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  1. 4x4 is the obvious answer, just learn to use n-tec 5 (don't full auto it) or stick with star tbh cobr-a isn't very great, it's comparable to an automatic joker carbine with a slower firerate far is something between a star and a n-tec 5 but it doesn't excell at mid range combat as well as the n-tec and it doesn't have as good max bloom as star does atac's pretty easy to use but it's not particularly effective (would be perfect as the starter weapon instead of star v:)
  2. oh but it does just that it still gives funny matches regardless
  3. i can't agree with this, gold is way too easy to attain, the skill gap between someone waving between silver and gold and a top level player is HUGE
  4. i'd rather have a slight forum redesign, to bring it more to the eyes of people since people keep making suggestions or "suggestions" in general
  5. sadly the background wasn't like a separate fmv file in the movies folder, bet it's somewhere but i can't assed to look honestly
  6. i'd like an used ke70 corolla, thank you very much
  7. it's the lowrider type car (has the highest hp of any player-ownable car atm) and to op, it's just a 4 slot fresno, no kit for it, wouldn't recommend buying it as it's not really a meta car but it's there if you really want it
  8. so you want the anarchy mode but with ability to progress contacts?
  9. right, it'll be *most likely* back tomorrow as covid hasn't gone away yet
  10. there's currently free premium for everybody, so continuing subscriptions is currently disabled intentionally
  11. 770 max damage, 1.75s ttk (if you fire perfectly) somebody's gotta be the stats nerd
  12. have i posted this here before? well posting now i guess
  13. haha you should play ce's multiplayer and experience the magnum
  14. 3 slot oscar maybe? pretty annoying g1 made the decision that f2p players can only have a 2 slot variant of it atleast that's better than no variant of it?
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