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  1. Today we are meeting in front of Rimbaud, Birth's place.
  2. it's not even only 90%, it's more like 100% tbh except the rare case when we are driving in asylum xd (where we just try to launch a new, empty instance of asylum and go there)
  3. Why couldn't you give the premium the same way you did in last year's july?
  4. Do you seriously think that LO went for APB and Gamersfirst brand because they're after money?
  5. hold on what is this "Outside" you're talking about?
  6. input lag mainly, smoothness too idk why apb does enforce a 100fps cap on 60hz, like for fucks sake, little orbit FUCKING INCREASE IT srsly fucking pisses me off
  7. sight mods really dont do anything on nfas or jg, just trust cookiepuss
  8. cmon mate it aint too hard to learn how to shoot fbw reminds me of an issue that if you have low fps, like sub 60 the fbw and other semi-auto guns just dont fire as reliably as with higher fps
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