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  1. jmiIos

    Remove OPGL from FC

    i don't know what kind of players you are playing with or against to think that i am making this up, ask players that ACTUALLY play fc if the scenarios that i described happen. The situation where someone spams opgl up the stairs you can push right as he shoots it and it's an easy kill if it's only opgl. But that's not what i was talking about in this thread, Also people that use opgl that are in cover won't fire it at the exact position you are in, if they see you pushing they will fire it at the position that you are going to be in and they will fire it before you even reach the cover so by the time you reach them the opgl will already be close to exploding. Here is a scenario for you 2 opgls below the stairs, by the joker ammo, multiple people there, they are both spamming it and on top of that grenades. If you push them they will just back off while you have to fight with their teammates WHICH ACTUALLY REQUIRES TRACKING while they will just keep spamming their opgls from the cover. So while you are fighting them incase opgler decides to be ignorant(which is quite often) he will spam the opgl anyway which will cause screen shaking which makes tracking harder while also possibly killing you and his teammate. On the other hand, go all the way around push them from the kitchen, but again no matter from where they are pushed they can just keep spamming it, but one would have to go even more around to push ONLY FOR them to just spam it there then. Of course it's not impossible to kill them and their teammates but it slows down fc SO MUCH. I can give you more and more scenarios but you will just keep saying that this doesn't happen, but sure, keep reading that APBDB and thinking that you know a lot about the game and what is balanced and what not instead of just playing it and seeing it for yourself. Only few hours ago i was on asylum where there were just 6 people(4v2) and person that was using opgl got 3 teamkills. 1 of his teammates left because he got mad, the next round he got 2 teamkills again, even with 3 teammates. Pretty much everyone agreed with me to what i said to him, but forum is not a place for bad names. But i am the toxic one because i say a few cuss words on forum where those people will turn off group members and just keep killing or tagging their teammates for years now just so they can get a kill, right? And if you think i am making things up i can give you the name of some people that were playing and they can confirm it. Also i didn't read the entire thread yet, i think i have seen someone talking about nerfing opgl. That wouldn't balance it for fc, opgl is just unbalanced for fc no matter what you do to it mainly because of so many people, on the other hand for missions it's fine the way it is.
  2. jmiIos

    Remove OPGL from FC

    Have you ever even played fc if you can even think that. Happens more than often that you won't get mvp with it, you may have just gotten a few fast lucky kills and then just play bad till the end, have had it happen to me, have had it done to others. Also point captures give a lot of points which i have seen often that people with just few kills can almost be mvp, so no blitz 4 is not much. Encountered players who use it, sometimes even when they are corner camping i can still kill them while some other times i die even when the person is almost 85 and i push them, people can just have bad aim and that's it. opgl doesn't even need to peek to spam his nades, while with the other one you have to. Also with opgl they just spam the nades closer to them if they see u pushing and just fall back and when you can't push them because of it they will just go back to their old position and do it all over again, it becomes even worse if there are teammates with them. With your last statement it really does make me think you almost never played asylum. Do you even know from how for away they can even spam the opgl. Yea, it's really fun when you go look for some very far away kills like snipers camping on 3rd floor where no one is because it's so bad to play at the area where more enemies are because of OPGLERS + GRENADES (as i said, as if grenades aren't enough). And the teammates that do try to take fights there just keep dying over and over because of it, or they just get 85 and just finished off by someone. You can't even compare grenades to opgl, also 5 seconds is nothing compared to the wide damage radius that it has and how tiny it is.
  3. jmiIos

    Remove OPGL from FC

    lmao ask any streamer that ever played fc and encountered opgls, they would all or most agree with me. Why were certain weapons banned from competetive events, because they were unbalanced. Except opgl is balanced for actual missions and not fc. Simply because there are a lot more people, ammo spawns, other teammates can resupply them, they can resupply themselves not having to worry about enemies because of their teammates, hard to push them because of their teammates(as if it's not enough just dealing with opgl, especially multiple ones). it's hard to see it or hear it because of everyone shooting, it slows fc down a lot(everyone has to go around instead of being able to push them, even then they will prob die) i can go on and on about why it's not balanced for fc but u will just keep making those retar/ded comments about how i am just mad about it. As if grenade spams aren't enough already /// Blitz 4 doesn't guarantee MVP either, that weapon still requires tracking where with opgl they just need to hit the hole(which apparently lots of opglers seem to have problem with) and then they deal lots of damage to their teammates. Also it seems that these idiots seem to be so ignorant that they just don't care that the teammate in front of them just pushed forwards they will just keep spamming it, they also seem to have group members off which is even more ignorant. Also removing that ammo spawn could balance stuff more for people coming from the kitchen but idno. If anything idc that much if someone tks me multiple times, 5 tks and kick, but with these idiots they will just keep tagging you +50 or more the entire game without killing you.
  4. jmiIos

