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  1. Did u use the config I added or did u edit lines manually? GPU?
  2. Adv launcher changes only apbcompat. You should make a backup if u are going to replace with the config or if u are going to edit lines manually.
  3. I tried changing the value a while ago but it didn't seem to do anything. Assumed it was capped by the server so I just never bothered adding it, but I also have 20-50ms. There were some explanations on some stuff but they removed them for some reason https://github.com/katasurabhi/APB-Config-Quality-Karyl-Dreamss/blob/master/APBGame/Config/DefaultEngine.ini ; APB - BPH : intentionally high value to disable overall server cap for now ServerBandwidth_OutBytesMax=999999999 ; APB - BPH : Unreliable timeout (secs) - after this time it will only process reliable packets m_fTickDispatchUnreliableTimeout=0.05 ; APB - BPH : TickDispatch timeout (secs) - after this time it will only buffer reliable packets to be processed next frame and throw away unreliable m_fTickDispatchTimeout=0.1 And as for the crashes, Someone with a GTX 660 also had them 15 mins in even though he said he did "everything" from this post, but it turns out he missed some simple stuff. He didn't seem to have any crashes with it. I didn't want to add my config yet since I am still waiting for Matt to reply and see if he would approve some other things I found like perma unloaded or green characters, partial or full wallhack (transparent textures), 145 fps bypass. I will just post my config without those things for now. Also I still haven't found anyone that knows how to remove "connection problem" notification, it's not part of the HUD since turning it off in game still keeps it on, but it's part of UI. pretty sure it's GFxUI, Editing it in Localization changes font for that, fps and chat. The other way would be with .upk removal but that just crashes the game on load up. https://www.mediafire.com/file/c1fvrgrqtmhl366/jmilos_config.zip/file I still don't know about RTX 20 and 30. Someone on twitch just told me they have crashes but no one ever sends me logs, I told them to CTRL + F "IP Address" and remove all of them but still no one sends me. I couldn't care less about doxing someone.
  4. yes they can lmao, idk why u keep repeating that. There are even clips of some RK members getting kicked and banned by GM, the message literally says "kicked by a GM" and he never played on that account again, so it's defo not just a timeout. Also what would be the point of GMs on tourneys if they can't do anything about trolls. And I highly doubt they just time them out for a few hours since those names are never seen again.
  5. There is a difference between suspecting someone of cheating and being straight up blatant aimbots and tbots. If I just thought these people are cheating I wouldn't have made the thread in the first place. Literally almost everyone on EU knows they are cheating at this point. Some of them are RK members on bought accounts, one of them is streaming with mouse cam while cheating and the other ones were cheating for so long that it's just pathethic at this point. And the guy that tks whoever he thinks cheats is just a "redditor" to say the least.
  6. Yesterday about 5-7 hackers joined fc in the span of 8 hours + 1 teamkiller that teamkills everyone that he thinks is cheating and not one thing is done about it. A while ago I reported some players with blatant hacks and after they said they will review it, videos stayed on 0 views :DDDDD. DMs for videos @MattScottYou are not even doing anything about the things you can do right now to make apb at least somewhat better, which is as simple as hiring better GMs and support team. Because the current ones are dogshit. And I don't understand this thing with GMs being so busy that they can't log in just for few minutes to ban the teamkiller or blatant hacker :DDDDD why do u apply to become a GM in the first place if "YoU ArE So BuSy".
  7. u should learn to read before talking shit, APBCompat is as vanilla as it gets. None of the things here change graphics for worse. If anything it makes them better while also giving better fps and less stutters.
