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  1. Are you sure you did it correctly, you may have just deleted 60hz pc resolutions. They should be in the "Extensions blocks" after you open CRT, when you open it you should see TV Resolutions Video capability and some other stuff Open TV Resolutions and remove them all I have those resolutions too but i didn't try to remove them since for me they go all the way to 120hz. I did some testing and even when i am in fullscreen game at 1080p native but different resolution on desktop it uses 60hz 1080p for whatever reason, not sure if ultra HD or just PC. But your Desktop resolution should match the in game resolution even if it's fullscreen, also select the refresh rate for desktop that you want to have in game. Also try reinstalling newest gpu drivers with clean installation to remove any weird res presets if you have any. Do this before doing any of the above stuff. Also make sure you right click the game>Properties>Compatibility>check Disable Fullscreen Optimization
  2. Download CRU Open and remove resolutions with refresh rate below 120hz and/or Open Nvidia Control Panel Manage 3D Settings Program Settings Find the app you want, add if it's not there Set Preferred Refresh Rate to Highest available To fix RTX crashes set Max Memory Cache Entry Texture Streaming Memory Texture Pool Memory Mesh Streaming Memory to minmum, everything else can stay at vanilla For the biggest FPS boost from cfg editing set Particle Space Area at 0 or 5 if it causes stutters Texture Creation Per Frame 2 VFX Textures 16 Render Target Textures 16 Double buffering should always be on unless you are playing with constant +120FPS, otherwise you will gain more input lag than reduce it. https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/index.php?threads/regarding-one-frame-thread-lag.73155/
  3. You putting those things under quotation marks and trying to make it as a joke is enough to tell that you unironically hold down m1 with oca and pmg on 15 and blame it on the RNG...Assault rifles are auto, you don't just hold down m1 on 15m because it's auto and blame it on the RNG because the weapon bloomed out too much and you didn't get to kill player by that time. I was talking about the default oca with cj3 and rs3 which doesn't fully recover bloom between shots but i would assume they already knew about which oca and with which mods on it i was talking about since they seem to show such a huge knowledge about apb weapons and stats..Also good job at putting that link about something that was clearly stated to falsely ban so many people, but ok. Also didn't just happen in APB, Rainbow Six Siege, if i am not wrong and some other games, you can just google it... Am sure there are a lot more games with it but can't be bothered searching for them..Also good job at just putting the first part in bold but not the other where i said "which isn't really a new movement but still it would make micro strafing a lot faster to the point it could be considered a new movement." Using null movement for strafing is faster than letting go of A and then press the oppositte and vice versa..tested this myself in cs go and l4d2. However i tested this on a non mechanical keyboard so i don't know exactly how quicker it would be, with a mechanical one vs null movement, still should be added because it wouldn't hurt it and buying a good mechanical keyboard just to be able to strafe faster in apb.... "i don't understand what a skill based movement mechanic is" again, good job at ignoring the rest where i said "And obviously you can press W or S when going left and right to avoid cancelation but that is a lot more predictable movement, a lot less of micro tracking and a lot easier to track. Also losing less velocity when just strafing left,right/front,back." Using w or s while strafing left and right is already a skill based movement because you won't cancel your movement. I have actually encountered this quite a lot which makes players a lot easier targets. Once i have started focusing a lot more on my movement rather than my aim i got so much better at the game. Knowing when to use which. Also you just keep asking to add all those crazy movements to make players like monkeys thinking it will make the game harder rather than focusing on mastering the current movements, even though there isn't much it's not easy to master and once you do game becomes so much easier. I am sure that people who play Valorant or CS GO are very bored of just using W,A,S,D and SHIFT. Also in apb just like in CS GO there are movements to master, when stopping instead of just using the opposite key of the direction you are going to stop yourself you are supposed to use SHIFT as well and knowing when to stop at the corner, not too early, not too late..while in apb it isn't as competitive as it is in CS GO there surely is a lot to learn. Also there are plenty of jumps you can do to boost yourself to the spots you would normally have to use ladders to get to which could in some cases require an extra 5-10 seconds which could get you killed and so on... 3 STK shotgun wouldn't work because of how fast they are shooting..i literally explained enough with the simple example of how it would play out, which if you play the game you would know. Unless they have no cover, which even currently is not that hard to beat with oca. By the time you go all the way behind the corner where the player is hiding, depending