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  1. Today we are meeting at the Atlas apartments.
  2. hosting a party for fake matt scotts but not for our boy gordo?
  3. Kind of forgot to make this thread but probably better now than never. Basically I noticed that STAR Love-Gun (3 slot one) didn't affect my progression on "Kill 5 enemies with assault rifles" daily activity in Waterfront nor did SNR Cherub kills affect my progression with kill with secondary activities in Baylan.
  4. Today we are meeting at Rimbaud, birth's place.
  5. I just noticed that Bishada Kissaki Sport Bundle is a bit cheaper at 1999g1c compared to Bishada Mako Racing Bundle at 2441g1c. Is this intentional? Both are under Vehicles > Vehicles
  6. what's your problem with witchqueen?
  7. today we are meeting in grissom's garage also totally not late
  8. Can confirm, enemies did this to me too on waterfront.
  9. Today we are meeting in this small parking garage
  10. you mean like 4x4 balkan ravan?
  11. I won a match of the event and uhh yeah i'd like to have something exclusive, thanks.
  12. Today we're meeting in Javez' garage.
  13. Today we're meeting in front of Rimbaud, Birth's place.
  14. i guess this is my entry i'd love to change the side witchhunters logo to something else like a lore-friendly energy drink brand but i dont have any sadly oh and i'd like a male rudolph shirt i guess
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