  8. Added: Some FPS boosts and more stable FPS No background sounds, emitters sound and make other sounds very quiet for louder footsteps and nade tick. Lower and more stable ping No dynamic and static decals on players (turns off decals, tattoos...on players and clothes) More config breakdown sources Bugs: Constant disconnection warning ticking, temporary until I find out how to turn it off
  9. Added bug fixes, it should work fine them. Idk about AMD gpus, still need more people to test
  10. Crashes seem to be related to "SizeOfPermanentObjectPool" I think the solution is increasing this in apbcompat nMaxMemoryCacheEntryCount= MaxMemoryUsedByTextureStreaming= MaxMemoryUsedByTexturePool= MaxMemoryUsedByMeshStreaming= its probably just one of these values, but I am not sure which one yet. I have them all maxed out and I don't have crashes
  11. Vanilla APBCompat.ini minus 10-20fps on both tests because of recording in this test used: bUseTextureStreaming=False bUseLightingTextureStreaming=False UnStreamAllTextures=True m_bUseDiskCache=False PrimitiveProbablyVisibleTime = 0.25 nDrawSharedOptimisationMode=8 i5 4690k 3.5 (no turbo boost) GTX 1060 3 DDR3 1333 CL9 THE MOST IMPORTANT ONES (+20-30FPS) BaseEngine.ini bUseTextureStreaming=False bUseLightingTextureStreaming=False UnStreamAllTextures=True DefaultEngine.ini m_bUseDiskCache=False DefaultGame.ini m_bCalculateOnServer=false Reduced stutters + more stable FPS BaseEngine.ini TimeBetweenPurgingPendingKillObjects=120 GarbageCollectionMemoryCeilingGb= Value based on your RAM divided by 2 (4gb=2, 8gb=4..) MaxObjectsNotConsideredByGC= Go to the logs and open the latest one and look for "objects as part of root set at end of initial load" That should be your value SizeOfPermanentObjectPool= Go to the logs and open the latest one and look for "bytes used by permanent object" That should be your value. Someone said that is should be double the value, but i am not sure if they meant the one in logs or default one. So you should try both. PrimitiveProbablyVisibleTime = 0.25 MaxFluidNumVerts=0 FluidSimulationTimeLimit=0.0 nDrawSharedOptimisationMode=0 bOnScreenKismetWarnings=FALSE bShowOnscreenWarnings=false CameraTranslationThreshold=100000 PoolSize= Match this to your GPU VRAM in MB (1GB=1024MB) FLightPrimitiveInteractionInitialBlockSize= 1/4 of your RAM (8GB=2048) FModShadowPrimitiveInteractionInitialBlockSize= 1/4 of your RAM (8GB=2048) HysteresisLimit=0 UseTextureFileCache=False ThreadedShaderCompileThreshold= Match this to your CPU physical cores, someone said it should be your physical cores -2, so try both bInitializeShadersOnDemand=False UseMinimalNVIDIADriverShaderOptimization=False Improved ping and hitreg BaseEngine.ini [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] KeepAliveTime=0.001 DefaultGame.ini m_nPGPlayerRegistrationInterval=1 m_nPGPropRegistrationInterval=0 m_nPGVehicleRegistrationInterval=1 Improved sound + turned off background and emitters MaxChannels=128 TimeBetweenHWUpdates=0.1 DefaultGame.ini m_nPrioritisedExplosions=10 m_nPrioritisedVehicles=1 m_nPrioritisedMusic=1 m_nPrioritisedEmitters=1 m_nPrioritisedNPCS=1 m_nPrioritisedContacts=1 m_nPrioritisedVFX=12 m_nPrioritisedImpacts=1 m_nPrioritisedScrapes=1 DefaultEngine.ini +SoundGroups=(GroupName=Master,Properties=(Volume=0),ChildGroupNames=(Music,SFX)) +SoundGroups=(GroupName=Music,Properties=(Volume=0)) +SoundGroups=(GroupName=SFX,Properties=(Volume=0)) Turn off player customization decals BaseEngine.ini bStaticDecalsEnabled=False bDynamicDecalsEnabled=False Custom time of day DefaultGame.ini m_bConfigInitToD=True m_nConfigToDHours=0 m_nConfigToDMins=0 m_bConfigToDActive=True m_nLengthOfDayHours - (Recommended starting value 1000, Higher number = longer time of day) m_nLengthOfDayMins - (Recommended starting value 0, Higher number = longer time of day) Just to avoid the confusion, as you increase the value the time will go backwards because you are extending the time of day. 5 Hours and 30 Minutes is 24 Hour cycle in APB time. HUD Overhaul DefaultEngine.ini APBGame/Config/DefaultEngine.ini (Example of turning certain part of HUD off: ;;+GlobalDataStoreClasses="APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_HUD_Challenges" ;unused) +GlobalDataStoreClasses="APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_HUD_Reticule" (Removes crosshair and hitmarks) +GlobalDataStoreClasses="APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_HUD_Group" (Removes group member list on top