on how far the corner goes you would already take 2 shots and by the time you come around the corner and start shooting the player will already be ready for the 3rd shot.I don't know if i want to talk about the exact stats shotguns should have but the problem with the shotguns currently is not in the damage (obviously inconsistency is another one), but the fire rate. Also reduce amount of pellets because often server won't register all of them (even when you see bullets hit the ground, sometimes the server will register those that hit the ground but not those that hit the player) , tighten the spread, lower the range.. And obviously shotguns need to have higher TTK even though they are CQC, you don't just take weapon that fires one shot and does so much damage into low TTK..Also STRIFE has it's flaws which is why i said "some balance". Wall jumping wouldn't work because of hitboxes, that being one of the reasons. Hitboxes are already bad enough when ending climbing up the ladders, there is actually a split second in which you are in god mode because of how slow the server takes to update the hitbox( i will try to find a twitch clip of it). And wall jumping which everyone would use almost all the time, i don't even want to think about it... Also that wouldn't work well even on their new servers they used for beta test. Like i said, they would need higher tickrate server for that, but i am probably wrong on the tickrate for this one. Since there is an article about it but idk how good it is: https://www.gamepur.com/guides/what-is-the-apex-legends-server-tick-rate idk how much of it would apply to APB and blabla i can't be bothered reading anymore, i will edit later if i missed something...
  4. Oh and i went out of my way to find the media player with the most precise timer i could find and i tested both Exoticz and my clip https://www.twitch.tv/exoticz/clip/HonorableElatedClamHotPokket-Ii6w8EL2UbM3JSrW nade lands at 12:350, lands the shot at 15.350 Here is a video of recovering from a low yield https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n82XwKY-99E nade lands at 06:975, fully recovers at 13:413, probably a few milliseconds off. But i bet you will just say Oh WeLl YoU DiDn't SaY FulLy ReCoVeR, which again proves you can't read or can't comprehend what you are reading since i have clearly stated that my point was not why he didn't get a kill. Here's a tip. Stop sitting and reading APB;DB all day like you are preparing for a school test thinking you have all the knowledge of APB because you know the current weapon stats and professional terms for what each thing is called and play the game instead, otherwise stay the fuck away from trying to bring "balance to apb weapons", i hope neither you or the other dude ever become SPCTs because that will be the definite end of APB. I have read a few things you wrote about weapon balance. Whenever there's a thread about weapon balance thread as soon as people see your name or the other dude they should just keep scrolling and ignore yours because you don't know single shit about how weapons should be balanced, clearly.
  5. And the only new movements i would agree on are null movement, which isn't really a new movement but still it would make micro strafing a lot faster to the point it could be considered a new movement. It might already be possible to set up null movement in config but i highly doubt the game has that built in. And obviously you can press W or S when going left and right to avoid cancelation but that is a lot more predictable movement, a lot less of micro tracking and a lot easier to track. Also losing less velocity when just strafing left,right/front,back. You talked about wall jumping and what not, like what???????????? and yet you say "yet one game is not like the other", and it's clearly not supposed to be, stop pushing so much trying to make apb like apex lol. Wall jumping would never work in apb, and you thinking that tracking a target moving in a straight line just because there is more recoil kick is harder than micro tracking is just yikes. APB definitely has RNG but not as much as you make it out to be. Like .45 needing to have it's sprinting accuracy matching it's jogging accuracy and jogging accuracy should match it's standing still accuracy. OCA have it's accuracy increased. You just sound like someone who holds down m1 with oca on 15m and blames it on the RNG when that other person kills you, because you don't realize you are supposed to tap fire more often. Oh and here is a little tip from someone who clearly has no experience, you can tap fire PMG at the almost exact fire as just holding down m1 and all your shots will go in the center. But i am sure you would just blame it on the RNG if you were to 1v1 someone with PMG and lose because you don't know how to control the weapon. Also LOL at the fucking 3 shots to kill shotgun, that wouldn't work for shit. Way way slower fire rate on shotguns 2 shots>3 shots to kill. By your logic it makes more sense to be able to pop 3 times from the corner super mega fast, by the time you push the corner you will already take 2 shots to the face and unless you have a godlike aim which i highly doubt you have, you are going to die anyway, also it's not like they can't just push back to another corner. The only shotgun that has some balance to it is STRIFE. And for the TTK i was OBVIOUSLY talking about OCA. OBVIOUSLY snipers, assault rifles...take a lot more....
