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  1. saddest part of this is that qol is probably dead serious
  2. yeah i miss that, it was fun. really weird to me how little orbit hasn't run it at all since, instead running the same old halloween event g1 has had for 10 years now
  3. launch apb.exe directly and don't use the launcher be warned though, going above 128fps has some bugs
  4. "Joined Jun 2008" damn son don't waste that
  5. yeah i'd love to try rtw ttk again properly, the maps aren't designed for the lower ttk apb has now
  6. bad? nah, no way. the frenzy is just 7stk n-tec 5 with the same ttk and n-tec's old jump shooting accuracy and max bloom, making it better at close range at the cost of having to hit more shots at range
  7. hey, this is just a reminder that we do still infact do the event every week on wednesdays and saturdays tonight's chipp's car club is happening at 8pm utc in the least populated waterfront district for more information, join the discord in the post above
  8. didn't we already tell you to go to support on discord making a thread here accomplishes nothing
  9. new players will waste it on trash anyways because they don't know what's good
  10. little orbit themselves have it available on https://gamersfirst.com/download so i'd think you're safe linking there
  11. op did a dumb thing 8 months ago, got tempbanned for it and acknowledges that it's just fair. you guys seem a bit too fixated on it and ignore the rest of the post i personally hope op will get their stuff sorted and just don't get themselves in a repeat of that situation
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