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  1. make the file read only also i would recommend setting the cap to 128fps since above that physics and game logic starts to break
  2. try to attach something to a mail should say how long you got on your tradelock afaik it should also say if you're tradebanned
  3. both were toggleable back in the day really makes me curious as to why they were just plainly removed from the game
  4. even if true, you wouldn't wanna run above 128fps due to issues that pop up at high framerates
  5. you wouldn't want above 128fps anyways due to bugs (sliding, you can ghostshoot easier due to guns starting to fire faster) actually i just realized that's aside from the point of the thread but just incase somebody didn't know that
  6. what? no, the legendary nano connoisseur comes with a silencer, not a mobile sling. it however still has a long equip time of 0.8 seconds so you might aswell use fbw for that and many more reasons (less shots to kill etc)
  7. as designed learn to aim and use clotting agent 2/3
  8. because little orbit will sue them to all hell if they release a working apb server while apb reloaded servers are still up
  9. i literally have no idea who those people are, i guess they're on jericho or just don't interact with the community?
  10. pig had a damage nerf, does 750 now
  11. so pretty much the same except some graphical effects not being broken on purpose and balance changes
  12. 4x4 is the obvious answer, just learn to use n-tec 5 (don't full auto it) or stick with star tbh cobr-a isn't very great, it's comparable to an automatic joker carbine with a slower firerate far is something between a star and a n-tec 5 but it doesn't excell at mid range combat as well as the n-tec and it doesn't have as good max bloom as star does atac's pretty easy to use but it's not particularly effective (would be perfect as the starter weapon instead of star v:)
  13. oh but it does just that it still gives funny matches regardless
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