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  1. Just to make sure you have done it correctly, i have done it right now without any tutorial and it works add new res in 'detailed resolution' leave everything as it is and just change your res and set to 120hz and restart your pc P.S in the top you have option to pick monitor, it should show you two monitors one of them should have "active" u have to pick that one
  2. You can log into the account but can't access the server? If that's the case try using VPN (vpn must be turned on before accessing the account) I 've had the same problem for a month now and still hasn't been fixed
  3. TICKET #109335 They opened my ticket 9 days ago, i saw thread someone made yesterday about this problem and Matt said to message him privately with ticket number and he will take a look at it himself, shortly after i messaged him, however it's been over a day and he still didn't check the message. I haven't been able to play apb for over 2 weeks without VPN now, i 've tried everything, everything. I 've also tried to do ping test to the citadel server and none of my packets are being received
  4. I keep getting disconnected after character login screen, i 've tried connecting on different accounts and the outcome is always the same. I 've tried repairing the game through the launcher, restarting my router, connecting to my other router, still the same. I've tried playing different online game (L4D2) and it worked just fine I know this is supposed to be in a different topic but not many people seem to be looking at any other topics and it;s supposed to go to customer support but i don't know how long would it take them to reply and the other reason i 've posted is here because someone might 've had this issue already and they can help me in a shorter amount of time. -Citadel
  5. Wait, so u have an already made 800x600 but you can't run it directly from the game but u have to use config so u can achieve that res? if that's the case, is that res there by the default or a custom made? if it is there by the default try making a custom 800x600, make sure to check "custom resolution" box, or however is it called
  6. Do u have an already made 800x600 resolution in nvidia control panel?
  7. Max rank on jmilos and jmiios please, thanks.
  8. jmiIos

    Error 11002

    What do you mean ''no''?
  9. 1.Try monitoring your CPU usage while playing APB it might be that Battleye is using more of your cpu at some point than it should because it detects some sort of stuff on your pc as malware. 2. If you wanna check if you have any malware you can use ''malwarebyte'' you can also try setting priority for APB to ''High'' or if your pc is stronger to ''Realtime''(this one decreased stuttering for me and i am barely getting any while playing on ultra with advanced launcher)
  10. jmiIos

    Error 11002

    1.Go to steam>settings and you should see ''Contact email'' most likely that is the email that you used to create your account in APB. 2. Login in with the ''steam Contact email'' to this site and from there you should be able to reset the password https://register.gamersfirst.com/login 3. Or if you don't remember your password of APB at all you can try logging in with the same email to your gmail
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