left) +GlobalDataStoreClasses="APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_HUD_TaskMarkers" (Removes group, leader, personal, mission waypoints and group members) +GlobalDataStoreClasses="APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_HUD_Usables" (Removes consumables and usable icons) +GlobalDataStoreClasses="APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_HUD_Challenges" (Removes fight club challenges) +GlobalDataStoreClasses="APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_HUD_DailyActivities" (Removes daily activities) +GlobalDataStoreClasses="APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_HUD_Heat" (Removes Notoriety icon in top left corner) +GlobalDataStoreClasses=APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_HUD_Clock" (Removes clock) +GlobalDataStoreClasses="APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_HUD_InfoBrowser" (Removes Reticule Hints) +GlobalDataStoreClasses="APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_APBImages" (Removes threat icon next to player name) +GlobalDataStoreClasses="APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_HUD_Cash" (Removes cash) +GlobalDataStoreClasses="APBUserInterface.cUIDataStore_HUD_Radar" (Removes radar) Fully turn off cache DefaultGame.ini m_bCalculateOnServer=False DefaultEngine.ini m_bUseDiskCache=False IMPORTANT: Load up the game, connect to your Character and then change m_iMaxDeferredRequests=2>0 and save it. You can connect to the district after that. m_iMaxDeferredRequests must be 2 until you connect to your character, so make sure you put it back to 2 after exiting the game. BUG FIXES 1. White characters and crashes caused by bUseTextureStreaming=False (Fixed) DefaultEngine.ini m_bUseDiskCache=False 2. Crashes caused by MaxObjectsNotConsideredByGC or SizeOfPermanentObjectPool (possible solution the same as above, use both just in case) Increasing these values in apbcompat.ini seems to fix the issue (video quality1, hwcompat1, hwcompat2 and hwcompat3) nMaxMemoryCacheEntryCount MaxMemoryUsedByTextureStreaming MaxMemoryUsedByTexturePool MaxMemoryUsedByMeshStreaming 3. Ran out of memory DefaultGame.ini m_bCalculateOnServer=False DefaultEngine.ini m_bUseDiskCache=False IMPORTANT: Load up the game, connect to your Character and then change m_iMaxDeferredRequests=2>0 and save it. You can connect to the district after that. m_iMaxDeferredRequests must be 2 until you connect to your character, so make sure you put it back to 2 after exiting the game. 4. General Protection Fault 1-Install all things from TPI and _CommonRedist folders 2-create a copy not shortcut of cudart.dll and rename the copy to physxcudart_20.dll 3-if it still still happens install latest Physx from Nvidia https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/physx/physx-9-19-0218-driver/. SOURCES (For anyone that wants to experiment themselves. There are more, will update when I find them) https://forums.unrealengine.com/t/game-hitches-gc-mark-time/308039 https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Nu7qreW8J6IJ:https://kenk.digital/APB%20Modding/APB%20Command%20Line%20Arguments/Startup%20Arguments.txt+&cd=10&hl=tr&ct=clnk&gl=tr https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Engine:Unreal_Engine_3 https://steamcommunity.com/app/200260/discussions/0/828939163905451283/ https://community.amd.com/t5/graphics/ue3-4-gaming-optimisations/td-p/254958 https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/3ax6wq/arkham_knight_possible_fix_could_you_guys_let/ https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/index.php?threads/roengine-ini-tweak-guide-confirmed-improvement.66531/ https://sites.google.com/site/kennyphmtera/home/reupload---easy-fix-it-guide-to-99-of-techy-gaming-problems https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/5953-still-need-a-fix-on-this-please/ https://nya.zone/files/APB/Misc/Turn off cache and ragdoll.txt https://tera-online-guides.blogspot.com/2013/05/full-break-down-of-s1engineini.html - breakdown of APBCompat.ini and some parts of BaseEngine.ini https://wiki.beyondunreal.com/UE3:Engine_internal_variables_(UT3) - another breakdown https://docs.unrealengine.com/udk/Two/ConfigurationFiles.html - Config breakdown https://wiki.unrealadmin.org/Tweaking_your_server_ini_(UT) - Config breakdown https://tweakguides.pcgamingwiki.com/UT3_7.html - Config breakdown
  12. Like Revoluzzer already said, flack jacket was just a band aid for low yields, it isn't even close to being the solution.
