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  1. @MattScott Just deleted all my characters and I will also delete this account if possible. Been here since 2012, lost a lot of time and nerves playing this game and I still loved it. Its the biggest garbage of a game I ever played yet I still enjoyed it. Even at times when I played with 30ish FPS. For the past couple of years I kept coming back from time to time, but now this game is officially dead for me. So many things make no sense. The game diverted from its original path long time ago. This APB we play today is not even close to one we had fun with years ago. All good and interesting things are disabled because of minority of cry babies. Many new unnecessary and stupid things were added instead. All weapons are out of balance for the same reason. Beside of few in-game free weapons the rest are complete garbage, not just reskin but actually worse versions of original weapons. Over 90% of Armas weapons are useless. I'm not saying that they should be better but at least the same. It is so boring to play with only few weapons while having full inventory of useless items. Games performance - I'm not even gonna talk about it. And I'm also not gonna talk about the fact that even with 100 players there are still cheaters. So, as I said, goodbye APB, it was fun, at least for the most part. A friendly advice to Little Orbit, just stop. I don't know wtf are you doing at this point and what are you hoping for, but you should let this game rest in peace. It deserves it. Bye.
  2. BrutalCopp

    Satchel Charge

    I wonder if this happened to anyone else. I haven't used Satchel Charge in a while but I started using it again recently because I used all epinephrine shots. Sometimes when I'm near death I drop it under my feet and blow myself up with the enemy car. BUT, I have noticed that if I get killed while holding it in hands, or if I get killed really fast right after dropping it, I respawn with Satchel Charge in hand and it is ticking, or sometimes it exploades right away.
  3. Yes, I agree. The population it's self is not the problem, but the servers which can't handle it. So I just gave a suggestion to lover it until things change/get fixed. And way back, district population was 30-30 then they tried 40-40 and 50-50, than went back to 40-40. That's what I remember from 2012 and few years after.
  4. @MattScott Alright, let me start by saying that I have been playing this game since 2012 and I have seen a lot. If anyone knows whats wrong with the game, it's someone who spent years playing it. I understand that upgrading the engine and fixing all the bugs is not an easy job, but why wouldn't you make some small changes that can at least slightly improve gaming experience for all of us who are still here supporting this game after everything? Latency: (Seriously reconsider at least this one) District population is too high. Your servers/game/whatever just can't handle it. There is significant improvement in latency when district population is 40-60 (20 or 30 on each side). Game is more responsive and smoother. There is not even a single benefit of having more players than that. 30-30 was limit before and I believe that's how it should be. Districts will have less lag, less chances of overlapping missions on the same location (which causes even more performance issues), and they will be filled evenly without having to force (spam) entering full districts. - Some people might be laughing at this, but most of us here can't afford or just don't want to spend money on i7's or i9's and too expensive GPUs. Especially not just to be able to play 10 years old game. Civilian cars: I don't know what happened in the meantime but I have noticed that civilian cars are getting stuck on intersections. I have noticed that FPS is dropping in those locations from 90-100 to 50 (almost everything on low with advanced launcher). If there is an objective around that intersection, game smoothness is lost and it becomes laggy as hell. Some of the locations where this is happening: Main police station (Violet Prentiss and Merri Kent), gass staion next to it, around Wilson LeBoyce, train station with Double-B.... Sometimes you spawn and there is not even a single car in 100m radius when you need it, because there is 15 or more of them stuck in traffic somewhere else on the map. Try to fix that. If car is stuck in traffic for too long, it should re-spawn somewhere else. Spawning: I can't even count how many times I killed someone, and then got sniped in my back by the same person because he re-spawned in range (approx 80m). Please change minimum spawn distance. I would like it to be 150m. Mobile Spawn Point: Again, too many times players are spawning in car when it's too close to objective or enemy player. Set it to minimum 50m away from death location, enemy player or objective. If previously mentioned spawning is changed to 150m, spawning in the car at 50m is more than beneficial and enough not to be annoying. And second thing about car spawns that should be implemented: -If player is spawning in HIS OWN CAR, he should ALWAYS spawn in driver seat. It is so irritating to spawn as passenger, and then random player from the team spawns as driver and leaves the car. Now I'm exposed and have to exit and enter the car again. If someone is shooting at the car, they have more chances to destroy it. So, if it's my vehicle I want to have control of it. Weapon inventory: It would be nice to have possibility to rearrange weapons in the inventory. We all have weapons that we use more often then others. I would like to move then up, so I can switch faster without scrolling trough the whole inventory. Kicking players from the mission: This "demerit" thing we have now is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Players can still do many things that deserve a kick, without getting demerit. - Be "afk" by simply not going to objective or going on the other side of the map - Run towards the enemy on the last stage and let be killed - Do friendly fire People do this too often. Or for example, if you kill someone by an accident and say sorry, you can still be kicked. I would suggest 2 options: 1) Return the old kick system but limit it to 1 kick per mission 2) Vote option. If 1 is ruining the mission of the rest 3 of us, let us vote him out. Make it 55% votes to be enough for kick. It is so simple and fair That's it for now.
