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  1. Grenades of "The Hammer" dont explodes on contact, that are NOT percs!
  2. We need this Modifications for a better gameplay.
  3. Blueprints, full multi core + 64 bit client and advanced replication. Much better physic etc. Performance, stability and easy animations and UV system + very easy driving physica. Huge list of addons gor UE4 for "special" scripts etc. The list of features is gigantic. With Blueprints you can give all items in the game (Windows, Doors etc.) Variables to automaticly build big random missions, with about 2-40 tasks (for clanwar as example). Total random objects and missions. Improved citizen system etc. The Problem is, if we get the "New Engine Update", it is automaticly an old engine update, also we get a new old system! Its the same thing if you use a old Pentium 90, then you buy a Pentium 3 and then a Intel i9 next gen CPU. Why not purchase instant a new top line, remember by any step you need neq Ram, Motherboard CPU etc.
  4. Unreal Engine 4 have so much features what can easy used in APB mechanic. How much cost the license of APB? Unreal Engine 3 is so hard outdated, thats why more and more UE3 games shot down, like Blessed etc.
  5. Hi, why APB Reloaded 2.1 is using Unreal 3,5 and not Unreal Engine 4? Most of UE3 can moved to UE4. Also the new (old) Engine Upgrade is not good for the future. UE4 have much more potential and better GPU and Multi-CPU support. Building new maps (Districts) are on UE4 super easy. The new Engine Upgrade Screenshots looks like the old APB
  6. Kevlar 3 buff and concursion grenade nerf! More Thongs and microkini
  7. Its a bug and not a issue of handling. The fire rate is to high for the servers and need to reduced.
  8. But this weapon is not a single shot gun. Compares the Blood Mary to Oca Nano Cannoiseur, the Oca Nano is total OP and the Blood Mary total UP (underpowered). On direct contact (up to 1-3 meter) to the enemy i can not kill with full auto an enemy. Thats total broken and bugy. Why to add a weapon like the Blood Mary to the game that have NO kill potential???????? But other Pistoles are become total OP and easy to use, to multikill people. Like the RFP9 there you can kill 2 player total easy. But with Blood Mary you can NOT kill one player. Total unbalanced!
  9. This community is the most toxic in game history. To add new or rebalance old Stuff is most impossible to talk to arogant people. We have over years the broken Modification system. Green and orange character. = total broken Cars = but this is just ok Weapon modifications = ok but boring. Example: Heavy barell decrease the damage, no one need this ?! Weapons are based on the green/orange modifications. A slow player with much health (like kevlar) need other weapons like other modifications, thats why we have so much weapons in the game. But there is only ONE modification (clotting Agent) and all other are total underpowered. This makes the game monoton and boring. But a good game need dynamic game play!
  10. I can see only 95% of all players using Clotting Agent 2 or 3. But no one use other character Modifications. This need a fix!
  11. The bug exist again! I can not kill a player in close combat with the Blood Mary! Have tested this today in Abington Towers and it is impossible to kill one player with this gun, i lose every 1:1. Why is this gun so total broken bad also total useless, why? I have Kevlar 3 so i can surive a bit longer, but i need more than 24 shots to kill ONE pople and i dont do full auto! I am aiming on the enemy, but the Blood Mary do no damage. I am thinking the spread of the weapons dont works with the server. Please help and fix this bug!
  12. When we do get this important rework? Clotting Agent is so total broken OP, thata realy bad game balance!
  13. Assassin 3 gives +15% Damage, but cost you -30% of your health. This is a fair pro and con. And yoz get more speed. EXAMPLE: N-TEC 5 Dvah Health Damage: 185 (Base) 3 shot = 555 4 shot = 740 = kill assassin 3 5 shot = 925 6 Shot = 1110 = kill normal player N-TEC 5 Dvah Health Damage: 185 + 15% (Assassin 3) = 212,75 = 213 Damage 3 shot = 639 4 shot = 852 = kill assassin 3 5 shot = 1065 = kill normal player Normal Player health: 1000 Assassin 3 Player health : 700
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