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  1. Removing VFX is still allowed...hopefully all the files will be locked when 64 bit goes live. Even ini edits shouldn't be allowed since its's possible to have wallhack and lower muzzle flash intensity just with ini edits. Also you should implement all advanced launcher settings into the game and add some extras which are not there. Like turning off texture streaming which is a big fps boost. Also minimum texture for environment should be 64 and not 16. Fps boost is minimal while making the game look like PS1 graphics, it's disgusting watching someone's stream and just seeing textures like that. When Pokie was streaming and showed his friend's stream everyone was making fun of how ugly the game looked. At least on 64 it looks somewhat decent.
  2. Yikes. @MattScott good job at picking the best team Matt, it really shows!!!
  3. WHAT?????how is that POSSIBLY your conclusion from what I have said. Sure, try and make up anything in your mind to try and make me seem like I have no clue what I am talking about. How are u even an SPCT??? clearly I was talking about Tempchat, devs may have even a little more data although idk what that would include. GMs can still time cheaters out or freeze them.
  4. Oh just stop with that dumb argument already, GTA Online has more cheaters than the max pop of APB. Stop acting like this game has so many cheaters its impossible to deal with them without a good anticheat. I have seen someone say that the guy who makes the cheat brags about having 150 customers, idk if that number is correct or not. I have seen around 30 cheaters, around 10 of them were just straight up blatant. The others are toggling a bit more but it's still very easy to spot them. Getting in their face and if they do a weird animation like snapping to the sky and then back to the player or almost aiming at the sky the entire time is the dead giveaway. The last time I have seen a GM was around 2 months ago. She was running around asylum with god mode and teleporting while RK member was just blatantly cheating on her team. Honestly, knowing that GMs are there and doing nothing is worse then GMs just straight up not caring and support is not any better. Not even gonna talk about the people who remove VFX and just straight up stream with it, one of them was doing it for multiple years while having +40 viewers every single time he streams. And they have clearly stated that it's against the rules to do that. I have no idea why GMs don't have the ability to ban someone since devs should have the full log of what GM does and if someone abuses it fire them and revert what they have done. GMs can still time the cheaters out or freeze them. Here is a suggestion. Make an official post just like G1 did for shader bans and start enforcing it since New year. Before the post people were making videos and streaming with borderlands shaders left and right. I have only seen 1 or 2 people use that now. But unlike G1, LO should enforce their rules, but the post alone should drop the amount of people that currently do that. It doesn't require 64 bit, it's as simple as enforcing their own TOS and if they can't do something as simple as that it wouldn't surprise me if every bug they encounter with the editor they just search up the answer on Quora. Fire current GMS and support and hire new ones because the current ones just couldn't be any worse.
  5. Its probably launcher issue. I saw someone complain about launcher bug last night and some GM said they will look into it. Game was fine last night and I updated and repaired the game to test something but was not able to log in. They probably broke something when repairing the launcher issue. If someone has pre updated xml files they can compare them to the older ones and see what's different and just change it back and it should work fine.
  6. Did u use the config I added or did u edit lines manually? GPU?
  7. Adv launcher changes only apbcompat. You should make a backup if u are going to replace with the config or if u are going to edit lines manually.
  8. I tried changing the value a while ago but it didn't seem to do anything. Assumed it was capped by the server so I just never bothered adding it, but I also have 20-50ms. There were some explanations on some stuff but they removed them for some reason https://github.com/katasurabhi/APB-Config-Quality-Karyl-Dreamss/blob/master/APBGame/Config/DefaultEngine.ini ; APB - BPH : intentionally high value to disable overall server cap for now ServerBandwidth_OutBytesMax=999999999 ; APB - BPH : Unreliable timeout (secs) - after this time it will only process reliable packets m_fTickDispatchUnreliableTimeout=0.05 ; APB - BPH : TickDispatch timeout (secs) - after this time it will only buffer reliable packets to be processed next frame and throw away unreliable m_fTickDispatchTimeout=0.1 And as for the crashes, Someone with a GTX 660 also had them 15 mins in even though he said he did "everything" from this post, but it turns out he missed some simple stuff. He didn't seem to have any crashes with it. I didn't want to add my config yet since I am still waiting for Matt to reply and see if he would approve some other things I found like perma unloaded or green characters, partial or full wallhack (transparent textures), 145 fps bypass. I will just post my config without those things for now. Also I still haven't found anyone that knows how to remove "connection problem" notification, it's not part of the HUD since turning it off in game still keeps it on, but it's part of UI. pretty sure it's GFxUI, Editing it in Localization changes font for that, fps and chat. The other way would be with .upk removal but that just crashes the game on load up. https://www.mediafire.com/file/c1fvrgrqtmhl366/jmilos_config.zip/file I still don't know about RTX 20 and 30. Someone on twitch just told me they have crashes but no one ever sends me logs, I told them to CTRL + F "IP Address" and remove all of them but still no one sends me. I couldn't care less about doxing someone.
  9. yes they can lmao, idk why u keep repeating that. There are even clips of some RK members getting kicked and banned by GM, the message literally says "kicked by a GM" and he never played on that account again, so it's defo not just a timeout. Also what would be the point of GMs on tourneys if they can't do anything about trolls. And I highly doubt they just time them out for a few hours since those names are never seen again.
  10. There is a difference between suspecting someone of cheating and being straight up blatant aimbots and tbots. If I just thought these people are cheating I wouldn't have made the thread in the first place. Literally almost everyone on EU knows they are cheating at this point. Some of them are RK members on bought accounts, one of them is streaming with mouse cam while cheating and the other ones were cheating for so long that it's just pathethic at this point. And the guy that tks whoever he thinks cheats is just a "redditor" to say the least.
  11. Yesterday about 5-7 hackers joined fc in the span of 8 hours + 1 teamkiller that teamkills everyone that he thinks is cheating and not one thing is done about it. A while ago I reported some players with blatant hacks and after they said they will review it, videos stayed on 0 views :DDDDD. DMs for videos @MattScottYou are not even doing anything about the things you can do right now to make apb at least somewhat better, which is as simple as hiring better GMs and support team. Because the current ones are dogshit. And I don't understand this thing with GMs being so busy that they can't log in just for few minutes to ban the teamkiller or blatant hacker :DDDDD why do u apply to become a GM in the first place if "YoU ArE So BuSy".
  12. u should learn to read before talking shit, APBCompat is as vanilla as it gets. None of the things here change graphics for worse. If anything it makes them better while also giving better fps and less stutters.
  13. Added: Some FPS boosts and more stable FPS No background sounds, emitters sound and make other sounds very quiet for louder footsteps and nade tick. Lower and more stable ping No dynamic and static decals on players (turns off decals, tattoos...on players and clothes) More config breakdown sources Bugs: Constant disconnection warning ticking, temporary until I find out how to turn it off
  14. Added bug fixes, it should work fine them. Idk about AMD gpus, still need more people to test
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