    Remove OPGL from FC

    stupid fucking smart lmao nice word replacement
  5. jmiIos

    Remove OPGL from FC

    lmao some random just went 46-13 because he was sitting at the main playarea ammo spawn and spammed opgl and percs and got MVP twice in a row while everyone else was barely able to get 30. Two other randos with him. Gotta love lots of screen shaking and not being able to push the main playarea of asylum and have to go all the way around to push and even then you probably won't be able to. Also you don't know shit about it so just stfu. Opgl was designed to push tight areas in MISSIONS like the one where the enforcer contact is where there are ladders from both sides, can't remember what it's called. Put opgl in fc where there is a lot more people where you have ammo pile by you and you made dogshit. Screen shaking fiesta, it gets even worse when multiple people use it
  6. Description: Checkboxes stay checked/unchecked after resetting the game. Leaving the game on the High quality but just unchecking some boxes(doesn't matter which one) and resetting the game for it to take effect, those checkboxes are still shown to be checked even though that setting is no longer on. It works the other way around as well, leaving the game on Minimum quality but just checking some boxes(doesn't matter which one) and resetting the game for it to take effect, those checkboxes are still shown to be unchecked even though that setting is now on. This doesn't happen if I just change from one preset setting to another (e.g from High to minimum and resetting the game it works the way it should). Game Version: Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the game 2. Check/Uncheck any checkbox 3. Reset the game 4. Notice that the checkbox is still checked/unchecked(depending on which settings your game was set on) even though the setting you changed has taken effect How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/3 Expected result: This shouldn't be happening.
  7. It's not that date yet, but I just think it would be nice if a help box appeared explaining what each setting does when you put a mouse over it for 2-3 seconds.
  8. jmiIos

    waypoint over player

    Yes that's what i talked about in my other topic, this is 1280x1024. Although i think it would be better if they added custom options for the size of group members(deleting it optional) and the rest of the things rather than UI adapting to which resolution you set it to, the checkboxes for removing some things shouldn't be hard to add, it's like when they added Double Buffering.
  9. jmiIos

    waypoint over player

    this is something that should be fixed, it doesn't even require new engine, just a simple checkbox function to remove all waypoints. I honestly don't understand how no one ever mentioned it but it's been bothering me for years, especially after i switched to smaller monitor, it's not as annoying in missions as it is in fc. I have covered more about UI in this thread: I didn't put this in a suggestions since this is something that should be fixed, not a suggestion, which actual games that require tracking have waypoints that go over players?? I have to set UI size 0 and add crosshair because my crosshair is too small, the same goes for the other things, it just makes it a lot harder to spot enemies or track them, but with UI size 1 waypoints are too big..Here is a picture https://imgur.com/a/UNBzKW9
  10. It's so annoying because i am playing in low res with UI size set to 1, kill feed and group player missions take too much space in asylum, the same goes for group waypoints and capture points in asylum, it takes way too much space and at times it's really hard to track enemies because of that, even when i set my UI to 0 it's still annoying. I know you can do some of these with config but idk if all files will be locked in UE 3.5. UE 3.5 custom UI suggestion: -Custom size for kill feed (removing it optional) -Custom Size for group player list (removing it optional) -Removing waypoints(group and mission) (optional) -Removing annoying notifications "your weapon was resupplied with this much ammo or whatever, or this person has achieved this and some other" (optional) -Removing circle thing for resupplying (optional) (when i am about to push an enemy in asylum and the stupid joker ammo starts resupplying and it blocks my view) -Removing bounty 5 icon popup ( i get it for new players it can be interesting, everyone from the district can shoot them now their adrenaline kicks in, they are having fun bla bla, but when you are playing game for so long or in fc seeing that notification is more annoying than becoming bounty itself, it takes a lot of view especially in low res. (also optional) -custom position for radar, /fps, weapon icon Most of these things are a bigger problem in fc rather than district because there are much more people and especially in game where tracking is one of the most important things it's really hard to focus on that with so many things blocking the view or being distracting, i would prefer if UI was much more clean. I will add other stuff if i remember them. EDIT: Here is a picture of what i meant https://imgur.com/a/UNBzKW9 just look at how much space group member list is taking, it's a high change that you won't be able to see some people on side of the screen, the same goes for kill feed, the solution for now is to just use bigger resolution or use wider FOV, but i am not used high res, all games where aim is required i play in the same res and as for the FOV, i am not comfortable with camera far away since it makes enemies kind of smaller and harder to track, AND the biggest problem from all of those is the waypoints, not just mission waypoints, they go over the players, in WHICH GAME where aim is required waypoints go over players, that should never be a thing.
  11. Well i'm sorry but you will either need new internet provider or ask some of your neighbours to tell you their wi fi password. I think you can use internet mobile data(as a hotspot) as well but i don't know how reliable it is, since that might be too slow for APB. I am sure if you were to try and connect to your APB account from someone that has different internet provider the game would work fine, one of those game rooms for example. But because of corona virus i highly doubt any of that even works. On the other hand, you can wait till support replies to you and hope they will solve your issue,
  12. yea but you have to be connected to different internet as well, it happened to me out of nowhere as well. Because this issue doesn't seem to be connected to one account being locked as much as it is to the internet because every new account will get locked while you create it on the same internet. As i said, i still have this issue but because i am connected to the new internet i can play, but if i were to go back on the same internet where i got this issue in the first place i would get that account lock.
  13. did you try connecting to different internet while in built in admin account
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