  6. Sorry, meant NOT red when he fired, didn't even notice that i didn't have it there. Also my point was not at all why he didn't kill him. Obviously he regened from the first 2 shots and, since Exoticz has regened and took a lot more damage, but he definitely didn't regen from that low yield, that was a direct hit and as soon as the nade exploded he was already below and there is no way he regened after he missed just 1 shot. My point was how slow the server updates, crosshair was red and the moment it turned white he fired but because of the hitbox not being updated to where he exactly was the server shows blood making him think he landed the shot or a partial hit. Again, record a video of yourself at 120fps playing with a csg and i am sure you will find better examples
  7. Higher TTK isn't going to work because of the garbage sub 25 tickrate server. One of the main things i have noticed while using oca is when my crosshair crosses the enemy(very fast) while shooting them no shots register even though my crosshair was red for a split second(Not the RNG). The same thing goes for corner camping, i used jg yesterday after so long and i was able to kill multiple people easily while 85 without taking any damage even though they were spraying the corner i was in. If you peak really really fast people won't be able to shoot you because of how slow the server updates (i am sure someone can explain this a lot better). And the main reason is even currently with the "Low TTK" most of the time people take ~1sec to kill someone because of sub 25 tickrate server RNG, if we had a 60 tickrate server with 1 sec TTK it would be a lot faster (most of the time) to kill someone, and a lot more consistent. Currently it rarely happens to TTK someone and when it does usually that person is suspected of cheating. Also that would kind of solve the problem with shotgun inconsistency to 2 shot. This video sums it up pretty well, but you could just record a video of yourself at 120fps and watch it at slow mo. The crosshair was red when he fired but by the time it registered the guy has already moved but the server still shows blood which results in (sometimes) still doing damage (barely any) while other times, nothing. If they plan on promoting the game with the garbage sub 25 tickrate they might as well just shut the game down. Even though servers are more consistent and stable, they are not good, i have had the same things happen there.. Getting rid of the RNG and increasing TTK would just make the current problem of the aim crossing the enemy and turning red for a split second while you shoot them and nothing happens would just be a lot worse and noticable, still leaves the problem with inconsistency of weapons, corner camping and some other things...but sure, people just keep blaming it on unstable servers never even considering higher tickrate which would solve a lot more. https://www.twitch.tv/exoticz/clip/HonorableElatedClamHotPokket-Ii6w8EL2UbM3JSrW
  8. OCA-SD is still the worst smg, it shoots slower than oca-ew considering everyone uses cj on it and it doesn't have the range of oca whisper, it doesn't even have crouch modifier of oca whisper. Please bring back OCA-SD Silverado and Iron Reaper tomorrow. These changes for it only make sense if it has cj on it.
  9. That's the default OCA silverado you are talking about, there used to the one with preset mods smg silencer, cj2-3 and mp3, which was available on armas only and now only certain amount of people have that one. And if you read a little more into the thread you would see that the current OCA-SD variant is the worst smg in the game, 2 open slots don't make up for it and bringing back silverado and iron reaper would make more sense, even if they bring back drop off range to 30m it would still make sense to bring back those weapons since now only some people have them.
  10. I did mention increasing the range from 17.5 to 30m on my other thread but only on OCA-SD variant and i still don't know if OCA-SD is fully a reskin of default OCA since this one has hard damage lowered to 13.5m but i don't think that's because of SMG silencer, it doesn't say anything about lowering it. I didn't mention it for default oca because people complain even about the current default OCA although i think it should be 30m, unless OCA-SD variant is an actual reskin and by changing default oca drop off range it would change it on SD aswell??? But then am afraid they wouldn't bring Silverado and Iron Reaper back in the game because it would be considered too op, maybe they won't bring it even at the current state because they think 2 red mods is p2w?? If they changed default oca drop off range to 30m which would also affect the SD variant and bring back both SD variants back in the game, it would be the best option but it's up to them.
