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  1. Concurssion Grenade should be removed out of the game. The grenade makes every anti vehicle weapon usless! Some other weapons need a hard damage reduction. We have many anti vehcile weapons but they are to weak in general use. For the Concurssion Grenade you dont lose a primary weapon slot and can kill every vehicle fast. I see so much players they can throw the Concurssion Grenade with 100% to high speed vehciles and players in far distance. The grenade mechanic is bad. We have grenade launchers no one use it (only OPGL is usefull and OP). The EOL Grenade Launcher Series is total useless... because you lose an primary weapon. Also the general weapon system need to be reworked, not the weapon itself. But if you are Using NTec + AC 50. Pistol + Concurssion Grenade = you have the best of the best for all situations, why using other weapons?!
  2. There is no difference between a Veteran Player that is killing you 10 times without to die. And a cheater Player that is killing you 10 times without to die. Tell other player as cheater is easier to handle... The missing matchmaker (becausd of missing pupulation) is the core problem. Unbalanced weapons and modifications (Clotting Agent is total OP, all other green Mods are usless and to weak). This is an cycle of death. New player joining the game... and leave them after a short of time because of its issues! I am more and more frustated to get matched against better players. My Kevlat 3 gives me no protection to defeat them...
  3. The 12 Death of Xmass Event in the Beacon need a progress rework. The actually "Reach level 12 for all rewards" need to be removed and replaced with "Play 6 times, 12 Death of Xmass". Reason: Cheaters and Veterans are ruin the progress of the Event for other players. Same system like "Dev Gun Game" and "Holiday Cheer", they can be completed for everyone. But 12 Death of Xmass have a wrong system and this is frustrating.
  4. Can anyone explain how much Joker Tickets we can from the actually Event? Please detailed.
  5. Keep in mind there are other players (beginners etc.). If a mod only works as vereran/elite players, thats not meaning is balanced. Until the new engine upgrade is finished its time to make official tests with some adjustments in Gameplay. Thats are just a few numbers to fix.
  6. People they dont use Kevlar over a long time, dont know what the real problem of Kevlar is. I have a very long play time with Kevlar and i know whats the best buff is to improve this green Mod. Just rework the movement speed will unbalanced it, also the best way is to improve the Health. Over 99% of all players use Clotting Agent because it is overpowered and gives bonuses in every Situation. Thats called unbalanced when a mod is to strong like CA.
  7. I am using Kevlar 3 and i am die to fast with it against Player with Clotting Agent 3. Clotting Agent 3 need a additional downside of -8% HP as compensation! This makes me so much frustration when the game balance is absolute broken. I dont have a chance to defeat the enemys. Fix this!
  8. Kevlar 4 is best Kevlar... i am waiting since 2012!
  9. Got an Idea for next sales. Every 3 Month there is a Coupon for a -33-50% discount on ONE item if your choose. So you can get what you like, without Frustration! Lesser frustration, more happy Players!
  10. Can you add the FFA 5,56 III to the Armas (real money) for Account Wide for the same Price of the Obir III (3 slot)? Thank you I got the Harbinger and the Temptress, bot are a good deal. The Temptress is a realy awesome gun!
  11. More skimpy Thongs and Bikinis! Also more nudity content!
  12. All characters are locked to the district. Also i get automaticly disconnected from the Server after choose a Character and do next (to get District List). The support cant help me.
  13. It is better to ignore the TTK by adding multiple Hitboxes + Armor. Better aiming and accuracy should be more important than spray and prey. Another thing. The better a Player is, the weaker weapon he can use to compensate this.
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