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  1. nah i aint fam I definetely don't know about how I feel about the song, seems to jump around alot but what I can say is that I like the cover photo nevertheless.
  2. you can only have a red splitter on player customized coywolfs, crim-exclusive remus in joker store has a black splitter
  3. oo gifts my male character's Yeedman, send me something and you might get something back v: tis the season of giving anyways
  4. Yeedman

    Cars/Armas/Me ;)

    Armas needs alot of updating. Alot of the prices are still kinda wonky and the images are often misleading/not giving enough information. + i have a friend who has been wanting the kurai wheels separately because they are only in the mega kit pack and he bought the kits separately lol
  5. it was a bad idea, bad execution should have made it like any other br but then again, the market is full of those. just dont do br
  6. Hello everyone, haven't posted in a while in here, tomorrow at 9pm utc we are meeting at Club Gaijin underground parking garage, where crim contact Seung Bloodrose is.
  7. ikr i had the skin twice already but thank god rest were joker ticket dailies
  8. well he's kinda right, clotting agent is the only one worthwhile using and basically mandatory edit: i think clotting agent should just be made into a category of it's own, probably not the best idea but atleast it buffs fragile and sadly, kevlar, which probably should get looked into in that case
  9. these are some maps i made on wednesday.
  10. they are having weekly maintanance, are you surprised?
  11. I'm fairly sure Matt means east coast and west coast servers in addition to the current US server.
  12. you want it moist? oh no
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