  11. How is it broken now? I didn't try that weapon in years but since it's a reskin of default OCA with hard damage being worse on SD, it should be the same except with less recoil because of smg silencer. That would make it easier to use than default oca since recoil starts to become noticable with cj3 and tracking would be easier, it would be better at ~10m only, because it doesn't have rs3 and it would bloom out a lot and like i said about mp3, it's the worst mod choice for smg after hb3 but that's just something to deal with since it comes at a cost of 2 red mods, maybe it was intended, idk. And it would be nice to finally have an smg that is not a boring reskin, even though it's reskin of default oca combination of smg silencer and and cj would make it more interesting to play. Also there was Iron reaper version with cj3.
  12. The difference between the one with open slots and pre modded one is night and day, and in that thread i was talking about buffing the drop off range of it to 30m like other silenced OCAs thinking that they forgot it in the last weapon balance or that they thought that it's balanced. But this OCA always had the worst stats and the pre modded ones even though it was 2 red mods, made sense. Because it had the worst stats, LITERALLY. Not even worse in many things but better in something else, just the worst. And actually that SD variant did make sense while it had iron reaper and silverado, but then it was removed at the late 2014 when the last armas sale happened for it, clear p2w and money grab. Back at the time at least, when all the OCAs were unbalanced, at least now each variant is good at it's own place. Default one is good for up to ~15m with cj3 and rs3, Oca whisper for up to medium rang and this SD variant would be even better for closer range ~10m because of CJ2-3 and SMG silencer combination, but because it doesn't have rs at all it would already be bad ~14m let alone 17.5m even though it's the same drop off range as default oca.
  13. Oca sd variant is the worst smg in the game and it's not even like worse in many ways but it still has some benefits over other OCAs, it's LITERALLY the worst smg, reskin of default OCA but made even worse, lowering down hard damage and by having smg silencer it's not possible to put cj on it and it has a 17.5m drop off range. I checked some other old posts and OCA-SD has always been the worst OCA variant and it doesn't look like it will ever be fixed since you apparently think that it's somehow balanced???by having 2 open slots???as if there are any 2 mods that are not cj and rs that would make up for the lack of range, also it doesn't even have crouch modifier increased like oca whisper. Then at least bring back OCA-EW 626-SD Silverado and Iron Reaper, and also what ever even happened to those weapons??? it was just removed from armas and now only certain amount of people have THE BEST SMG on 10m range, while everyone else has to play default Oca, totally not p2w. But you left the garbage VAS C2 Entente, Atac watchman and some other horrible garbage I remember a while ago watching a seal streamer using oca silverado because he knew it was the best smg in the game and he said it himself, but you can only play it if you bought it before the late 2014 because after that they just removed it from armas????? Bring back OCA-EW 626-SD Silverado and Iron Reaper on armas or put them in jt store and remove the lame joker EX-S9 or whatever that garbage is called from jt store. It would still be balanced despite having 2 red mods, because it doesn't have rs3 and with cj2-3 it would bloom out a lot, also the effective range is the same as default oca and it would be even worse at 17.5m because at least on default one with combination of cj3 it's possible to put rs3 AND this weapon has the ugliest mod for smg after hb3 which is mp3.
  14. jmiIos

    OCA-EW 626-SD

    @MattScott it literally wouldn't take more than 10 minutes to fix this, i hope it will be fixed by wednesday when the next maintenance happens. Merged. okie, a few mistakes, here and there, sry ^_______________________________________^ :^^^^^^^************* ^>^
  15. jmiIos

    OCA-EW 626-SD

    People are saying oca whisper, but i am talking about oca 626-SD NFCP3 the same as whisper but without the magnifier, it doesn't have the same drop off range as oca whisper but it does have SMG Silencer mod, so it's not possible to put cj on it, so it doesn't have any benefits of silenced oca but it doesn't get any of the benefits from default oca???? if anyone that did weapon balance doesn't see the problem with that then they shouldn't be allowed to do any weapon changes ever.
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