  13. you literally didn't give a single good reason why explosives should be kept, if anything you just gave good reasons to remove them. More than half of the asylum is enclosed area, with tons of narrow hallways with 40 players. Nobody said the problem is only in those areas, people spam opglSSSS from across the spawns through small window holes into the main area in asylum which is pretty big and open but by the time it lands it's LITERALLY impossible to dodge it, which plenty of people have died to multiple times or multiple people take lots of damage just from opglsss and just get easily picked up by OTHER PEOPLE PLAYING FC. Stop trying to make it sound like opgl people are the only ones in the fc and as if one person just plays it, which is LITERALLY almost never the case. But sure, everyone should just run in the open areas in asylum and just get easily picked by people playing snipers or ARs or osmaw people that camp outside asylum just waiting for someone to cross, hahaha ;)))) I did say that because someone here seems to have some real personal issues, it wouldn't surprise me if they voted from multiple accs They just do the same thing i do except they turn the story around and make up imaginary scenarios in their head that LITERALLY don't happen. And i did play like that, YESTERDAY. I just got on late and was tired, i couldn't care less if i played good or not, which is why i played completely different and took the full noob loadout. I did switch back after some good players finally joined, just like you did since you saw that it's not doing anything anymore since i actually tried. But it's funny how you took opgl thinking it would make me angry, lol. OPGL is not much of a problem when there is barely anyone playing. Also lol at the fact that you think this many people voting is enough to decide whether it should be kept or not. And just look at what those people wrote that voted no, voting no because that's their main or that's what they mostly play, voting no because removing weapons is wrong and makes the game worse, because explosives are totally comparable to WEAPONS voting no just because????ok and this is my favorite one, wanting them removed but voting no because they "know" they are not going to change anything, just let that sink in. I watched past broadcast that's how i know they want them removed. I can only imagine other people that voted no. very few gave an actual reason on why when voting no. But people don't play fc like they used to before, just like before i would disagree with removing joker ammo outside kitchen even though nades didn't have resupply delay,i would say yes now. People have been spamming it more than ever before even though there is a delay. Just like car cancelling animation wasn't that much of a thing years ago, until certain streamers started doing it and then suddenly a lot more people started doing it.. like i already said NHVR is annoying, opgl is not and i don't want NHVR removed. But some people are just stupid and too literal to understand what that means.
  14. Holy fuck you are stupid, i am not gonna call you any names since i already got a warning because of people like you, not that people like you deserve to be talked to any better. And from what i have seen people on discord don't seem to think much better of you than me, you are quite "something" VanilleKeks knew i wasn't talking about nades, "I don't really think this is a good idea. If you remove explosions from Asylum it will just turn into even more of a frag grenade spamfest." but sure, choose to be a "redditor" and poke the smallest holes to try and "prove your points", keep thinking you did something by making long paragraphs and lying, it will get you somewhere. Seems like this is your life, lying and poking the smallest holes in things that everyone knows what someone was talking about already, pathethic and miserable, yikes. I stopped reading after that, it's not even worth it, bye
  15. nobody talked about removing nades. Lol you trying to make it sound as if the opgl person is the only person to deal with, sure, other people don't exist in fight club. Timer starts once it's fired, not when it falls on the ground, again, you trying to make it sound as if most opgl players just shoot opgl up close or in front of themselves. It's totally not the case that all opgl users spam it from far away and by the time it lands the timer is already up and it's literally impossible to dodge it, even if spotted and trying to run away that's not enough. Osmaws winding up and then have to check 10 corners to make sure it's not fired towards us, osmaws camping on a corner, literally impossible to dodge, even if spotted and start running away it's not enough. It's fight club, literally almost nobody is never not tagged, even a little damage from someone and then opgl or osmaw landing decently far away from the player is enough to kill. I didn't even start talking about the other opgl that explodes as soon as it hits something and deals tons of damage, super fast between each shoot, the same with the other one shooting concs. And don't even get me started on stun opgl. I still remember the time when there were 2 trolls playing stun opgls, it went from 20v19 to 20v8 in under 5 mins, and that was just 2 stun opgls. AND don't even get me started on when multiple people use opgls shooting it from far away and exploding as soon as it lands, doesn't matter if spotted. But ofc you will just say oH kEep BEing Mad, not even worth arguing with you and the problem is not just on the team side, Oh yOu Don't KnOW HoW tO pLAy Opgl Don'T UsE iT Noob, YoU aRe JuSt maD BeCaUsE YouR TEammAte taGGS you WiTH opgl, no, stop trying to turn this around Literally nobody is praising opgl players when they are "playing good", you are lying. OCA can't be fired away from 100m away and explode as soon as it lands and kill or tag multiple players 95, again, literally nobody complains about oca except shotgun , flack jacket and medspray user. So no, you are lying too. NHVR can't be fired away from 100m away and explode as soon as it lands and kill or tag multiple players 95. NHVR is annoying, opgl is not. nade spamming could easily be fixed by removing joker ammo I am fine with jg being removed from the game Literally nothing to do with frustration, stop lying. And the "MAJORITY"(LOL) it's just people sitting on forums that are voting and those that use explosives, if actual players saw and voted it would be WAY more yes votes. I have seen TONS of people wanting explosives removed from fc, this people just don't use forums, i made this thread expecting them to see it but oh well, it's just people like you that use forums now.
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