and just accuracy and damage is the difference. N-Tec7 and the ISSRa are more Rifles without to be rifles. They have just a slower firerate, like rifles, but with fullouto. But there are rifles they are more like assault rifles, like the Oscar and Carbine. Shotguns, SMG... i dont know why this weapons exist? Who need this... because its to much important how close the mission area is. Also you need to switch or camping to much. Same for sniper rifles and explosives. Assault rifles or rifles are to much versatile.
  5. Because if your mission say you need to use a specific vehicle? Enemy team drop a ammo box and can spam grenades without to lose a primary weapon slot. Same thing for the Car Spawner blue modification. There is no need to use the ammo pack in the vehicle, because you can drop ammo boxes to have unlimited ammo. There are so much unbalanced systems. Bandolier gives extra storred ammo... its useless because you can drop a ammo box everywhere at every time. APBs bad game mechanics is killing itself = no fun to play = smaller population. You dont need anti vehicle weapons (because concurssion grenade is more powerfull). You dont need shotgun, smg or sniper, because assault rifle can do the same on every range. Green modifications dont exist, yoz have only Clotting Agent. Blue Mods only the falling mod or car surver. Thats all. Most of game mechanics are indirectly removed/replaced by other mechanics.
  6. I am Traine Elite Veteran, i am the best of the bests and from that, the best one! I am so good in this game, there exist no word in the language of all humans to represent my extrem high skill level. --- Maybe you can take a look for anti vehicle weapons and why no one use it... because concurssion grenade is to good and makes every AV Weapon useless. So every player should have only 1 grenade and with Flak Jacket it is increased by +2 = max 3 grenades.
  7. Checklist for the stream: - nerf Clotting Agent - remove Concurssion Grenade - remove Med Spray - Rework all Modifications
  8. No, i have ❤ for balancing not for abusing. This item should be removed out of the game: - Med Spray (its OP) - Concussion Grenade (replaces Anti Vehicle weapons) - Ammo boxes (makes Mods like Bandolier etc. useless)
  9. Maybe new ammo types for weapons. High explosive ammo, so Flak Jacket becomes more important. Armor piercing ammo to break Armor/Kevlar. Poison ammo to reduces health regen. Shock ammo to reduces movement and aiming (maybe). There are much possibilitys to make some mods more important to use. Useless weapons can get new ammo types to become more important to the general game balancing.
  10. Maybe Clotting Agent can be "balanced", because its just pushes the regular game mechanic, by increase the HP regeneration. But this is allready the best of the best. See at Flak Jacket, do we want realy a game full of high explosive spaming? Fragile is killing the mission system, because if you are very fast you can finish most of the tasks solo... and against this, Kevlar have no chance to reach the point to defend or wathever. Kevlar is my favorit because ich play in every game thr part of the Tank = more HP or Armor. But Kevlar works not so fine how it should. In the past time, most weapons have dealed over damage, so Kevlar 3 have no effect. The idea of the 1000 damage NHVR is based on, because we have 2 same sniper, one with more damage (NHVR) and one with lesser damage (HVR), but both can kill player with two shots. But here comes the problem, CA can regenerate so much HP in relative short time to survive two hits. Kevlar can only survive 2-3 hits from HVR, but just 2 hits from NHVR... and with Kevlars slower movement you are a much easier target for the sniper (like a slow duck you know?). Also give the big Sniper NHVR 1000 damage, but poor accuracy and ammo = high risk = high reward. Same for the rocket launcher. Kevlar can survive one missile (why? I mean we have Flak Jacket for this part) Whatever... i am happy to survive a missile but it is not real/ok for game balancing. Kevlar should have more ammo resistances. Flak Jacket more explosive and other resustances. Clotting Agent should have a bit lesser resistances to make other mods more of interesting.
  11. You need to learn what "Overpowered" in games realy is. I am thinking you dont understand the logic behind balancing. For example: A cheater will never say "Cheating is bad", because he use this for personal bonuses in the game. This is exactly the same situation, its not cheating -> its exploiting! I hope you can now understand why it is important to rebalance all green modifications. Choosing between Clotting Agent or Clotting Agent is not a balanced system! Every game should have MULTIPLE Options for the personal gameplay and NOT only 1 Item (general). Most of peoples are disagree me, because they know they will lose there unfair bonuses from the item.
  12. Thats right. If we ask an cheater, why he is using cheats, he can say "Because the other are cheating." Thats the same logic, what most of the community abuse. Why also make the game harder if META makes the game more easy. Why APB have over 200 weapons, if just a few are Meta and replace all other?
  13. Its called OP if one is superior, compared to other (in same class). This game need more balancing updates to make the game better. Why so much people on the forum defending an unbalanced game mechanic? Why not use another modification? The only option is to use Clotting Agent too? We have 4 green mods, but i can ONLY use Clotting Agent to play the game, because its OP?
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