  5. Make both crims and enfs drop off point locations equal. Enforcers always have to climb over too many obstacles, whiles crims usually just drive the car all the way to the point and just get item (5) out of the trunk. Here is example from the mission 5 minutes ago. Blue point is all the way up on the roof, and the other one can be approached with a car.
  6. Well, I'm very sure that I'm not smart and know how to play after almost 7 years. The fact is that Ntec is most used weapon in the game for a reason. And I remember that few years ago, players never pushed shotguns and SMGs with NTec. That was completely normal, but now, after getting used to spraying you can ez push SMG and shotgun with it. And, I don't even want to talk about people jump lean spraying while mid air. Thats stupid. I'm not saying this because I don't like ARs, its just that you can buy 3 slot Ntec and use it in all situations. Ntec is too ez, I get bored after 3-4 missions while I'm not even good with it like many others.
  7. As I said. Sword, Ntec 5 and CR-5 have the same stats, google it. In game, those 3 weapons don't perform even close to each other. Especially Ntec.
  8. So just because it has the same specs you say its the same weapon. I have used it before and its not the same. Also VAS-R2 'Sword', Joker CR-5 and N-TEC 5 have the same specs, but do they work the same? No. On the other side, all Obeya series have the same specs and they ARE the same. Some weapons are reskin some are not.
  9. Problem started when G1 decided to change the way assault rifles work. Earlier they were more accurate with tap fire, now it's bursts which actually ended up with full auto spray. And shotguns. I really can't see a single reason to change any shotgun. Damage, range, fire rate, spread. Everything was perfect for that type of weapon. Also the CBMP-45 'Bolt' that i got few days go. It was much much better earlier when i tried it on my brothers account. Now it cant compare to PMG. And there is the same question again. Why are we paying to get some extra items that are completely useless. We support the game and have less than people who play for free. I dont say armas weapons should be better and op like before, but at least not worse than free in game weapons.
  10. @MattScott Ok. Lets be real. N-Tec is too OP and has so low recoil. 80% of players are spraying with NTECs with 0 skill. Most of the armas and other weapons are useless. Why am I paying for weapons that are not even usable? U F-up CSG and JG. 2 clean shots for maybe 80 damage in most cases (sometimes i need 4 clean shots from 2 meters to make kill). Hitreg in general is so bad, but ofc, ntec spray works all the time. You see this montage from march? I can only dream about those shots NOW.... I am pointman rank 16 all with shotguns. Thats a lot of hours with shotgun (which is my main weapon since i started playing), and now I'm not confident about pushing with it like I used to because it simply doesn't work. I don't know what are you doing to fix this game, but you are not doing it right. All I see are useless events. I have been here since 2012 and I know what I'm talking about. I'm watching this game degrade day by day. And game actually worked better with G1. I'm sorry for even writing this, but it's just a fact.
  11. He meant to remove limit for non premium accounts. You can't do much with 3 symbols... This is the reason why I'm not gonna participate in this event. I'm not gonna buy premium just for few hours of customization. They should give us few days of premium for event like this (at least one day), so everyone are equal. @Lixil
  12. Are these 3 colors only for clothing? What if I want to use blood (or other effects like skin infection) on my characters skin, or maybe even on the clothing? Can it remain red?
  13. Stock clock for R5 1600 (non x ) is 3.2 with auto boost to 3.4 for all cores. I have managed to OC it to 3.8ghz with 1.32v (peek 1.341v during stress test) and I'm not gonna go any higher even if I believe I could to at least 3.9 just because I'm using stock cooler. However, I'm struggling with the RAM and for now I haven't managed to make it work stable @ 3200 or even 3000mhz. I'm gonna keep trying
  14. Thanks for all man, I really appreciate your help. I'll give it a try very soon
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