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  1. Well i'm sorry but you will either need new internet provider or ask some of your neighbours to tell you their wi fi password. I think you can use internet mobile data(as a hotspot) as well but i don't know how reliable it is, since that might be too slow for APB. I am sure if you were to try and connect to your APB account from someone that has different internet provider the game would work fine, one of those game rooms for example. But because of corona virus i highly doubt any of that even works. On the other hand, you can wait till support replies to you and hope they will solve your issue,
  2. yea but you have to be connected to different internet as well, it happened to me out of nowhere as well. Because this issue doesn't seem to be connected to one account being locked as much as it is to the internet because every new account will get locked while you create it on the same internet. As i said, i still have this issue but because i am connected to the new internet i can play, but if i were to go back on the same internet where i got this issue in the first place i would get that account lock.
  3. did you try connecting to different internet while in built in admin account
  4. He said he tried creating a new account and the same thing happened, i assume he came to the point where he picks the server and then he gets kicked, although the character should be created. if we are having the same issue, i don't think maintenance will fix this, at least it didn't for me Although he could ask someone to check if his character is online, but i don't think that's the issue since the same thing happened with new account.
  5. I literally had this problem and i solved it by playing on hidden built in admin account. Few more people had this problem and one of them solved it by playing on 4g, the other one never even replied with the solution About this built in admin solution. One internet worked fine for few days until i started having the same problem there again while the other internet works fine. There is not much they can do, i contacted them about this problem over a month ago, i sent them tracert test from both internets and they told me the problem is with my ISP, i called them they said they are not blocking anything. I also tried playing on my laptop, the same thing. It only worked in built in admin account, only one internet works fine, the other one as well only worked for a few days. In normal user account the game didn't want to work on any of those 2 internets, nor pc or laptop. Either the problem will solve itself or you will have to try and play on different internet, also try this built in admin thing. It's weird that it doesn't work with VPN, i already asked, which one have you tried
  6. Which VPN have you tried and have you tried connecting to different servers? Make sure you are connected to VPN before you log into your account Try turning on built in administrator account in windows and running the game from there
  7. VPN????HELLOOOO?? TRY IT Just because your internet is working fine for other things doesn't mean that you can't have problems with the certain games your ISP could be blocking packets
  8. Try using a VPN. Use (UrbanVPN) because it's free and just so you can test it if it works
  9. Just to make sure you have done it correctly, i have done it right now without any tutorial and it works add new res in 'detailed resolution' leave everything as it is and just change your res and set to 120hz and restart your pc P.S in the top you have option to pick monitor, it should show you two monitors one of them should have "active" u have to pick that one
  10. You can log into the account but can't access the server? If that's the case try using VPN (vpn must be turned on before accessing the account) I 've had the same problem for a month now and still hasn't been fixed
  11. TICKET #109335 They opened my ticket 9 days ago, i saw thread someone made yesterday about this problem and Matt said to message him privately with ticket number and he will take a look at it himself, shortly after i messaged him, however it's been over a day and he still didn't check the message. I haven't been able to play apb for over 2 weeks without VPN now, i 've tried everything, everything. I 've also tried to do ping test to the citadel server and none of my packets are being received
  12. I keep getting disconnected after character login screen, i 've tried connecting on different accounts and the outcome is always the same. I 've tried repairing the game through the launcher, restarting my router, connecting to my other router, still the same. I've tried playing different online game (L4D2) and it worked just fine I know this is supposed to be in a different topic but not many people seem to be looking at any other topics and it;s supposed to go to customer support but i don't know how long would it take them to reply and the other reason i 've posted is here because someone might 've had this issue already and they can help me in a shorter amount of time. -Citadel
  13. Wait, so u have an already made 800x600 but you can't run it directly from the game but u have to use config so u can achieve that res? if that's the case, is that res there by the default or a custom made? if it is there by the default try making a custom 800x600, make sure to check "custom resolution" box, or however is it called
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